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”Its like night and day for my son. He has an IEP and writing is really hard for him. I was looking for Math program where he didn't need to write and this program answered all my prayers. Its amazing--like night and day for my son.”
Rachel, Co-op Member
”My daughter was adopted when she was 10 and had not been in school before then. CTC Math gave us the ability to start a concept from Kindergarten and learn just that particular concept all the way through each grade. This was particularly helpful with the concept of time and money. Ellie didn't have to spend time on the math that she had already learned and could focus on what she was struggling to understand. CTC Math was like having a tutor in our home and we could learn at our convenience. Thank you CTC Math for making a math program that not only helps a traditional student but also an extra needs student as well.”
Dedra Smith, Co-op Member
”My daughter has dyscalculia, which has always caused her severe anxiety when it comes to math. CTC Math has been wonderful for her. Patrick's clear, calm voice and easy-to-follow videos have helped her to keep her anxiety levels down. And the ability to move freely around the lessons and levels without having to go in sequence has also been great. My daughter can move ahead or back through the lessons depending on what she thinks she can handle that day. On some concepts she works at a 6th grade level, on others she works at a high school level. But no matter what level she is working at on a particular day, I can be confident that she is learning good math skills from a great teacher.”
Tonya G., Co-op Member
”I use this with both of my children (ages 9 and 13). They really like it. CTC Math helps explain certain concepts in math that I can't explain well. Plus they can rewatch the lesson if they are having trouble. Having only used CTC Math this year, I can tell the kids have improved in math.”
Angie P., Co-op Member
”We love CTC Math. We have been using it for almost two years now and were thrilled to find the great pricing available at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Math is not easy for my son, but CTC splits everything into small manageable pieces and allows us to go at a pace that is comfortable for us. The videos really work for him and the ability to do as much practice as needed and go back to the video for clarification has really helped him improve. We have also used some of the games to help get mastery of times tables. We had used Khan Academy and Math-U-See before, and while I thought both were very good programs, they just didn't work for my kid. We'll be using CTC right through high school.”
Kyron A., Co-op Member
”We have one high school student and one middle school student. Before we purchased CTC Math, whenever we would even say the word "math" within the school day, both students would run and hide. We decided to purchase this math program because no other curriculum was working. We had tried traditional texts with workbook, CD-ROMs, and other very expensive options. You name it, we tried it. I kid you not, by the end of their first math lessons, both of our students were excited to learn math. Their remarks have been, "CTC Math explains how to do the problems in a way that nothing else ever came close to doing. Previously, I just felt as if I was never going to learn high school level math. CTC changed my perspective completely.""I enjoy learning math now. I can see my progress and I work to improve my score. Math isn't a struggle anymore." The bottom line is, CTC Math has been absolutely worth every penny. The students are literally asking to do their math lessons. When they get a low score, they want to work to improve that score. As parents, it has been wonderful to watch our students gain the confidence and actually want to do the math lessons. It is a blessing. As our older student prepares for college and our younger student prepares for high school, we will continue to purchase CTC Math. There's absolutely no doubt in our minds that we have found a program that we love, it works and our students no longer struggle.”
Paul and Tammy, Co-op Member
”We love using CTC Math as a supplement to our regular curriculum as well as summer enrichment. Love the short lessons that are direct and to the point. It has been a lifesaver when my kids are struggling with a particular concept they can't seem to grasp. A short review in CTC Math usually puts them back on track in their regular curriculum.”
Casie T., Co-op Member
”In the age of Common Core, CTC Math is a blessing. The math curriculum out of Australia is thorough and easy to understand (even with the instructor's accent!). My children have been using CTC Math from the beginning and have passed our mandatory state testing in the upper percentiles. I recommend the program to anyone seeking an alternative to Common Core or seeking an online option. Short, easy to understand lessons that build upon one another are wonderful. I like being able to set the pass grades, assign tasks, and even have my children revisit concepts they may have struggled with using a different set of questions. In short, an excellent program for anyone considering an online program for their students.”
Erin Stadeli, Co-op Member
”I was introduced to CTC Math through my sister, who uses it for her teenage son. My kindergartener has been flourishing with CTC Math. The lessons are concise and easy to follow. I love that I receive weekly reports that help me track his progress. My son asks to do math daily because he loves CTC so much!”
Kelly M., Co-op Member
”My kids and I have never had a good experience with math. Even when they were in public school my yougest daughter was failing, and I have never been able to help. I felt like there was no hope! Then we found CTC math and my prayers have been answered! All of my kids now have an understanding of what previously seemed impossible, and after a few short weeks, they are all caught up and working at the level that they should be after years of falling behind! For the first time in my life I love math and am learning with my kids! Thank you, CTC!”
Arin, Co-op Member
”By using CTC Math for my students, new concepts are thoroughly and easily understood to help recall prior knowledge. Both of my students are visual learners, so CTC Math is a great fit for them at this stage in their life.”
Shaahiyda Knight, Learning Coach/Parent
”My goal was to find an online math program for my three kids that wasn't common core and found it with CTC Math! The videos are concise and clear so they work for my children ages 5 to 10, and the website is easy to follow. I love that it does everything from teaching to giving assignments and grading and reporting. Love, love, love it. Has taken a load off and made my homeschool year much easier.”
Jillian, Co-op Member
”My daughter does not like math. I was looking for a program that keeps her engaged without all the games most programs out there have the kids play. CTC math has been perfect. The lessons are good, and it keeps her attention. For the first time she actually likes doing math. I would definitely recommend this program.”
Erica, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this program Due to having several moves in the past two years, I was worried about my son's math education. This is our fifth curriculum between school changes and trial and error finding what works in homeschool. I wanted something that I could control but still be fairly hands off. He entered 3rd grade this year and I was able to test his knowledge of all 2nd grade materials very easily to ensure that he was ready for 3rd grade. I like that you can select a review of everything they've learned on a weekly basis. You can have as much or as little input into your child's math education. Their platform is very easy to use. Their video tutorials for parents are very worthy of watching and make the website easy to use. Now that I've set up a weekly review that their site populates and we are finished with 2nd grade reviewof teaching lessons, it's no work at all for me. He logs in, watches his math video, and does the homework on the computer. Their system tracks everything and I can look back and see if he's missing any concepts. He loves it! I love not having to teach something so I save a little time daily. My son tends to like math and feels fairly confident in his abilities, so independent work in this subject goes well. But given the small amount of info taught per lesson at this grade level, it shouldn't be too overwhelming regardless. Each video lesson is less than five minutes. They can re watch any time. You can choose whether the homework has to be correct at an 80 or above level or if they just need to complete it without anxiety of percentage. The one thing I don't like is the running percentage counter at the top of each question because it distracts my son from learning. So if on question two he answers incorrectly, he has a 50 score that he now has to work up. There may be a way to disable the running percentage but I haven't seen it yet. Overall, I cannot speak more positively of this program for our needs.”
