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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.

PLEASE do not contact CybreEd directly as they do not handle customer support for the individual user. Refer to this page for more information and support. The Co-op has FULL RESPONSIBILITY for getting your questions answered.

We were disappointed to learn of the CyberEd parent company no longer offering the programs. However we are in conversation with the new parent company and are hopeful to be able to offer these quality science subscriptions to our members again in the future. Please stay posted to our Co-op newsletters for further updates!

Why can't I request a mailed demo at the CyberEd website?
CyberEd® does not send demo packs to INTERNATIONAL schools or HOME schools due to supply, labor, and recently increased postage costs. CyberEd® values homeschoolers and is making their online subscriptions available to the individual shopper via the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. They realize the need for homeschool educators to view product demonstrations and have made them available to us online. See demo links below.

What happens if Co-op members do NOT reach the minimum of ten subscription purchases?
We will notify the membership through our weekly member newsletter. We will not notify members on an individual basis. Please refer to the member newsletter.


Where can I get COMPLETE information about the CyberEd online courses?
Check out these links for access to demos for each of the five courses. **Be sure to run a demo for EACH program you are interested in PRIOR to purchasing it!:

CyberEd Earth & Space Demo
CyberEd Physical Science Demo
CyberEd Life Science Demo
CyberEd Biology Demo
CyberEd Chemistry Demo

For CHEMISTRY or BIOLOGY, download the Authorware Web Player here: Windows. NOTE: The Chemistry & Biology programs are NOT Macintosh compatible. For LIFE, PHYSICAL, OR EARTH AND SPACE, download the Flash Web Player here:Macintosh | Windows. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading the Authorware Web Player or the Flash Web Player, it may be due to slow internet connection (i.e., dial-up modem).

You can also read all about each of the five courses by clicking below for detailed information about each science course. CyberEd® recommends a high-speed connection for their software to run properly.

These links below include detailed information about each science course such as course descriptions, subject titles, system requirement information, sample visual graphics, lesson unit descriptions, etc.

CyberEd Biology Product Description Page
CyberEd Chemistry Product Description Page
CyberEd Earth and Space Product Description Page
CyberEd Life Science Product Description Page
CyberEd Physical Science Product Description Page

The titles look very comprehensive. Would you consider these full courses or supplements to other coursework?
The CyberEd programs are considered to be "supplemental"; however, we have been advised that the material was compiled and presented directly from a variety of science textbooks. We leave the decision to make the CyberEd program your core or supplemental science curriculum up to you as the homeschool parent.

On their website, CyberEd also has a CyberEd Dissection Series and MSS Intermediate Biology Simulation Series. Can you tell me if these are included in your Biology or Life Science offers, or if not, will they be offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op in the near future?
These products are not a part of the online CyberEd courses presently offered in the GroupBuy. We are not currently in negotiations with CyberEd to offer these alternate programs and do not expect to be in time for this school season. However, it could be a possibility in the future.

What is the typical time taken to complete a CyberEd course by the average student?
Each section varies on running time and the student. Most sections have a running time of 35-55 minutes. The time required to complete an entire course will depend on how many topics the course contains and if the teacher adds any supplemental materials. However, students may proceed at their own pace going as quickly or slowly through the material as needed.

What are the grade levels for the programs?
You can find a scope & sequence chart in each program product description sheet - see question with answer links above. However, for your convenience, we are listing a separate answer here, as well: The Biology & Chemistry courses are geared for highschool through early college. The Life, Earth & Space, and Physical courses are geared for the gifted 5th grader through highschool.

Are there any textbooks suggested to use in conjunction with the courses?
No specific textbook is recommended. Neither were the courses developed by a specific publisher or from a particular text.

There is a "Free Teacher Account" referenced at the CyberEd website. Does the Co-op Group Subscription have access to these resources?
May 22, 2008: Yes, there is access to these resources. They have been removed from this public FAQ page and were transferred to your private subscription links. However please preview these print materials as not all were updated when the online material was revised.

These are great programs. However I was wondering if we wanted to do more with a subject, do you have any additional resources to recommend?
There is a webpage with all kinds of links you might find useful for each CyberEd program. These are all online links and some may be inactive. There is no guarantee on any of these additional resources however there are a lot to get you started. Enjoy!

Do the CyberEd Science Courses contain Evolution material?
Evolution is described in several Biology Series programs (Evolution and most of the Animal Kingdom programs), as well as in the last Unit from the CE Life Science Course. CyberEd presents the concept as a scientific approach to evolution.


Will ONE subscription gain access to all FIVE courses?
No. If you want access to more than one course (Biology, Chemistry, Life, Physical, or Earth/Space), then you need to purchase ONE subscription for EACH one desired.

If I have multiple students using the same course, do I need to buy multiple subscriptions?
No, you do not need to buy multiple subscriptions of the SAME course subject. You only need ONE subscription for your family. You can login at anytime during your 1-year subscription activation. You will have access to any lesson, application, pre-test, or post-test for the science course that you purchased. This is applicable for all 5 different science courses (Biology, Chemistry, Life, Physical, Earth & Space.) However, PLEASE NOTE that only ONE person per username can login at any ONE given time. You cannot have multiple students logging in at the SAME time on DIFFERENT computers for your ONE license. This means that your family will need to take turns using your ONE license/login access and avoid logging in on different computers.

