The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Chester Comix to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Chester Comix and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”Just wanted you to know that we really like Chester Comix. Thanks for all you do. ”
M.C., Co-op Member
”Engaging...that word alone is what we strive for in books, not to mention history books. My daughter, who has ADHD and dyslexia, LOVES, LOVES the Chester Comix. She is 11 and can't believe that the books are all about educating her about history. You are making history yourself! Zoe has brought the "COMIX" out with the family and has sparked interest in others around us. Thank you for creating lessons that encourage kids to read, comprehend, learn and participate in discussions.”
Kendra Bramble, Co-op Member
”My 10-yr old loves Chester Comix. We were using a popular textbook-style curriculum before, so this is a welcome change. We mix it up with living books, documentaries, and movies based on his inquiries during our reading. He also loves the hands-on crafts/projects as well.”
2EpicKids, Co-op Member
”I purchased Chester Comix for my 8-year-old daughter. She has been so enthralled by the stories so far. She often asks to do an extra day! My 11 year old has another history curriculum but also sits in on his sister's lessons. He is engaged and learning! I love the family time we are experiencing because of these books!!”
Caitie, Co-op Member
”My reluctant reader is beginning to love history because of Chester comix. Great buy!”
Jill, Co-op Member
”My son loves history, my son loves comics, my son loves these books! Best part? They helped my reluctant chapter book reader cross the bridge to historical chapter books in a fun and engaging way!”
Julie V., Co-op Member
”I have to admit that I have not had a chance to look at the comic books myself because my two girls (ages 12 and 9) ran off with them as soon as they saw them. They have read and re-read them, they loved them so much.”
Irene G., Co-op Member
”Wow! These are a fun way to learn about history! These comics are packed full of information and presented in a fun and interesting format. I am using them for my 12 yr old and he loves them! He says that they are funny and interesting.”
Kelly D., Co-op Member
”My son and I both really enjoy these comics. We read them in voices which keeps it fun. We skip over some of the activities (he is almost 13 and he's not going to make a telescope out of a paper towel roll) but he answers the questions at the end of each chapter. I love having the vocabulary words at the beginning so we can discuss them with context. It helps to be living in beautiful Virginia where so much of this history took place.”
Donna S., Co-op Member
”I've found that comics are a great way to get non-readers to read on their own. These have a good blend of "funny" and history. I set them out, and my daughters (9 & 11) read them through without me assigning them!”
Rebekah, Co-op Member
”We started using Chester Comic about a month ago and the kids have really taken to it. Comic style reading takes the hum-drum out of boring old history textbooks. Not only do you get a huge stack of comic books, but also an in-depth teacher's guide. Also included in the teacher's guide are ideas for tying in some English and science. Chester Comix is a great curriculum that can definitely stand alone for history. Great for kids of all ages.”
Ana Robin, Co-op Member
”My three boys (11, 9, & 7 years) have enjoyed these so much. They have been reading them every day since we got them. I have looked through nearly all of them, and I am pleased. Illustrations are good. History is easy to understand. Quality is nice as well. I would recommend these for an overview of U.S. History from pre-colonial times to post WWII. Also covers Civil Rights movement as well as notable women of history and other misc topics.”
K. Beebe, Co-op Member
”We use these as history read-alouds and conversation jumping-off-points. Of course, I just HAPPEN to leave a few titles in the collection lying around the house and am very gratified when I come into a room and catch them reading history on their own! The full collection also includes some titles specific to Virginia, which we have enjoyed in our travels there. Graphic (as in comic-style) materials have really helped jump start my reluctant boy readers, and this set of Comix does just that. Well worth the price! (and I need to mention, the concepts and causes of events in American History are very well-addressed in this series and have enhanced my own understanding!)”
Sylvia D., Co-op Member
”My oldest son would rather read comics than anything else. The Chester Comix are a great fit for him: he reads history in a format he really enjoys and I like that he's learning. They also have inspired him to seek out more information on topics, always a good thing! I bought the print books so they are always available and I see them off the shelf frequently.”
Kristen O., Co-op Member
”These comic books are bright,colorful, and printed on nice heavy weight paper.

Very detailed study guides available from their website.

My more reluctant 3 grade reader reads them before falling asleep.

Cute little details like a silhouette of Snoopy and Red Baron in the WW1 book.

