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”My girls LOVE IT! It's SO self-explanatory, but so many resources are given to you as the teacher/parent to help them along, you can sound like some sort of expert. It's great!”
Shelly A., Co-op Member
”My kids love CodeCombat and are quickly learning the Python programming language. The levels progress incrementally, making each new skill easy to understand and incorporate into code. Levels are challenging enough to maintain interest and provide variation while maintaining continual progress.”
C. Tanner, Co-op Member
”All three of my kids love CodeCombat. By far the most enjoyable way to learn coding that we've seen! Thank you!”
Jan, Co-op Member
”We're just a few lessons into CodeCombat, but the kids and I really love it! I appreciate the curriculum and lessons laid out with plenty of explanation and ideas. This is definitely not my area of expertise, but I feel confident I'm able to teach them the concepts behind the game they play with what's provided. The game itself is great for practicing concepts they've learned and getting a good feel for how their programming causes certain outcomes. And it's just a lot of fun! I thought we would have to find a time when my husband (a software engineer) would be able to teach them if they were ever going to learn coding. But honestly, this course has made it easy for me to cover the basics during the week. And he's been impressed by what they've picked up from the game and lessons so far. We are really enjoying it and look forward to continuing the course.”
Jeanne F., Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 11 and 8, spent the hot summer months learning to code with Scratch from library books. Ready to move on to the next step, they tried learning Python from a book as well. They were frustrated by all of the typing and error codes, so we decided to try Code Combat at a friend's recommendation. They love it! They are able to work through each level at their own pace. There are still frustrations as they learn new skills, but they truly enjoy playing the game while learning to Code. I love that there are so many resources online with Code Combat as well. I haven't used them to any extent, but browsed through their various lessons and activities during Hour of Code for Computer Science Education Week. This is going to be a fun activity to pick up when the weather is unfavorable to play outside again. I can see us using it for the full duration of the one-year license.”
SabrinaK, Co-op Member
”My son and friend are doing this together. They love it. It's a more productive way for them to have "virtual" playdates, than just playing games. We tried Youth Digital previously, which is a great start to learning computer coding and fun, but this is fun for the boys to do together. It's basically playing a game while coding. It's always good to learn coding! Just another language we should all have a basic understanding of. We've encouraged others to look into it. And especially buy it through homeschool buyers co-op. It was an amazing deal!”
Beth S., Co-op Member
”This program has taught my son valuable programming skills all while having fun. It has also allowed him to practice web development and game development too. It's a win-win in my book!”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”Before we chose Code Combat I had my children try a number if the free options out there for programming. While some were ok there was still a bit of a struggle. Either the format was dull or the lessons weren't clear. I decided to try Code Combat and my daughters first remark was now it makes sense . So of course I didn't think twice about buying it. Since then it has been hard to pull her away. The graphics are awesome, and she's having fun! The presentation of information is complete; she's not left wondering what to do. And since it is presented in a game format she is really enjoying it. The people at Code Combat have really thought of putting something together to appeal to kids. Even if your children have never been exposed to computer language or programming at all, they will not have any trouble with this program. I believe it's far superior to anything else out there. I also like that there are separate schedules for elementary, junior and senior high school. There are resources for parents that are helpful too. I don't usually gush over courses but this has been a great buy.”
Jacky Parrales, Co-op Member
”Code Combat is a great program for all ages! Our eldest daughter started learning with Code Combat through another program when she was 8 years old and was instantly hooked. Our second daughter, who is 6 years old, wanted to try it. While a little more challenging for her, she is learning about computer coding too! This is a great product and I highly recommend it.”
M. Swenson, MD, Co-op Member
”I purchased CodeCombat for my daughter's Christmas, because she was desperate to learn coding but disliked the block languages. She has loved CodeCombat, she started with Python and is now happily Coding aspects within a game. It has an answer key for me so I can help guide her if she gets really stuck with a puzzle and the code has an auto complete feature which can be disabled if desired. We will continue using this as our main Computer Science curriculum for years to come.”
Janice Duthie, Co-op Member
”My children who wanted to program enjoy code combat. The biggest complaint came from my teen with previous coding experience and who wanted to specialize in game coding. There was not enough to make him happy. My 9 year old found out he enjoys coding and plans on completing the computer science portion before moving to something else”
Carrie, Co-op Member
”I love that Code Combat is presented in game form. My son says it has been very helpful and interactive. It's the best computer programming way to learn. He's also said that he's learned much from making errors. Whenever he does make an error, it shows him why and how to correct it.”
Christian, Co-op Member