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This is a brilliant course and every teen should do this before they leave home!
mandi F., Co-op Member
My husband and I attended the adult course at our church for Financial Peace University. It was amazing. We are on our way to being debt free and actually make much less money than when we first began his program. We never thought it was possible to get out of debt so quickly. We are excited to be able to offer the program to our kids. I am very interested in the high school program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BLD in Virginia, Co-op Member
I had waited to find the best way to teach my children about finances since as parents we both came from extreme opposites when we grew up-until we attended the Financial Peace University! Now I'm happy to say that for the first time in our 13 yr marriage, we're both on the same page financially-and on the road to Financial Peace! Now we can share it with our children. My children love earning money of course. The positive messages in the Jr. book series also helps make a lasting impression about the different areas of Saving, Giving and Sp...(more)
Karin Constable, Co-op Member
We have been thrilled with this curriculum in our home. Not only is it packed with excellent information, but Dave is such an inspiring teacher that both kids and adults can't wait to listen and reap all that he has to share. We loved it so much that we all want to do it again right away and encourage others to do the same.
Maria D., Co-op Member
I'm a home schooling mother of 8, and am currently using Dave Ramsey's course with my oldest 2. It is absolutely their favorite class, and they're learning so much. The activities are fun and extremely helpful in hammering the principles home. I would highly recommend this to every parent of teenagers. Young people must learn this material. Thank you!
Carol L., Home Educator
We purchased Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for our homeschool math curriculum for this year. We try to use the same curriculum for both of our two teen boys (14 & 16) as a method of sanity. Foundations in Personal Finance is amazing! The videos are done professionally, it is easy to watch (Dave, his family, and staff are very entertaining), the workbooks are simple enough for higher elementary level kids. Dave is inspiring, he teaches great values, and how to handle money. Dave takes the viewer through all aspects of normal ...(more)
Beth F., Co-op Member
They're eating it up! My 18 & 21 year old young men are devouring the Dave Ramsey curriculum. They wish I had started them on the curriculum even earlier. My 21 year old is getting married, and he and his fiance are using the curruculum as a sort of date night. I am so glad they will be going into marriage with like minds when it comes to money. I will definately be doing this with my 15year old & 9 year old as soon as they're ready. My kids will be years ahead of my husband & I when it comes to finances. We recommend it to others on a regular ...(more)
Lisa Hokanson, Co-op Member
My husband and I have followed Dave's principals for years but knew that financial literacy often can't just be "caught," but also needs to be "taught." That's why we purchased this curriculum. We have been pleasantly surprised by our kids' level of engagement with and interest in the material. Some of the information has been very eye-opening to them and has started to affect how they view money and saving. It has also been a good refresher for me!

I bought this curriculum to do with my kids over the summer, as it's hard to fit in one mo...(more)
H.H.W., Co-op Member
I heard about Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover from my brother, who had done one of his classes in church. I picked it up through HBC, and within a year, became debt-free, except for the mortgage, using the program. I would highly recommend it!
Jen H., Co-op Member
My teenaged girls absolutely love this curriculum. Dave's dvd presentations are very eye-opening and entertaining. This has been a great purchase for our family.
Christi, Co-op Member
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