A springboard for more in depth study.”
Pam K., Co-op Member
”Wow! My daughter LOVES these. She read every single one in the set within a week. And the knowledge-base was phenomenal for comics. Yes, it can be used as a curriculum, but for us it has been a wonderful opportunity for self-led learning. She has been going back to read the stories again and again.”
Kathy Gossen, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed using Chester - Comix for our US History. The characters are engaging, the material solid and it is a great starting point for my kids to do more research and exploring on their own.”
Laura P, Co-op Member
”My son loves these! And let's face it, so do I...he's learning history!”
Mrs. Kahlo, Co-op Member
”We are a family of history buffs, so when my 16 year old daughter was struggling in history, I wasn't sure what to do differently. We tried multiple ways of getting the information into her head but nothing stuck. But with Chester Comix she is finally getting it. She remembers history and is actually enjoying it! Thank you!”
Denise Brown, Co-op Member
”We bought these a couple years ago, but I never wrote a testimonial. Given the amount of use these books have received, I think it only fair to write how much they have been enjoyed. My sons have read and re-read these. I think they have them memorized!! I continually hear comments about some area of history or another. When I ask where they learned it, invariably I hear... "I read it in Chester Comics." These have never been a "formal" part of our schooling, but they have contributed more than many of the books I have assigned. Thank you!”
JAL, Co-op Member
”My seven year old son is often found immersed in these comix and learning history while laughing! The comix with humor help buffer sometimes difficult subjects and the quality is Excellent!”
Beth Swan, Co-op Member
”My 6th grade son is a very reluctant reader, but he loves these comix. He can't keep the fun to himself. He just HAS to share all the funny stuff with me. After reading the first sections of the Economics comix he wrote his own comix page about making good buying choices. Thank you for kindling a new light in my son.
History can be FUN!!!!
We will still use our other, more detailed, history books, but these will be our jump starters. We have the whole set.
I am telling others about these. These are a wonderful addition to our curriculum.
My son can't reccomend them highly enough.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 10 and 12, love these comics. They pick them up at any given time and read them on their own. Highly recommend!”
Jana, Co-op Member
”My elementary aged boys LOVE these comic books! They are really into graphic novels of all kinds, so this was right up their alley. We studied American history this year in our homeschool curriculum and these were a tremendous addition to our classroom!”
Samantha J, Co-op Member
”I am so happy I bought this for my kids (ages 9 1/2, 8 and 6) We already read one of the comics together and I've started another one as a read aloud. My intent was to go through all of these as read-alouds, but already the older 2 want to read these on their own as well. A great investment for a beautiful set of educational comics. Thanks!”
MG, Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 8 and 10, have loved Chester-Comix. We have used it to supplement our History curriculum this year and they really look forward to reading it. Chester-Comix brings history to life for them.”
Rachel S., Co-op Member
”My children are really enjoying Chester-Comix. They don't want me to stop reading them.”
CMC, Co-op Member
”Our three kids (7, 9 and 10) love Chester Comix. The oldest read all of them in 2 weeks. The other two are working their way through them. I've never asked anyone to read them, they just pick them up and do it on their own. Great for kids who are dyslexic or visual-spatial!”
C.M.G., Co-op Member
”These comix keep my son engaged. They are very entertaining and educational at the same time.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We are impressed with the educational benefits of these comics. We use them in our history curriculum and also print out the lesson plans. Since there are quizzes, puzzles and the like, in the lesson plans, what was read is reviewed and solidified, as well as evaluated. Finally my child is enjoying history.”
Linn V., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old is dyslexic. These are perfect for a reluctant reader. He actually asks to read the next lesson. He laughs at the jokes and remembers what he has read. I would not use it alone. We added it to our Evan Moore History Pocket series between the 2 and some outside sources I feel he is getting a solid history education. The comic book pictures give a nice visual to the time period being studied another added benefit. We plan on using them over 3rd grade - 5th grade and pass them down to the younger siblings.”
Jennie, Co-op Member
”My oldest loves comic books and history, so this was a match made in homeschool heaven. We just started to bridge into the Civil War this last week and the Civil War Activity Book is going to be an awesome addition to our study unit. We ordered on a Monday and had our 29 comics and books on Friday of the same week- great ship time! I really appreciate the quality of durability of the books. They are not printed on thin comic paper but the cover is as thick as or thicker then cardstock and the paper inside is heavy weight. I also really appreciate the free teacher guides available for download on the Chester Comix website. Thank you, we can not wait to incorporate these into our classroom. My boys are so excited- they didn't know there were comic books for school =)”
Kay Z, Co-op Member
”My son was a reluctant reader but he loves graphic novels. How wonderful it is to have a graphic novel that is also educational. Chester Comix is now his favorite thing to read and how can I say no! They are historically accurate and engaging. The Comix are told with such creativity he remembers what he's read too!

