The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add ClickN' READ Phonics to their home school curriculum. If you have used ClickN' READ Phonics and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I am a new, just starting out HSer with a 5 yo and I wasn't sure how to proceed and he was resisting anything that felt like "school" and not making much progress with learning to read....then I bought Click-N-Read phonics through the Co-op, at a fabulous price, and he's doing fantastic with it ! He is way ahead of where I was in kindergarten and to him it's all fun ! The program gave us our start in making some progress with our home school and I couldn't be happier!”
Linda B., Co-op Member
”My husband and I decided to purchase "Click-n-read" for our struggling 7 year old son whose having a difficult time in learning how to read. He is thrilled to have an online program to use and I'm thrilled at the progress that he's making after just 4 lessons. Thank you for your work at making things more affordable to the homeschool community.

A thrilled family in Littleton Colorado........”
Kim Babcock, Co-op Member
”My kids love this program. It is fun yet very effective at teaching. My son will walk around the house and repeat the sentences that he has learned. It's easy to use for both he and I. It can be interactive for parent and child or just used by your child. We are very pleased with this program.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”A great program. My daughter used this program for about 6-months and she tested into the advanced reading program. My three-year-old son uses this with ease and we adjust the levels to meet his needs. Super buy!”
Mrs Mueller, Co-op Member
”We started w/ Hooked on Phonics which was great. My son was definately learning but he loathed doing the workbook. I found ClickNKIDS on your site and decided to try it. Now he actually looks forward to his lesson. I've purchased the books from them as well and he is doing great reading them. And because of the price break I got I'm even happier (especially w/ our current economic situation) This is a program I sugest everyone try.”
Liz S, Co-op Member
”My daughter who has Downs Syndrome uses this program and really enjoys it. She likes the fact that she can do it on the computer and be somewhat independent with its use. It is helping her become more grounded in her understanding of the basics. Thanks for making this available through the Co-op.”
Bev K. Tucson, AZ, Co-op Member
”I got this program for my First grader to work on. His four yr. old brother, who has Autism, watched him and wanted to play. Now he uses it, too! He has started reading! This program is flexable and fun. My friend who also homeschools saw my youngest working on it and ordered it for her son. I have seen other programs and liked this one the best. It is simple yet fun and challenging at the same time. My older son tries to get a perfect score in the speed round! We will use, and re-use it for my 2 yr. old daughter who is on her brothers' heals.”
C. Solis, Co-op Member
”I used Clicknkids for my dd who was only 3 at the time as she was trying to read on her own. She finished the program at 4y and was reading at a very high 4th grade level before 4 1/2. She loved it and was eager to do the short, fun, colorful program every day. She loved it as well as I did. Because of this program she loves reading on every level. No need for her to ever use another program. LOVED IT!”
D. Bond, Co-op Member
”ClickN' READ has been a wonderful program to help my son excel in language arts. We started the lessons just after he had turned 3 last summer. Two months prior to his 4th birthday, he began to read books from the Dr. Suess series without any prompting. In fact, I had no idea how far he had come using ClickN' READ. Thank you for suggesting such a helpful program!”
Michelle Evans, Co-op Member
”I have found the short sessions and the repeditiveness of the letters to be what my daughter needs. Her attention span isn't long, so the length of the games work well for her.”
Veronica S., Co-op Member
”We use both click-n-read and click-n-spell and love them. As a former teacher, I am very picky about correct phonics, teaching word families, and clear instruction. This program has exceeded even my expectations! I love the immediate feedback and correction the kids get! They have built in reviews and I like the teacher report at the end of each lesson so that I know what we need to work on. My kids will comment when we are reading together-"Oh I know that word. It's on my computer program!!”