I DID purchase more than one subscription of the SAME course. Can they be used at the same time?
Yes. For example, you purchased TWO physical science courses. You may have two students logged into your MY ACCOUNT on two different computers each accessing the course links at the same time. You may NOT have two students on two different computers accessing the SAME course if you only purchased ONE subscription for that course. Only if you have purchased two of the same courses may you have two students logged in at the same time on the same course. If you would like two students to access one course subscription, they must access the course at two different times.

I purchased one subscription for EACH of the FIVE different courses. Can we access all of them at the same time?
Yes, you can have two (or more) students logged into your MY ACCOUNT on two (or more) different computers each accessing a different course. You may NOT have two students on two different computers accessing the SAME course....the only exception to this is if you purchased more than ONE of the SAME course.

I do not live in the United States. May I still purchase a CyberEd subscription?
Yes, any homeschooler with an internet connection, credit card and valid co-op account may purchase a subscription to any CyberEd program. It does not matter where you live. So, please do share with your homeschooling friends residing outside of the United States. We would love to expand into more international markets! As the courses are in English, subscribers would obviously need to be proficient in this language.

Do the CyberEd programs give the capability to print a grade certificate at completion of the course/s?
Yes, after the completion of the Post-Test of each Topic, the student can print the score. The instructor can consolidate the topic grades and create a final course grade, thereafter, with this data. The exception to this is for the biology and chemistry course. The screen will show you the quiz grade but there is no ability to print it. It is suggested you record the grade manually.

Do I have the capability to print the actual tests and quizzes completed online?
No. You may print the grade certificate after each test but you are not able to print the actual test. If this is desired it is suggested that teachers first review quizzes and tests where available in the teacher resources and print them out. If you use the quizzes and tests contained in the teacher resources, please be aware the teacher resources were not all updated when the online material was revised.

Do the CyberEd programs track my student progress?
No. One of the great features of this product is the flexibility for several students in one home to use the same course. We suggest you print off the quiz certificates for a grade record. You may also find it useful to print out a copy of the scope and sequence for each student and mark off their progress.

The biology and chemistry course topics are listed alphabetically. I would like to proceed in a more sequential order found in a typical course. What do you suggest?
Click here for a summarized scope and sequence of all the courses. You may then print off this resource and use it to direct the order of study in the courses. The chemistry course is the only one in this link that still has topics organized alphabetically. Since it was originally designed to be used as a supplement to a textbook, the topics are listed this way. If you're looking for some ideas on how to proceed more sequentially and are not using a textbook in addition to the program, it is suggested you do a google search for "chemistry scope and sequence". Several different scope and sequences will come up and you may choose one that you feel is the best fit.


How do I access my courses?
To access your CyberEd subscription:
Hints: Always enter the CyberEd courses from your Homeschool Buyer's Co-op MY ACCOUNT page. You will <>NEVER have to log into the CyberEd site.

Visit the Co-op homepage:
Login with your member email & password in the right top corner.
Click the MY ACCOUNT link in the right top corner OR in the left menu bar.

STEP 1: CyberEd operates their program using temporary cookies. You must click on the provided link to activate your CyberEd cookie. NOTE: When you activate the cookie, you will be at the CyberEd login page - Do NOT attempt to login at the CyberEd site - Again, you will NEVER have to login at the CyberEd site. (Also NOTE: You will HAVE TO click the link to activate your CyberEd cookie EVERY time you sign in to use your CyberEd.) Move on to Step 2.

STEP 2: WHILE at the CyberEd site, click your internet browser's BACK button to return to this page (your Co-op MY ACCOUNT page).

STEP 3: Click the link/s below to begin your CyberEd session.

We went through a lesson but then were not able to access another lesson, test or app. What happened and what should we do?
This is most likely CyberEd's system timing out. Please repeat the three steps listed above.

What is my login and password?
Each member chose an email address and password when they first became a member of the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. This is used to log into your coop MY ACCOUNT. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot it? link and it will be emailed to you. See question above for directions to finding your MY ACCOUNT. Remember, in order for the information to be in your MY ACCOUNT, you must have participated in a Co-op GroupBuy for the CyberEd Science products. We also distribute the information via email 2 weeks after the closing of the GroupBuy.

I have successfully logged into MY ACCOUNT. Why aren't my login links there?
The Co-op GROUP login will not be activated until TWO WEEKS AFTER the closing of the Group Buy. Please do not try to login prior to that time.

I have successfully logged into MY ACCOUNT AND it is past the two week window. My login links still aren't there. What now?
We distribute an email notification letting you know when your links are active. We send the notification directly to the email address that YOU listed on your order form. This should also be the SAME email address that you use for your Co-op membership. If there are any discrepancies, then your links will miss activation. We can manually adjust them for you. You must send us an email request at the CONTACT US link at the Co-op homepage. As soon as you let us know, we'll get you set-up and squared away.

