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Brock Magiscope®
For Grades K-12


The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present the Best Deal on the Planet for the popular, award-winning Brock Magiscope, a sturdy field and home microscope for young scientists in grades K-12.

A Kid-Friendly, Rugged Microscope for Indoors and Out

If you have seen a microscope out on display in your local science center, science museum, or nature center, chances are you were seeing a Brock Magiscope. This durable little microscope features rugged construction and an easy-to-use design combined with quality optics, and is highly recommended by someone who knows what he's talking about -- Robert Krampf, the Happy Scientist. See his video testimonial at the top of the page

The Brock Magiscope features:

  • Durability -- The rugged cast aluminum construction with tempered brass on brass helps ensure you'll have many years of use in your home or in the field. (But take good care of those glass lenses -- they are the real McCoy -- not plastic.)
  • Simplicity -- No bulbs, no mirrors, electricity, or batteries required. No exposed screws, threads, or levers; only one moving part.
  • Ease of Use -- It's fine adjustment ramp focus mechanism is easy enough for a 4-years old to use.
  • Innovation -- The patented illuminator optic called the Lumarod bends light to directly illuminate your specimens without bulbs, batteries, mirrors, or prisms.
  • Versatility -- With packages that give 20x, 40x, 50x, 100x, 200x, and 400x magnification by changing eyepieces and objectives, it has enough power to meet almost any homeschool need. The optional Surface Adaptor lets you get up close to subjects that won't fit on a slide.
  • Guaranteed -- Brock Optical offers an unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA -- According to Brock, every time you buy a Magiscope, you are supporting over thirty American companies and their workers.

With Signature Co-op Group Buy Savings!

Buy today and save 20% on any of the four Magiscope models and get FREE shipping! Slides and other accessories are also available at 10% off list.

Interested?  Here's What You Do:

  1. Scroll down for more information about Brock Magiscope:

    • Visit the Brock Magiscope website for more information.
    • Watch the video at the top of this page.
    • Read a homeschool review.
    • Read the Amazon reviews.
  2. Please be an informed consumer and carefully read the Terms & Conditions. The T&Cs tell you everything you need to know about this offer. By placing an order, you are agreeing to the T&Cs.

    In Particular:

    • Fulfillment: Within minutes of receiving your order, the Co-op will forward your order information to Brock Optical. They will ship to you directly from their facility. Please allow 5 days for them to ship, then another 5-7 days for delivery to U.S. addresses, and longer for international addresses.
    • Shipping: Brock Optical ships to U.S. addresses by UPS Ground, and to international addresses by USPS. Shipping is free to U.S. addresses, and 25% of the order total to international addresses.
    • Returns/Cancellations: In order to bring you these great prices, we cannot accept returns or cancellations. However, if the product is defective or damaged upon receipt, you may return it for a full refund (excluding shipping) within 15 days. Submit your return request at our Contact Us page. You will receive return instructions via email and/or phone.
    • Service Fee: The Co-op will charge a one-time, nonrefundable service fee of $2.95 to help cover some of our cost of providing this service.
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Brock Magiscope Model 70

Qty: Retail $ (each)
Package I - 20x: $185.00 $148.00
Package II - 20x & 50x: $210.00 $168.00
Package III - 20x, 40x, 50x & 100x: $235.00 $188.00
Package IV - 20x, 40x, 50x, 100x, 200x & 400x: $278.00 $222.40

The Brock Magiscope Model 70 is available in four Packages, differing only by the lenses which, in different combinations, give you different levels of magnification.

Package I provides 20x total magnification with:

  • 4x - Achromatic Objective
  • 5x - High Eyepoint Eyepiece
20x magnification is good for examining insects, rocks, coins, etc. This is about twice the magnification you get from a good magnifying glass. Great for younger students (Pre-K through 1st grade).

Package II provides 20x and 50x total magnification with:

  • 4x - Achromatic Objective
  • 10x - Achromatic Objective
  • 5x - High Eyepoint Eyepiece
50x magnification is great for looking at tiny invertebrates in pond water (rotifers, ostracods, etc.), microfossils in sand, comparing different kinds of hair, etc.

Package III provides 20x, 40x, 50x & 100x total magnification with:

  • 4x - Achromatic Objective
  • 10x - Achromatic Objective
  • 10x - Widefield Eyepiece
100x magnification is great for protozoa, pollen grains, seeing individual cells in plants and animal tissue, etc. This is the package Robert Krampf uses the most.

Package IV provides 20x, 40x, 50x, 100x, 200x & 400x total magnification with:

  • 4x - Achromatic Objective
  • 10x - Achromatic Objective
  • 40x - Achromatic Objective
  • 5x - High Eyepoint Eyepiece
  • 10x - Widefield Eyepiece
400X lets you take a close look at individual cells, internal structures of protozoa. Using 400X requires practice and skill, best suited to students 5th grade and up.


  1. Enter the quantity of the desired Package(s) in the spaces above.
  2. Select your color preference above.
  3. Complete the rest of the order form below.

Qty: Retail $ (each)
Surface Adaptor: $18.00 $16.20
Field Case: $46.00 $41.40
Blank Glass Sides 10-pack: $3.00 $2.70
Blank Plastic Sides 10-pack: $3.00 $2.70
Glass Concave Slides: $5.00 $1.80
Plastic Slide Box: $4.00 $3.60
Plastic Petri Dishes (Set of 6): $6.00 $5.40
Disposable Pipettes (10-pack): $6.00 $5.40
Save 10% on any of these Brock Accessories (suitable for any Model 70 Package):

Surface Adaptor:

  • Allows the optical tube to be used to examine objects too large for the microscope stand. (See Robert Krampf's video above for an example of how it can be used.)
  • Excellent for viewing through aquarium walls.
  • Tempered brass construction provides years of use
Surface Adaptor Holster:
  • We're sorry! This item is currently out of stock. Please check back in a couple weeks.
  • Carry your optical tube and surface adaptor on your belt or wrist with this rugged holder.
  • Constructed of heavy nylon with an oversized flap to protect the eyepiece.
Field Case:
  • Rugged and well padded with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Elastic holders inside for accessory lens or specimen storage
  • Made in the USA.
Blank Glass Sides 10 pack (not pictured)

Blank Plastic Slides 10 Pack (not pictured)

Glass Concave Slides 10 Pack (not pictured)

Plastic Slide Box (pictured to left)

Plastic Petre Dish pack) (pictured to left)

Disposable Pipettes (10 pack) (pictured to left)

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