Debbie D, Co-op Member
”I was concerned because my 5 year old was disinterested in learning his letters and phonics. I decided to give ClickNKids Phonics a try. My son actually looks forward to his lessons. 15 lessons later he is beginning to read words on his own. I love that he can do a lesson on his own while I spend some time schooling my 3 year old! We will continue to use it even when he has finished with our younger child. I would recommend that others give ClickNKids Phonics a try,”
Aubrey Harrell, Co-op Member
”ClickNRead worked for us! My four year old was able to do it with little or no assistance from me (for the most part). This program gave him a good head start on kindergarten. He learned all his letter sounds and how to sound out simple words. He enjoyed it most days. I would recommend it as an excellent tool for parents who home-school and need to divide their time between children.”
Jodi L, Co-op Member
”We first heard of Click n Kids through the Co-op when we were looking for something to boost our kindergartner's phonics. It's been great! My son loves it and we love how it can be customized for each child. It also has the added bonus of teaching kids how to use the keyboard and mouse of a computer. We even added a second account for our pre-school daughter.”
Anne S., Co-op Member
”We took awhile to find a reading program for my son. Nothing really worked that didn't bore him. We had tried the sample lessons and he seemed to like them, so when HBC got the co-op on it, we grabbed. It was the perfect time for us. We started on lesson 15 and are now up to 34, he is reading and picking out words and sounding things out by himself. I think: "Who is this kid?"”
Mary Green, Co-op Member
”This product is the best of the market. Previously I have tried with other products of higher prices without any results, but with ClickNKids my child learned since the first lesson. I recomend this product 100% The BEST PRODUCT AND THE BEST PRICE.”
L. Monroy, Co-op Member
”ClickNKid I believe is really helping our 5 year old to understand reading better. It is fun and interactive.”
Tabitha W., Co-op Member
”I have really seen reading improvement with my 1st grader. She had such a hard time remembering all the different sounds and digraphs. Since she has started ClickNRead, she is now retaining them. I am thrilled! She is in lesson 40 now, and learning fast!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”Love, love, love ClickNRead... So much that we are strongly considering adding on ClickNSpell for both of my kids!!! They both love being on the computer so getting to learn on there is a benefit to me and a treat for them!

I will definitely be recommending ClickNRead to my homeschooling friends as well as any others who might need some extra help with budding readers.”
Kim H., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this program. We got both the phonics and the spelling programs. They are linked together and very user friendly. My 6 yr. old son is really engaged. We had tried Hooked On Phonics several times with no success. He was not reading yet and after I supplemented this with a program using the DiStar method (which we had already been doing, still with not complete success) he really connected the dots. He is at an early reading level and doing great on his spelling tests! My son really likes the interaction and feedback from the program. We will definitely continue to use this product. We are more than satisfied with the results and recommend it to all our friends.”
Jacqui T., Co-op Member
”We feed in ClickNKids Phonics into my youngest's studies daily. We were using the old school hooked on phonics and he was completely frustrated. After 15 minutes with this one, he was reading the first sentences to me. :) The lessons can be adjusted time and skill wise, which I like, and it is an engaging format that can go as fast as his brain does. My little guy is a struggling emerging reader with some auditory processing and visual processing issues that we are working on and this program works well for us considering. He can press the repeat sound button to make sure he is hearing the correct sounds, and I can go into the management mode and back up and have him redo lessons as I need to and it is really free form and self-paced which I like. It automatically reinforces his weakest areas. LOVE that! All of our lessons are online and interactive as this is best for his learning style and this product works well for us. It is engaging enough to hold his attention without being too much, and has enough content not to be boring. Great value and really helps me identify strengths and weaknesses to reinforce with him during our table time. A very very good buy! I used SmartPoints I had earned and I am so happy that I did. It helped us streamline our day and is really efficient, fun, cute and helpful. He cannot wait to finish this one so that he can move on from the 'puppy' program (phonics) to the 'kitty' program (reading) = happy mom :)”
Christi W., Co-op Member
”Excellent phonics program which requires minimal parental oversight. Very good value. My daughter doesn't LOVE it but she does it without fussing (an improvement over the last 3 products). Parent page gives me a good idea about her strengths and weaknesses without having to watch over her shoulder. The inclusion of dictation was a struggle for her as a new reader but the program does give help so she didn't get stuck. Overall a great product which made phonics practice workable.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful program that has kept my reluctant reader interested in reading and spelling. She can't wait to log on and do her work! Thank you ClickNKids!”
