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”CodaKid has been perfect for my ten-year-old boy. He has thrived with this program and has easily been learning coding through it. He is enthusiastic about it, and it is a great motivator for him to finish his schoolwork so he can code. I am confident that coding will be a major part of the future workforce and that this playful, academic experience will serve him for life.”
Brooke from Ohio, Co-op Member
”My nine-year-old son loves the CodaKid Minecraft course. The instructional videos are lively and really simple to follow. The presenters' style and delivery almost seems like those of YouTubers that my son would watch for fun. The course allows the children to use code to create and customize in-game items such as shields, swords and mobs (enemies). He thinks of it as playing but is actually learning and applying basic Java code in order to get his rewards which can be viewed in-game. I am thoroughly enjoying watching my son do this course. Another positive point about the course is that the technical support that CodaKid offers is first-class. If your child is ever stuck, there is a live chat feature and they are excellent at walking the user through any technical issues. We are currently abroad, so they could not answer one query right away through the chat, so they sent an e-mail the next day guiding us through our issue. We will definitely use more CodaKids products in the future.”
Mr. G. Mayes, Co-op Member
”I was concerned that I would have to buy a PC version of Minecraft when I first bought this or that I would have to help my kids figure out how to transfer something from the PC to the Nintendo system. My concerns were unnecessary, for nothing else is needed. Everything you need comes from the program they are using. The only thing I wish was that it was able to be done on a Chromebook.”
Shelly, Co-op Member
”My son absolutely loved this program. So much so that we'll be buying full access, and it's not necessarily a cheap program. But it's so well made that it really engaged him to the point where he was wanting to code longer and do more than what was asked of him. This is a terrific learning tool and I am positive other kids will be as engaged with CodaKid as my son is!”
Elizabeth Berns, Co-op Member
”We love CodaKid. My daughter loves the videos and how it breaks things down to complete each lesson. She is doing Minecraft right now but also has the option to do others. For the cost, it is so worth it. If you are looking for a fun subject to do for science, this is it.”
Lorrie, Co-op Member
”Our 15 year old son approached us and wanted to try CodaKid. Through the amazing discount offered to members of the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op we were able to give him his dream come true. With his little 8 year old brother they have watched lessons, learned coding and computer knowledge, and have been able to make up their own games and animated greeting cards. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”
TGajdosik, Co-op Member
”My son says CodaKid is an "awesome" company. They offer numerous courses in coding that kids love. Their customer service is fantastic. They answer the kids' questions in a very timely manner and in a way that the kids, including me, can easily understand. As a homeschool dad I'm always looking for ways to advance my son's education and CodaKid is a company I will continue to use now and in the future. Thank you CodaKid.”
Stan, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old absolutely loved working with CodaKid this summer. She took the Roblox course and had a wonderful time. As a non-programming parent, I enjoyed how well their videos explained everything she needed in addition to their troubleshooting articles. They even did a screenshare with her to walk her through fixing one of her coding errors. She really recommends this company and we are looking at taking more of their classes in the school year.”
DH, Co-op Member
”I signed up for this as part of the free summer program. We have not utilized it as much as we had hoped because of a very busy summer. My kids have tried it out some and have really liked what they have done so far. It seems to be a very engaging program that is both fun and educational. They have asked several times to log in and pick up where they are at in the program. We hope to utilize it some more before the free trial ends so that we can decide if it is something we want to continue on with.”
L.Ray, Co-op Member
”My 8 yr old son absolutely loved this! He was very interested, it kept his attention and finished the course in a short amount of time, had fun and wanted more. Very worthwhile!”
Trisha, Co-op Member
”Challenging but well worth the effort put into the course. Quick and thorough response when we had questions.”
B. Meyer, Co-op Member
”My son says this program is "very good, easily comprehensible, a good basic start to Roblox game development, and fun". A huge thumbs up for this program.”
Tina C., Co-op Member
”We used CodaKid with our 9 year old son. He had such a blast learning to create his own mini games. They made the experience really easy to follow and fun! His friends were very impressed and excited to try out what he created.”
Brittany M., Co-op Member
”We got the Minecraft Mods course for our 9 year old and he LOVED it! He's made all kinds of things already including a special sword. (I don't speak Minecraft!) We had a small tech issue and their support was super fast in responding. I highly recommend for anyone with kids who love Minecraft!”
S. Whitehead, Co-op Member
”My 7 yr old son loves it. He's learned a lot and always wanting to do more.”
Joanne J., Co-op Member
”I purchased CodaKid for my 10 year old about 4 months ago. Not only is he learning how to code but he thoroughly enjoys it. If he gets stuck or makes an error he simply sends CodaKid an email and they will look over his coding and help find the error. The young men working there are very encouraging and helpful!
The lessons are straightforward and fun!”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying Codakid. My 8 year old son is excited to create mods for his favorite games and I'm happy that he's not just playing games but actively engaged and learning. We've only been using it a few weeks, but give Codakid 2 thumbs up.”
Judy S., Co-op Member
”What a wonderful purchase for my 12 year old son. He is learning code, which is such a marketable skill, and having so much fun doing it. My only complaint--seriously--is that the program is so good that it is tough to get him to stop his lessons! A terrific price and well worth it. I highly recommend CodaKid.”
Margaret Probst, Co-op Member
”My son loves this course. I've actually had to slow him down in order to be sure he did his other homework.”
A. Howard, Co-op Member
”I have been working through the Codakids modding course with my 9 year old son. It is brilliant - we have never learnt Java before yet we have already written Java mods in Minecraft to make our own weapons, tools, mobs and armour. We are only about a third of the way through so are looking forward to the next stage.

The course is at the limit of what my 9 year old can do alone but it is great doing it together and there are bits he can do himself (texturing and writing the crafting recipes). Even my 6 year old is enjoying designing and texturing his items while letting me code them.

The only similar product I have found is Code Kingdoms, also writing mods for Minecraft. We like this one too - the Code Kingdoms videos are probably more entertaining for the children but harder to follow the Java instructions. Code Kingdoms doesn t (yet?) provide instructions for creating the blocks and items that my children wanted to make so Codakid currently has the advantage. We enjoy both though.

We will definitely continue to use it and have signed up for the second module as well. And we recommend to people already!”
Catherine B., Co-op Member