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102 Top Picks
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by Cathy Duffy

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

A Homeschooling Classic

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to extend our GroupBuy for the new, updated version of the homeschooling classic 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy, a nationally known curriculum reviewer.

A Brand New Edition!

Selecting the right curriculum can be a time consuming, heart wrenching task for any family that chooses home education. Now, homeschooling guru Cathy Duffy helps makes the selection of the right resources for your child easy with the publication of her brand new 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.

Cathy guides you through the process, offering her "Top Picks" from each subject area, narrowing down to a manageable number of choices. Parents no longer need to sort through the entire universe of products before they can find something suitable.

In 102 Top Picks, Cathy narrows the focus and simplifies the curriculum selection process with questionnaires and charts. She walks her readers through the process of figuring out their preferences in terms of a philosophy of education, learning styles, and goal setting.

A major feature of 102 Top Picks is the charts showing the 102 Top Picks in relation to educational approaches, learning styles, and practical features such as prep time needed; design for independent, one-on-one, or group learning; and ease of use for the teacher. The charts are available FREE with the purchase of any digital version on this GroupBuy page.

Complete reviews of each of the Top Picks provide parents additional information to make the best choices for each of their children.

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By joining our GroupBuy, you'll save 50% on various eBook Editions depending on your device: computer, Nook, iPad Kindle, and Kindle Fire.

Note: The charts are available FREE with the purchase of the EPUB or Kindle edition.

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102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum


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I've purchased Cathy's books in the past to help me find my way in the sea of curriculum choices available today. I like her clear chart system that helps me quickly discover which programs will fit my mixed group of learners. It cut down on a lot of options that would never be suitable for their learning styles. I highly recommend it to anyone who is getting bogged down in the options available and who wants to make an informed decision.
Melanie Jo, Co-op Member
This is a wonderful resource book. It was helpful in helping me decide which curriculum was best for my children. The reviews are in depth and very helpful.
Katie A., Co-op Member
As a first year homeschool parent I was having a difficult time trying to select the right curriculum for our family. I purchased this on the recommendations of others and what a blessing! This book helped me tremendously in narrowing the focus on my teaching style, my children's learning personalities and the curriculum that best matched our styles. I am so thankful to have this wonderful resource and will recommend it highly to other homeschoolers.
Jessica F., Co-op Member
Cathy Duffy's Top Picks has been my #1 go-to reference for curriculum decisions through my 16 years of homeschooling. I have read other reviewers, but I have found that Cathy's recommendations have worked well for our family through the years. I had enough SmartPoints to upgrade to the revised edition pdf from my well-used paperback edition, and was very happy to have the new reviews at my fingertips. I make reference to Cathy Duffy when "talking curriculum" with friends and new homeschoolers.
Ann, Co-op Member
This has been such a lifesaver for me. I' m still fairly new to homeschooling and checking out curriculums here first has saved me countless dollars in purchasing unecessary curriculum that would simply end up on the bookshelf. This book (as well as her website) is an invaluable source of information! We are now homeschooling in a way that is perfectly tailored to my child....finally!
Kathi W., Co-op Member
I am so pleased with Ms. Duffy's book! She did not jump into product reviews, but started with questionnaires to get me thinking about what I wanted my children to learn, how I prefer to teach, how my children best learn, and so on. Then, Duffy provided lists to show what types of homeschooling approaches would suit my preferences and desires.

Duffy provides excellent reviews of a broad variety of materials. Any homeschooling parent knows just how many educational options there are to choose from. She reviews products I've seen reviewe...(more)
Becky Emmons, Co-op Member
Cathy's Top Picks were very helpful to me. I bought my homeschool curriculum mainly based on her top reviews. She goes in depth and even has a convenient chart to help you figure out which learning style will benefit most from each of the courses she reviewed.
Lindy, Co-op Member
"Do I really need the updated version?" I had asked myself re. 101 Top Picks. Yes! I decided when I was able to get the ebook at a greatly reduced price. I am in my 8th year homeschooling & 100 Top Picks has been a primary resource for me.

Most of the book seems similar to the previous version, but there are big changes to the top picks. Having the new one inspired me to read through the goal setting & learning sections, applying the principals to my younger students.

The ebook is not nearly as convenient as a traditional book, for comp...(more)
Kelly R., Co-op Member
This is a great resource to help you narrow down the many curriculums for homeschooling. Pros and cons are given that help you decide what is best for your family. It is a real time saver when you are looking for new curriculum!
Christine Thomas, Co-op Member
I have used this book for years. I recommend it to all new and seasoned homeschooling families. Not only are the curriculum reviews awesome, but it also helps you understand what kind of learner you will be teaching, and the best curriculum for their needs.
Annie Hudson, Mrs
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