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Save up to 40% on CodeREV Kids:
CodeREV Kids
Grades 1-12

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer exclusive savings for programming courses from CodeREV Kids. Student will learn to create using code such as Java, C#, and Python. Exclusively through the Co-op, members can purchase a CodeREV Kids course, which retails for $99, for only $59 --- a 40% SAVINGS!
REV Bot Engineers, which retails for $225, is only $145 --- a 36% SAVINGS!

Redstone Design: Minecraft®<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Redstone Design: Minecraft®

Retail Price: $99.00
Current Group Price: $59.00
Current Group Savings: 40%
Redstone Design: Minecraft®
Grades: 1- 6

1-Year Online Subscription Access

In our most popular class for this age group, students learn the ins and outs of level design and game design while learning to engineer in Minecraft® by using Redstone. Students also dive in to learn basic code commands that allow them to further express their creativity in a really fun way! This class offers thrills AND education alike as students explore their inner Da Vinci in a STEM format perfect for Minecraft® lovers!

Students learn design-thinking skills as they learn to design and create their own levels and mini-game adventures inside of Minecraft® while utilizing the engineering framework provided within Minecraft®. Engineering concepts such as NOT-gates, closed circuit loops, and other logic gates are reviewed and incorporated into student projects. Students also review and use other engineering topics, including repeaters and switches. In addition to engineering and design-thinking, students learn to code basic commands using the command line and command blocks provided in Minecraft®. Students learn to design for the user experience, and then try out their levels and mini-games, much like a real product development team does. Students also create fun mazes and a giant Colosseum that they build. Lastly, challenges are integrated into each lesson which allow CodeREV Kids to ensure each student is learning critical game design and engineering concepts as he or she creates.

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Maya® 3D Animation and Modeling<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Virtual Reality Game Design in Unity®<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Mod Coding:
Minecraft® Modding
<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
REV Bot Engineers<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
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