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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Catchup Math to their home school curriculum. If you have used Catchup Math and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”My high school age daughter likes this math program for refreshing her math skills. It identifies the areas where she is lacking a skill and reteaches just those skills. For example, she didn't remember how to multiply fractions, so she did the lesson on multiplying fractions, passed the post lesson quiz, and then was able to move on to other topics. It is good for targeting weak areas and re-teaching just those skills rather than going through a whole textbook. I highly recommend it.”
T. Culhane, Co-op Member
”As we headed into high school with my twins, I realized they were behind in math. Not enough to repeat a grade but I know one was missing gaps everywhere from being sick each year she was in public school. Catch-up Math has been a godsend. It has allowed my daughter that had gaps going back to 3rd grade to catch up at her own pace and for only what she didn't know and helped my other daughter to solidify her weak areas. Thank you so much for helping us complete what we thought was a daunting task so easily.”
Corinna Woodcock, Co-op Member
”My son and I have struggled with his math programs for several years. He has skill gaps in multiple areas. He hated math, but he doesn't hate it any longer. He does not miraculously adore it, but he does it. Catchup Math has rescued us. Each day, my son begins with a small quiz dealing with a very specific skill area. If he passes it, he can move on to the next skill set, and if not, he gets more practice and instruction. Tiny bites, tiny enough to see progress and feel successful every day! As a retired special educator, I wish I could have provided this to my students.”
Tia Hollowood, Co-op Member
”My teenage daughter really likes this program because it focuses on the areas where she has weakness in math and then re-teaches her those concepts. For example, she was struggling with multiplying fractions, but after watching the lesson and practicing the problems, she feels more confident. Thanks!”
T. Culhane, Co-op Member
”My daughter (13) has been working with Catchup Math for the past few weeks. It s a great way for her to review what she learned during the year and it helps her get ready for the next level. Any gaps and missed concepts are pinpointed and re-taught. My daughter actually likes working with his program. We will keep using this in small doses throughout the summer.”
Conny, Co-op Member
”Catch up math is the best thing we've ever run into. For years my 14 year old has struggled in math, to the point where she's literally gotten sick to her stomach every time she had to do it. Her teacher referred us to this program and I have seen a great change! I can actually hear her yell yay I got it!! And is excited about using the program! I have already recommended this program to other friends. We will definitely continue use of this program with our other kids too.”
H. Ceron, Co-op Member
”Used this for my 7th grader. Very helpful! When he took his evaluation tests he scored on high school level. So glad that we decided to use catch-up math!”
Amanda L., Co-op Member
”I purchased catchup math for two of my children one that likes math and one that dreads math. So far I have been pleases with the progress they are both making. My son is gaining so much so quickly - I am very tickled! My daughter is moving slower through the work but she isn't emotional about at all because she knows she will just work it until she gets it and then move on. I wish I had done this earlier. My children are middle school age and I appreciate that it gives me a better place to start from when helping them with math. Thank you Catch-up Math!”
Rochelle H, Co-op Member
”Catchup-Math has been a very effective method to help my son catch up on his math credits. It provides exactly what he needs. The lessons are clear and he is able to practice the topics he is struggling with. He is not spending extra time practicing things he already understands. It is ideal for our purposes and we will continue to use it this year.”
April M., Co-op Member
”My 7th grader has been struggling with math for the past 2 years. Since math builds on itself, this has been a great program to "reinforce" math concepts he missed without feeling the pressure of passing or getting a grade.”
Gigi, Co-op Member
”Catchup Math has greatly helped my high school son. He was a reluctant math student to say the least. With Catchup, he is actually catching up in areas of weakness. Some days he even does extra math. It's no longer a time-consuming, frustrating ordeal. We are thankful.”
L. Jones, Co-op Member
”When we started homeschooling two of our kids starting in their 6th grade year, we found strange gaps in some pretty basic areas of math. My son is capable of pretty complex mathematical thinking, yet he would get stuck on things like how to add fractions. After homeschooling him for 2 years and my daughter for 1 year, I decided we had to fix those gaps before we could move on.

Catch-up Math (which my kids call "MUSTARD MATH") is perfect for this. It provides lessons followed by a good amount of practice - not too much, but more than three other programs we have used. It gives them options of only a few closely related topics at a time, and they have to go through the lessons and the practice sets for all of those (in other words, mastery) before they can move to another topic. Yesterday, my daughter had to do her calculation on the computer white board, not on paper, so that they could see what she was doing. We bought a 3 month subscription but will probably continue using the program because it is thorough and my kids seem to tolerate it. Out of all the programs I have bought or tried for various things (vocabulary, math, writing, Spanish, science, art) this one has delivered what I wanted it to.”
Kasien, Co-op Member
”Very pleased with this program! Has been so helpful for my son. Easy to use. We both love it! Will continue to purchase for my other child as well. Thank you for offering this to the homeschool community at a great price!”
Gina, Co-op Member
”Catchup-Math has been a great product for my son. He has been empowered to take responsibility for his math lessons, which is quite helpful to me, as I struggled teaching him myself due to my dyscalculia.