Karen R., Co-op Member
”We have tried many different Math curricula in our years of homeschooling our eight children. Each has its own style and method. Our children each have their strengths and weaknesses. I have one who doesn't like Math and struggles with it. But she likes CTC so I specifically got this for her. The videos are well done and helpful. Their customer support can't be beat. Like most homeschool families, we are willing to do anything we can do to help each student achieve their maximum potential.”
Laura M., Co-op Member
”A friend told me about CTC Math for our high schooler and it has been a lifesaver! We tried several online programs and even a co-op class, but CTC Math has been the first thing we tried that has not caused drama, headaches, and problems. Two of my kids use it, at different levels, and it has been the first thing that really takes math off of my plate. It is soooo cost effective, too.”
FB, Co-op Member
”Maths has always been easy for me BUT homeschooling my kid in maths is a whole different ballgame. CTC Maths is excellent. I love the fact that there are videos, weekly preset tests, and that I can use the quiz wizard to set specific problems at specific levels. I can also quicken the pace and slow down the pace of the curriculum and catch up, if need be. My child is now more confident. I will be using it all the way till we get to uni. Thank you.”
The Who, Co-op Member
”Absolute best Math program out there. Our family has used it for many years and we do not plan to change.
The short videos before the lessons are done so well and the following testing for comprehension of the lesson really make it possible for everyone in the family to best understand the lesson.”
T. Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”We have used many math products over the past 13 years. I wish I'd found CTC Math years ago, when my older children were still homeschooling. Since we have access to all grade levels and there are tests for each unit, we started at the beginning. If my son can pass the diagnostic test, I have him move on to the next diagnostic test. He cannot pass the diagnostic test, I have him do the lessons for the questions he missed and retake the diagnostic test. We have finally been able to identify where he struggles and he has made remarkable progress this year. I love that the program encourages high quality work which motivates him to do well, not just "good enough." There have been times of frustration, when he makes statements like, "I know what I'm supposed to do, I just can't seem to do it correctly." That is progress. He's also able to ask specific questions when he struggles, instead of just saying, "I don't get it." He is still behind grade level, but he's made remarkable progress toward closing the gap. This is a product I will continue to use for him through graduation and have recommended to others.”
Janet K., Co-op Member
”We have tried a couple of different math curriculums over the years but math has always been a struggle. Since starting CTC, my kids beg to do math and they are excelling. We plan to continue using it for the rest of our homeschool journey.”
J. Grady, Co-op Member
”CTC Math is what our daughter needed to master the basics. We are continuing with this math product for another year because of the confidence it is building in our daughter with her math skills.”
A. Millett, Co-op Member
”If you are looking for a user-friendly, self-paced, inexpensive math program, I highly recommend CTCMath. ”
Michele, Co-op Member
”We have loved CTCMath! My kids (3rd and 4th) started it mid-year and it s been flexible. I was looking for a curriculum they could do independently and it's been perfect! The lessons are thorough and it's easy to see if they are grasping the concept.”
Katy E, Co-op Member
”My son enjoys working at his own pace. The videos are short. They don't add a lot of fluff. He has no patience for fluff.
The first week, I assigned a certain amount of tasks for the week. He did 3 days worth without realizing it on the first day. My son is very quick and this curriculum allows for that. Most don't.”
Sarah Sarber, Co-op Member
”My son really enjoys his math program. He is taking Algebra 1 and doing well. We have had a question, contacted the company, and they responded to us quickly and answered our question. Could not be happier.”
M, Co-op Member
”My kids really like CTC Math. I've tried several other math programs but my kids tell me they want this one. Both are high school students. The best part is that I don't have to teach them myself because the program does the teaching for me. Teaching parents have the flexibility to have their student get 50% on a section and still move on to the next so they don't become frustrated and can go back later to re-study it when they are ready. We love it!”
Mrs V, Co-op Member
”This a great value product and such a time saver. I no longer need to check 5 different answer keys. I really find the weekly emails of what my children did, and how well they did it, incredible!”
Myrlande J., Co-op Member
”This is honestly one of the best math curricula I have ever used for my children. I am definitely seeing results as far as comprehension to certain concepts that were very difficult before. The reward system is a great incentive for them too! Without question I would give this curriculum 5 stars!”
April B., Co-op Member
”My son has dyscalculia and is doing so well with this program. He needed to catch up and this worked so well, we're going to keep going! He tolerates this better than so many other programs online.”
Amy B, Co-op Member
”This is my 2nd year using CTC Math. Both my boys use it for 4th and 10th grade, it's a hassle free understandable lessons. Both boys have excelled tremendously, and if you are like me who has no time to grade or teach math, it does it all for you. Plus you control what you want them to do over at your own pace. Love it!!!”
Theresa Calabrese, Co-op Member
”We are going into our second year using CTC math. Some of my students are about to begin high school math. With the foundation laid for them over the last few months, I have no doubt that they will be ready for the high school-level math with CTC. We have no plans to change. We particularly like the short, succinct lessons, the ability to set the "mastery" level (percentage), and the layoput of the program. My children like the no-nonsense approach in that there are not dozens of practice problems -- they either understand and move on, or they review and try again! We are definitely a proud CTC family!”
Texas Homeschooler, Co-op Member
”We had been using CTC Math for three years for my two children and then moved on to something else when our subscription expired. However, we have returned to CTC Math after 9 months as it really is the children's favourite program and they love to do it. With this program they can see their progress, and I can see them moving through it without having to nag. That's a win-win for us all.”
Crystal McClean, Co-op Member
”All three of my children love it. Quote from my eight-year-old, "Hey Mom, I actually like Math now." I feel so guilty that I've been holding them back trying to do it all myself. CTC Math has been a game changer for us. They refuse to stop until they get a Gold medal.”
K. B., Co-op Member
”CTC has saved my relationship with my 12 y/o son! Math used to include hours of temper tantrums, stomping out of the house and tears all around, not to mention falling behind in all his other subjects. CTC math had changed so much of our daily routine.