Kim W., Co-op Member
”This product is a great way to enhance speech therapy and promote confidence in learning phonics. We use it to supplement our speech and phonics curricula. Our kids like the autonomy and the fun characters which encourages them even more. We have told others about this product and how much our kids really enjoy it! Thanks for having ClickNKIDS!!”
Tess S., Co-op Member
”We love this product. I was struggling with teaching phonics to my 2nd grader and in the 2 months she has been using this her reading ability has sky rocketed. We have just started using this with my 5 year old son as well. My friend (who is also a homeschool mom) referred me to this program and I absolutely love it. I am trying to convince my husband to purchase the spelling portion as well.”
Jennifer S, Co-op Member
”Excellent program! Works very well for my 5-year old son.”
MB, Co-op Member
”My preschool daughter loves this program! It is a nice complement to the more traditional workbook phonics curriculum we also use. Click n' Read is a lot of fun and teaches many different reading skills at once in a progressive manner. It keeps track of each child's lesson number so the parent really only needs to open the program to pick up where the child left off. It also orients the child to beginning computer skills like using a keyboard and mouse. I really appreciate the lifetime subscription so that I can use it with my other children. Highly recommended!”
Brittany D., Co-op Member
”ClickN Read Phonics is a fantastic program for kids who need a little extra practice with their phonics, especially if they tire of the book work easily (like my 8 year old son)!! There are cute characters and enough cartoon humor to keep them entertained, but serious enough to help them learn the lessons. My son loves it, and his younger brother wants to do it too (even though he's a little young yet)! I highly recommend this program, especially for kids who seem to respond better to a visual computer program than workbooks!!”
Cavell Gronniger, Co-op Member
”My daughter, who is five, has enjoyed the program. She has made great gains with the help of ClickNPhonics. It's fun, encouraging, and just the right length per lesson (about 15 minutes). And my daughter can work independently while I'm cooking dinner. Wish I had bought a subscription at the beginning of our school year.”
R. Price, Co-op Member
”My boys, 5 and 7, love learning with ClicknKids! Both stuggle with focusing and ClicknKids keeps their focus and they're learning a lot! Couldn't be happier. Thank you for a great product. They really do think of it as a computer game and beg me to do ClicknKids!”
J. Haggard, Co-op Member
”I have tried several things to help my son learn to spell and nothing worked, until Clicknspell. He has made such great progress with spelling and we owe it all to this great program. Thank you!”
Karen B., Co-op Member
”My first grader was struggling with reading. By using ClickNKids, she has been more excited about doing her schoolwork, and I have seen a huge improvement in her reading skills in just a few short weeks.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We use click n read with children with significant learning disabilities. The kids seem to enjoy it, we will continue to use it for a long time to come. If I feel that they have not gotten it I have them redo lessons.”
Rox, Co-op Member
”My son has been struggling with reading. He is in grade two right now and there were days he did not what to even try. He just tells me he is dumb and can't do anything, I have been trying different things to make it more exciting for him all year. Then someone told me about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so I went on it to see what is was about and came across ClickN'read phonics, my son loves to go on it and knows alot of his sounds now and is more willing to try and sound out words. I was so thrilled with it I also just ordered the ClickN'spell for him. He can't wait to get started on it. He loves the fact that it is animals on a space-ship. I am so much happier now and looking forward to next year. Boys learn differently than girls and this is fun and exciting for them. It goes to grade 5 I believe. Nice thing about it is that it is transferable. I would recommend it to anyone. Kids need a change from just book work and he does this on his own so I can help my other two. Even if you don't homeschool but your child is struggling help them by putting them on this program. Make them feel good about themselves.”