We can't wait for more Chester Comix!”
Sarah Anderson, Huge Fan of Chester Comix
”I can not say enough good things about Chester Comix. I bought them for my 8 year old son to compliment our history studies and literature discussions. He loves books with graphics so I knew it would be a hit with him. What I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy them as well. The hidden jokes and allusions throughout appeal to both young and old, and I enjoy explaining the ones to my son that he is too young to catch on his own. I also was very impressed with the quality and fairness of the information being taught. Both sides of an issue are addressed with historical fact, and not the opinion of the author. This has to be one of the best investments I have made so far in my 5 years of homeschooling. I have 4 kids ages 5-13 and they all enjoy the comics. The quality of the actual product itself is incredible. Worth every penny and should be considered by every parent wether you homeschool or your kids go to public school.”
S. Meschoulam, Co-op Member
”My seven year old daughter loves manga and comics. When I presented her with a pile of Chester Comix she started reading them voraciously. Her favorite is Comix Economics. I will definitely continue to buy Chester Comix as more become available.”
Katherine A., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son and I love Chester Comix!!! They really bring history to life and my son reads them everyday. This is a great resource that everyone will enjoy reading! So glad I bought them. I would highly recommend them.”
JackieF., Co-op Member
”We use Chester-Comix as a supplement to our regular history curriculum. It definitely helps solidify what we are studying into her memory and she enjoys reading them.”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”My 11-year-old daughter is a very visual learner who wrestles with ADHD and autism. When Chester Comix arrived in the mail we were on our way to a camping trip. The books went with us and were read and re-read throughout the weekend, intermingled with the request, "Mom, can we get ALL of these comics? I love them!"”
Carrie G., Co-op Member
”Chester Comix saved the day! My 9 year old son will only read graphic novels and complains and carries on anytime he has to read "real" books. With Chester Comix, we can get through Social Studies and History easily and enjoyable. I am so glad we found them.”
Jill H., Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Chester Comix. My boys have never been more interested in history. I originally thought that I'd use them as a teaching supplement. I can't keep them out of my kids hands! History used to be our "boring" subject. Chester Comix has really ignited a desire to learn about history in our household.”
Krystal, Co-op Member
”We got the whole set of Chester Comix after deliberating a long time and are so glad we did! It was a sacrifice but a great investment in Amercian history education and more for our kids. We've read narrative books, readers, done notebooking and crafts on American history, but I still see Chester Comix as a valuable resource to help cement all we've learned together. Even though our middle ds (7) has had a thorough, memorable and very hands-on Am History through his school, he is so excited when he reads about a battle he acted out in school, but then learns its context even more through Chester, and though he is a good reader, he'd rather do other things so comics gives him incentive to read independently. Our oldest son (10) is homeshooled and loves the comic format because pictures convey meaning when he is too fatigued to read, and i am too busy to read to him. Even though he has a visual impairment (and his neurological system also fatigues really easily) he chose the print version over the digital (tried the iPad sample). I was a little worried based on the shredded condition of already well-read comic books in our household but was delighted when we received heavy-stocked papered, staple-bound and matte print (sometimes glossy created a glare that is visually distracting) box of Chester Comix. Also, the content goes beyond rote facts and dates and really helps synthesize the influences on historical figures and events that culminated in the formation of our country and government in a streamlined way. The boys love the creative presentation - I think it helps them remember history even better (Chester dreaming and mixing up historical characters with superheroes and philosophers). Even our preschooler sits, listens, and looks at the pictures (no gratuitous violence or suggestive clothing) and I'm sure when she is old enough to read for herself Chester Comix will still be a great resource (and will still be in great condition!). I hope one day we can have the option of a discount on the digital books when they all come out for convenience sake when traveling, but I kind of like the feel of paper books myself so I'm glad my kids do too!”
Deb B., Co-op Member
”I had heard great things about Chester Comix and ordered a whole set. My boys, 11 and 9, literally read the entire set in about a week and asked me to get more! The facts are setting in too- my son referenced a fact from one of the books the other day!”
J Schrank, Co-op Member
”My three boys and I have really enjoyed the Chester-Comix series! They love looking at the cartoon pictures and I love that they are learning without it being a battle. Great resource for the type of kids that don't typically like to sit down and read.”
Sarah E., Co-op Member
”I have an avid reader and a reluctant reader, and both of them love to pore over the pages of Chester Comic on my tablet computer. I will hear giggling as they read, and they usually tell me all about it later, starting with, "Hey Mama, guess what..." I'm excited to give them engaging material to lay a foundation of love for real history! We also use other history materials, so this is casual reading for my kids that engages them into the true stories of the past.

We will be moving cross-country, so I'm thrilled that I got the electronic version. I have uploaded all the comics to my tablet, and we will be trekking across the U.S. with Chester!”
M. Williams, Co-op Member
”My 8-year-old daughter is hooked on these comix. I'm sure when our other two little ones grow into them they will be hooked as well. I recommend them for 3 grades and up. I will be pulling these out to use in conjunction to our regular history curriculum. We put each of our in a protective sleeve (bag) designed to hold a large comic or magazine. They now sit in a prominent place on our history shelf in the living room where they can be easily accessed. I think we will be using these again and again. :)”
Darlene, Co-op Member
”I purchased the entire set of Chester-Comix, including a couple of the add-ons, for my 9 year old daughter who will begin homeschooling in the fall. Her two older brothers, ages 12 and 14, already homeschool. My clear *intention* was to have her read these as part of her history for next year.

Long story short, all THREE kids have read the ENTIRE SET within 6 weeks. That isn't to say that the set is shallow. They read *a lot*. I do still intend to use these for my daughter on a deeper level next year with more thorough discussion and activities (also available on the website). But I was quite impressed that Chester Comix was so unanimously loved by all three very different kids. THANK YOU!”
Loretta P, Co-op Member
”My son gobbles them up! Wonderful resource!”
Andrea R., Co-op Member
”Fabulous. I spread them out surreptitiously throughout the house. All three kids, ages 5-14, enjoy. As well as dad, age indeterminate. It is so hard to find products that work with the visual side of ourselves. These are great. I wish there were more.”
Laura D., Co-op Member
”My ten-year-old, fifth grade boy loves Chester Comix! He likes the action and fun of the story line. I like the additional materials in the online teacher's guide that help me round out and reinforce the history lessons. Thanks for a great product at a great price!”
Karen R., Co-op Member
”My student is not a voracious reader, but he reads Chester willingly - even though it is history ;)

