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Dave Ramsey's financial advice is great for everyone - and I am so glad that he has put it in a format perfect for my high schoolers!
Wendy J., Co-op Member
We bought the FPU Jr. for our children as we are on the "Ramsey Plan" ourselves. We have not yet implemented FPU Jr. b/c we recently moved and had another baby. But, we've read and re-read the books about Junior and our children love them and have already learned a lot about being wise with their money. Our children are very excited about earning commission and we would highly recommend the program.
J & V, Co-op Member
Dave Ramsey's high school curriculum had been on my to buy list for some time. However, when it became available at the coop, I immediately placed my order! With the need to purchase numerous curriculum materials, we so appreciate the ability to buy such worthwhile products while receiving a price break. Thank you!
Tama Morgan, Co-op Member
This product is a must to have for any student who desires to have firm foundation on how to handle their money! Dave clearly details each concept in a fun and precise way!! Our family has greatly benefited from the information presented and is an invaluable curriculum! I highly recommend this product as MUST have curriculum!!
Karen, Co-op Member
We are now leading our fifth Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey class at our church. His program is awesome and we became debt free in March. He has a teaching style that is entertaining and easy to understand. Our children have learned skills that I wish we would have learned when we were their age. We are training them the proper use of money and about not going in debt. We have all learned to be content with what we have and to save for what we need. We have learned to pay cash for everything and to separate wants and needs. It...(more)
Mary Colburn, Co-op Member
This DVD series is GREAT! It's easy to use, fun to watch, and most importantly full of finance information that EVERYONE needs to know. I am watching it with my 12 year-old now and my 17 year-old will be starting the series soon. My son reminded me today that he needs to get his money out of his bedroom and into an interest bearing account.
Pamela Pike, Co-op Member
We have homeschooled for five years, but this is the first time my son has taken notes for a class on his own. He loves this course and already has $1000 in savings - and a plan for the future!
KY, Co-op Member
I purchased this DVD/workbook program formy 14 year old homeschooler and now my 17 year old non-homeschooler wants to watch it. The best thing about it is that Dave is very engaging. It's never boring! The second thing is that my daughter learned a ton about managing money, avoiding debt and how to save. Definitely a very useful course of instruction.
Jean W, Co-op Member
We love Dave Ramsey! Because of him our Family is almost Debt free. His products have been wonderful to help with our kids. They've been great for us to teach our Nephew who has a trust fund coming to him when he turns 18. We thought we were doing wonderful with our budget, but Dave showed us a more streamlined approach and has such wonderful information about saving for college and such that is invaluable.

The kids absolutely love the junior books. They ask to read them all the time. I still remember when they saved up money for the...(more)
Heidi Crawford, Co-op Member
Knowing this course would have more value than just adding another credit to my sons transcript, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. This is my sons favorite subject and several times he has stated his firm commitment to not go into debt or to obtain a credit card in the future. Sometimes I"ll hear him laugh aloud as he listens through the headphones at Dave Ramsey's lively lectures targeted to teens. Highly recommend !
Carolyn C., Co-op Member
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