Am I allowed to share my login and password with others?
No - absolutely not. Your login and password information MUST be kept confidential. Our group subscription is limited to the number of participating members. If the login information integrity is breached, the members that have actually purchased may have difficulty logging in. Example: 100 members purchase a subscription & participate. Only 100 people can login at any given time. If a member shares their login information with 25 people, then it is possible for 125 people to attempt to login at the same time. The extra 25 people will block the ability of paying members to login. PLEASE RESPECT YOUR FELLOW CO-OP MEMBERS - DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOGIN & PASSWORD INFORMATION!

I participated in the GroupBuy and never received my login information via email?
Your login information email will come from this address: This email address should be added to your email software address book. Being that we have to send information in bulk, your information email may be hung up in your spam folder. Before contacting the Co-op, PLEASE check your spam folder, bulk mail folder, and/or deleted email folders thoroughly.


I do have a high-speed connection and I'm having trouble viewing the material?
Have you downloaded the Authorware Web Player for Biology and Chemistry? Have you downloaded the Flash Web Player for Life, Physical, and Earth & Space? If not, do this first or you won't be able to use the programs. See the links below to these plug-ins.

For CHEMISTRY or BIOLOGY, download the Authorware Web Player here: Windows. NOTE: The Chemistry & Biology programs are NOT Macintosh compatible. For LIFE, PHYSICAL, OR EARTH AND SPACE, download the Flash Web Player here:Macintosh | Windows. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading the Authorware Web Player or the Flash Web Player, it may be due to slow internet connection (i.e., dial-up modem).

I tried downloading the necessary plug ins and/or running the demo but it didn't seem to work. What happened?
- Several things could be happening: It takes a while to download, even on a DSL connection. Be patient before exiting from the internet screen.
- It could also be the settings on your security software. Make sure your security software is not blocking or preventing the download or blocking the software.
- It is recommended you use Internet Explorer. If you are in AOL or another internet browser, please try switching to IE. Click here to download Internet Explorer.
- The courses have not been tested on VISTA however if you are able to run the demo, you will be able to run the course. If you have problems while using Vista, you may check this troubleshooting advice link (I know we've said it before, but please don't contact CyberEd if you continue to have problems. Please contact us! Thanks so much.):

Suggestions specifically related to VISTA:
SYMPTOMS "Access is denied" when installing Authorware and using Windows Vista and IE7
Users receive "Access is denied" error message when installing the Adobe Authorware plug-in when using Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer 7
Users receive "Access is denied" error message when launching Chemistry and Biology Series courseware when using Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 7 employs an additional security feature called Protected Mode. Protected Mode restricts access to certain files, folders and registry settings on the workstation. Protected Mode is enabled by default for sites in the "Internet" zone. Users have two options when encountering these errors.
Disable Protected Mode Add appropriate URLs to the "Trusted Sites" zone
Note: While performing the following steps a User Account Control prompt may come up depending on your privileges to the workstation. You maybe prompted to enter in the administrator password before allowing you to make changes.

Disable Protected Mode

1. Open Internet Explorer 7
2. Click Tools
3. Click Internet Options
4. Choose the Security tab
5. Select the "Internet" zone
6. Uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" checkbox
7. Click OK
8. Add Trusted Sites

Open Internet Explorer 7

1. Click Tools
2. Click Internet Options
3. Choose the Security tab
4. Select the "Trusted Sites" zone
5. Make sure "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" check box is unchecked.
6. Add the following URLs to trusted sites:
(add if trying to get access to programs from

(add if trying to get access to programs from


7. Click OK

After adding the URL's to the trusted site, Internet Explorer 7 will allow you to install Authorware. It will also allow you to run lessons from Chemistry Series and Biology Series.

Related Links:

- Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for both downloading and running the demo.

Pop-up blockers are making it difficult for me to use my CyberEd program. How can I troubleshoot and/or adjust my browser to allow the pop-ups?
CyberEd has a complete list of browser helps for this issue: Click here for entire list of browser pop-up helps.

Windows XP does not seem to be downloading the Authorware but there is no prompt or explanation from Microsoft. What should I do?
It may be that Microsoft XP security is preventing you from downloading the Authorware from Adobe. Please add to "trusted websites" in the security section of your control panel.

My CyberEd Program keeps crashing/freezing at a certain point of the lesson. What should I do?
The browser uploaded the program incorrectly and it is remembering the corrupted files in the cache.
Delete your Temporary Internet files and Cookies.

1. Open Internet Explorer 7
2. Click Tools
3. Click Internet Options
4. Under General Tab>Browser History Click Delete
5. Select the Delete Files Under Temporary Internet Files
6. Select the Delete Cookies under Cookies
7. Click Close
8. Click OK
9. Done

After deleting the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies login to your account and relaunch the CyberEd Program.

I cannot log directly into the CyberEd website and access my subscriptions. What should I do?

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