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Excellent Program! Where was this when I was in High School? My 16 year old loves the program and has her own emergency fund, she has a CD, and her own checking account. She never wants a credit card and she plans to have whoever she may marry some day do this program as well. She will start and end debt free!
Maria Davis, Co-op Member
I'm using Foundations in Personal Finance with my high-schoolers this year, and it's an excellent program! The workbook and activities are written with teens in mind, and the DVD lessons are taken straight from Dave's Financial Peace University DVDs with additional information added that relates to teens. Dave's humorous teaching style is very appealing to my teens, and his straight-forward, common-sense approach to money management is one that everyone should learn, no matter their age. We will definitely be using this program with my two y...(more)
Amy L., Co-op Member
This is a brilliant course and every teen should do this before they leave home!
mandi F., Co-op Member
This product is a must to have for any student who desires to have firm foundation on how to handle their money! Dave clearly details each concept in a fun and precise way!! Our family has greatly benefited from the information presented and is an invaluable curriculum! I highly recommend this product as MUST have curriculum!!
Karen, Co-op Member
Our daughter loved Dave Ramsey (high school materials). She usually is a slow starter in the mornings, but wanted to eat breakfast in the den so she could watch these dvd's the very first thing in the morning. The information was presented in a humorous, but effective way. Recently we were discussing some issues he had covered and she piped right in with what Dave Ramsey had recommended. I have no doubt she is better prepared to handle her own finances in a few years than most kids her age will be, in no small part because of these lessons.
S. Winnett, Co-op Member
My kids have really enjoyed this program and it has established a firm resolve to stay out of debt. Thanks, Dave Ramsey, for an enjoyable and worthwhile teen/young adult course in smart money management.
Midge, Co-op Member
Don't hesitate to purchase this curriculum! We love it! I wanted my boys to have a better concept of money matters & to encourage importance of saving as well as discourage credit buying. I was expecting to make it a mandatory daily activity~I was wrong! They love it and is the first thing they want to do each morning. They also want to do more than one days worth of assignments at a time.

The DVD lessons are very interesting and often entertaining. The teachers disc has many activities to print, lesson plan choices and chapter guid...(more)
Dawn T., Co-op Member
This is an excellent finance program. Because of this program, our family is completely debt free - no mortgage, no car, no credit cards, nothing. My kids love listening to Dave on the radio as well as through the DVDs. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny and often relates finances directly to the Bible. I have used other financial programs and they are not even close to the quality of this program. I will continue to use the program for all my kids AND I will probably highly recommend my future daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws take ...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
Through reading Dave Ramsey's kid's books that tie together finance and core values, my 4 boys have gained a healthy appreciation for money. My 6 year old has been inspired to SAVE and is very diligent. I wish I could take more credit than I can!
s. parkin, Co-op Member
There hasn't been a Dave Ramsey product I've tried the I haven't liked yet. I originally purchased the Junior pack for my girls that were 3 and 4 at the time and they loved hearing the stories and asked for have chores so they could earn money. How many kids ask for chores? The books and audio books are entertaining and have wonderful lessons.

After enjoying the Junior package for them my husband and I purchased the Financial Peace University Home DVD set and have learned many lessons ourselves and put us in a better position financially....(more)
Jessica Klepack, Co-op Member
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