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I really enjoy reading Dave Ramsey's books, they are educational and insightful. My children, ages 8 and 6, really enjoy the Junior Discovers books. The kids books are a gentle introduction to financial topics such as saving, debt, spending, and integrity. My kids often request these at story time. I highly recommend anything by Dave Ramsey to anyone looking for sound financial advice and information.
V. Sheldon, Co-op Member
We absolutely LOVE it! My whole family has thoroughly enjoyed learning from Dave Ramsey and we have recommended it to many other families. Dave's presentation is both humorous and informative. I appreciate the tests for each chapter as it has challenged my kids, 17,17 and 13, to retain the information. Thank you HB Co-op for continuing to bring us such excellent resources and deals.
Carolynn, Co-op Member
I am currently teaching high school co-op students Dave Ramsey's Foundations of Personal Finance. The video segments are very engaging, often hilarious, and filled with such life changing & valuable info. The workbook is well done and easy to use. The value of the actual information in this course is priceless! I wish so much that I had taken a course like this when I was a student. I could be financially on top of the world right now if I had armed myself with all the wisdom in Dave's course. The students taking this course have such a huge ad...(more)
Jean L, Co-op Member
Our 17 year old son is on his second time thru the curriculum, simply because he is afraid he missed something the first time! What a great tool for kids. Our younger children will also be using it when the time comes, and my husband wants to go thru the curriculum as well. Keep up the great work.
Julie DK, Co-op Member
This course has given us a very definite place to start saving and getting out of debt. Our children are very enthusiastic. We are very impressed on the strategies for saving for a car, etc. Our son-in-law is also very impressed after listening to the Dave Ramsey talk show, so now we want to give our daughter a course for her birthday!
Jeanette V., Co-op Member
We bought Foundations In Personal Finance last time it was offered. Our children look forward to "doing Dave" every day! It has been the absolute favorite subject this year. I recommend it to all the homeschoolers I know. Not only are the children learning SO much, but I have learned a lot as well. Our daughter (13) is already saving for a car, she used to spend every penny she got but now she has a budget.
Thank you Dave for this ultra important study to prepare our children for life of debt freedom, saving, and giving.
Mary Thomas, Co-op Member
I purchased the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance for my 15 year old daughter, and she and I both loved it. It's entertaining but very useful information for any teen.

As a CPA, I've seen many of my clients trapped by credit card debt and overspending. This course will give my daughter the tools she needs to avoid debt and have a bright financial future.
Rhee Eliker, Co-op Member
I purchased the Jr. Book set and Financial Peace Jr. My kids have been learning that they need to work and save for the things that they want.

My kids area excited about doing their "chores" because they know that they get their commission at the end of the week if they complete their tasks properly.

They are saving their money to purchase bigger items, and they are not coming to me for money all of the time.

Love this program.
Susan H, Co-op Member
I currently have a high school student taking the Dave Ramsey homeschool course. Mr. Ramsey is very engaging and makes learning about finances fun. I especially like how he emphasizes the importance of living a debt free lifestyle. I have been watching these videos with my son because I am learning a tremendous amount along with him. I have recommended this course to friends.
Tanya Norton, Co-op Member
We had been looking for a way to get our finances in order and The Total Money Makeover is doing it. Dave Ramsey sets everything out for you step by step. Not to mention how entertaining he is, watching his videos is a riot. Our children even enjoy watching them. Our eldest quotes him often.
Jennifer in Poulsbo, Washington, Co-op Member
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