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This is the best money we have spent on a program offered through the Co-op. It is interactive and informative, a financial course every high school student should take before graduating. I would highly recommend course.
Mina H, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's Generation Change is an eye-opener to teens! Our home school group did the course and the teens were begging for more. Dave is interesting, fun and oh so relevant. Six months after the class, the teens are still talking about what Dave says and really are applying his principles. Add to that his Biblical approach to money and what could be more perfect?
Jan M. Jones, Co-op Member
My son is a high school senior. I really wanted him to have a personal finance class before graduating. I knew he would enjoy Dave's personality and I knew he would be able to understand how Dave was presenting the material. My son loves it. We are half way through and it doesn't even seem as if he is doing math. And he has learned very valuable information. He now thinks about his purchases and says he wants to "live like no one else, so later he can live like no one else"!! Thank you Dave and all of your staff for doing such an excellent job!...(more)
Jessica, Co-op Member
Our entire family watched the DVDs and participated in lively discussion. Our kids even remind us sometimes of Dave Ramsey's suggestions that we parents have already forgotten! We then sold the series on Craigslist (apparently to a non-Co-op member) for about what we paid...
Blake, Co-op Member
Our family has just begun to use the Foundations in Personal Finance course, but we are already benefitting. Our two oldest boys are preparing to launch out on their own and are grappling with how they will structure their budgets. This course is helping them get their priorities straight. Our youngest son was considering a purchase recently but then said, "Just say no!". This was a direct result of Dave's course. Even my husband and I are benefitting personally from this course intended for high-schoolers - some of our financial habits need ad...(more)
Janna O., Co-op Member
Thank goodness for this Co-op purchase! I have 3 teens who all earn money working and with their own "business ventures." This program is perfect for all of them to learn and understand how to NOT get into debt. I even learned from it. Perfect for teens (I would say ages 13+). I have a 6 year old who will work with Ramsey's Jr program starting next year!
Dana S, Co-op Member
Wow! Finally! A math course that my kids actually like doing, and can use on a daily basis. Dave is very entertaining, and gives good solid financial advice. The workbooks and activities really reinforce the content, and my guys are making regular connections with what is going on in the financial world today. Great product, and 'Thanks' to the co-op for providing it, too!
Beth F., Co-op Member
Last summer I had the privilege of leading 12 teenage boys through Dave Ramsey's Generation Change. It taught them truths, both Biblical and practical. The boys all responded so well and seemed to be sincerely interested in the content of the study. I've recommended it to others and hope to take a group of young ladies through it in the future. These are tips/ideas/lessons that will only help them through their entire adult life. I thank the Lord for this curriculum!
K. Page, Co-op Member
Great info! It's nice to have a course for youth that is practical and geared for that age group.
Tacy, Co-op Member
The Dave Ramsey course for high-schoolers is an ABSOLUTE MUST have! It teaches students how to have a plan with money, stay out of debt, and even how to NEVER have a car payment by means of video classes and a workbook. It will definitely change your relationship with money, no matter what your age is!
T. Cook, Co-op Member
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