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My kids love this program. They have learned a lot and are really following it. They love having their own chore chart and envelopes. I like it since they are responsible for charting their own chores. And I like how they have give and save envelopes instead of always spend, spend, spend. They knew Mom and Dad gave, but like it that they give their own money, rather than ours. I think it is a very important lesson to instill at a very young age. Thanks.
Karrie B., Co-op Member
I'm a home schooling mother of 8, and am currently using Dave Ramsey's course with my oldest 2. It is absolutely their favorite class, and they're learning so much. The activities are fun and extremely helpful in hammering the principles home. I would highly recommend this to every parent of teenagers. Young people must learn this material. Thank you!
Carol L., Home Educator
Dave Ramsey's financial advice is great for everyone - and I am so glad that he has put it in a format perfect for my high schoolers!
Wendy J., Co-op Member
Excellent Program! Where was this when I was in High School? My 16 year old loves the program and has her own emergency fund, she has a CD, and her own checking account. She never wants a credit card and she plans to have whoever she may marry some day do this program as well. She will start and end debt free!
Maria Davis, Co-op Member
I ordered the Dave Ramsey Homeschool curriculum for my Highschoolers this year. I'm sitting down right next to my Junior and learning right alongside her. I find the video's humorous yet very informative. He offer's very practical and common sense tactics in all areas of personal finance. We are very pleased with this purchase and we're grateful for the great deal we got when purchasing through HS buyers co-op.
Tanya Sheldrake, Co-op Member
My name is Gabriella Ulwelling, I am a mother of four. My oldest son who is 14 years old has is currently in enrolled in the course at his church school. I have decided to let him talk:

Hi, my name is A.J., I am 14 years old and so far I am really enjoying Dave Ramsey Personal Finance course. I have learned a lot. I now know that I can live life without a credit card, negotiate and pay with cash over credit, and invest wisely. My favorite chapter was about investing. I have learned about mutual funds and I have even invested myself. The ac...(more)
Gabriella/A.J. Ulwelling, Co-op Member
I bought Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr curriculum with the Junior books. My 5 year old LOVED all of the books and have been steadily using Dave's commission worksheet to learn how to be a responsible kid at home. She's learned to tithe, save, and spend a portion of her "commission" each week. We HIGHLY recommend this way of doing "allowances" for children
Lisa M, Co-op Member
We bought "Foundations in Personal Finance for Middle school" by Dave Ramsey. It is an excellent handbook and DVDs which give a very strong foundation for middle school student how to deal with finance in the life. We enjoy and appreciate the materials very much and we believe this book and DVDs have to be read and watch by everyone and put in practice in life. They are amazing materials and one of a kind on the market today.
Michael M., Co-op Member
Great program! My daughter's personal finance requirement for high school is being fulfilled and she's learning so much and using her knowledge to save money and use her cash wisely. Thanks!
M. Rogers, Co-op Member
This is a brilliant course and every teen should do this before they leave home!
mandi F., Co-op Member
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