I love how the program works at the child's pace, gently nudging them along as they introduce new material, while covering older concepts until the student has mastered them. The lessons listed out leading to the quizzes give my son the focus he needs to appropriately plan out his math work for days at a time.

I highly recommend this program for kids who struggle with math concepts, as it walks them through step by step and has great tools with which they can be successful!”
Barbra, Co-op Member
”After using a huge variety of programs and texts to help my son, Catchup-Math has provided the positive reinforcement and helped focus him on his exact needs.”
Catherine S, Co-op Member
”My son made A's and B's in math, but he struggled remembering from year to year. As he was prepping for the SAT--he kept saying that he knew this but he couldn't remember all the steps. Catchup Math helped him review and improve his SAT score.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”After attempting to begin Algebra 1 this fall with our 9th grader, I realized very quickly that we had lots of gaps in our math knowledge. Several reasons for that but what to do now? We had tried just plowing through and hoping he would figure it out but math doesn't work well for that. It's foundational and if you are missing building blocks, it affects everything else. So we put Algebra on hold and I found Catchup-Math. Seemed like it would be worth it considering local tutoring options were $25/hour and up. So I could do local tutoring for a few times or get this program.

My DS began the program and it assessed where he was. It caters the problems he needs to do with what he doesn't know or have mastered yet. It also offered me the chance to methodically see where we were having the real problems. He works on it 1 hour/day and most of the time does so without me having to remind him. He sees the progress being made. After less than a month of working with Catchup Math, he is now in the pre-algebra portion and I suspect within another month or so we will be ready to start back with Algebra. I wish we had started the program sooner so we could have avoided the struggle this year but at least now we have something that works. Thank you Catchup Math for saving my sanity and stopping the tears!”
Marcie T., Co-op Member
”My highschooler has two different courses that he is taking through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. One is YourTeacher and the other one is Catchup-Math. He does Catch-up Math with more enthusiasm. I like YourTeacher,but I'm sure in time he will like both. I'm just happy that Catch-up Math has helped him to learn to like Math. He is still trying to catch-up, and I'm confident that by the end of the year he will definitely have reached his goal!”
M. Terry., Co-op Member
”I purchased Catchup-Math out of sheer desperation! When my son was young it was obvious that he had a mind for math and numbers. He started playing Monopoly with the whole family when he was 4 and by the time he was 5 he was the banker, needed no help totaling amounts and making change in his head, and would beat the pants off everyone. This continued until Geometry~~ugh!!

I was always in honors and AP math but the teacher I had for 2 years that really made it work for me was very "outside the box". She was known for throwing the book on the floor, running to the chalkboard, and vivaviously scribbling out equations while spouting tricks and poems and songs about math. I never understood "the book" explainations but her rants were enlightening to me. The problem is that my son is NOTHING like me. He is very type A and needs basic, cold, hard information and facts. Since I never learned it that way, I couldn't teach it that way.

We tried MANY math curriculum before Catchup-Math. Unfortunately, textbooks can only take explainations so far, somethings must be shown to a student by a teacher. Every book brought us to the same point; I was beating my head against the dry erase board and he was frustrated and feeling like a failure.

The first day on Catchup-Math he spent 2 hours on it!!! He ate lunch while continuing to work!! After about a week he said, "Mom, I finally feel smart! Not only do I understand what they are teaching but I am getting answers right". And YES, that is an exact quote.
The way the program works is: the student take a kind of pre-test, any problems they get wrong are noted, then a series of teaching instructions for each problem type are available. The teaching instructions are normally done in more that one format. For instance; the explaination is written in words, the explaination is written as an equation with numbers, and a video of a teacher shows the equation being done while explaining it. Then a post-test is taken. If the student gets all the problems correct then they go on to the next pre-test. This is a great solution for kids that "get" some concepts but need assistance with others. It keeps a student from wasting time repeating busy book work on things they already know. The different teaching strategies also help each type of learner.