1. He now asks to do math!
2. He doesn't argue with the wrong mark when he only completes the first half of the problem. He can't argue with the computer!
3. He gets his stats right away. He know where he stands with percentages and right/wrong and he thrives when he knows where he is and what he needs to do to improve.
4. It's takes so much less time than what we were doing before.
5. He was able to do his online math on a small device in the van when we had to travel for a day for a funeral, as opposed to waiting to get home for a computer-based program.
6. There are a few English differences like trapesium for trapaziod, but he seems to be able to make it through Australian English without much difficulty.
7. I've told everyone at our co-op how wonderful this has been. I'm not planning on switching over all my kids as our other curriculum is working fine for them, but it will be my first choice if we hit a road block in the future.
8. CTC math offers a great discount for homeschoolers, but it is even better through Homeschool Buyers and I recommend this to everyone also!”
Jenny L, Co-op Member
”I like the program for my son so far. He has been mainly just watching the videos as a supplement but I can see that he appreciates having concepts presented to him in this manner. I like it because he can work independently and go at his own pace.”
Kristin R., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son loves CTC Math because of its clear, concise videos and quizzes. Many other online curricula are geared for much younger students and include cute animations that can make an older kid feel childish for having to review other levels of math. CTC Math is straight forward and provides the student with learning goals that are achievable. CTC math will be the main resource I turn to for my son's math education now and in the future.”
S. Eaves, Co-op Member
”My first grader daughter has progressed quickly through this math curriculum. I love the visuals during the lesson because it helps me reiterate concepts with her. She feels accomplished and enjoys that one of her school lessons involved a computer. My almost 5-year-old son has started the kindergarten lessons and he is doing really well also. I appreciate that I am not the teacher for one of their subjects. I get to be the teachers aide. A friend referred me to CTC Math and I know she is really enjoying it also.