He enjoys looking for the hidden jokes. Yet, at the same time, he is actually learning American History. I'm glad we found this.”
Terri C., Co-op Member
”I purchased the Chester Comix bundle for my 7 and 10 year old. My 7 year old reads primarily comics and graphic novels, so this was a great way to channel his interest into an academic subject. My 10 year old loves to read anything, but has a spotty grasp of U.S. History because we haven't studied it systematically; reading Chester Comix has helped her fill in the gaps. It's been a great, fun way to address both their needs and interests.”
C.M., Co-op Member
”My nine year old loves these Chester-Comix! I put them away when we got them and pull out one at a time for trips in the car. I even use them as a reward for a chore or a job well done. After he reads one he is so excited to share his new knowledge with us.”
Melissa Dixon, Co-op Member
”I ordered Chester Comix for my 11 year old son for school. When they came in the summer, he could not keep his hands off of them, so i gave him " 1 day" to look, saying they were for school and he needed to wait. ( wink)...He has devoured them all, and school will not begin for a month. He can't wait to read them again for school. The PDF supplement file that comes with it is enormous, so we can hit it at a much deeper level during the school year. In the meantime, my son is constantly spouting historical facts he has learnd with just a casual reading of a comic book. Chester Comix has brought much needed life and spark back to our homeschool curriculum!”
Kim T, Co-op Member
”My son really enjoys the comics. I am amazed at how much I have learned in reading them with him. And the conversations that have taken place, especially about the Bill of Rights, were quite an eye opening experience for my 11 year-old. I took advantage of the author's personalization/autograph. My son was really impressed with the personalization. So, thank you for letting me hit a home run with that! We can't wait to make our way through the rest of them, once we get back to "school" in the fall.”
Megan, Co-op Member
”:D My 9yr old loves these! It's nice to find educational products that make learning fun. Thank you Chester- Comix”
mamabusybee, Co-op Member
”My eight year old son absolutely loves the Chester Comix books and there was such a variety in the complete bundle that we ordered. He is enjoying learning and sleeps with his Chester Comix to make sure they are close to him. Definitely would recommend for kids that like learning a through graphic novel format.”
Amy H, Co-op Member
”These books are fantastic! My son carries a stack of them every where he goes! The books are a light introduction to different people/periods in history and are great for starting a larger conversation about the topic with your children!”
Heather P., Co-op Member
”My daughter was so excited when our Chester Comix arrived in the mail. We move away from Hampton VA last summer, and these comix were her favorite thing in the Sunday paper. We are doing American History this year, and she and I are both excited about using the comix to supplement the textbook.”
Amy bUTLER, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son loves Chester Comix! Before Chester Comix, my son thought learning history was boring. Now, he reads them over and over, and even takes them in the car. My husband, who is a history buff, also enjoys Chester Comix and the artistic presentation. This is a sound history curriculum wrapped up in fun!”
Grace M., Co-op Member
”My daughter, 8, loves history and absolutely adores the Chester-Comix. Lately it's been her favorite thing to snuggle up in bed and read before bedtime. I highly recommend these, especially for history lovers. It reminds of a history version of the magic school bus.”
Melinda L., Co-op Member
”My kids love these comics, they go with us everywhere (I love that they DO go with us everywhere!) I have a rabid history student who enjoyed the stories, the pictures and the humor. I have a reluctant reader that is constantly coming up to me asking me the meaning of words (she's in 2nd grade) and is asking me to learn more about each subject. They are perfect companions for each subject, or great just stand alone. I love the humor!!”
VAC, Co-op Member
”We love the Chester Comix books! My children can't put them down. They have learned so much about history from reading them and are connecting the lessons to other books they are also reading about a particular time period. They are never without them. They bring them in the car, to the dinner table and I often find them in their beds. I highly recommend them. I shared the discount with my home school group since we were so thrilled with our purchase.”
Kathryn W., Co-op Member
LISA BOND, Co-op Member
”A great buy! Chester Comix is such an amazing creation that takes our History to a whole other level. The kids are so interested because of the comic book set, the creative illustrations, and the fantastic writing. It is very well put together and can apply to a broad range of ages. We have the Homeschool All Stars book that you can also get and we found it very enjoyable to learn about what some pretty famous homeschoolers have done for us. The extra bonus was finding out who had homeschooled that we hadn't even realized homeschooled. You will love everything from the story behind the man who has created Chester Comix to the way it reaches out to your kids in history more than what it may have in the past with other materials.”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
”Love Chester-Comix for history. So much better than a dry textbook. The kids can remember the history better. And the comics mention details not often found in most history books. Worth the investment.
Oh, and the kids love them.”
Pamela H., Co-op Member
”Love the colorful comic format! It seems to attract even reluctant readers.”
Sue H., Co-op Member
”My 8 y.o. son is eating these comics up!!! We bought the full set about a month or so ago, and he has already read through half of them!!!! I thought they'd take longer for him to read through, but he has been reading voraciously! My 17 y.o. likes them, too, though he is not reading as voraciously because he has already learned much of the content presented.

I am VERY glad we made this purchase, and would do it regrets.

I will also be sharing this resource with the town library so they can purchase a set, too.

THANKS Chester Comix for years of hard work that have produced a fun learning resource for kids and adults alike.