We have had the program for over a month. My son is in 12th grade and has always been homeschooled. By his own choice, he spends more time on Catchup-Math than anything else. Words cannot convey just how extremely thankful I am for this program!!”
Dd Sink, Co-op Member
”I purchased Catch-up Math for my 16 year old son who is a junior. His weak subject is math, as was mine. He and I absolutely love Catch-up Math. There are so many math concepts that we finally understand. We have actually quit hating math!”
AnnMarie Grace, Co-op Member
”My daughter was languishing in math. She really struggled and we tried Saxon, Calvert, Thinkwell, and a variety of other programs to help her. It was not until she started using Catch Up Math that she really began to grasp math and act HAPPY about doing it. Sometimes I will find her doing math for fun! And now she comes in and says with a smile that she got a 90 on her test instead of that she failed AGAIN. Great program. We have decided to make this her math curriculum through high school.”
CG, Co-op Member
”My daughter has struggled with math for a while. She got overwhelmed with the Saxon program so we changed to another online math, but problems with online service as well as frustration with the program left her struggling more than ever. The program moved at too quick of a pace for her to process and it left her more lost than ever.

Catch-up Math was a last ditch effort to help her not be so lost in math. What a relief! I have never seen my daughter so excited about math! The lessons are short, tailor made for the student and helping them MASTER a subject instead of just introduce them to it and not cover it again for a long period.

So far after one month, I feel our daughter is making progress toward where she should be again. What a relief! This program truly has been a life saver for our daughter in math. I highly recommend it!”
CG, Co-op Member
”I purchased Catchup-Math for my daughter as a review before she takes the ACT again. She did very well on the ACT, scoring high enough to earn free college dual-credit classes this year as a senior in high school. However, if she raises her score just by a few points, she can earn.a full college scholarship.
My daughter tells me that this program is helping her review her weak areas, reinforcing concepts, helping her practice areas of concern. Since the ACT covers material from several grades, the fact that Catchup-Math covers grades 6-12 makes it perfect for review.”
Kammy P., Co-op Member
”We purchased catch-up math for our son who is in high school level studies.
He is quite competent in concepts but struggles with certain computations.
Catchup Math tests so that only the problems they miss are reviewed, the areas they are weak in, so he doesn't get "bored" going over areas that he already knows. This program also gives repeated illustrations for different problems that have helped him grasp the concepts and step by step processes of some types of calculations. He has been able to go through things rather quickly. The visuals are key as well as the individualized instruction. We will keep using this until he has finished the levels needed to move on to a higher course. We recommend this to someone that is struggling with areas but not all of a level. It fills in the blanks!”
CindyB, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves this program. It is easy for her to understand and she fights less about doing the math. Some of the other products we purchased for her have had glitches in the programing. This one didn't have any problems. In fact, when we repurchased it, the program automatically set for where she left off after a few days.”
Theresa, Co-op Member
”Catch-up Math has been excatly what my 8th grade daughter has needed. She only needs to review the areas of weakness, and she is practicing enough to truly master the material. The explanations are clear and concise. We are very, very pleased with Catch -up Math. We give it an A!”
Pamela Palmgren, Co-op Member
”I purchased catchup-math to help my child who was struggling to succeed. I wasn't certain what needed to be covered to help him feel more positive about his progress in math. Catchup-math is helping me to just that. The diagnostic testing done helped determine where the deficiencies in his education were and we are now moving forward.”
PJN, Co-op Member
”I started homeschooling my daughter when she was in seventh grade. As she worked on the pre-algebra curriculum, I was using at the time, she seemed to understand the concept that was being presented, but would have difficulty with the problems because she had a lot of holes in her basic math skills. I purchased Catch-up math to determine where these holes were and to fill them in with strong math skills.

Catch-up math has been perfect for this purpose. Now, instead of dreading doing her math, she does it early in the day. She is never overwhelmed with her math problems, because they are assigned at her level.

Instead of going back to our other curriculum, we are continuing with Catch-up math on a chapter basis. It is an easy curriculum for the parent to use--Everything is graded online and I can look and see what she has done and how well she has done. Assignments are automatically given according to skill level.

I liked Catch-up math so much that I purchased another contract for my son, who was becoming overwhelmed in Algebra II. Now, I don't have to worry about checking to see if his homework is done--it is done automatically. He seems to enjoy the program also.

Compared to other curriculum, Catchup-Math has fewer problems assigned. It relies on short quizzes to determine weaknesses and assigns problems according to quiz results. I don't believe there are any chapter tests. When a student gets a certain grade on the quiz, they go on to the next section. I wish I could set this grade to 100%, but the highest I can set it to is 80%.

