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"Quick Start Guide to Carschooling"
by Diane Flynn Keith,
Editor of

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to offer members a FREE copy of Diane Flynn Keith's "Quick Start Guide to Carschooling."

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Carschooling is the act of turning travel time into learning time whether you're running a 5-minute errand or taking a 500-mile road trip. By using the world outside your car window or resources you bring along in the car, you can have fun, boost your kids' knowledge of the world, and turn them into 'Road Scholars.' Thus begins the Introduction to the "Quick Start Guide to Carschooling" -- an abbreviated version of the homeschooling classic, "Carschooling" by Diane Flynn Keith (available separately to members with a 20% member discount).

"Quick Start" features 51 eBook pages of many of the educational games and exercises available in the "Carschooling." It stands on its own as a wonderful -- and FREE -- supplement to any homeschool curriculum.

See the Table of Contents pictured here for information about what you can expect from "Quick Start".

Available Now with Immediate Download

Register below, and you'll have access to "Quick Start" within minutes. Simply sign into your Co-op account. You'll see your "My Subscriptions" page. Look for the "Carschooling" section and click the link you see there to download "Quick Start."

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