Who doesn't love reading comics? Er...comix?”
D. Collins, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son really enjoys the Comix, he reads them often and has retained alot of history facts from the magazines. They are interesting and exciting to him and help him learn History in a new and creative way. It is wonderful to see this interest and to have proof that this is educational as well as interesting, creative and fun. We definitly recommend these Comix and we will have them for generations to come.”
Kelly S., Homeschool Family
”A friend of mine showed me her sons Chester Comix books and I knew my sons would love them. She then told me what a great price they were on this website so I purchased them no questions asked. Since receiving them my sons have had a blast reading. My oldest son is a history buff so he immediately took to them. My youngest son now picks a different comic almost every day and finds out something new. I've used the comics as a teaching guide along with our history program, so it's made it a lot more fun. We will continue to use the books for a long time and I've passed the word onto other moms so hopefully they'll get a set too.”
A. Corvin, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old loves history but was a reluctant reader. We needed a way to use his love for history to spark a deeper interest in reading. Chester Comix seemed like the perfect fit. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I did not even predict that it would work as well as it has. He loves Chester Comix!! He takes them everywhere with him. Sleeps with them. Even takes them to the bathroom. I am so impressed with this product that I have shared them with many of my friends. He loves READING them. So grateful for the creativity and brilliance of the author Bentley Boyd. I would recommend this product for all ages. Even adults. My 5 year old girl loves looking for Chester Crab on every page. Worth every penny!”
Kim R., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old son absolutely enjoys Chester-Comix. The comics variation makes history fun and it supplements our history lessons. He is able to relate to our history lessons more now than ever before. The best book is on the historical homeschooled heros. He now wants to be like them!!”
Beverly, Co-op Member
”Our family loves the Chester-Comix series!!! All ages groups seemed to be equally drawn into these historic stories, from elementary kids to Grandpa! My son is moderately dyslexic, so finding age appropriate material that fits his interests and his reading level is difficult. These books were perfect for him!”
Rebecca from NC, Co-op Member
”These comic books are incredible - educational and entertaining. I bought the whole set for my 12 and 15 year-olds, but even the 7 year-old can't get enough of them!!! We keep them in the car seat pockets, and the kids will pull them out on the way to and from activities. Highly recommended!”
Cindy R, Co-op Member
”I have a couple of children with reading difficulties ranging from mild dyslexia to severe language and auditory processing disorders. They struggle greatly with traditional textbooks--my kids shut down when presented with too many words on a page, and even when it's read to them, they have trouble remembering the content later.
My kids love these Chester Comix books, and read them independently without complaint. They are definitely less intimidating for them. I like them too because they deliver factual historical content in an entertaining, easy-to-read format.
I only wish he'd make the "comix" format to cover science topics (i.e. biology, physical science, etc.) and state history as well.”
Kim N., Co-op Member
”I had heard only positive comments about Chester Comix. I purchased the set when I saw it discounted on Homeschool Buyer's Coop. We absolutely love them! My non-reader has already read half a dozen. My kids also like looking for Superman and Batman hidden in one of the books-maybe more we have not read them all yet. Highly recommend!”
Bpaharris, Co-op Member
”My family loves Chester Comix! My children are big fans of comic books and the combination of history in a comic book form has been a natural fit for them. Happy kids, happy mom!”
C. Bryant, Co-op Member
”These comics have everything - easy enough to read for my 3rd grader, interesting enough for my 8th grader, and pop culture references for mom and dad. For reinforcing American History and learning about famous homeschooled "all-stars", these comics have been wonderful for our family!”
Gabrielle D., Co-op Member
”Our family is really enjoying Chester Comix. They are fun and full of information! My six year old says they are fun and he loves the activities that go with them.”
Go Family, Co-op Member
”We have been using Chester Comix for our social studies this year and my boys have loved it! It is both informative and fun. The teacher's guides on-line have also been excellent. You can choose from many activities related to the topic and the comprehension questions have made it easy to test the boys comprehension of the material.”
Judy C, Co-op Member
”I ordered the whole set and have been so happy that I did. My son willingly reads them and he retains so much information! They're perfect for reading in the car too.”
M. Pearson, Co-op Member
”I got these for my 9 year old in fifth grade and am now begging the author to write more. I thought we could slowly go through these throughout the year, but she has read through them all within the first month of school. She wants more more more! I wish there were more books like this and can't wait for the author to get more out.

My daughter thought history was ok before this, but now she can't get enough.”
Mary, Co-op Member
”Chester Comix is great! It makes history so interesting for my younger ones they can't wait to turn the pages to find out what happens next! They just absorb the information through the engaging pictures that keep them enthralled in the information on consistent basis! No doubt the best history text book I wish I had when I was a kid!”
Renee M., Co-op Member
”Purchasing the Chester-Comix set was an impulse-buy on my part but not something I regret. We haven't used them much yet, but I know we'll get our use out of them. History seems to be a subject my boys find boring, but they love Chester-Comix. They make them laugh, giggle, and lean forward in their seats as I read them to them.

