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This was an awesome series. My children are visual learners and I was able to use the series to reinforce what we had been learning. It really helped them "connect the dots." It dovetailed perfectly with our history curriculum (WinterPromise). I was also impressed with the length of each segment. It was just perfect for children. We have other history videos but most of the time the children have tuned out by the time the story has ended because they are for older students. I have told several other friends about this awesome resource. ...(more)
Gerrie Lynn Wallace, Co-op Member
We love Williamsburg, but aren't able to visit very often. The EFTs are almost like being there, with the added benefit of being able to glean information from the history experts and re-enactors. We used this program for our two youngest boys and they really enjoyed it. Much more interesting to them to watch history come alive on the computer than to read a book about history. We will sign up for the EFTs again for the 2009-2010 school year! I told everyone I knew about this group buy opportunity.
Corinne H., Co-op Member
My kids always looked forward to the electronic field trips from Colonial Williamsburg. I really appreciate they are saved so if you miss the original airing you can watch it at your convience. We went to Colonial Williamsburg this summer and it was neat to be able to relate the things we had learned from the electronic field trips to what we were seeing in person.
Veronica L, Co-op Member
We have always loved Williamsburg and the quality experience they offer. We knew this would be a good choice, and these field trips have not disappointed us. They are fun, informative, creative, and interesting... plus it connects us with students across the country! It's also a nice change of pace from our normal school routine. Thanks Co-op for making this affordable!
Sally L., Co-op Member
We loved going on electronic field trips to Colonial Williamsburg -- and it sounds cool to tell other people what we're doing. Williamsburg produces a wealth of teaching material that is good to review before seeing the field trips. I had to get a whole binder just for this. There are always interesting games and worksheets for kids. For instance, we enjoyed playing a game about what Daniel Boone's wife did all day -- we were exhausted just from the game. The field trips feature prepared videos and are interspersed with 'live' interviews, l...(more)
Jodie, Co-op Member
One of our favorites!!! We plan our schedules around these exciting days.
Vanessa Dorland, Co-op Member
I was very impressed with both the quality of the presentations and the variety of the student activities. The actors were engaging in their discussions of history and each story line raised thought-provoking questions for us to ponder. Well worth the time and money we spent!
C. Hegland, Co-op Member
My kids looked forward to their "field trip" every month last year. My son called in questions every month and they were answered with kindness and patience. We will be purchasing the package again this year. Thanks!
J. Norton, Co-op Member
The Colonial Williamsburg EFT's were enjoyed by our entire family!! After our weeklong trip to Colonial Williamsburg and participation in various workshops there, the EFT's were the PERFECT addition to our study of American History. Our children looked forward to not only viewing each exciting and informative segment but calling in to ask their questions and hearing the questions of and responses to other students across our nation. History is more than memorizing facts from a text - names, places, people. (yawn) It is alive and breathing! T...(more)
J. DeVance, Co-op Member
The Williamsburg e-trips are a fantastic addition to any curricula. We've used them the past 2 years to supplement our history studies for multiple ages - preschool to middle school.

They also make for a great group study with other families. The teacher study guides are first rate - wonderful background information, high quality illustrations, and engaging and informative activities to reinforce and further develop the lessons from the program.

The online activities are fun and informative. My children have even called and asked the...(more)
B. Molloy, Co-op Member
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