Jacqueline P., homeschooling Co-op Member
”We absolutely LOVE ClickNKids Phonics! Our 8 year old son who is autistic is doing so well now with phonics and learning the foundations to reading thanks to this program. It has also refreshed our 6 year old in learning to identify words and has taught him how to use the keyboard. The boys think the dog in this program is hilarious and they think of it more as a "game" than a school lesson. I plan to use this program with all of our kids!”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”My son cries when he has to do traditional language arts and reading work with workbook pages, letter cards, word cards, a little chalk board, etc. But he actually enjoys the ClickNLearn Phonics! We've just started using it so I can't speak about actual results, but so far, he wants to do it and that makes a huge difference!”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”My 6 year old son absolutely loves ClickNRead. He was getting bored with the usual phonics instruction, so I tried ClickNRead. Not only is he excited to do the lessons each day but he is learning to read with no effort on my part. I can see how he is advancing during our reading time. He is becoming more fluent and confident everyday. I really like how the program is segmented in to lessons so I don't have to decide where to stop. And the lessons are just long enough to be challenging but not too long where they become boring. Great program!”
Britten Hottel, Co-op Member
”Click N Kids has turned our days around. We used to struggle each day to get through phonics. My son now wants to do phonics as long as it is Click N Kids. I highly recommend this program to anyone that who has a reluctant learner.”
M. Winston, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old hated phonics before ClickNKids. She overheard me calling it phonics as I was talking and exclaimed,"is that phonics, I hate phonics but I like the doggie game." (We call it the doggie game.) My 4 year old asks to play it too.”
Dorothy, Co-op Member
”My son is enjoying Click n Read phonics. He is always excited and smiling when he completes a lesson. It took me 1 year to purchase this and I am really glad that I did. Thanks for making this available and affordable.”
Dale B., Co-op Member
”ClickNKIDS is a favorite in our home. Our kids will sit with their headphones on, playing ClickNKIDS together. We are so happy with the Reading version, we are looking into the spelling one.”
Jenn V., Co-op Member
”I have two children that are using ClickNkids. It is user friendly and easy for them to use. It is a fairly simple program, but it is helping them with their reading skills. The time to complete each lesson is about 15 minutes, which is a good length of time for them to do a lesson a day. I like how at the end of each lesson, a parent can see how they did on the lesson with a printable report. ClicknKids is well worth the reasonable cost of joining.”
Heidi, Co-op Member
”We're thrilled with the progress our daughter in learning to read. The consistent feedback is amazing, I love knowing exactly when to repeat a lesson or keep going. We researched many and tried a few programs before finding this one. We needed something very specific to help with some special needs.”
Jocelyn M., Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoys the product. I love how it is a real voice instead of the animated voice of another program I was using. I also love how it is a lifetime membership that can be passed on to siblings and then friends or family.”
Becky S., Co-op Member
”ClickNKids Phonics is great for a child, like my son, who needs some interactive reading work in addition to quiet reading practice. He really enjoys the robotics theme and never complains about doing his phonics "schoolwork."”
M. Newkirk, Co-op Member
”We purchased ClickNRead for our 6-year-old son who didn't really pick up reading while in kindergarten. Over the next couple of months, he continued to ask to "play that reading game on the computer" and has improved 100%. He loves to try to read other books and signs now as well. We are so glad that we purchased this that we purchased a second user for our 4-year-old.”
C. Warner, Co-op Member
”My 6 yr. old daughter really enjoys ClickNKids. We purchased the ClickNSpell program as well. It's a fun way for her to learn spelling and phonics. We'll definitely continue to use it and tell our friends as well.”
Cindy J., Co-op Member
”This particular product is recommended for children age 4 and up. I purchased it for my very advanced 2 year old. She is definitely enjoying it. The lessons are a little long for her attention span, but we just stop and repeat them the next time. She is definitely learning the letter sounds and even where the letters are on the keyboard. We have tried: Your Baby can Read as well as Hooked on Phonics. This is the only one that keeps her attention so far. She will be using this program until she outgrows it.”
