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I'm using Foundations in Personal Finance with my high-schoolers this year, and it's an excellent program! The workbook and activities are written with teens in mind, and the DVD lessons are taken straight from Dave's Financial Peace University DVDs with additional information added that relates to teens. Dave's humorous teaching style is very appealing to my teens, and his straight-forward, common-sense approach to money management is one that everyone should learn, no matter their age. We will definitely be using this program with my two y...(more)
Amy L., Co-op Member
My 9yo daughter has really enjoyed the FPjr materials. And my husband and I are using Dave's books as we reevaluate our budget. These are resources that will continue to be useful for years to come.
Jennifer C., Co-op Member
I purchased the Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance for my 15 year old daughter, and she and I both loved it. It's entertaining but very useful information for any teen.

As a CPA, I've seen many of my clients trapped by credit card debt and overspending. This course will give my daughter the tools she needs to avoid debt and have a bright financial future.
Rhee Eliker, Co-op Member
My children are very motivated by the Financial Peace Jr. program. It has had a huge positive impact on our family. While it seems similar in ways to other programs for kids, the others have not worked for us in the past. This one is working! My husband and I have also benefitted and are continuing to learn about our household finances from Dave's Financial Peace program for adults. One of the best things we have done.
A. Reilly, Co-op Member
My son is a high school senior. I really wanted him to have a personal finance class before graduating. I knew he would enjoy Dave's personality and I knew he would be able to understand how Dave was presenting the material. My son loves it. We are half way through and it doesn't even seem as if he is doing math. And he has learned very valuable information. He now thinks about his purchases and says he wants to "live like no one else, so later he can live like no one else"!! Thank you Dave and all of your staff for doing such an excellent job!...(more)
Jessica, Co-op Member
We bought this program for my homeschooled high school senior daughter. She has LOVED her time with the program and has eagerly implemented the principles in her life - and heart. She is desirous that her siblings watch the course too. We plan that our son will do the course next year.
Robin C, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's Generation Change is an eye-opener to teens! Our home school group did the course and the teens were begging for more. Dave is interesting, fun and oh so relevant. Six months after the class, the teens are still talking about what Dave says and really are applying his principles. Add to that his Biblical approach to money and what could be more perfect?
Jan M. Jones, Co-op Member
We are thrilled with Dave Ramsey's curriculum and our 14 year-old son is enjoying it and even though it would be a breeze for him to handle on his own because of the organized and interesting way that it is presented, I find that I do not want to miss a session since I am also enjoying it. It is so refreshing to see such a unique program for students of all ages, especially one that is not only informative, but also engaging and quite helpful and necessary for every day life and the future of our young people. Much Gratitude to the Ramseys for ...(more)
Jules, Co-op Member
We love the Dave Ramsey financial peace university 1, because it explains giving in a way children can understand. Second, has audio cds telling stories explaining different money topics. Also love it because it comes with a Chart (if you have more than 1 child, I would recommend buying the additional charts) where you and your child get to choose the chores and the amount of money they'll get for doing them. My child loves it, he looks on the chart all the time to see where he can make money. My favorite is the envelopes, 3 different ones give...(more)
Tiffiny, Co-op Member
I ordered the Dave Ramsey Homeschool curriculum for my Highschoolers this year. I'm sitting down right next to my Junior and learning right alongside her. I find the video's humorous yet very informative. He offer's very practical and common sense tactics in all areas of personal finance. We are very pleased with this purchase and we're grateful for the great deal we got when purchasing through HS buyers co-op.
Tanya Sheldrake, Co-op Member
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