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Excellent product for teens and the college bound student. A must for everyone to get a complete understanding of debt and budgeting.
K. Valentine, Co-op Member
This curriculum was chock-full of useful and entertaining information. The kids I did the study with all enjoyed it. The larger the group the better for the interaction sections. I highly recommend this curriculum!
Angela, Co-op Member
This is a brilliant course and every teen should do this before they leave home!
mandi F., Co-op Member
Our family has "Dave Ramsey" night to watch the DVD's together. It's been a real hit with my kids, especially my 15 year-old son! We have all learned so much about handling money properly. My husband and I even used the forms in the back of the workbook to finally start living by a budget. I would highly recommend this product.
M. Ames, Co-op Member
I'm using Foundations in Personal Finance with my high-schoolers this year, and it's an excellent program! The workbook and activities are written with teens in mind, and the DVD lessons are taken straight from Dave's Financial Peace University DVDs with additional information added that relates to teens. Dave's humorous teaching style is very appealing to my teens, and his straight-forward, common-sense approach to money management is one that everyone should learn, no matter their age. We will definitely be using this program with my two y...(more)
Amy L., Co-op Member
We watched the Foundations in Personal Finance High School course as a family. It was fantastic! Not only did our kids learn so much but my husband and I did even though we have always been very frugal and practical. We would highly recommend this course!
Pam Dean, Co-op Member
I currently have a high school student taking the Dave Ramsey homeschool course. Mr. Ramsey is very engaging and makes learning about finances fun. I especially like how he emphasizes the importance of living a debt free lifestyle. I have been watching these videos with my son because I am learning a tremendous amount along with him. I have recommended this course to friends.
Tanya Norton, Co-op Member
Dave's products are great! In just a few weeks, after reading his book, I was able to get us from being late on many bills to being a month ahead in most. I am putting money aside for the first time ever and I am now my kids are developing a heart and understanding of how saving money will benefit them and using credit can hurt them. I am sharing Dave with everyone who will listen and I expect that this will have a significant impact on the future of my family.
Vince Lyons, Co-op Member
Thank goodness for this Co-op purchase! I have 3 teens who all earn money working and with their own "business ventures." This program is perfect for all of them to learn and understand how to NOT get into debt. I even learned from it. Perfect for teens (I would say ages 13+). I have a 6 year old who will work with Ramsey's Jr program starting next year!
Dana S, Co-op Member
This course is a must for a high school junior or senior about a topic that is so interesting and relevant to them! This covers saving for the future, paying for college, making a budget, having an emergency fund, etc. The DVDs are short but really interesting. My daughter loves Dave Ramsey's daughter who is high energy and just fun to listen to. This course can be as detailed or as top line as you want it to be. Just listen to the DVDs for the basics, but lots of assignments and extra material if you want to make it more substantial is also pr...(more)
Tricia C., Co-op Member
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