Melissa Plant, Co-op Member
”I've only been using ClickN Read Phonics for 4 days now, but I must say that my Kindergartner loves it and can't wait to sit down and learn with it. That says a lot!”
Cindy K., Co-op Member
”I have been using Click N Read with my special needs son. The lessons are short and able to keep his attention. He is sounding out the sentences we practice each night. I would recommend this program for young children or those with learning delays.”
Brenda Blowers, Co-op Member
”I purchased Click and Read for my 4 year old grand daughter. We are taking the lessons slow and repeating them several times. She is learning the sound each letter makes and reading the words. She is learning to sound the words out without realizing it. The sentences are read too fast for her. I would suggest they be read MUCH slower. I have caught some letters used in words that have not been introduced yet. It seems to work itself out O.K. I believe it is well worth the money, with the lifetime use.”
Leslie Austin, Co-op Member
”I purchased this because I needed something to keep my 4 year old occupied while I teach my 13 year old. I only bought it for fun, but lo and behold, he is learning to read! I have let him navigate it independently and have not done any teaching with him in addition to what he gets through ClickNKids and he has started sounding out words. I am very impressed with the way this curriculum presents learning sounds and phonics. He can't wait to do "my school" every day and I'm not even a person who believes in doing anything formal until age 7 or 8. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!”
Meliea H., Co-op Member
”My 5 year old daughter enjoys the program and it has helped her learn and have fun while she's doing it.”
Erica, Co-op Member
”My six year old is loving "study time" even more now that we use Click N' Kids. The phonics lessons are fun and she is reading more words each day. The only thing that I would change is the lesson report email that Click N' Spell has that Click N' Kids phonics does not have. I really like that feature as it helps me to repeat lessons that need more work.”
Rebekkah, Co-op Member
”We purchased Click'n'Read Phonics a little over a month ago. My son is 5 and we are part of the K12 charter schools. They provide wonderful curriculum for Phonics but it was the one subject I just couldn't bear to teach. I thought it was boring and I am sure my attitude was reflected in my actions. I purchased Click'n'Read Phonics to take over for me. It is wonderful!!! My son has learned so much from the program. The lessons are just the right length to hold his attention and teach him the lessons for that day.

If you dislike teaching phonics, as I did, purchase this product and let it do all of the repeating and sounding out for you.”
Patricia W, Co-op Member
”I did a lot of research on the best rated computer phonics products for our son before purchasing ClickNKIDS Phonics. It was highly rated and reviews by other homeschool parents were great. Our son loves anything to do with the computer so I thought this would be a better fit for him than what we had used for our daughters. He LOVES it! The lessons are short enough to hold his attention and provide enough fun that he likes to do them. I would highly recommend both the product and the GREAT PRICE you can get with the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Jane D., Co-op Member
”My 5 year old daughter loves her time to do Click n' Kids. The program is comprehensive with lots of good repetition and moves along at an appropriate pace for beginning readers. I am not impressed with the computerized pronuncations of a few letters, however, this is a minor complaint and we will continue to use it.”
Sara S., Co-op Member
”I will go against the grain and say that while I like this program, I don't love it. My first grade son is not thrilled with the program. His grasp of phonics has improved since he began the program, but he does not particularily enjoy doing it and it does not always hold his attention. I have noticed some gliches with the program that frustrate my son (i.e. the sounds "th" and "f" are to be differentiated from each other early on in the program and it is difficult to tell what sound was pronounced - even when it is dead quiet in the room let alone when there is background noise). Also, some of the letter sounds are to be typed at the same time for sound identification. For example, for the "th" sound the child is to press the t and h at the same time on the keyboard in order to move on. Many times, my son get's stuck on these because our computer will not read his response. Frustrating! One more thing that I do not like about this program is that many of the consonant sounds are taught with an "uh" sound. For example, "v" is taught as "v-uh". That is not the correct pronounciation and frustrates me to no end. All that aside, this program is a good value and I can transfer it to my other kids when they are ready for a phonics program. It has definitely helped my son with phonics. I will move on to a different phonics program for grade 2, but will use it next year with my kindergartener. Maybe he will enjoy it better.”
