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We are now leading our fifth Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey class at our church. His program is awesome and we became debt free in March. He has a teaching style that is entertaining and easy to understand. Our children have learned skills that I wish we would have learned when we were their age. We are training them the proper use of money and about not going in debt. We have all learned to be content with what we have and to save for what we need. We have learned to pay cash for everything and to separate wants and needs. It...(more)
Mary Colburn, Co-op Member
This is an excellent finance program. Because of this program, our family is completely debt free - no mortgage, no car, no credit cards, nothing. My kids love listening to Dave on the radio as well as through the DVDs. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny and often relates finances directly to the Bible. I have used other financial programs and they are not even close to the quality of this program. I will continue to use the program for all my kids AND I will probably highly recommend my future daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws take ...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
I bought Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr curriculum with the Junior books. My 5 year old LOVED all of the books and have been steadily using Dave's commission worksheet to learn how to be a responsible kid at home. She's learned to tithe, save, and spend a portion of her "commission" each week. We HIGHLY recommend this way of doing "allowances" for children
Lisa M, Co-op Member
I am currently teaching high school co-op students Dave Ramsey's Foundations of Personal Finance. The video segments are very engaging, often hilarious, and filled with such life changing & valuable info. The workbook is well done and easy to use. The value of the actual information in this course is priceless! I wish so much that I had taken a course like this when I was a student. I could be financially on top of the world right now if I had armed myself with all the wisdom in Dave's course. The students taking this course have such a huge ad...(more)
Jean L, Co-op Member
I purchased this DVD/workbook program formy 14 year old homeschooler and now my 17 year old non-homeschooler wants to watch it. The best thing about it is that Dave is very engaging. It's never boring! The second thing is that my daughter learned a ton about managing money, avoiding debt and how to save. Definitely a very useful course of instruction.
Jean W, Co-op Member
Knowing this course would have more value than just adding another credit to my sons transcript, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. This is my sons favorite subject and several times he has stated his firm commitment to not go into debt or to obtain a credit card in the future. Sometimes I"ll hear him laugh aloud as he listens through the headphones at Dave Ramsey's lively lectures targeted to teens. Highly recommend !
Carolyn C., Co-op Member
Our 11th grader has been dreading math this year (expecting the same torture as in previous years), but since we got him this course, he has been excited about it. "This is stuff I can really use!", he says. Now he has a bank account, is building an emergency fund, and tracks all his money. This course is going to set him on a great path for years to come.
Kelly Kimble, Co-op Member
This curriculum was chock-full of useful and entertaining information. The kids I did the study with all enjoyed it. The larger the group the better for the interaction sections. I highly recommend this curriculum!
Angela, Co-op Member
The curriculum is well planned with lots of great activities. Video lessons are delivered well using compelling facts and stories. Will be using the curriculum with our high school co-op beginning next week. Our teens are excited to do this Dave Ramsey Personal Finance study!
Karen Bruce, Co-op Member
Through reading Dave Ramsey's kid's books that tie together finance and core values, my 4 boys have gained a healthy appreciation for money. My 6 year old has been inspired to SAVE and is very diligent. I wish I could take more credit than I can!
s. parkin, Co-op Member
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