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Cover Story is a love, love curriculum! I love it because I don't have to "teach". The kids love it because it is cool and different and fun! I highly recommend this to everyone.
Rhonda Hopper, Co-op Member
This program is everything I hoped for it to be. It is FUN. My children love it and willingly participate every day. The best part is I already see them starting to think and produce more like writers. They love the journal and don't mind writing in it every day. This a huge change in how they used to approach writing.

I'm using it with a 12 year old and a 9 year old. I help the 9 year old out a bit but he understands the lessons and that is the main thing that's important to me. He's my writer with novels galore inside of him, so I welcom...(more)
C. Bryant, Co-op Member
Cover Story has been a life saver for me.

My boys (12 and14) have been very reluctant writers, they just have never enjoyed it. I've spent a lot of time trying to find something that would spark the creativity I knew they had and Cover Story has done just that.

The DVD is fun, and makes sense. The approach to writing is step by step with an explanation of why you need to do certain things to make your writing engaging to the reader. There is humor and definitely keeps my kids paying attention. The journal is so cool! You will find there...(more)
Denise G., Co-op Member
My 6th and 8th grader are using this program, and it's a little tough for my 6th grader, who just came from public school and isn't used to working independently and has learning difficulties, but my 8th grader absolutely loves it. She started with the assignments, and now carries a notebook everywhere with her to write stories and articles whenever she has an idea or a moment. I have seen this program unlock a spark and a joy for writing that I hadn't seen before.

I will continue to use this program with my younger children as they come...(more)
Sonja Brow, Co-op Member
My 13 year old son has loved the interesting, engaging videos. I don't have to stay on him to do his language arts anymore. Writing is still not his favorite subject, but he's far more thoughtful about his work now since he gets to follow the instructions of one of his favorite authors!

We will complete this curriculum this year and I will keep it to use with my other children as they get old enough. I plan to order "The One Year Adventure Novel" for my son next year since he is enjoying this curriculum so much.

We've told others a...(more)
Bonnie White, Co-op Member
We are about half way through this exceptional LA curriculum for middle schoolers, and I am most impressed! The daily video lesson (3x a week) is humorous and insightful, while the student lessons and writing assignments are engaging. Both my students and I really like that they will be producing a magazine over the course of a year, a magazine themed around a topic of their choice. Middle school is all about finding your passion, so learning to write about it is a great way to keep students interested.
Talisha Cabral, Co-op Member
Cover Story is a great combination of fun and learning. I have my two middle school children doing the curriculum together and I feel like they're both learning a lot from it.
Jenny Robertson, Co-op Member
My 11 year old daughter loves this program! She finds the videos and assignments to be entertaining and inspirational. The program is very well organized and easy to use. It's been helping her to write more often and in different styles (short stories, reviews, poems, etc.).
Amy D., Co-op Member
My 12 year old son loathed writing anything more than a paragraph and it was a process akin to pulling teeth whenever it was requested that he become more descriptive in his writing. I sought out new curriculum each year and nothing seemed to stir him to want to write...UNTIL Cover Story!

Now, he requests that the first "class" he completes for the day be Cover Story. He actually looks forward to doing the assignments and he doesn't mind taking the extra time to be creative and descriptive. He actually shows off his completed assignme...(more)
D. Lindsay, Co-op Member
Cover-Story is an answer to prayer. My son loves to read, but he struggles with writing. We had almost given up on finding a writing program that would work for him, until we found Cover Story. The video lessons are fun and intriguing. He has participated in the writing contests and webinars that are offered with the program, and there are no more tears over writing. More difficult/challenging assignments are spread out of the course of several weeks and allow time for him to work through the assignment step my step at a pace that works fo...(more)
N. Pinkerton, Co-op Member
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