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on Circle of Scholars
from Professor Carol
300 Years of Interaction in Western Music,
Arts, History, and Culture

(for Middle School to Adult)

Offer Expires 08-31-2018 at 11:59 pm Pacific

Special Notice: This supplier has arrived for summer savings and approved Co-op member discounts through August 31st! Jump in today before they're gone!

Welcome Professor Carol!

The Co-op is pleased to offer a one (1) year online Circle of Scholars Membership from Professor Carol at deep GroupBuy savings! You may already know and love Professor Carol via her signature course, Discovering Music. We are pleased to offer Professor Carol’s complete content package -- the Circle of Scholars online membership!

This robust online membership program, Circle of Scholars, includes Five (5) complete courses & more:

  • Discovering Music: 300 Years of Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture. Our flagship course covering the history of music from approximately 1600 to 1914.
  • Early Sacred Music: History from the Jerusalem Temple to 1400 featuring performances of ancient music, Gregorian chant, and Medieval polyphony.
  • America's Artistic Legacy: American History finds expression in the incredible richness of America’s music, art, drama, and literature.
  • Imperial Russia: From ancient bells and chant to the Romanticism of Tchaikovsky, a course on Russia’s distinctive history and culture.
  • Research & Writing: Presentations on Research & Writing provide the tools for academic success and college prep.
  • Videos, Webinars, Written Assignments, Quizzes, Podcasts, Tools for the Arts, & MORE!

One low price gives you access to *ALL* content!

300 Years of Interaction in Music, Arts, History, and Culture

The arts are often viewed today as "extra"-curricular; but music was one of the seven liberal arts considered essential to a Classical education. The arts provide one of the best insights into a particular time and place. Imagine someone 200 years from now trying to understand today's American culture without ever considering our books, music, films, or television programs. These artistic forms contain a lot of information about our culture -- information that can only be grasped by experiencing that art. The same is true for any historical period.

When a student is exposed to the art and music of a time and place, the historical personalities and events are brought into clearer focus and linked together in more meaningful ways, essentially bringing history, music, and the arts ALIVE and making them relevant for the student. Students will journey around the globe with Professor Carol on a lively and entertaining romp through history, while also adding a serious study of music and the arts.

Professor Carol does all of the instruction for you! Program/s include terminology, annotations, projects, viewing guides, and quizzes that track the video instruction. Musical examples coordinate with the course instruction. Professor Carol and many other experts tie the history of art and music to math, science, technology, geography, and more using (1) Location Footage, (2) Interviews With Experts, and (3) Musical Performances. BUT, the good news is that there is no prior Music experience required!

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    • Returns/Cancellations: As this is a special group purchase, you cannot back out once you place your order. Additionally, there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS available for this online program. The Co-op recommends that you take the time to preview the program thoroughly with the online video clips and samples to ensure a confident purchase, prior to participation in this GroupBuy.
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Circle of Scholars 1-Year Online Membership

Retail Price: $139.00
Current Group Price: $83.40
Current Group Savings: 40%
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*SP = SmartPoints
The Circle of Scholars is rich in content with materials and courses on music and history suitable for older students, college prep, and life-long learners. The 1-Year Online Membership includes FIVE courses from Professor Carol:
  • Discovering Music
  • Early Sacred Music
  • America's Artistic Legacy
  • Imperial Russia
  • Research & Writing
This online membership program features Videos, Webinars, Written Assignments, Quizzes, Podcasts, Tools for the Arts, and MORE!

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NOTE: Teacher Manual materials inclusive.

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We are loving Discovering Music. My 15 yod and 14 yos can't wait to watch Professor Carol and listen to all the music she suggests. After his assignment listening to Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag, in fact, he asked for the sheet music for his birthday and is having fun with it on the piano.

I am thrilled with all they are being exposed to, and there is minimal preparation for me. We are looking forward to all we will learn this year. I'm so glad my friend told me about using this program last year, and I'm sharing how much we like it on my ...(more)
Shonya, Co-op Member
I love this program. The DVD lectures have interviews and aren't your typical "lecture." The CDs are wonderful. The book is easy to understand and do. It is a VERY informative and well presented program. I am SO happy I jumped on this buy.
BEI, Co-op Member
My children and I are enjoying are journey through music and history. I love the perspective that Professor Carol shares on music, history, and culture - including European perceptions about Americans. We are stretching our minds and or ears while having a blast learning.

This year we are using Discovering music as a supplement and focusing mainly on learning about music. I plan to use it again in a couple of years with the same children plus my youngest as European history. We'll just delve deeper into to supplemental readings focused on...(more)
Bobbi, Co-op Member
I purchased the online version of this for my son, who was in 11th grade at the time. He already had a fine art elective, but I wanted him to have a music class. This was the perfect class for a non-musical student. Professor Carol helped him understand how music and history and cultures are intertwined. He gained a new appreciation for "real" music that has stood the test of time. I highly recommend this course.
Sonja C, Co-op Member
We LOVE our 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture program. It is so thorough and exciting. We actually do it at night when everyone (Dad!) is home and can learn from it. My 12 year old daughter just loves how it always touches upon something we are studying in a different subject during the day, like science. This is a program that we will be using every year because there is so much there we can always learn new things each time. It is very easily absorbed. Carol Reynolds is entertaining and fun and brings a...(more)
C. Higgins, Co-op Member
Discovering Music is absolutely the BEST product we have tried for our Fine Arts studies. Not only is is Professor Carol a gifted, interesting teacher; but she has transferred her enthusiasm and love for her subject to all of us. We all LOVE Discovering Music! I am amazed--this is the first time in a long time that my high school students keep asking for more!
Penny G., Co-op Member
My 8th grade son & I just finished the last chapter of this course. It was amazing! I highly recommend it. We used it as a stand alone high school history curriculum (for those doing 9th or 10th grade work). Prof. Carol is a wealth of info. & consistently integrates what's happening in the world along w/ the history of the music so you get a comprehensive understanding of the time period & context of events. I'm so glad that Prof. Carol created this program so the next generation can gain a classical educ. in music - something lacking in m...(more)
buhlig, Co-op Member
My son and I enjoyed watching one of the segments. It was a little long for an 8 year old at 45 minutes. I decided to do the program in a year or two. The author gets everyone interested in the arts!
Russ, Co-op Member
Discovering Music is an extremely interesting course that is packed full of music, history, and culture. Carol Reynolds is a very knowledgeable and dynamic teacher. I love it, and plan to watch it more than once. Our children ages 5, 7, 9, and 11 watch it, but do not love it, as I do, as it is better suited to a slightly more mature audience.

HOWEVER, while I do think it is a fantastic series, not all of the episodes are as multimedia-fast-paced-entertaining as we expected they would be after watching the trailer/advertisement video. There...(more)
A. Mack, Co-op Member
We are learning so much about music and history with this fantastic curriculum! Professor Carol is passionate about music and history, and this translates to her being very interesting to watch. My son is using Discovering Music as a high school fine arts credit this year, and I have purchased an additional book for my daughter to use when she reaches high school. I have already recommended the curriculum to a number of my fellow homeschoolers.
L. White, Co-op Member
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