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This is an excellent finance program. Because of this program, our family is completely debt free - no mortgage, no car, no credit cards, nothing. My kids love listening to Dave on the radio as well as through the DVDs. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny and often relates finances directly to the Bible. I have used other financial programs and they are not even close to the quality of this program. I will continue to use the program for all my kids AND I will probably highly recommend my future daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws take ...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
Entertaining, engaging personal finance class by expert Dave Ramsey offers practice advice applicable to all high schoolers. Every student should complete this course before graduation.
Anne-Marie Awrey, Co-op Member
My High Schoolers are already DR radio fans, but they are thrilled and super energetic over the High School program we got here at the Co-op. Every day my daughter commments on how much she loves this curriculum and they had already taken one at a group co-op which she detested so I am a happy mom. We also got the game which has involved my smaller guys as they are also DR radio fans...we listen to the Cd's for the little people on our long treks into town when Dave isn't on the radio so we've covered it all! Thanks for being there for us!
Susan in Amado, AZ, Co-op Member
My kids have absolutely loved the Dave Ramsey cd's and books for kids. They listen to and read them over and over. Its so cute to see the ways they are applying the principles they learn as well. My 7 year old daughter had earned a lot of tokens with her math program and when I asked why she hadn't spent any of them yet, she said she was saving them and didn't want to waste them on silly things. All of my kids have also loved the part about giving a portion to tithing as well. Im thrilled with the principles of spend, save and give that it has ...(more)
Amber Mann, Co-op Member
This is a brilliant course and every teen should do this before they leave home!
mandi F., Co-op Member
Knowing this course would have more value than just adding another credit to my sons transcript, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. This is my sons favorite subject and several times he has stated his firm commitment to not go into debt or to obtain a credit card in the future. Sometimes I"ll hear him laugh aloud as he listens through the headphones at Dave Ramsey's lively lectures targeted to teens. Highly recommend !
Carolyn C., Co-op Member
Our 17 year old son is on his second time thru the curriculum, simply because he is afraid he missed something the first time! What a great tool for kids. Our younger children will also be using it when the time comes, and my husband wants to go thru the curriculum as well. Keep up the great work.
Julie DK, Co-op Member
My sons and I are really enjoying and learning from the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeshcoolers course! My sons have recently begun working full=time so I felt it was time or past time for a course like this. They have previously read books and discussed finance topics in a co-op class and at home, but the Dave Ramsey presentation is finally sinking the ideas into their lives. One of my sons is a tire tech, and he found himself (in his mind) telling a customer NOT to put new tires on his credit card. My other son had a...(more)
Mrs. L. Smith, Co-op Member
I really enjoy reading Dave Ramsey's books, they are educational and insightful. My children, ages 8 and 6, really enjoy the Junior Discovers books. The kids books are a gentle introduction to financial topics such as saving, debt, spending, and integrity. My kids often request these at story time. I highly recommend anything by Dave Ramsey to anyone looking for sound financial advice and information.
V. Sheldon, Co-op Member
Thank goodness for this Co-op purchase! I have 3 teens who all earn money working and with their own "business ventures." This program is perfect for all of them to learn and understand how to NOT get into debt. I even learned from it. Perfect for teens (I would say ages 13+). I have a 6 year old who will work with Ramsey's Jr program starting next year!
Dana S, Co-op Member
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