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Save up to 23%
on CursiveLogic
For Grades 2-6

The Co-op is pleased to welcome CursiveLogic!

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer exclusive GroupBuy savings for cursive instruction from CursiveLogic. CursiveLogic is an award-winning, innovative cursive writing curriculum that teaches the four fundamental strokes that form the cursive alphabet, teaching students penmanship that will last a lifetime.

Cursive Letters make sense with CursiveLogic

CursiveLogic was created to help one special student who just wanted to learn how to sign his name. Instead of relying on rote memorization, CursiveLogic relies on the inherent structure of the cursive alphabet. The CursiveLogic instruction method contains two key features:

Cursive Letters Grouped By Shape: Four foundational shapes underlie the entire lowercase alphabet. Rather than teaching the letters alphabetically, CursiveLogic organizes the lowercase alphabet into four groups based on the shape of the initial stroke of the letters and teaches all of the similarly-shaped letters in a single lesson. Letters are also taught in a specific order that reinforces the pattern. By teaching all of the similar letters together, CursiveLogic captures the natural synergy of the alphabet itself, allowing each letter in the series to reinforce the proper formation of all the others.

Cursive Letter Strings: CursiveLogic captures the flow of cursive by teaching all of the similarly shaped letters in a connected string rather than as individual letters. CursiveLogic's letter strings teach students to connect letters from the first lesson, allowing students to internalize the flow of cursive handwriting even before they have learned all 26 letters.

CursiveLogic also uses visual and auditory cues to reinforce the shape patterns:

  • Theme colors: Each shape string has a color that reinforces the formation of the basic common shape.
  • Verbal task analysis: Students learn a simple, rhythmical chant that describes the path of the writing instrument as the letter shapes are formed. The process of verbally describing a motor task while performing it aids the acquisition of new motor skills.

With Signature Co-op GroupBuy Savings!

Exclusively through the Co-op, Members save up to 23% on CursiveLogic Super Pack and save up to 20% CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack. Add on the CursiveLogic Workbook at full retail price. See below for more details.

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about CursiveLogic:

    • Visit the CursiveLogic website for more information.
    • Read how CursiveLogic works.
    • Check out the CursiveLogic reviews.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Every two business days, the Co-op submits our most recent batch of member orders to CursiveLogic around 4 a.m., PST. Your order will ship within 2 business days of receipt by CursiveLogic. You will receive a shipment confirmation email from CursiveLogic when that happens.

      CursiveLogic Super Pack and CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack: These products include the Webinar, which is an online product. When your order has been processed by CursiveLogic, you will receive an email with a link to the webinar within 24 hours of the processing date directly from CursiveLogic. Please check your spam or junk folder for this email. If you cannot locate this email, please reach out to CursiveLogic directly. You will also receive an email with tracking information for your shipment.

    • Shipping: Your order will ship via USPS 1st Class or Media Mail within 2 business days. The shipping charge will be $4.95 for the CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and Workbook; $9.90 for the CursiveLogic Super Pack.
    • Returns/Cancellations: If you are not completely satisfied with CursiveLogic, you can get a full refund if (A) you return the product at your expense, (B) the product is in re-saleable condition (as determined by CursiveLogic), and (C) your shipment date is within 30 days from the date of purchase.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $2.95 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
    • U.S. Members Only: We're sorry! This offer is available to U.S. (and military) members only.
  3. Complete the order form below.
  4. Don't keep this offer a secret -- tell your friends. If they buy, you'll earn BONUS SmartPoints:

CursiveLogic Super Pack

Retail Price: $98.00
Current Group Price: $75.00
Current Group Savings: 23%
The CursiveLogic Super Pack includes:

  • CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack
    One (1) CursiveLogic workbook and access to an instructional webinar that explains the patent-pending CursiveLogic method step by step -- everything you need to succeed!

    The webinar may be accessed for up to 12 months from the time of purchase.

  • CursiveLogic Poster Set
    Larger-than-life images of CursiveLogic first strokes and letter strings on eight 12" x 36" posters support fun and effective practice activities. The CursiveLogic method leverages muscle memory training techniques to perfect handwriting.

    The poster set displays the CursiveLogic basic shapes and letter strings in a larger-than-life format to be traced with the index finger or a small ball, allowing students to build both gross-motor and fine-motor muscle memory.

    Posters are shipped separately in a mailing tube.

CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack

Retail Price: $49.00
Current Group Price: $39.00
Current Group Savings: 20%
The CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack includes one (1) CursiveLogic workbook and access to an instructional webinar that explains the patent-pending CursiveLogic method step by step -- everything you need to succeed!

The webinar may be accessed for up to 12 months from the time of purchase.

For more info...

CursiveLogic Workbook

Retail Price:$29.00
CursiveLogic Workbook

This combined teacher's manual and student workbook contains step-by-step instructions for teaching cursive the CursiveLogic way along with student lessons, practice sheets, and three dry-erase surfaces. The lessons can be adapted to suit the needs of students from 7 years old through adult.

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