Deanna, Co-op Member
”My children have been using the ClickN Read Phonics program, and they love it! I like that it's more than just a game, it is an actual teaching program. I also like that it gives detailed information about their results, which is helpful for reporting purposes and to see where they need help. It only takes a few minutes a day.”
Dawn C, Co-op Member
”Been using this program w/my son who is 10 yrs old and has Down syndrome and autism. He responds well to it and we're definitely seeing progress both w/phonics/phonetics and with sight words.”
Angela C., Co-op Member
”My 6 years old love the program. It is very interactive and fun. He does not feel bored since the program is short and interesting. We love it so far.”
Hui Fun Tan, Co-op Member
”Getting thru our previous reading lessons with my twins separately was really a challenge, so I am thrilled to find this product! It is comparable to the homeschool moms' favorite book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons", but it does the lessons for you! Cartoon characters and games make it fun for your kids! AND you can pass it on to a friend when done, as its LIFETIME and transferable! A WIN WIN in my book!”
Erica Garner, Co-op Member
”We are about 18 lessons into ClickNRead. I like how lessons are kept short and also have the kids read aloud with increasing speed. I think it is a good value and have liked it better than Reading Eggs. I like the supplemental materials for the parent, like the dolce worksheets. Overall, it is a good supplement to our phonics curriculum. I do not use it as a stand alone.”
Sara H., Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed using this software so much that I wish it would have been available years ago with my first two kids. A bonus to me is that I can update the lesson that they are working on when they don't complete it to my standards with just a click of the mouse. Completely user-friendly and not only engaging for the kids - but it works incredibly well!”
Missy Lewie, Co-op Member
”My son loves it. The phonics program is great for K. However the spelling is a bit difficult for him still.”
Marrissa, Co-op Member
”Looney Tunes is incredible!!! The price through Homeschool Buyers Co-op was amazing as well. My son absolutely loves this program and he's learning so much in such a short time. Thank you, HBC, for allowing such great deals to be available for your members.”
happytobesmiling, Co-op Member
”I love this program! I have been extremely satisfied with it. My daughter loves the Click'N'Read and I have seen a huge improvement with her reading. I have also seen some improvement with her spelling with the Click'N'Spell program. I wish I had found this program sooner!”
K. Norman, Co-op Member
”We love Click and read and Click and spell. My daughter is severely ADHD and has a very hard time when it comes to reading and spelling. I love the fact she is interested in how she did at the end of each lesson . She doesn't fight about doing the lessons and she is already learning to read and spell. We can always repeat lessons when she needs to and only move ahead when she is ready. We will use it for her little sister and I wish we had used it when my son was younger. I have told everyone that will listen to use this product if you want your child to succeed at reading and spelling. Great product !”
Jolie K., Co-op Member
”My 6 1/2 yo son says: "Looney Tunes is a really interesting way to learn. I like that I can use it without my mom's help. It has helped me sound out words more confidently on my own. Any school can basically use the program. I like that you can skip a level if it's too easy. And, you get learning and choices."”
dillon vanhierden, Co-op Member
”This has been extremely helpful in helping my child, who's on the autism spectrum, learn to read. My son it makes it kind of fun because of the action scenes.”
Kelly K, Co-op Member
”My seven year old boy loves doing ClickNKIDs. It is a fun way to do school without him thinking it is school. I will continue to use it and would recommend it to anyone.”
Heather, Co-op Member
”We love Looney Tunes Phonics here at our house. It's fun and challenging, while providing fun entertainment along the way of learning and practice. My daughter gets phoneme reinforcement as well as sight word practice. We value the role of Looney Tunes Phonics in our homeschool and will use it again for our next child.”
Jana H., Co-op Member
”This product has been a great addition to our home educating program. We are using it as our primary phonics learning program - already my five year old is reading simple words.”
