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Dave's products are great! In just a few weeks, after reading his book, I was able to get us from being late on many bills to being a month ahead in most. I am putting money aside for the first time ever and I am now my kids are developing a heart and understanding of how saving money will benefit them and using credit can hurt them. I am sharing Dave with everyone who will listen and I expect that this will have a significant impact on the future of my family.
Vince Lyons, Co-op Member
I'm a home schooling mother of 8, and am currently using Dave Ramsey's course with my oldest 2. It is absolutely their favorite class, and they're learning so much. The activities are fun and extremely helpful in hammering the principles home. I would highly recommend this to every parent of teenagers. Young people must learn this material. Thank you!
Carol L., Home Educator
Our son has learned so much. He is actively saving. He is working on his emergency fund even though he lives at home!! It is great to hear him declare that being debt-free is very important.
John B., Co-op Member
My two boys and I just completed the Dave Ramsey Homeschool Financial Peace Course which we purchased through the Co-Op at a fabulous price. We loved the course! This is a MUST-DO class for all families! What we learned that day in Finance Class was often the main subject at the dinner table. In all of the homeschool subjects we have been through in 8 years, this course, by far, contains the most useful, practical information that we will use our entire lives.

This course includes video lessons which are an actual live Dave Ramsey semi...(more)
M.Barnes, Co-op Member
I have used Dave's curriculum for our team that won a national consumer education competition. This curriculum gives students the nuts and bolts of what to expect in the world. Very practical advice and knowledge and the best material I have found to teach teens about finances.
Jennifer, Co-op Member
We purchased the financial peace jr kit and the piggy banks.

First the piggy banks are not necessary if you get the kit because they have an envelope system with the kit.

That said, I am using the piggy banks for my littlest and they work great.

I was worried that I would waste money because I wasn't sure that it was necessary to purchase something I felt I could make and teach them myself. I decided to do it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised at my kids response. It has been MUCH more effective to approach this as a learnin...(more)
Carrie, Co-op Member
Loved the Dave Ramsey for Juniors. My daughter asked to do the lesson of the day as soon as she got done with her regular school work. She has her banks set up in her room, and when we go out, she moves her spend money to her spend money bag and takes it with us. She likes to listen to the stories, eventhough she's already heard them. I would recommend the Junior series to anyone with younger children.
Dawn C, Co-op Member
My husband and I did FPU a couple of years back at our church and learned so much. When I saw the group buy last year for his homeschool program I jumped on it. I'm using it this year with an 11th, 9th & 8th grader. It's a semester course, but we're just working through it over a year. That way I'm not frustrated when we miss a day. The kids absolutely love it. He teaches most of it but his daughter, Rachel, jumps in from time to time. He has a great sense of humor which makes learning fun. As adults, we've taken to following his baby s...(more)
Kelley in SD, Co-op Member
My kids love this program. They have learned a lot and are really following it. They love having their own chore chart and envelopes. I like it since they are responsible for charting their own chores. And I like how they have give and save envelopes instead of always spend, spend, spend. They knew Mom and Dad gave, but like it that they give their own money, rather than ours. I think it is a very important lesson to instill at a very young age. Thanks.
Karrie B., Co-op Member
I love Dave Ramsey - my teens really enjoy his personable presentations. He seems to connect with them. I am very glad I got this!
Rene' Y., Co-op Member
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