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”We enjoyed using CompuScholar this year and we will be getting another course for next year. User friendly for both parent/teacher and student. My son enjoyed learning Python.”
Mom of 4, Co-op Member
”The Digital Savvy course is easy to use and provides up-to-date information regarding computer use for my kids.”
Becky R., Co-op Member
”This is our second year utilizing CompuScholar. Last year I had one student take Digital Savvy and she loved it. This year I have two more taking the Digital Savvy course and one taking the Python course. I love how easy it is to track progress and grade projects. My daughter loves the Python course. Digital Savvy is a great overview and meets our State Standards for the required Computer Science credit to receive a state approved diploma. I have told quite a few friends about it and those who try it always love it.”
R. Manke, Co-op Member
”Digital Savvy is a very good beginner's course. My son is using it mostly on his own and is enjoying it. It is exactly what we were looking for.”
C. Hayes, Co-op Member
”It s really effective for learning to code. I like that it self-grades.”
Missy P, Co-op Member
”Highly recommend CompuScholar for computer related courses. Easy to use for both student and teacher. The material is presented and followed up with projects and quizzes. We have used for several courses.”
Catie C, Co-op Member
”My child has taken multiple courses now with CompuScholar and absolutely loves them. He enjoys being able to take the classes any time he wants and tells us that he wants more. I enjoy how easy it is for us to watch his progress, that grades for exams & quizzes are done for us, and grading rubrics are provided for the lab work. As a non-programming person, this is an awesome resource that I can't recommend enough!”
DH, Co-op Member
”My son is learning a lot about computers & really enjoying the Web Design course he is taking. I appreciated getting the program at a discounted price.”
Lisa C., Co-op Member
”CompuScholar has been a great resource for teaching my middle school children about computer science. The video instruction is clear and concise and the quizzes for each lesson validate comprehension. We will definitely be purchasing additional programs through CompuScholar.”
Laurie U., Co-op Member
”We ordered Digital Savvy for my kids. They are close in age, but differ greatly as to their level of computer knowledge. I wanted to introduce the youngest to basic computer skills and I wanted to fill in gaps for the oldest, with my middle child somewhere in between. The course is doing just that. It's excellent. I bump up the projects for the oldest and help the youngest through them. All of them are learning, and we have even had a few of those "a-ha" moments that have led us into further discussion. It's well laid out and very comprehensive. I recommend it whole-heartedly.”
JAL, Co-op Member
”My 11-year-old twins completed the Web Design course this summer. It took them step-by-step through the process of putting together a website. They were inspired and motivated to complete the course even outside of our normal school year.

The videos explained the process very well. Readings reiterated the concepts in the videos and went a little deeper into the material. Quizzes ensured they understood each lesson, and projects helped them develop confidence and independence. When we did have trouble figuring things out, customer service responded very quickly. Now the girls are creating their own websites from scratch.

I've looked at other options for teaching the same material, but for this age range, Compuscholar's materials are thorough yet easy to understand. My husband, who works in the field of web design, was also impressed with all my girls learned in this course.