It's great to have something that interests them but is also educational. The Chester-Comix are a great investment for us and I appreciate the Homeschool Buyers Coop for including the complete set as a deal for members. Thank you!”
Angie, Co-op Member
”My 13 YO daughter does not like to read very much, however she loves Chester-Comix. The colorful drawings also help her to retain the information. I would definitely recommend these comics.”
Sue Abernethy in NC, Co-op Member
”I have had a hard time getting my 11-year old son excited about history, but these books did the trick. Now he loves to pick up these comix books and read about things that happened in history. Even his friends pick up the comix books and read them when they come over to play. I highly recommend Chester-Comix.”
Renee Crumley, Co-op Member
”I bought the complete set of these for my kids, and they love them. Chester Comix make history fun reading, and we have them all over the house so they're available any time. They have detail bits that the kids really latch on to to help them associate people and events, and the segments are short enough to get each story in a short session. Great springboard for getting the kids interested in digging deeper.”
Sherry C, Co-op Member
”My kids, ages 7 and 13, both enjoy the Chester Comix series. My 7 year old son says they are fun to look at and my 13 year old daughter reads them just for fun (can't ask for anything better than that)! They both have showed them to their friends and I have shared them with other homeschooling parents. They are an excellent addition to our homeschool that we will use for many years to come!”
Lori M., Co-op Member
”I ordered these for my daughter who says she hates history. When I asked her if she likes Chester Comix she said, "I like them, they're fun to read, I like the little crab, and I loves comics. Thank you, Chester Comix, for making history fun for kids who think they hate history!”
Allison P., Co-op Member
”When the package arrived my preteen and teen dove in. They really enjoyed Chester the Crab. I used these books to suppliment our history curriculum. I put them in the car, beside beds, in the rack in the restroom, etc. They are well worth the expense. KIDS READ THEM.”
JB, Co-op Member
”My daughter won't put these down, they are very interestingly written, and she has no idea how much history she's learning. We love them. Thanks for offering them!”
Erica Kain, Co-op Member
”What a great history series! My 14-year-old is not big on history textbooks, so this has been perfect for him. In addition, it has given him some additional encouragement in pursuing creative endeavors. We are extremely pleased, and have recommended it to our friends. Thanks for a great alternative curriculum.”
Karen Salstrom, Co-op Member
”Upon receiving the Chester-Comix we began to use them as 'stories' before bed ~ my 5-year-old son loves them. He tells everyone we meet all about the 'Symbols' of America that we read about. My 11-year-old has devoured them and reads about three a day. They are great and fun way to build a foundation base for the subjects involved.”
Elta Meinert, Co-op Member
”We just received our box of CHESTER COMIX, as well as the HOMESCHOOL HEROES book (autographed). The colors and quality are top-notch. My 14 year old boy immediately got his hands on them, looking through to see what historic figures were homeschooled. He is very creative, and I see this in sparking lots of new imaginative thoughts for him. This is going to be a GREAT year for history!”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”We use Chester Comix to supplement the history curriculum we are using, and my son likes them. He reads them on his own, and they reinforce what he has learned in another context. They also provide new info and a new perspective. We will continue to use them, both as a supplement and as a review.”
L. Miller, Co-op Member
”My daughter started reading them right away. She's in jr. High and I wasn't sure of their content, whether it would be interesting enough. I am amazed by them. I'm even learning from them.”
Kelly H, Co-op Member
”I have an 8 year old son who does not like to read chapter books. We have tried so many different books. The books that he likes best are comic books. It is really hard to find comic books that have educational value. SO when I saw the ad for Chester Comix, I knew we had to get them for our son. The funny thing is everyone in my family loves them, even the grandparents. The best thing is I will find my son looking at them even when it is not reading time. I am so thankful we found these!!! Thanks”
A. Goodall, Co-op Member
”When I first saw Chester Comix online, I called my son to come look at one of the sample pages there. Seeing his interest and positive reaction to it convinced me that it was a product for us. Our son is 7 years-old, an advanced reader and has a "performer/inventor" disposition, so he responds best to entertaining, colorful and creative books....these history comics fit that bill! So many kids are turned off of history study because of books filled with line after line of dull dates to remember. But the Chester Comix series of books present the truly important ideas to grasp about history in a fun way that explains them in terms they can comprehend more readily, thus holding their attention. We've bought the complete set and will certainly be looking for new volumes as they come out. I have also shared this resource with our homeschool group. Thank you, Bentley Boyd, for making history fun AND meaningful!”
Terri A., Co-op Member
”What a great product! I cannot say enough. History through comic books. My kids love it and they are learning! And we also were fortunate enough to get our copy of Homeschool All-stars autographed by the author. What a treat! Thank you thank you!”
B.P. mom of 4 homeschool munchkins, Co-op Member
”Oh boy! Did our kids (ages 8 and 10) LOVE the Chester Comix series! They started reading them as soon as I took them out of the box and continued reading them for "quiet reading" at bedtime, passing them back and forth and conferring with one another about which ones they were reading and which one was next, etc. I even took a photo of my son reading and posted on the Chester Comix Facebook page. My son was so thrilled to see the next day that the author (Bentley Boyd) had posted a comment to the photo.

And I love the attention to detail and historical accuracy. I refer to our series when I am looking for supplemental materials for our US History curriculum.