We also read The Life of Fred math books for fun and through those books they get to see math being used in real life scenarios. (Well real life for kids!)”
Courtnee White, Co-op Member
”We changed mid year to CTC for my 6th and 4th grader because what we were doing was draining joy of math from my children. So far it has been a great change. I like how I can customize what my children are doing. I gave them all the diagnostic tests for their grade level and based on that info, I picked only the lessons they needed more support on. The only thing my 9 yr old son requests is some type of encouraging graphic like a mouse or penguin that congratulates you when you complete a lesson well. :)”
Hong Davis, Co-op Member
”CTC-Math is outstanding. I have a gifted son who needs a comprehensive math program to support his desire to learn. This program supplies all the information necessary for topics and access for all grades. I showed it to a friend and she immediately purchased it for her high schooler. We are beyond grateful for the thorough and clear nature by which difficult math topics are discussed. Our only gripe would be adding different questions when a skill needs to be practiced several times. We d also like to see a practice mode and then a test mode. That way a type of spiral learning can occur. Overall, I m not sure what we d do without this program. It s more than standard scope and sequence. You can go back many grade levels and review a topic like fractions. We needed a swift review so we started at 3rd grade and stuck with fractions across the grades until we reached 6th grade. Now he has all the gaps covered with consistent teaching style and expectations. My 10 year old just took a Stanford placement test and scored a 7.9 overall. This will always be in my tool-kit of choices for math. Always. Thanks so much CTC-Math. Keep up the good work. P.S. the price is better for CTC-Math than IXL and CTC teaches the concept as if the child has never learned it. IXL requires prior teaching while the depth of their questions may not correlate to the student s actual knowledge. Simply put, CTC Math is a must have tool, (dare I say full curriculum). We are pleased and most happy. Thanks again.”
Petra & Peter, Co-op Member
”My kids love CTC Math. The lessons are interesting to them and they finally look forward to math lessons. They also seem to be excelling with this curriculum...really getting the concepts. We will more than likely continue with CTC math for many years.”
Lynn, Co-op Member
”We tried 9 other Math programs previous to subscribing to CTC Math. They included on-line video lectures, levelled games, paper workbooks, and timed DVD drills marked by computer. My 13-year-old son detested all of them. Although my son passed the other programs with a Gentleman's C, he needed higher confidence that he would pass the upcoming provincial exams. CTC Math helped my son finally understand Algebra I. He improved to score consistently in the 80% to 90% range. I do not think the improvement is just due to repetition. Surprisingly, he enjoys CTC Math because the lessons are short and to the point, so we will continue to use it. Highly recommended.”
T. McCuaig, Co-op Member
”When I found homeschool buyers Co-op I thought it was to good to be true! I saved so much buying CTC math through you! Thank you so much. My 9th grader is really enjoying CTC math and I like how it is set up so easily to see everything your student is doing and see what areas they need to work on!”
Sarah Thompson, Co-op Member
”I'm very pleased with CTC. It has being very easy to use and has given my son a daily routine that is easy to follow. The content is on point and we really highly recommend CTC.
Gil H. parent of eight grader”
Gil Hernandez, Co-op Member
”My children are enjoying using CTC Math. It is reasonably priced so I bought it to use alongside our current math program to provide additional number practice. One of my children is behind grade level while the other is right at grade level. CTC Math has been great for both of them. Each can work at his/her own level. The lessons require nothing more than pencil and paper on which to work the problems. My behind student has an opportunity to do some catching up. He can do a number of lessons in a day. Math lessons are straightforward without distractions we've often found in other online or DVD lessons. Student work is graded automatically which provides great feedback to the child. Between illnesses and previous commitments, we missed a math lesson at least once a week. Now, I know their math will get done. We are loving using CTC Math!”
Carin, Co-op Member
”Using CTC for a few months now. I love the flexibility to use any grade level. I had my youngest review some 3rd grade topics and then moved over to the 4th grade materials when I was confident in her proficiency. My older child uses it to supplement her geometry co-op class. She can watch the instructional videos as a kind of tutor . Win-win!! Also, record keeping and grading is well done.”
MB, Co-op Member
”We have been using CTC Math for a few months now for our oldest 2 boys (5th and K). I like that each lesson is short, clear and to the point. There are no games for rewards, no fancy graphics for entertainment - it is very straightforward and simple. I didn't think it would appeal to my boys but they seem to really like it. It also has good record keeping helps for me to keep track of their progress and how much they have completed, as well as grade them after each lesson through the practice questions. The questions are often interactive (ex count the bears by touching them, which colors them in and shows they have been counted etc). Also the lessons demonstrate the concepts on screen at the same time they are being explained. Simple, straightforward, effective. We really like it so far!”
Michelle B, Co-op Member
”CTC-Math has allowed me to focus on my other homeschool subjects and responsibilities without having to worry about my daughter getting math done. She enjoys it and is diligent about getting to it daily. We've actually used it for a few years now; my two older sons have successfully transitioned to college work this year, without a glitch!

