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My teenaged girls absolutely love this curriculum. Dave's dvd presentations are very eye-opening and entertaining. This has been a great purchase for our family.
Christi, Co-op Member
I have used Dave's curriculum for our team that won a national consumer education competition. This curriculum gives students the nuts and bolts of what to expect in the world. Very practical advice and knowledge and the best material I have found to teach teens about finances.
Jennifer, Co-op Member
We have used Dave Ramsey's materials in the past and have dropped over $34,000 worth of debt in 25 months! My children are breaking the "bondage of debt family tree" cycle. Both are saving for college (ages 14 and 10) and are giving to our local church!

I would recommend Dave's materials to anyone! He uses 7 simple steps (the baby steps) to teach others how to get out of debt. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or have a PhD to use this!
Annie, Co-op Member
Our family has "Dave Ramsey" night to watch the DVD's together. It's been a real hit with my kids, especially my 15 year-old son! We have all learned so much about handling money properly. My husband and I even used the forms in the back of the workbook to finally start living by a budget. I would highly recommend this product.
M. Ames, Co-op Member
My kids love this program. They have learned a lot and are really following it. They love having their own chore chart and envelopes. I like it since they are responsible for charting their own chores. And I like how they have give and save envelopes instead of always spend, spend, spend. They knew Mom and Dad gave, but like it that they give their own money, rather than ours. I think it is a very important lesson to instill at a very young age. Thanks.
Karrie B., Co-op Member
Our 11th grader has been dreading math this year (expecting the same torture as in previous years), but since we got him this course, he has been excited about it. "This is stuff I can really use!", he says. Now he has a bank account, is building an emergency fund, and tracks all his money. This course is going to set him on a great path for years to come.
Kelly Kimble, Co-op Member
We are thrilled with Dave Ramsey's curriculum and our 14 year-old son is enjoying it and even though it would be a breeze for him to handle on his own because of the organized and interesting way that it is presented, I find that I do not want to miss a session since I am also enjoying it. It is so refreshing to see such a unique program for students of all ages, especially one that is not only informative, but also engaging and quite helpful and necessary for every day life and the future of our young people. Much Gratitude to the Ramseys for ...(more)
Jules, Co-op Member
This curriculum was chock-full of useful and entertaining information. The kids I did the study with all enjoyed it. The larger the group the better for the interaction sections. I highly recommend this curriculum!
Angela, Co-op Member
Through reading Dave Ramsey's kid's books that tie together finance and core values, my 4 boys have gained a healthy appreciation for money. My 6 year old has been inspired to SAVE and is very diligent. I wish I could take more credit than I can!
s. parkin, Co-op Member
This course has given us a very definite place to start saving and getting out of debt. Our children are very enthusiastic. We are very impressed on the strategies for saving for a car, etc. Our son-in-law is also very impressed after listening to the Dave Ramsey talk show, so now we want to give our daughter a course for her birthday!
Jeanette V., Co-op Member
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