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Our son has learned so much. He is actively saving. He is working on his emergency fund even though he lives at home!! It is great to hear him declare that being debt-free is very important.
John B., Co-op Member
I have used Dave's curriculum for our team that won a national consumer education competition. This curriculum gives students the nuts and bolts of what to expect in the world. Very practical advice and knowledge and the best material I have found to teach teens about finances.
Jennifer, Co-op Member
We recently bought the Dave Ramsey curriculum for high school. I must say, this has been one of the BEST purchases we have EVER made for our homeschool. Not only did our 16 and 13 year old gain much wisdom, but my husband and I learned so much. We plan to purchase the Financial Peace package soon. I highly recomend any of the Dave Ramsy products, you will not be dissapointed. Our kids have declared they will live DEBT FREE!!!! Oh if we had only started out with so much knowledge.
Brenda, Co-op Member
I bought Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr curriculum with the Junior books. My 5 year old LOVED all of the books and have been steadily using Dave's commission worksheet to learn how to be a responsible kid at home. She's learned to tithe, save, and spend a portion of her "commission" each week. We HIGHLY recommend this way of doing "allowances" for children
Lisa M, Co-op Member
We used this program in a co-op setting. It is extremely thorough. Not only does it go into detail about not going into debt in the first place, it also covers balancing a check book, preparing monthly budgets, investing and retirement. Highly recommended.
Christina S., Co-op Member
My 15-year old son is using the Dave Ramsey, Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. Not only is he enjoying and gaining much wisdom from it, I, the parent, have also been much helped in my perspective concerning finances. I can heartily recommend this curriculum!
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
My husband and I have read the Total Money Makeover, and have been controlling our spending by living on a budget and using envelopes.

The Dave Ramsey Curriculum was something I immediately wanted to buy my children, so they could get a good financial start in life and avoid many of the pitfalls into which we have fallen.

My 16-year old has been learning lots that will be of great benefit to him in his life. I can even see that with the knowledge he is gaining, he will not only avoid debt, but will be financially sound and be prepare...(more)
Maria C., Co-op Member
They're eating it up! My 18 & 21 year old young men are devouring the Dave Ramsey curriculum. They wish I had started them on the curriculum even earlier. My 21 year old is getting married, and he and his fiance are using the curruculum as a sort of date night. I am so glad they will be going into marriage with like minds when it comes to money. I will definately be doing this with my 15year old & 9 year old as soon as they're ready. My kids will be years ahead of my husband & I when it comes to finances. We recommend it to others on a regular ...(more)
Lisa Hokanson, Co-op Member
Our entire family watched the DVDs and participated in lively discussion. Our kids even remind us sometimes of Dave Ramsey's suggestions that we parents have already forgotten! We then sold the series on Craigslist (apparently to a non-Co-op member) for about what we paid...
Blake, Co-op Member
My teenaged girls absolutely love this curriculum. Dave's dvd presentations are very eye-opening and entertaining. This has been a great purchase for our family.
Christi, Co-op Member
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