Overall, Catchup-Math has been a great addition to help my children fill in gaps in their math knowledge. I am pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it.”
AMS, Co-op Member
”I homeschool my niece and she hated doing math worksheets. She was more than a year behind her grade level. She would spend two hours working on a single page and just not get it. She had many holes in her learning that kept popping up. This program has been perfect for her. She willingly spends one hour a day working on it. She really likes the games that are in it. It is finding all the holes and helping her fill them in better than our old curriculum did.”
T. Hansen, Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using Catchup-Math for three weeks and she likes math again. The program is easy to use. She feels her program last year offered too many suggestions on how to complete problems and it was confusing. Catchup-Math teaches concepts, reinforces to ensure mastery and moves on. She is flying through concepts she struggled with last year. I am suggesting it to every homeschooler I know.”
Heather, Co-op Member
”My son is in high school and absolutely hates math. With Catch Up math he can go at his own pace and they keep teaching it until he gets it. Plus he has some control over when to do it and how hard to work to advance.”
Patti, Co-op Member
”We have been using Catcthup-Math for about a week now. My son loves it! We used ALEKS for 2 years and he thought it was redundant and often presented in a childish manner.

My son's best review, "they explain how to solve the problem, not just keep giving you the same problem over and over..."

Good value, tutors here are $45/hr. Also was easy to sign-on. We had to wait about 7 business days for our initial sign-on information, but once on-line was worth the wait.”
ALAcademy, Co-op Member
”My daughter is using Catchup-Math, the 1-year subscription. She will be entering 9th grade and has a severe math deficiency. She is currently working through the concepts that have been identified as weak.

I love the format as it uses written and video explanations of the concept, 10 practice problems, a 3 problem quiz with an extra practice quiz. It provides fact flash cards which is a helpful review.

It is self-paced and self-corrects. Parents can get a report of the progress under the help menu. So far, so good.”
Sandra H., Co-op Member
”I like how Catchup Math finds where the student needs help and then proceeds to teach lesson by lesson. The student then works a series of problems. If their answer is incorrect, they are given the explanation right then so they can work through the problem at the time instead of later. They will take a quiz on what they have studied and if necessary Cathup Math again reviews the operation until the student masters it. My son has always struggled with math and seems to enjoy this program.”
P. Morgan, Co-op Member
”My daughter was having trouble understanding Algebra so I had her switch to Catchup-Math for a few months. I liked that it placed her at her level of understanding. When she went back to the original curriculum, she had a better grasp on the concepts and was able to progress with better understanding. Now we're once again using Catchup Math (for a year this time) because my daughter prefers it.”
Sandi S., Co-op Member
”When I found out that I was signed up for CatchUp Math I thought "Oh no! Not a math class! I hate math and the book that I used didn't explain it at all, so how could this class possibly help me?" Little did I know that this was to be one of the most helpful courses that I had ever done! I began the course by reviewing the math that I had already done and anything that I didn't understand was explained clearly. After finishing the review lessons, I moved on to the math that I was struggling with. Only once did I ever have to ask one of my parents to help me understand what the lesson was trying to explain. CatchUp Math helped me not only to relearn everything that I had already finished and to finally understand everything that my previous math book failed to explain, but also allowed me to begin enjoying math. This is a great math course and I would highly recommend it!”
Algebra Student in Florida, Co-op Member
”Catchup-Math is a program I am using during the summer months as a way for my daughter to practice the Pre-Algebra skills she was working on at the end of our schooling. I wanted to utilize a different approach to keep her interested. My daughter has Dyslexia and Sensory Processing Disorder, so it is often challenging to find curriculum that works for her. After taking the tour and doing the sample session, I decided to try it for three months.

We use Catch-up Math each morning. She has been excited (really!) about starting math. I have her sign on, and she gets us right where she needs to be. I sit with her to go through the problems, but don't have to.

If you ask my daughter which class she likes the least, she will tell you Math. However, Catchup-Math does not fall into that category. My daughter LOVES this program. She feels good about the success she is achieving. I feel good that she is able to use the program with what she has learned with me the past year. I love the way each skill and/or subset is evaluated before assigning the work. If review of a skill is needed, it is provided with a multi-sensory approach-if that is what your student needs. I've even gotten a few good tips to use with my other students I tutor. I have shown some of the parents I tutor this program and how we use it.

This will be a program I will recommend to other parents and will continue to utilize for our own children! This has been a win/win for both my daughter and myself.”
Kim K., Co-op Member
”Catchup Math is the perfect complement to our math curriculum. It reinforces learned concepts, and helps quickly identify areas where more learning is required. I wish we had found it sooner!”
Vicki K., Co-op Member
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