Going through the course with the girls has helped me bring my computer skills up to date as well, and it's a great stepping stone for further study.”
Jenn P., Co-op Member
”CompuScholar was the perfect basic computer class for our son. Son #2 starts it today.”
Brenda A, Co-op Member
”I would highly recommend CompuScholar for learning web design. I saw the free summer offer and decided to check it out. I took the course myself, well part of it, it is a two semester course. There are 27 chapters (I think), each chapter has 3-5 lessons. Each lesson has a video, a written part, and a quiz. Each chapter also has an activity and an exam. The lessons were interesting, bite size, and easy to understand. Even though I only got through the first semester I did skim the rest and I learned a lot. I don't have any kids interested in computers that are old enough to take any of their courses but will definitely be looking at them in a few years and recommending them to friends now.”
Robbin M, Co-op Member
”The first time my daughter used materials from CompuScholar is when I purchased from the website itself (printed books and DVDs under the label Homeschool Programming). I was happy with what she learned then. However, the online version (CompuScholar) offered us way more convenience and activities. I especially appreciated the fact that quizzes were included along with activities in every lesson set. I will definitely continue my child's journey towards learning how to code through the CompuScholar series.”
Cindy A., Co-op Member
”We do the kidcoder Web design (basic + advanced). My 8th grader loves this class! I take it along with her. She programming on a windows laptop and I program on an Apple laptop and we switch off on occasion to make sure the we learn both operating systems. The pace is slow enough for much younger kids---my 12 year old does a chapter a day sometimes instead of just one lesson. We plan to do the game design program next and after than do the Java one as it says that it will prepare her for the Computer AP test. I have never programmed before and I have had a couple of 'errors' of my own making. But, I emailed for help and immediately received a reply on what I had done wrong and how to fix it. So the product support is great!”
Rebecca J, Co-op Member
”My 14-year old son really likes Homeschool Programming's computer courses. He took KidCoder Windows & Game Programming with Visual Basis, KidCoder Web Design, and now he's taking Java Programming. He's doing great with it, and I (as a homeschool mom) love that he can do it independently. We're so thankful for this curriculum!”
Margaret M., Homeschool Mom
”I am absolutely thrilled that my 10 yr old son is able to learn how to build a professional looking website. This is a good way for him to learn and gain skills that are marketable. most of all I love that he can do this independently”
Dian E, Co-op Member
”My son was able to use the provided material and learn the Java/Android Programming independently. Well done!”
Martha D., Co-op Member
”I purchased the teen coder version and the kid coder version of Windows Programming for my kids. They are both enjoying the class and learning how to program in Windows. They are mostly able to work independently, but sometimes when they are completing the project at the end of the chapter, they need a little help. The one time I needed to contact customer service, they were quick and helpful with their reply.”
Lisa F., Co-op Member
”We have started using Kid-Coder Windows Programming with a 10yo and 13yo. The manuals appear to be written so that the kids can understand and follow them independently. Each chapter is broken down into several shorter lessons. I have very little knowledge of computer programming, and wanted something they could do on their own. So far, this product fits the bill.”
Joanna B, Co-op Member
”This product is wonderful. My daughter is doing the Web Design course. She is in Grade 11. This is one course I don't have to push her with. She loves it. The instructions are clear and she can do the work independently. It is very practical and I am amazed at the web designs she has been able to come up with. The people at Homeschool-Programming are very helpful and deserve the business. We love the courses so much that she will be doing computer programming next year. My younger daughter is also keen to start the web design next year. We did the downloadable version. It was very inexpensive and convenient to download. Thanks so much homeschool buyers coop for making this product available. And thanks to the authors of homeschool programming for providing homeschoolers with such a quality and homeschool friendly product. You inspire kids to learn!! Thanks.”
Mandy. K, Co-op Member
”We've really enjoyed Homeschool Programming for my son. He LOVED KidCoder VB and KidCoder Game Programming. As a computer programmer myself, I have found the curriculum fairly solid and been able to also show a bit of my day to my son. However, the greatest part of all is when I see how excited my son gets and would say, "Mom, look at what I did! I figured it out!"

My son is also on the Autism spectrum with a current diagnosis of PDD-NOS. He also does not have a high IQ as result of some of his learning disabilities. I include this because a child in this course does not have to be a genius to enjoy and learn programming. The instructions are for the most part clear and my son is able to do this course independently.

For my son's review... he insisted we get KidCoder Web Pack for next year.”
H Knowles, Co-op Member
”As the mother of a very bright 10 year old son I was looking for for some programming tools that would interest and challenge him while providing real building blocks to more advanced coding interests. I also had the need for the tools to be able to be self learned for the most part.

I am happy to report that the tools that we have purchased through Homeschool Programming have succeeded in these goals.

My son has become very interested in learning and using the tools, I often find him at the computer reading the next chapter and working through the programming examples all without any prompting or assistance.