I love that the program maintains test scores, tracks progress, and is so easy to break down into daily lesson plans. But my favorite thing is that I get a weekly report from them outlining what units she's done, how her grades are going, and even how much time she's spent working.

I encourage anybody who is looking for a math program to try it out, and it'll be my "math of choice" until our last one graduates...”
Pat Fenner, Co-op Member
”This is a great program! I really appreciated being able to try it out for free first, and it was great to buy it for a greatly discounted price afterwards, through the Homeschoolbuyers Co-op. We even got some additional free months!”
Charlotte R., Co-op Member
”I have finally found a math program that is working for my family. I have used several different texts, workbooks, and online programs for my children; all of which had their strong points, but were just too much for me to keep up with. The stress of checking progress in 5 different math levels, re-teaching what wasn't being learned, and keeping everything organized was extremely difficult. CTC-Math is so straight forward, I can leave my children to follow the lesson plans prepared, or I can customize it for each child. It has very detailed reports to see my child's progress, or I can have them do a diagnostic test to give me an idea of what they already know. The ease of the program is great, but the absolute best part of CTC-Math is the teaching program. The video lessons are so straight forward, and teach the subject so well. They are quick and detailed, with examples to help with understanding. After the lesson, there are questions directly related to the previous lesson, which allows a fast opportunity to solidify the concept. Additional questions can be assigned, all with follow-up answers, or the child can be prompted to the next lesson if everything is thoroughly understood. I highly recommend this program!”
Natalia C., Co-op Member
”This math curriculum has allowed our three boys to advance two grade levels in math skills during the past year! This was our first year to homeschool our two 3rd graders and 5th grader and I could not have attempted math without this wonderful tool. I am a retired teacher and am very concerned about math as a foundation for so many aspects of life. The assigning of lessons and tests along with the student reward certificates have been easy to use and very motivating for our boys.

When our initial subscription expired in early June, I ordered it for the upcoming school year and was delighted to receive 18 months for the cost of 12 months thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op discount! An experienced homeschooling friend recommended CTC to me and it was the best curriculum decision I made last year as I began this wonderful homeschooling journey.”
Dr. Denise P. Gibbs, Co-op Member (retired teacher and new homeschooling mom/grandmom)
”I love CTC Math. I have a 12 yr old son, who is dyslexic. I can choose what I want him to do daily,weekly, or by month. They send you the test score (which you can choose the grade he has to have to pass. 95%). And he can't cheat. He has tried to skip the lesson but if he does they give him a longer test.

We took a week off and he has asked if he could do Math. He can sign on and do it on his own. CTC Math is the only math curriclmn we are using this yr. We will keep using it for now on. CTC Math shows and tell you easily for you can understand.”
Desi, Co-op Member
”We have used CTC Math for almost 2 years. It is a great program that the student can use on their own. The tracking system is helpful if you keep grades. I like that you are not tied to one grade level. The only drawback is that all the measurements discussed are only metric. You will need to supplement to have your student become familiar with the imperial units the US uses (feet, inches, miles, cups, etc).”
Suzanne, Co-op Member
”I am so appreciative to Homeschoolbuyers co-op for offering CTC Math at such a discounted price! My son has dyscalculia, which is a math disability, and he struggles with traditional teaching methods in math. CTC Math works for him because each specific math area is condensed in a sequential video series. The videos are all 5 minutes and shorter and appeal to both visual and auditory learners. There are then 10 problems to complete. CTC Math got my son up 2 GRADE LEVELS in 6 months! What a lifesaver! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!”
Jessica Z., Co-op Member
”We've been using CTC math for 3 years now and we love it. It says it's meant to be a complete curriculum for K-8 and a supplement for high school. However, my oldest is doing the algebra 1 course on CTC this year and we're finding it to be complete. We've used Time4Learning, Teaching Text books and this is by far our favorite math program. The kids don't mind doing math and it's straight forward without any distracting graphics or animation.”
Michelle Best, Co-op Member
”My son is in the initial stages of use with the CTC Math program and we love it. He is finally getting to grips with understanding concepts such as time and money because of the deceptively simple delivery of information. We are also currently using several other programs bought through HB Co-op, reviews pending! We are on a mission of catch up at the present time and are so grateful for your site because it allows us to buy these programs at great savings. Thank you.”
Mary S, Co-op Member
”We love CTC Math and this is our 3rd year using it. We tried one other program but this is the one we like the best.

My daughters went from struggling & disliking math to actually knowing and liking it!!

We love the "simple" lessons that are straight to the point and easy to understand and follow, and we also like to print the worksheets to work through problems on paper.

Thank you for the affordable offers give periodically throughout each year, they have been a blessing to us as we continue to choose this program for our homeschooling needs. God bless you all!”
Jen T, Co-op Member
”After trying several different math programs in one year for my daughter, I signed up for a free trial at CTC. That choice changed our homeschool in such an astounding way! We no longer have tears over math, or insane amounts of time spent preparing math lessons. We have been using CTC for over a year now and I can't imagine using anything else. When I saw the amazing deal on Homeschool Buyers Co-op it was too good to pass up and I renewed early! The great thing was that CTC just added the new subscription on at the end of my already-paid-for months. I have emailed their customer service a few times, and each time my questions were answered promptly and I've felt very much that taking care of their customers is important to them. I always recommend CTC when I hear that someone is looking for a new math program - I absolutely love it, and so does my daughter!”
Sarah N., Co-op Member
”Math is always a challenge and a great opportunity. After trying many other more complicated online programs, in my opinion, no program could come close to the simplicity, progress driven and sharp focus of CTC.

For the first time, our kids want to do more work as they enjoy the simple structure of the course work. Concepts in crisp detail reinforced by immediate quizzes that give quick feedback while setting the proper pace for every learner to cruise toward achieving a specific learning goal in an specific time.

