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I bought Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr curriculum with the Junior books. My 5 year old LOVED all of the books and have been steadily using Dave's commission worksheet to learn how to be a responsible kid at home. She's learned to tithe, save, and spend a portion of her "commission" each week. We HIGHLY recommend this way of doing "allowances" for children
Lisa M, Co-op Member
We purchased Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance for our homeschool math curriculum for this year. We try to use the same curriculum for both of our two teen boys (14 & 16) as a method of sanity. Foundations in Personal Finance is amazing! The videos are done professionally, it is easy to watch (Dave, his family, and staff are very entertaining), the workbooks are simple enough for higher elementary level kids. Dave is inspiring, he teaches great values, and how to handle money. Dave takes the viewer through all aspects of normal ...(more)
Beth F., Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's Generation Change is an eye-opener to teens! Our home school group did the course and the teens were begging for more. Dave is interesting, fun and oh so relevant. Six months after the class, the teens are still talking about what Dave says and really are applying his principles. Add to that his Biblical approach to money and what could be more perfect?
Jan M. Jones, Co-op Member
This is an excellent finance program. Because of this program, our family is completely debt free - no mortgage, no car, no credit cards, nothing. My kids love listening to Dave on the radio as well as through the DVDs. He is extremely knowledgeable and funny and often relates finances directly to the Bible. I have used other financial programs and they are not even close to the quality of this program. I will continue to use the program for all my kids AND I will probably highly recommend my future daughters-in-laws and sons-in-laws take ...(more)
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
I led a Generation Change class to Middle and High School students in the fall of 2010. It was a wonderful introduction to Dave Ramsey's views on handling money along with being a short Bible Study. We turned it into an 8 week class and ended with a speaker on investing. We loved it so much that we plan to offer Dave's Foundations in Personal Finance to Homeschool High School students and recent graduates who might be interested this fall. I certainly wish I had been given this information as a teen; if I had I'm sure I'd be in better financial...(more)
Ruthi in NC, Co-op Member
My 15-year old son is using the Dave Ramsey, Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. Not only is he enjoying and gaining much wisdom from it, I, the parent, have also been much helped in my perspective concerning finances. I can heartily recommend this curriculum!
M. Lewis, Co-op Member
We just started the high school finance program, so it's a bit early for a review. I can tell you that I am hooked already! My husband and I already live debt free, but we could really use some help in saving for expenses. Our family of four is watching the videos twice a week. I have every expectation that it will help pave the way for my boys' future, and the future of their parents. Thank you for making it affordable so that I can keep my family on the right track.
Becky V, Co-op Member
I expected good things from this course for my teen daughter but was surprised at just how wonderful it was! It is full of typical Dave Ramsey solid advice, but teaches in such a manner that she is actively learning and enjoying it.

We have always taught our homeschoolers about finances but wish this course had been available for our older children. The course progresses in a very logical fashion and explains the why behind each concept.

I'm very impressed with the course and continue to tell other families about it.
Diane K, Co-op Member
We purchased the financial peace jr kit and the piggy banks.

First the piggy banks are not necessary if you get the kit because they have an envelope system with the kit.

That said, I am using the piggy banks for my littlest and they work great.

I was worried that I would waste money because I wasn't sure that it was necessary to purchase something I felt I could make and teach them myself. I decided to do it anyway and I was pleasantly surprised at my kids response. It has been MUCH more effective to approach this as a learnin...(more)
Carrie, Co-op Member
Thank goodness for this Co-op purchase! I have 3 teens who all earn money working and with their own "business ventures." This program is perfect for all of them to learn and understand how to NOT get into debt. I even learned from it. Perfect for teens (I would say ages 13+). I have a 6 year old who will work with Ramsey's Jr program starting next year!
Dana S, Co-op Member
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