Deidre, Co-op Member
”My son is 9 and he loves these. We read them together. He loves to learn history in this format. I highly recommend Chester Comix. I hope there are more comix like this in the future, perhaps some science also!”
M. M., Co-op Member
”My children, ages 11 and 10, and I really enjoy Chester Comix. They provide good information in a manner that appeals to both my history loving and history hating kids. My only regret is that it is not a more comprehensive chronological approach to history---I would use these to the exclusion of other curriculum b/c of their appeal to my kids. The teacher's guides are quite useful as well.”
D Hunter, Co-op Member
”Our 2 little ones,grade 2 and grade 3, LOVE Chester Comix and would rather read that than anything else. To find these on anyother site is too expensive for us and we got the whole set and wish there were more.”
ms. Esely, Co-op Member--yes
”My son has severe ADHD and hates to take time to read. I snuck in Chester Comix with the story of Jackie Robinson and he keeps going back, even though he hates history. How fun and informative! Thank you for a great product; I'm glad we got the entire package.”
Mona, Co-op Member
”Great as something that is educational, yet easy to understand and read for all ages. My kids like to read them because they don't look like a regular school book. The pictures are well done they are a great value. We bought the entire set and love them.”
Keri, Co-op Member
”My children and I absolutely LOVE these. My family loves comics anyway, and these have so much value--history, language, government, art, science, life-skills and more. They are also quite funny and the artwork is excellent! I would really recommend these for a struggling reader--they are engaging and fun with so much to be learned on each page--I think the comic style had greatly improved my struggling ones' desire and abilty to read. Worth every penny, especially at the Co-op price!”
Mom to Six, Co-op Member
”Chester-Comix arrived at our house and no sooner were they in the door and out of the box, than they were in my son's hands! He loves reading them. We own all that are available and would like to see even more. It has been a great resource for learning.”
Annie O. in Massachusetts, Co-op Member
”We're really enjoying the Chester Comix series (& the 'Homeschool Allstars' book). My 7 year old sits and reads them by himself and sometimes asks me questions about history based on what he read. Even my 5 yr. old enjoys having me sit and read them to him, though I have to explain some things as we go - yes, he wants me to explain history things to him!!! It's so great. There's also a portion of a timeline at the top of every page, so I will use that to put together a master timeline in our school area.”
Jenn Kim, Co-op Member
”I was so excited when I first saw the email from Homeschool Buyers Co-op for Chester Comix! They sounded like exactly what I needed to engage my two boys in history. I was so right! My kids were engaged immediately and when they started reading them on their own, I knew I had a winner! Plus they retained EVERYTHING they read from the pages of Chester Comix because he uses short text pieces and interesting, little known facts to stir the memory. Thank you so much for creating these engaging history books, Mr. Boyd!”
Wendi, Co-op Member
”I bought the Chester Comix pack for my son for his 11th birthday last year. He absolutely loves them and reads them over and over again. He does not tend to be particularly drawn to reading but these were perfect! I heartily recommend them.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”I wanted some diversity in my homeschooling and through research stumbled upon Chester. My 6 and 7 year old boys just started reading comics and so I thought I'll give it a try.
The magazines arrived and I wasn't quite ready to teach with them yet, but the boys devoured them one by one. They even started drawing their own versions of comics. Needless to say they are a great success and when I told them today that next week we are going to start with Chester I got a big YEAH!!”
Fabienne, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son loves Chester! I enjoy reading the Comix with him. It's pretty fun when your kid is begging to to do History class. I just hope there will be more.”
Catherine, Co-op Member
”Chester-Comix is really an amazing program! I love the style that can be understood by all my kids no matter their reading level or challenge. History is made fun through this curriculum and it should be!!”
Cathy G, Co-op Member
”The Chester Comicx books have arrived to our house, but haven't been used yet. Or so I thought. Then, I saw that the stack is not as neat as I left it. The kids (9,7) got into it and were reading the booklets on their own. When asked, "How do you like Chester?" DS9 said, "He s so funny, but I'm really learning things."

Now it is on the free reading list, and I'm planning to use them as pre-reading materials for them. As they read, we talk about it; like after reading about WW II. They really did bad things in the war. Why?

Iit also helped them in other fields, as my DD7 came to and said, "Mommy look, I made my own history comic about Eric the Red!"”
E. in Tucson., Co-op Member
”My son was immediately engaged with Chester Comix! He is a gifted/special needs child with Asperger's and Dysgraphia. The comic book format is brilliant, humorous, and filled with information that is easily incorporated into our curriculum. The teacher guides are clear and provide a variety of projects for different learning styles. I purchased the whole series and have found that it will be a super Social Studies resource for the years to come. God Bless Bentley Boyd!!! I have recommended this series to every educator I know.”
Christine G, Co-op Member
”Chester Comix was a hit with the kids! Who knew so many historical figures, as well as current icons, were home schoolers?”
S. Walker, Co-op Member
”My children love the comix , and the stories it tells them, the format makes for an easy reading and they enjoy it completely. We will surely use it in the future.”
Irina Baptiste, Co-op Member
”We love Chester! Both of my children have enjoyed it at different ages, we use it for my older as a good review or sometimes as an introduction to a certain historical time frame. My younger one just loves looking at the pictures! We recommend it highly.”
Monika, Co-op Member
”I am well pleased with Chester-Comix. My sixth grader enjoys comic strips and I have found this to be a valuable learning tool. I use them to supplement her history lessons. They are very thorough and the drawings are great. They are comics but I like the way they are accurate and sensible. I highly recommend these books. I am not a fan of comics but give these books a definite thumbs up.”
Charity, Co-op Member
”I have 3 boys, one of which is a reluctant reader. I bought these mainly for him, and he loves them! He gets so engaged and he tells me all kinds of things about history that he learns. My other 2 boys thoroughly enjoy them as well. I have never before seen a set of history comic books. Thank you for a great and captivating product!”
Laura P., Co-op Member
”We love the Chester Comix series! They make history come alive for my son. He will not travel anywhere without a few comics packed in his backpack. They are well written and fun and we highly recommend them to other homeschooling families.”
E. Weeks, Co-op Member
”My boys like comic books and they read the chester comix and are remembering. My 8 year old started asking me if I knew who Helen Keller was, then Susan B. Anthony, then....well I was impressed.”
kedra rust, Co-op Member
”My son has really enjoyed the Chester-Comix. He has a peaked interest in more topics of history because of the varied historical topics Chester Crab shares. I currently share the Comix series in our Co-op for hands on history (as the topic applies to our lesson). I highly recommend this series as a well rounded supplement to any history curriculum.”
Karen Andela, Co-op Member
”Kids don't like to read - but with Chester Comix...'suddenly' no problem! Yip, have told others about it! No comparison to anything out there.

