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We recently bought the Dave Ramsey curriculum for high school. I must say, this has been one of the BEST purchases we have EVER made for our homeschool. Not only did our 16 and 13 year old gain much wisdom, but my husband and I learned so much. We plan to purchase the Financial Peace package soon. I highly recomend any of the Dave Ramsy products, you will not be dissapointed. Our kids have declared they will live DEBT FREE!!!! Oh if we had only started out with so much knowledge.
Brenda, Co-op Member
I'm using Foundations in Personal Finance with my high-schoolers this year, and it's an excellent program! The workbook and activities are written with teens in mind, and the DVD lessons are taken straight from Dave's Financial Peace University DVDs with additional information added that relates to teens. Dave's humorous teaching style is very appealing to my teens, and his straight-forward, common-sense approach to money management is one that everyone should learn, no matter their age. We will definitely be using this program with my two y...(more)
Amy L., Co-op Member
Last summer I had the privilege of leading 12 teenage boys through Dave Ramsey's Generation Change. It taught them truths, both Biblical and practical. The boys all responded so well and seemed to be sincerely interested in the content of the study. I've recommended it to others and hope to take a group of young ladies through it in the future. These are tips/ideas/lessons that will only help them through their entire adult life. I thank the Lord for this curriculum!
K. Page, Co-op Member
My husband and I have read the Total Money Makeover, and have been controlling our spending by living on a budget and using envelopes.

The Dave Ramsey Curriculum was something I immediately wanted to buy my children, so they could get a good financial start in life and avoid many of the pitfalls into which we have fallen.

My 16-year old has been learning lots that will be of great benefit to him in his life. I can even see that with the knowledge he is gaining, he will not only avoid debt, but will be financially sound and be prepare...(more)
Maria C., Co-op Member
We love Dave Ramsey! Because of him our Family is almost Debt free. His products have been wonderful to help with our kids. They've been great for us to teach our Nephew who has a trust fund coming to him when he turns 18. We thought we were doing wonderful with our budget, but Dave showed us a more streamlined approach and has such wonderful information about saving for college and such that is invaluable.

The kids absolutely love the junior books. They ask to read them all the time. I still remember when they saved up money for the...(more)
Heidi Crawford, Co-op Member
I took the Financial Peace course at my church and was so impressed and learned so much that I immediatly ordered the homeschool program as soon as I saw it available on the Co-op! The kids were entertained and learned so much. I really wish I would have learned all this at their age! Now I feel like I have financially prepared them and given them a great start to their future! Thank you for making this product available!
CatieK, Co-op Member
My 6-year-old has really enjoyed the Junior's Adventures CDs. It's great to have something that fits so well with what we're already teaching (give, save and spend).
Tasha C., Co-op Member
My 15-year old son is using the Dave Ramsey, Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. Not only is he enjoying and gaining much wisdom from it, I, the parent, have also been much helped in my perspective concerning finances. I can heartily recommend this curriculum!
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
I purchased the high school curriculum for my 2 high schoolers and cannot recommend it enough! Wonderful video/worktext experience for them, and very relevant content! I also purchased the board game and was beat twice by my children right of the bat! -they love it.
D Fisher, Co-op Member
I love Dave Ramsey - my teens really enjoy his personable presentations. He seems to connect with them. I am very glad I got this!
Rene' Y., Co-op Member
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