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This curriculum was chock-full of useful and entertaining information. The kids I did the study with all enjoyed it. The larger the group the better for the interaction sections. I highly recommend this curriculum!
Angela, Co-op Member
We are now leading our fifth Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey class at our church. His program is awesome and we became debt free in March. He has a teaching style that is entertaining and easy to understand. Our children have learned skills that I wish we would have learned when we were their age. We are training them the proper use of money and about not going in debt. We have all learned to be content with what we have and to save for what we need. We have learned to pay cash for everything and to separate wants and needs. It...(more)
Mary Colburn, Co-op Member
This DVD series is GREAT! It's easy to use, fun to watch, and most importantly full of finance information that EVERYONE needs to know. I am watching it with my 12 year-old now and my 17 year-old will be starting the series soon. My son reminded me today that he needs to get his money out of his bedroom and into an interest bearing account.
Pamela Pike, Co-op Member
I heard about Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover from my brother, who had done one of his classes in church. I picked it up through HBC, and within a year, became debt-free, except for the mortgage, using the program. I would highly recommend it!
Jen H., Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's financial advice is great for everyone - and I am so glad that he has put it in a format perfect for my high schoolers!
Wendy J., Co-op Member
My children are very motivated by the Financial Peace Jr. program. It has had a huge positive impact on our family. While it seems similar in ways to other programs for kids, the others have not worked for us in the past. This one is working! My husband and I have also benefitted and are continuing to learn about our household finances from Dave's Financial Peace program for adults. One of the best things we have done.
A. Reilly, Co-op Member
I'm using Foundations in Personal Finance with my high-schoolers this year, and it's an excellent program! The workbook and activities are written with teens in mind, and the DVD lessons are taken straight from Dave's Financial Peace University DVDs with additional information added that relates to teens. Dave's humorous teaching style is very appealing to my teens, and his straight-forward, common-sense approach to money management is one that everyone should learn, no matter their age. We will definitely be using this program with my two y...(more)
Amy L., Co-op Member
We purchased Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for our homeschool math curriculum for this year. We try to use the same curriculum for both of our two teen boys (14 & 16) as a method of sanity. Foundations in Personal Finance is amazing! The videos are done professionally, it is easy to watch (Dave, his family, and staff are very entertaining), the workbooks are simple enough for higher elementary level kids. Dave is inspiring, he teaches great values, and how to handle money. Dave takes the viewer through all aspects of normal ...(more)
Beth F., Co-op Member
Our whole family has benefited from the various Dave Ramsey curricula from the youngest to the parents and everyone in-between. Dave helps all of us understand the mystery of money management. I love how simple and true his principles of management are. I have encouraged all of my children to go through the high school program before they leave home, or, for those already on their our, as quickly as they can. I've also told them that before they marry their future spouses must take the class, too. : ) I want my children to be armed with...(more)
H. Benson, Co-op Member
Our family has "Dave Ramsey" night to watch the DVD's together. It's been a real hit with my kids, especially my 15 year-old son! We have all learned so much about handling money properly. My husband and I even used the forms in the back of the workbook to finally start living by a budget. I would highly recommend this product.
M. Ames, Co-op Member
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