Performance levels have skyrocketed after switching to CTC program. Among our kids, second grade Selina who was diagnosed with learning difficulty in her private school assessment, has risen to stardom in our homeschool setting , surprising everyone including herself. Rest of the kids are performing far better after being able to fill their conceptual gaps by lowering their grade levels and plugging the missing learning gaps to propel ahead with joy and confidence.

The idea of an audio only lesson explanation with an animated screenboard is far more effective than the popular real Teacher videos that distract attention of a learner away from the subject, hence compromising its effectiveness.

CTC is a resilient math teacher who captures and engages a learners attention, delivering well prepared bit sized concepts with relevant examples little learners can relate to, to prepare them for an incrementally challenging quiz questions, which in turn boosts their confidence in their abilities and love for math.

I have shared CTC Math with many parents in our group and our members are on the rise, soon we hope to have our own neighborhood super-homeschool to pass the 20 kid mark by end of this month.”
Lugman A., Co-op Member
”My son had been really struggling with long division so we started CTC math for all three kids as an extra supplement. We were able to go back and re-learn the division concepts. He is doing so much better with it and my other kids really enjoy it as well! Thank you CTC math!”
Mandy Pellew,
”We are very happy with this program and renewed for another year after our initial six months was up. Both my now 7th grader and I are both on the same page about continuing. I most appreciated that we could access ANY grade level we need, not just one. And I appreciate the reasonable cost, as well. Detailed review here:”
Amylee, Co-op Member
”My daughter has always struggled with math. It's like as soon as she numbers, her brain starts spinning and she can't remember things she learned in the past and nothing is clear. CTC-Math has helped tremendously. While she'll probably never be a mathematician, she can get through the lessons without too much frustration and hopefully if it comes down to a test will be able to draw on what she's learned.”
Dee Ott, Co-op Member
”CTC math has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool day. The lessons are extremely clear. My son has dyslexia and has no problem following along with the lessons. Thank you CTC Math”
Ann Marie, Co-op Member
”My children (10 & 15) have been using CTC for a few weeks now and they love the simplicity of it. Because of how quickly they can grasp a concept and pass the test, both are ahead of schedule.

I love the fact I can set the passing score. I placed it at 90% to ensure they are understanding the concepts being taught and both have had to take at least 1 test more than once, which means it's challenging.