As he continues to work through these programming tools and becomes ready to explore more advanced tool sets I will certainly review other offerings by Homeschool Programming to fulfill those needs.”
M. Murphy, Co-op Member
”We purchased Teen Coder/Game programming for our 13 year old son. We are a tech family and have found this program very user friendly for the most part. My son is enjoying the program and we would certainly buy the next level. My husband, who is a software developer, believes it is a great way to start formally learning the basics.”
D. Young, Co-op Member
”My daughter is really enjoying this program and learning a lot from it.”
Tyna Hansen, Co-op Member
”My son has loved using this program. He'll spend hours at a time working on it. It's challenging enough to require him to use some deep thinking, but not so difficult as to discourage him. He says he's definitely learning a lot, and that makes us both happy!”
Arlene S., Co-op Member
”Homeschool-Programming has been extremely helpful to our son. It has helped him learn a subject I would have struggleld to teach. It breaks things down step by step in a way even the most intimidated person can understand. Definetly a must for anyone interested in a career in computers.”
monica pape, Co-op Member
”We are a very low tech family and I thought this would help my kids learn more about computers and maybe even become interested in a career in tech. This was very difficult for us to begin with. We couldn't figure out how to use it, we may have actually been missing some software (software you are supposed to download or have, not something that was not included by the designer). I forced my 11 and 9 year old to spend 30 minutes a day anyway, learning the different computer terms. They kept saying they didn't understand it and didn't enjoy it. It was just reading text. I explained as best I could. After a couple of weeks, they started writing code. They didn't understand what they were doing but they started to see the payoff when they wrote a line of code and then their "webpage" had the code. As they have learned more and more about what they can do writing code they are anxious to do Kid Coder everyday. They are still going through the program and when they are done with beginning web design we will buy beginning game design and then move on to the other offerings, Java, Android, etc. If your kids are more knowledgeable about computers than mine this might be great from the get-go, but if your kids are struggling through the first few weeks, give it time. When they finally start designing their web page they will be excited and anxious to see what else they can do. I think being able to write code will open up many job opportunities for them, even if they aren't programmers.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”Homeschool programming has been a terrific addition to our curriculum for both our middle schooler and our high schooler. Our 7th grade son is doing the Windows Programming, and our 9th grade son is doing the Java Programming. Both are enjoying the lessons and especially enjoying the activities. The curriculum is well-organized and provides a substantial amount of information to the students. While they both follow a similar progression the Java Programming (TeenCoder) is quite a bit more difficult than the Windows Programming (KidCoder). My 7th grader can do the curriculum virtually on his own; my 9th grader needs a bit of help understanding the lessons but can do the activities on his own as long as he puts the time in to go back through the lessons and find the information he needs. All in all, I don't think we could find a better computer programming curriculum, and we will continue to use it. We will also recommend it to our homeschooling friends.”
Kelly E., Co-op Member
”We bought Kid Coder for my 12 year old as recommended by a Co-op friend. My son has loved it. He is so proud of the programs he's writing and has already finished his first semester in about 2 months. It has given him both great skills and great success! I highly recommend it!”
tracy, Co-op Member
”We selected this for our DD because we believe some computer programming knowledge is necessary today. She has never had any interest, so we were afraid this would be one of those "have to" subjects for her. This curriculum really opened her eyes to how computers operated and what you can do with programming. We are only 7 lessons in, and it is already one of her favorite subjects. We started with KidCoder, but expect her to ask for the TeenCoder courses when this one is complete.”
Molly D., Co-op Member
”My 14 year old son loves it! He is always so excited and proud to show me what he has done!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My daughter was very interested in computer programming and I couldn't teach her about it. Through the Buyer's Co-op, we heard about this program (made for and by homeschoolers!) that she could use without me knowing anything about the subject. She loves it and is almost through with the first course, even working during her vacation "for fun"! We recommended it to another family, who purchased it already, and we are both anxiously awaiting the next course's release (Game Programming).”
Jan S., Co-op Member