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This is a solid writing and grammar program, that is engaging! If your looking for a solid writing program but feel overwhelmed with IEW, I would high recommend.

My children have grown and really enjoy the program. I liked the fact I can do 6th and 9th grade together
J. Carlin, Co-op Member
We have only looked at the material but will be using it fully this week. My son, is so excited to get into cover story. We have friends that have started and their children are loving it. He is most excited to share his finished project with his friend.
Francine, Co-op Member
We are using this program currently with our 13yos who has challenges with writing. He is finding the material engaging. He is more willing to work on his own and be accountable for his work. He has taken more thought and care about his assignments because he loves the idea of it becoming a magazine. I have shared my enthusiasim about cover story and will continue to use it. Middle school has been a transition for him and this is just what he needed. He LOVES it!
Darla Gallew, Co-op Member
Cover Story has been a life saver for me.

My boys (12 and14) have been very reluctant writers, they just have never enjoyed it. I've spent a lot of time trying to find something that would spark the creativity I knew they had and Cover Story has done just that.

The DVD is fun, and makes sense. The approach to writing is step by step with an explanation of why you need to do certain things to make your writing engaging to the reader. There is humor and definitely keeps my kids paying attention. The journal is so cool! You will find there...(more)
Denise G., Co-op Member
I have great regard for the creator of Cover Story and love our new class with him! He has so much fun teaching about writing, and my dyslexic son hated to write before we began. He now writes the most creative sentences in small, easy-to-digest bits in the beautiful journal that comes with the program. He is learning grammar in an easy, common sense way, and it is beneficial for my student to be led into which theme he would like to write about, instead of giving him a theme. When he has ownership of his work, he works harder on it and enjoys ...(more)
G.White, Co-op Member
I got this for my Freshman in High School who is a reluctant writer. She and I bought felt the prospect of her making a magazine on the topic of her choice would make righting more fun.

It wasn't a total success but we aren't sorry we did this.

Part of the course is a journal (to more or less keep interest in writing and foster ideas) and the other is writing in various genres to produce a variety of material for the magazine.

My daughter was not interested in the journal writing at all. Actually, she didn't mind it TOO much, sh...(more)
Sue B., Co-op Member
My son and I are really enjoying Cover-Story. My son is 6th grade and he is learning a lot. He is a reluctant writer but this curriculum is fun and laid out in a gentle way. We are excited to see the end product of the magazine he is putting together. He is already excited about the One Year Adventure Novel when he is in high school! We have shared our excited with many other homeschoolers.
Ana, Co-op Member
Cover Story is a great combination of fun and learning. I have my two middle school children doing the curriculum together and I feel like they're both learning a lot from it.
Jenny Robertson, Co-op Member
My 13 year old son has loved the interesting, engaging videos. I don't have to stay on him to do his language arts anymore. Writing is still not his favorite subject, but he's far more thoughtful about his work now since he gets to follow the instructions of one of his favorite authors!

We will complete this curriculum this year and I will keep it to use with my other children as they get old enough. I plan to order "The One Year Adventure Novel" for my son next year since he is enjoying this curriculum so much.

We've told others a...(more)
Bonnie White, Co-op Member
We are so happy with Cover Story. My son is a very reluctant writer, so this is perfect for him. Our whole family enjoys watching the videos and my son doesn't complain about doing the workbook lessons. This is HUGE for us. The humor is just right and perfect for him (and me). I get no complaints about doing our writing lessons and think that slowly, perhaps, writing might become something he can consider at least a little enjoyable. Thank you!
Diane Ball, Co-op Member
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