The best part about it is my kids are actually enjoying math now! I highly recommend this program!”
Michael S, Co-op Member
”This is an absolutely great program! My son likes it, everything what he needs is there. The tutor's explanations are clear and easy to understand. You can go for any grade to refresh your knowledge or to take some challenge. My son's math mark is A now!
Thank you CTC, thank you Co-op for this great opportunity!”
Elena Arakelova, Co-op Member
”My 5 kids have loved CTC math. I have audio, visual, & kinestetic learners, and each one likes the instructions given on the video. The videos are clear and simple. I like it when my kids have a question because it causes them to go back and rewatch the video. This process encourages them to find their own answers -something I like!
If I could change one thing, it would be that a workbook would come with the program so my kids could practice more.”
MamaP, Co-op Member
”I have been using IXL before CTC-Math, but IXL Lacks the lessons/Explanations available in CTC Math which is the reason why I have subscribed. Contentwise, I think IXL is more diverse & better structured than CTC-Math, but CTC Math`s strength is the Video Lessons which IXL Lacks. My kid is getting the best of both worlds where he watches the Video Lessons in CTC Math, follows up the questions in CTC Math & then moves for additional practice in IXL.”
Nanda P, Co-op Member
”We've been using CTCmath for our summer lessons to review and enforce concepts. We Like the lectures and the immediate corrections. So far this has been a good program for my kids.”
Julie K., Co-op Member
”We started with CTCmath earlier this spring. We are new to homeschooling and my daughter was failing math in our nice-but-not-for-us public school. Before committing to CTCMath, I contacted the company for more information that wasn't listed on their site, mostly regarding record keeping and customization of the program. They were SO HELPFUL and kind to us! After two months of using CTCMath as our homeschool math curriculum, my 6th-grader's 62% in math has grown into a sustainable and consistent 88%!! I'm so glad that we found CTCMath! We will definitely be using it next school year. :)”
Jessica S., Co-op Member
”I only wish we had heard about CTC earlier! We purchased CTC this year. My son is a junior but it has made a world of difference in our school day. After all these years of doing math, I finally don't hear any complaints! Easy to use. We LOVE it!!”
Becki A, Co-op Member
”This is simply the best maths programme on the market. It brakes down complex ideas into digestible segments that always make sense. My son has been using it for two years and has made significant progress. More importantly he now feels that he is good at maths and actually enjoys this subject.”
Katherine D., Co-op Member
”This has been the first program I have used with my "math reluctant" boys that they sit down to work on. Being able to go back and review, as well as, moving forward to different topics has been very beneficial. I highly recommend this program.”
Jeani B, Co-op Member
”So far we like CTC math. I have a first grader and a third grader. The lessons are to the point and very clear, my boys seem to do a lot better with this type of method vs workbook (although I incorporate both now). Thank you for a great product!”
Christina, Co-op Member
”My son was really struggling with the math curriculum we were using so I started searching for a different program. I found ctc math and figured we would try it out. I must say, I couldn't be happier. For the first time my 3rd grade son understands what, why, and how to do math and is flying through with a great knowledge and understanding of math.”
Jerra K., Co-op Member
”My oldest really struggled with math at first. It really put a strain on our homeschooling. Math was a daily battle for us. I tried everything and switched curriculum a couple of times. Finally, I began to realize I needed someone or something else to teach him math if I wanted peace in my home. We've found CTC Math an excellent resource. It's easy and he can do it independently. They send me a weekly report and I can tell where he is struggling.”
Becky Thomas, Co-op Member
”I have 5 kiddos in varying stages of learning. CTC Math has been great in helping me to keep track of what they should know. The lessons are quick and direct. I like the fact that the math lessons are presented in a fun while informative format without being trendy or over the top. Sometimes it is not about always having "fun". The kiddos have to learn this and the program is brilliant. We have many years of schooling before us and I hope to keep using this great resource.”
T. McDonald, Co-op Member
”As a veteran home educator of 21 years, I cannot say enough GOOD about CTC Math! For years we used BJU Math and was relatively successful with my older math minded students, but became increasingly difficult for my younger not so math minded ones. When I viewed this program a year and a half ago, I thought why not? I have not regretted it, and just renewed for another 15 months at a tremendous savings. I am able to set tasks for my students with deadlines and receive reports via email already graded. Yes, I said already graded. No more long nights pouring over work and tediously reviewing items they don't understand. I am able to set the passing grade and even delete the scores for them to try again if they didn't get it. I have access to each ones account and can view their progress at any time. My students no longer avoid math, have filled in gaps and are able to understand concept better than ever. Those who were struggling in math are now averaging in the high 90s which is remarkable. All-in-all it is a winning situation for myself and my students. Thank you for designing a math program that truly teaches math concept and application in an easy to understand format that frees up my time to teach other subjects! Well worth the investment. They adjusted the student number to customize to the size of my family which I am thankful for also. Very flexible company. Highly recommend!”
Rose Talladira, Co-op Member
”With seven children being consistent correcting there math in a timely manner had been something that I failed at for years. CTC math has joyfully corrected that problem. Both the children and I are greatly relieved. The Australian accent is a fun reminder that we live in a world full of variety.”
Sheila, Co-op Member
”My 8-year old detested math, and groaned and complained every time a pulled out the math work book. She put up a fuss, and didn't retain much of what we did do. I switched her to CTC Math, and she loves it. Yesterday she even told me, "I'm good at math!" The lessons are short and the explanations are great. I still had to go over a couple concepts with her, but I'm very pleased with the product. CTC math (in combination with reflex math), has turned our reluctant mathematician around.”
Liz W., Co-op Member
”I was hesitant to switch to an online math program, but so glad I did! It works great on my iPhone or iPad so we can do math anywhere, riding in the car or at home in the classroom. My oldest son (3rd grade) who used to dread math now says he loves it! The teacher is great, and is so cheerful and positive, explaining the lessons clearly and simply. I also have children in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd, so the family plan is a great deal for us! It's easy to log in and do the short lessons. If they need more practice in an area, the extra questions boost their confidence. I love the way it has simplified my homeschool day and made math fun! I look forward to using it next year as well!”
Calista S., Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying this math program. With CTC math, my children can work independently. Even my 6 year old. They even log in by themselves. I also like that they get 3 attempts at the practice worksheets.”
Nancy B., Co-op Member
”My daughter is extremely good at math. But, she is a kinesthetic learner so most math programs bore her - some days literally to tears. I am more than willing to create curricula out of thin air for her, and have with other subjects. But I was struggling to find something that would both prepare her for the standardized test that is required for my state (VA) AND not kill her brain cells by conforming to Common Core and all of their idiocy.

CTC-Math surpasses my expectations on every level.

The platform is so user-friendly that my 8-year old who has had extremely limited access to electronics can pick it up within seconds. The customer service has been amazing. And most importantly, she is ENJOYING math so much that she actually asks me if she can do lessons. It goes at the child's own pace and lets them review tutoring sessions if they didn't get something the first time around. It gives parents the freedom to choose how high to set the standards for your child's passing grade. When the child completes an entire section (i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc), they are awarded a certificate based on how well they did that they or the parent can print out so they have something to keep and be proud of.

I cannot say it enough, this program is amazing on every level. I highly suggest it for everyone wanting their kid to have a solid foundation in math.”
ANA, Co-op Member
”CTC Math is a great product. It is like having your own private math tutor in your home. The explanation videos are only about 3 minutes on average to explain concepts and then there are practice questions. My son, who is in the 4th grade, likes to challenge himself and is so proud to be able to achieve a gold level on his practice. Compared with learning from a book I find it's much faster to learn the concepts. I have renewed after 15 months for another year because I can't live without it. I have shared the news with other families as well. One other thing the Math goes from Elementary through highschool and you can move around from level to level if needed.”
Kacee H., Co-op Member
”I have bought CTC-Math two years in a row. It has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. I feel the lessons are laid out very well, it is easy to see where each student is working. It is easy for my students to do independently, which I am very grateful for. They don't complain when I say it's time to do math. I feel it could be a stand alone program. But I also use a program to help master math facts. I just found my students were weak. But that was an issue before CTC and we just needed reinformcment.

