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Through reading Dave Ramsey's kid's books that tie together finance and core values, my 4 boys have gained a healthy appreciation for money. My 6 year old has been inspired to SAVE and is very diligent. I wish I could take more credit than I can!
s. parkin, Co-op Member
We watched the Foundations in Personal Finance High School course as a family. It was fantastic! Not only did our kids learn so much but my husband and I did even though we have always been very frugal and practical. We would highly recommend this course!
Pam Dean, Co-op Member
I have used Dave's curriculum for our team that won a national consumer education competition. This curriculum gives students the nuts and bolts of what to expect in the world. Very practical advice and knowledge and the best material I have found to teach teens about finances.
Jennifer, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's financial advice is great for everyone - and I am so glad that he has put it in a format perfect for my high schoolers!
Wendy J., Co-op Member
I ordered the Dave Ramsey Homeschool curriculum for my Highschoolers this year. I'm sitting down right next to my Junior and learning right alongside her. I find the video's humorous yet very informative. He offer's very practical and common sense tactics in all areas of personal finance. We are very pleased with this purchase and we're grateful for the great deal we got when purchasing through HS buyers co-op.
Tanya Sheldrake, Co-op Member
We LOVE Dave Ramsey. Purchasing the Financial Peace Jr. for the kids was one of the best investments we've ever made. Our kids are learning great tools for handling money in a very simple format. We will be using this kit for years. My favorite thing? Hearing them say they will NEVER have a credit card!
S.K.Smith, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's "Foundations in Personal Finance" curriculum for high school students is a fantastic course. It helps prepare students for the "real world" of managing their finances wisely. His style of presentation is humorous and full of illustrations which really help bring the information to life. It merits being required coursework, not an elective!
Rebecca, Co-op Member
The homeschool curriculum by Dave Ramsey is teaching my niece and myself, wonderful financial principles, that are Biblically sound. These teachings, if followed, will have a lasting impact on our family's future. Thank you for offering these tools at such an affordable cost!
#workingtowardsdebtfreedom!, Co-op Member
We recently bought the Dave Ramsey curriculum for high school. I must say, this has been one of the BEST purchases we have EVER made for our homeschool. Not only did our 16 and 13 year old gain much wisdom, but my husband and I learned so much. We plan to purchase the Financial Peace package soon. I highly recomend any of the Dave Ramsy products, you will not be dissapointed. Our kids have declared they will live DEBT FREE!!!! Oh if we had only started out with so much knowledge.
Brenda, Co-op Member
We have been thrilled with this curriculum in our home. Not only is it packed with excellent information, but Dave is such an inspiring teacher that both kids and adults can't wait to listen and reap all that he has to share. We loved it so much that we all want to do it again right away and encourage others to do the same.
Maria D., Co-op Member
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