Please keep will revolutionize the way history or any other subject is taught.”
Carina Gous, Co-op Member
”Our children enjoyed the comic book format and short history of fellow (and famous) homeschoolers.) It is also a good tool for budding, reluctant readers. They will study a comic book much more willingly than they will stare at a page full of type. I will recommend this book to my fellow home schoolers.”
J. Mitchell, Co-op Member
”The Chester-Comix are very fun to read and informative. The entire family has enjoyed having them.”
susan, Co-op Member
”We bought the entire Chester Comix collection and used it along with our Sonlight Core 3 and 4 American History Curriculum. It enhanced the stories that we read by seeing the characters in action. I am a visual learner and it helped me retain more information this way. My boys, 9 and 12, enjoyed reading it. It's funny and the author inserts other characters with side comments that my boys find hilarious. As for me, I love that it is historically accurate and entertaining at the same time. It brings history to life! What a rare find.”
Anna C., Co-op Member
”My daughter was struggling in history. She found the material dry and boring. I started supplementing with the Chester Comix, and it has really helped her enjoy history more and retain the material that she's learning.”
Anne F., Co-op Member
”We purchased the entire set to compliment our U.S. History studies this year. My 8 year old son frequently has one in hand in the car, etc., and our six year old son loves to just look through and enjoy the pictures for the fun of it. A very worthwhile investment.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”Buying the whole set of Chester comix was a great decision! Both of my kids devoured them within a few days. My son especially keeps re-reading them. They have all the flavor of comic books (colorful and funny), but they are also chock full of historical information. When we get into historical discussions, my kids will say, "No, remember it was the..." and they really remember the facts as well as the fun!”
Colleen B., Co-op Member
”My son LOVES Chester Comix! He reads them over and over and over again. He frequently gives me a bit of information that I didn't already know and I'll ask him where he learned it. He says, "Chester Comix!"”
KP, Co-op Member
”I bought this set the last time it was in Group buy and my son and I love them. I purchased them to use this year with our history and he couldn't wait to read them and read most of the books over the summer! Great deal!!!

I love the teacher guide and was able to come up with a lesson plan to put in to my Homeschool Tracker Program to help keep us on track!”
Michelle Komisor, Co-op Member
”Chester-Comix are a wonderful way to study history, but especially for children on the autism spectrum. My son loved the comic strip approach and being very visual was real plus. In a fun and entertaining way Chester-comix gets right to the important facts to know while telling the story of history. As a mom of a child with special needs, it was the best way possible to introduce American History!”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My children LOVE the Chester the Comix history series. I had to hide them until school so they wouldn't read them all during the summer. It is a great way to do some mutli-age American history. We are using it as review of the many historic sites we have visited in the past few years.”
Tami Kromer, Co-op Member
”My son loves these books (he's 7 going on 8) and practically unschools himself on American History using the books.”
Satisfied Mom, CA, Co-op Member
”Our son loved Chester Comix! It brings history to life and helps him remember historical facts since he is a visual learner. He rereads them and keeps them in his room. I wish there were more for other subjects as well.”
Jenny C., Co-op Member
”These are wonderful books for teaching history. My daughter read three in one sitting! They are fun to read and well written in a comic book format, which really drew in my daughter... and me, too!”
Pam R., Co-op Member
”My 9yo son loves these! We had a few already when we purchased the entire set. He has read them through several times and constantly surprises me with the knowledge he has retained from them. I even used one to teach a Sunday School class! Needless to say the drawings really held everyone's attention.”
Lee L., Co-op Member
”This is my first year homeschooling. When we began the year, my 9 year old was a very reluctant reader. Chester-Comix have been a delightful tool to (1) engage my son in reading and (2) launch our exploration into U.S. History. We enjoy reading them aloud together, finding the "jokes," and discussing what we've read. The Teacher's Guides offer multi-disciplinary activities that coordinate with the subject matter -- art, math, language, etc, as well as multiple choice review quizzes. I think they are a perfect curriculum supplement for kids in grades 2 - 6. I'm very pleased with this series, and only hope more are written!”
Ayala S., Co-op Member
”We just got our order today and my 7 year old daughter has already read 2 of the Chester Comix books!!! We are thrilled. The teacher's guides are wonderful, too! This a great buy for American history! Thanks!!!”
P. Ryan, Co-op Member
”As a historian, I'm always on the lookout for things that might make my kids like history. I was reluctant to try these unseen, but am so glad I did. I figured these might be useful when my boys got older, but at 3.5 and 7, they're both completely in love with the Chester Comix series. There must be something seriously compelling in the art, because I can't imagine the three-year-old is understanding a word I read him of the ideas behind the Constitution! But for less abstract ideas, they really can absorb something even at this young age. Nothing warms a historian mom's heart like hearing kids discuss Rosa Parks or argue about the Mayflower. We hope the author will do many more! We bought a second set to give away.”
J. Turner, Co-op Member