I have tried other web-based math programs, but felt this much more organized.

My only complaint, I wish I could see the problems my students miss after they finish the lesson. As of yet, I have not found a good way to see that, unless I ask them to show me when they finish. Or ask them to print out the results. But I don't want the paper around.

Huge bonus, the lesson is read allowed. So my struggling reader could do must of the lesson along with minimal help doing the problems. My students are boys, aged 10 & 12.”
R. Joines, Co-op Member
”Thank you CTC math for finally giving my 10 yr old son self confidence in math. There's no more arguing and tears about doing math. The lessons are short and simple so he doesn't get frustrated and lose interest. He's never been happier and that makes me feel great. There are no words for that!”
Kim D., Co-op Member
”I am loving CTC Math! My daughter is in the 7th grade but has trouble with math. We actually started at the K level using the tests for each section. When she hits a section that she doesn't receive an 80-90% correct, she goes back to that section to work the problems. It also allows her to work independently. This program takes the guess work out of pinpointing the trouble areas she needs help understanding.”
Kim F., Co-op Member
”CTC-Math has been one of the curriculums we started using early on in our homeschooling and I find it to be the best fit for our family, because I have a phobia towards the subject. The videos are short, precise and nothing fancy. Just the way we like it. I do sit down with my children for the lessons they seem to struggle understanding the concept but most of the time they do it on their own. I highly recommend this curriculum who is looking for a simple, clean and yet comprehensive program for their children.”
R. L., Co-op Member
”My son is really loving the CTC Math. There isn't any of what we call drill and kill, which is very off putting to both myself and my son. The speaker in the lessons is clear and concise and doesn't speak in a way that my son feels like he is being talked down to. He is able to do two-three lessons daily and then every week do the comprehensive test to see how much he has retained. This is a good wayfor me to see if he is having issues in a particular area. I also love the fact that I get a weekly update with his progress in my e-mail! We have tried six other curriculums and consider this one to be in our top two. I have found that it is on par with Teaching Textbooks. I have now recommended CTC to three other homeschool families that we meet with. I will continue with this curriculum.”
Stacey B., Co-op Member
”CTC Math is an amazing math program unlike any other I've seen. We've used several math programs in the past with our struggling learners, but CTC Math is by far the best out there. Pat's lessons are easy to follow, and provide auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. My children are now making great strides in math, and their self confidence is soaring. Math used to be a time of struggle and tears, but now my kids are earning achievement certificates and the joy on their faces is priceless! Thank you Pat Murray for helping my struggling learners to become confident math students!”
Laura G., Co-op Member
”CTC has been a good fit for my daughter this year; however, it is important to also incorporate written math work into her learning. I realized when using CTC math last year that she can do the long division on the computer but has no idea how to do it on her own. That being said, she enjoys CTC math and is learning. Supplementing is necessary for a well rounded math program, in my opinion.”
Samantha Z., Co-op Member
”We have been doing CTC math now for ~ 1 month and my son really enjoys it. he struggles with auditory processing and short-term memory and is a visual/kinesthetic learner. CTC math has been successful for him because the lessons are short and build upon each other and the graphics are wonderful.”
L. Wesley, Co-op Member
”CTC Math is most helpful. My daughter has enjoyed the lesson presentations, and some concepts which had been difficult to remember are becoming solid. I would recommend it to any one who wishes to sharpen their Math skills.”
Susan J, Co-op Member
”We love CTC math. One thing we would like is more practice, but the kids love it and enjoy his accent.”
Brindy, Co-op Member
”Both of my children really seem to like the format. They also like that it has LESS bells and whistles than other online math sites we have used - less distraction. My daughter particularly had fallen behind, and seems to be heading in a much better direction already. If I see the improvement in understanding and confidence continue, I will definitely continue to use CTC Math.”
K. Higginbottom, Co-op Member
”CTC math is an answer to our prayers I only wish I had discovered this amazing product sooner. We no longer struggle to get through a math lesson. Instead my children are now enjoying math for the first time since we began homeschooling.We will continue to use CTC math for the rest Of our homeschooling days- its definitely a keeper!”
Amanda S., Co-op Member
”I love it! My kids have excelled in Math since we started using CTC Math. My kids like it. It's easy to follow and the instructions are put in a way that is easy for kids to understand the concepts. We will continue to use it for a few more years. I have recommended CTC Math to people every time I get a chance.”
Cristina G., Co-op Member
”We have started CTC Math this summer using the free trial. We were pleaseed with it and purchased it as our math curriculum for our 1st grader. She loves the certificates and is always excited about getting a new one. It seems to motivate her.”
C. Womack, Co-op Member
”Our children have really enjoyed CTC Math. We have a couple with learning disabilities so it is a challenge for them especially in that it introduces concepts that we have not had yet at their grade levels. They have looked forward to doing their math lesson each day and I plan to use CTC math through the school year.”
Amy Petrick, Co-op Member