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Our 11th grader has been dreading math this year (expecting the same torture as in previous years), but since we got him this course, he has been excited about it. "This is stuff I can really use!", he says. Now he has a bank account, is building an emergency fund, and tracks all his money. This course is going to set him on a great path for years to come.
Kelly Kimble, Co-op Member
This course has given us a very definite place to start saving and getting out of debt. Our children are very enthusiastic. We are very impressed on the strategies for saving for a car, etc. Our son-in-law is also very impressed after listening to the Dave Ramsey talk show, so now we want to give our daughter a course for her birthday!
Jeanette V., Co-op Member
We have homeschooled for five years, but this is the first time my son has taken notes for a class on his own. He loves this course and already has $1000 in savings - and a plan for the future!
KY, Co-op Member
We decided to try Foundations in Personal Finance for our 2 seniors. We love Dave Ramsey's teaching style and thought this would be the best way to lay a good foundation before college. Both of our children (boy and girl) love this class. A lot of the information is stuff they've already heard from us, but it really sticks better for them to hear it from Dave Ramsey and not just mom and dad :). I would definitely recommend this to others and am extremely happy with our purchase!
M & R Hardison, Co-op Member
Don't hesitate to purchase this curriculum! We love it! I wanted my boys to have a better concept of money matters & to encourage importance of saving as well as discourage credit buying. I was expecting to make it a mandatory daily activity~I was wrong! They love it and is the first thing they want to do each morning. They also want to do more than one days worth of assignments at a time.

The DVD lessons are very interesting and often entertaining. The teachers disc has many activities to print, lesson plan choices and chapter guid...(more)
Dawn T., Co-op Member
My husband and I have followed Dave's principals for years but knew that financial literacy often can't just be "caught," but also needs to be "taught." That's why we purchased this curriculum. We have been pleasantly surprised by our kids' level of engagement with and interest in the material. Some of the information has been very eye-opening to them and has started to affect how they view money and saving. It has also been a good refresher for me!

I bought this curriculum to do with my kids over the summer, as it's hard to fit in one mo...(more)
H.H.W., Co-op Member
I purchased the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance for my 15 year old daughter, and she and I both loved it. It's entertaining but very useful information for any teen.

As a CPA, I've seen many of my clients trapped by credit card debt and overspending. This course will give my daughter the tools she needs to avoid debt and have a bright financial future.
Rhee Eliker, Co-op Member
I bought this for my 3 year old son. We haven't formally began using the kit yet but we have been discussing the principles with him as he is getting interested in money. My husband and I went through FPU earlier this year and it was such a blessing for our marriage and family. I'm excited to get our kids started on the right track at an early age! This kit simplifies money management into a fun game-like experience. I'm excited to use it over the next several years.
Kari H., Co-op Member
This course is a must for a high school junior or senior about a topic that is so interesting and relevant to them! This covers saving for the future, paying for college, making a budget, having an emergency fund, etc. The DVDs are short but really interesting. My daughter loves Dave Ramsey's daughter who is high energy and just fun to listen to. This course can be as detailed or as top line as you want it to be. Just listen to the DVDs for the basics, but lots of assignments and extra material if you want to make it more substantial is also pr...(more)
Tricia C., Co-op Member
Last summer I had the privilege of leading 12 teenage boys through Dave Ramsey's Generation Change. It taught them truths, both Biblical and practical. The boys all responded so well and seemed to be sincerely interested in the content of the study. I've recommended it to others and hope to take a group of young ladies through it in the future. These are tips/ideas/lessons that will only help them through their entire adult life. I thank the Lord for this curriculum!
K. Page, Co-op Member
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