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There hasn't been a Dave Ramsey product I've tried the I haven't liked yet. I originally purchased the Junior pack for my girls that were 3 and 4 at the time and they loved hearing the stories and asked for have chores so they could earn money. How many kids ask for chores? The books and audio books are entertaining and have wonderful lessons.

After enjoying the Junior package for them my husband and I purchased the Financial Peace University Home DVD set and have learned many lessons ourselves and put us in a better position financially....(more)
Jessica Klepack, Co-op Member
We had been looking for a way to get our finances in order and The Total Money Makeover is doing it. Dave Ramsey sets everything out for you step by step. Not to mention how entertaining he is, watching his videos is a riot. Our children even enjoy watching them. Our eldest quotes him often.
Jennifer in Poulsbo, Washington, Co-op Member
Our son has learned so much. He is actively saving. He is working on his emergency fund even though he lives at home!! It is great to hear him declare that being debt-free is very important.
John B., Co-op Member
We bought the FPU Jr. for our children as we are on the "Ramsey Plan" ourselves. We have not yet implemented FPU Jr. b/c we recently moved and had another baby. But, we've read and re-read the books about Junior and our children love them and have already learned a lot about being wise with their money. Our children are very excited about earning commission and we would highly recommend the program.
J & V, Co-op Member
Wow! Finally! A math course that my kids actually like doing, and can use on a daily basis. Dave is very entertaining, and gives good solid financial advice. The workbooks and activities really reinforce the content, and my guys are making regular connections with what is going on in the financial world today. Great product, and 'Thanks' to the co-op for providing it, too!
Beth F., Co-op Member
I currently have a high school student taking the Dave Ramsey homeschool course. Mr. Ramsey is very engaging and makes learning about finances fun. I especially like how he emphasizes the importance of living a debt free lifestyle. I have been watching these videos with my son because I am learning a tremendous amount along with him. I have recommended this course to friends.
Tanya Norton, Co-op Member
Last summer I had the privilege of leading 12 teenage boys through Dave Ramsey's Generation Change. It taught them truths, both Biblical and practical. The boys all responded so well and seemed to be sincerely interested in the content of the study. I've recommended it to others and hope to take a group of young ladies through it in the future. These are tips/ideas/lessons that will only help them through their entire adult life. I thank the Lord for this curriculum!
K. Page, Co-op Member
Our 17 year old son is on his second time thru the curriculum, simply because he is afraid he missed something the first time! What a great tool for kids. Our younger children will also be using it when the time comes, and my husband wants to go thru the curriculum as well. Keep up the great work.
Julie DK, Co-op Member
This curriculum has changed how our whole family views finances. My teenage boys have an emergency fund, have paid cash for their first vehicles, are saving for college and are debt free. Every high school student should be required to take this class. It's excellent!!
Nicole Turner, Co-op Member
Every teen and adult should, at the very least, watch the DVD's. They are so powerful and pertinent considering today's broken economic situation. The printable syllabus is extremely extensive but very flexible. You can use it as much, or as little as you want or have time for. I would recommend watching the DVD's through once and then going back to incorporate some of the activities in more detail. Our family invited some other teens from our church group to join us (I recommend you purchase extra workbooks -they are a must), and they too are ...(more)
Leonie B., Co-op Member
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