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Last summer I had the privilege of leading 12 teenage boys through Dave Ramsey's Generation Change. It taught them truths, both Biblical and practical. The boys all responded so well and seemed to be sincerely interested in the content of the study. I've recommended it to others and hope to take a group of young ladies through it in the future. These are tips/ideas/lessons that will only help them through their entire adult life. I thank the Lord for this curriculum!
K. Page, Co-op Member
I love Dave Ramsey - my teens really enjoy his personable presentations. He seems to connect with them. I am very glad I got this!
Rene' Y., Co-op Member
We used Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for the first time this past school year. My son learned a great deal and is already applying it to his finances. I am thrilled with the teaching and topics that Dave addresses in this material, as it provides an excellent foundation and practical skills to carry my son forward into adulthood. Thanks Dave Ramsey! (And I learned a lot, too! Wish I had had this material early in my life! Oh how much pain and financial heartache could have been avoided!)
A. Keener, Co-op Member
This is an excellent finance program. Because of this program, our family is completely debt free - no mortgage, no car, no credit cards, nothing. My kids love listening to Dave on the radio as well as through the DVDs. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny and often relates finances directly to the Bible. I have used other financial programs and they are not even close to the quality of this program. I will continue to use the program for all my kids AND I will probably highly recommend my future daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws take ...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
As a family, we are learning how to be better stewards of the $ God has entrusted us with! What better way is there to have fun while learning than by playing a game! So when we played"Act Your Wage" it was a great opportunity to revisit the concepts we were learning about how to handle $ in a God honoring way! Our family always enjoyed the game of Life but went away feeling empty! "Act Your Wage" has a similar game play concept but with the Godly values we wanted to instill in our teenage children! I would recommend all of Dave Ramsey's materi...(more)
Susan, Co-op Member
Our 17 year old son is on his second time thru the curriculum, simply because he is afraid he missed something the first time! What a great tool for kids. Our younger children will also be using it when the time comes, and my husband wants to go thru the curriculum as well. Keep up the great work.
Julie DK, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's foundations in personal finance DVD set was great. Wish I had learned all these information about money management years ago. He breaks things down clearly and in an easy to understand and engaging fashion. This DVD set is one that all my kids will see as they enter their teen years.
Amy Y., Co-op Member
This product is a must to have for any student who desires to have firm foundation on how to handle their money! Dave clearly details each concept in a fun and precise way!! Our family has greatly benefited from the information presented and is an invaluable curriculum! I highly recommend this product as MUST have curriculum!!
Karen, Co-op Member
My 6-year-old has really enjoyed the Junior's Adventures CDs. It's great to have something that fits so well with what we're already teaching (give, save and spend).
Tasha C., Co-op Member
Every teen and adult should, at the very least, watch the DVD's. They are so powerful and pertinent considering today's broken economic situation. The printable syllabus is extremely extensive but very flexible. You can use it as much, or as little as you want or have time for. I would recommend watching the DVD's through once and then going back to incorporate some of the activities in more detail. Our family invited some other teens from our church group to join us (I recommend you purchase extra workbooks -they are a must), and they too are ...(more)
Leonie B., Co-op Member
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