Cheri Westbrooks, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old loves that he can do ClickNRead and ClickNSpell by himself. He asks if he can "play" ClickNKids. It is great to hear him so engaged as he works through the activities.”
N. Holland, Co-op Member
”My first-grader love this program. The lessons are short and engaging. The best part is the reading fluency section during the reading lesson. Already it's made a difference in my son's reading speed.”
Missy P, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old son absolutely loves ClickNKids! Getting him to do phonics and spelling used to be a battle but now he looks forward to it! My 4 year old enjoys it too. It is still a little difficult for him but he enjoys trying!”
N.Cunningham, Co-op Member
”We really love Explode the Code (print version), but my very active kindergarten daughter was struggling to get through the worksheets. She is a good reader, but not progressing as easily as she could have due to her struggle with handwriting and the format of the lessons. I had her try a few online phonics programs and she really enjoyed ClickNKids. I felt the Looney Tunes version had a bit too much "cartoon" in them, but the standard version has really been great for us. She is able to complete the lessons almost entirely independently and is often asking to do more than one lesson at a time. This has been a huge help for us! The one thing I would change is to have the standard version compatible with an iPad.”
N. James, Co-op Member
”ClickNKIDS is a great interactive program that my 7 year old son is happy to do daily. It appeals to his competitive nature and he is learning reading, spelling, typing through phonics without even realizing it because the format is fun. Thank you to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for your buying power to provide such a great product at an affordable price.”
A. Bevan, Co-op Member
”I am writing a review for click n read. We have not used click and spell yet. I am using click n read with my reluctant 5 year old. He has some speech annunciation difficulties so learning to read is very challenging, and frustrating. He tells me the program is boring but listen he does not end up in tears when trying to figure out the answers and while playing the games like he has with other learn to read programs. As a mom, I have also noticed and increase in attention to task from him and he is getting the answers correct. We have been using the program for about 2 months. My 5 year still in unable to read but I am pleased with the results I have seen up to this point.”
Mandee g, Co-op Member
”My 7 year old boy loves it! It makes phonics ad spelling more fun than just doing a worksheet.”
Bessie, Co-op Member
”We purchased the combination subscription for 3 students because it was a greater value. I liked the program due to the ability of the parent to control the level at which the student works. You can also restart an episode and reset the levels if there needs to be a review. SO far my children enjoy working within the program. It is a nice addition the lessons are timed just right, so a student can complete a lesson or 2 and then move onto another topic.”
Michelle A., Co-op Member
”Another layer of education adding to a complete experience. My kids like the computer interaction. The lessons are self-led and a perfect compliment to learning.”
Arlene F., Co-op Member
”My son's spelling and recognition of sight words has greatly improved. I am plugging along with this curriculum and plan to use it with my next son as well because it is so thorough. My older son likes it, but is a little bored because it has more repetition than he needs, so I just have to be a little more on him to finish the lessons. Good thing is the lessons are short and the cartoons are fun to watch, so I just have to give him a little push through the portions that loose his attention.”
Christy S., Co-op Member
”ClickNKIDS has been a wonderful addition to my first grade son's phonics program. It made phonics fun for him. His understanding of phonics has improved greatly and he is now reading above grade level. He really enjoyed the characters (Cosmo Cat and his tv screen). As soon as he completed the phonics program he asked to do the ClickNSpell program.”
Heidi S., Co-op Member
”I really love this program that aids in reading and spelling. Fun graphics that keep the kids attention and I get a report emailed with the results.”
Missy G, Co-op Member
”I registered my older two kids for the reading and spelling. Both of them absolutely love the animations and the lessons. I have seen a real difference in their reading and spelling in their other lessons.”
C. Rea, Co-op Member
”We are very happy we got ClickNKIDS for my son who has not been to Preschool and will be going to Kindergarten in the next academic year. We have seen tremendous improvement in my son understanding the phonics. My wife was asking why I didn't get this for my other two children. My son loves the feedback he gets. And he loves the spaceship environment that makes him go learn.”
Nusrath Mohammed, Co-op Member