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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Brave Writer to their home school curriculum. If you have Brave Writer and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I brought my my 17 year old home to be homeschooled, at her request, this fall. She was concerned that she was not quite prepared in terms of writing. After reading through the Brave Writer program, I decided to try out Help For High School in hopes that it would keep my deflated daughter encouraged and engaged. Brave Writer has not disappointed! She loves to write now and her writing skill and level of understanding and fluidity has improved tremendously. Thank you Brave Writer!”
J. Darbouze, Co-op Member
”I recently started using Brave Writer and have loved all the writing ideas that I have come across in her "Writer's Jungle". I do have to say that it is a very long read (I'm only on Chapter 1), but she had some great writing exercises just in the prologue! I'm excited to try the rest of the curriculum. I'm also using her free Arrow book club for "Charlotte's Web" and have loved it so far (only on week 2 though). She has such great insights to this classic piece of literature that I would not have delved into on my own.”
A. Schoen, Co-op Member
”Using the Brave Writer curriculum for my 9 year old in the UK. She is loving the shift from boring English lessons at school to this instead.”
Jacintha, Co-op Member
”I purchased Jot it Down for my 6 year old and she is loving this program. We are sold on Brave Writer. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for including Brave Writer at a discount. As I am Canadian this discount is very helpful to me budget-wise!”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”I love Brave-Writer. I can go at my own pace. I can get the books at the library. My little guy loves the book selection.”
Jen, Co-op Member
”I am always very excited if I can find an Arrow or Boomerang issue to use with books that I am planning on reading in our homeschool. I look at the books in a whole different light and that definitely is the case with the children too. Our discussions become much richer and also the author's craft is also brought to our attention in such a natural way.
I find using these along with the Writer's Jungle have really taken much of the stress away from teaching Language Arts and brought it back to being about enjoying books and language together.”
J.P., Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool. It is flexible to use with my 7 and 5 year old. My 3 year old even gets in on it. We've used the Quiver of Arrows and Jot it Down in our home. As a parent I fully enjoyed listening to my children's retellings, stories, narrations, etc. Each one's personality truly showing through their "writing" and art projects.
I'm learning LA right along with my kiddos. Julie Bogart and her team do an exceptional job at creating fun, exceptional products where families learn a great deal in all subjects under LA without stressful, boring assignments. I highly recommend all things Brave Writer!”
Stephany V., Co-op Member
”I've been through 2 Brave Writer books/packets with my 3rd grade daughter and we're loving them! Both are newer Quivers. I enjoy the guided lessons. I did feel compelled to seek out additional activities to supplement, but I think any teacher does that with any curriculum. I'm very pleased.”
Cynthia Hendrickson, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has been a godsend for our family!! We have gone through MULTIPLE writing curricula and this is the first time my children are writing with JOY! Julie Bogart has added the heart and artistry back into our homeschool life by steering our attention to the things that matter. The programs we've tried took the fun and creativity out and emphasized the structure and the grammar, and the result was drudgery, tears and very boring writing coming out of my kids. Now they write with freedom and accept when I offer structure/style help because they have had their own voices heard and respected. Whew! I want to shout it from the rooftops! Brave Writer for the win!!”
Julie Ludlum, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer is transforming my homeschool. We can combine spelling, reading, grammar study and vocabulary together and have it in a published passage, so it means much more to them as they learn! It has been such a welcome change to the language arts we were doing in the past! I'm doing Quiver Full of Arrows for my 1st and 3rd grader. And Arrows for my 5th and 7th grader. Also, I have the Writer's Jungle to continue to support me as I learn more about how to teach my kids using the Brave Writer lifestyle up through high school.

Also, I'm so glad I purchased from Homeschool Buyers Co-op, because they provided the update to the product that Brave Writer made after I had purchased it! That was a wonderful surprise!”
Kyra C., Co-op Member
”The Brave Writer lifestyle is so special! It is so easy to implement. Just start somewhere. This is our first year after spending the last 6 mos researching programs, and this lines up so well with our homeschool vision.
BW builds community around a tradition of storytelling and leads children to sense the importance of being able to contribute to that tradition.”
Brandi, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer changed our life. Brave Writer is not only a curriculum on how to love writing again, but it is how to love your homeschool. It is so much more than Language Arts, it was THE game changer for our family.”
Deanna Spangler, Co-op Member
”I have a 5 year old and an 8 year old. I have been struggling with a language art program for my 8 year old, and finally settled on The Wand. We are enjoying the stories and love how so many concepts are taught, especially the word study. I am using Jot it Down for both of my children, they're excited and enthusiastic. A big change from dreary spelling lists.”
S, Co-op Member
”I discovered Brave Writer after a long search for a comprehensive, secular language program that was rich in literature and budget-friendly. We downloaded the sample files and loved the work, and I was ecstatic when I found out I could purchase the program on the co-op. My child has been a reluctant language arts learner, but The Wand gives us both more direction and a comprehensive program that doesn't feel too laborious. We are excited to work our way through the remainder of the Wand, and have already purchased Quiver of Arrows for the upcoming year. In addition, we've shared our love of the Brave Writer program with other families, and several of our homeschool friends are now using it as well!”
Kristin H, Co-op Member
”Brave-Writer has been a breath of fresh air for our family. It is not an "open and go" curriculum. It requires planning. But it has changed how we approach language arts. My son enjoys writing much more now, and I am learning so much as his coach. This program is very family oriented, and can be tailored to use with multiple ages. It is fun and engaging.
If you are concerned about the price, you can start with free content offered on the website.”
Angie H., Co-op Member
”We have just finished Level One of The Wand and have had great success with it for our first grader. It makes phonics fun and gives me the script I need to help teach the lessons. There is enough material that I feel fully supplied and ready to lay the feast for my student. It also allows for customization to my kiddo and her interests. I love Julie's style and approach to language arts. I appreciate listening to her podcast and have found that to be a super helpful and free tool in implementing this curriculum.”
Kim S, Co-op Member
”Bravewriter was just what I was looking for! Love that I can customize it to my child and not have feel bad if I m not following the schedule daily but just doing the routine. And I love that Julie Bogart the creator of Brave Writer has podcasts and other social outlets to go along with the curriculum. Love it!!”
Angela C., Co-op Member
”We love Brave-Writer, its a wonderful program and my kids get so much out of it. It brings the magic back into our daily life and provides them with an ability to look at literature in an enthusiastic way that we've never experienced before.”
Angela, Co-op Member
”My kids have taken several high-school level Brave Writer classes. We've had great experiences with all of them. My kids were encouraged and challenged. They greatly improved their writing.”
Tonia G, Co-op Member
”I bought Partnership in Writing and have been using it for a couple months with my 10 year old son. He has been a very resistant writer (on paper) even though he is very creative and prolific verbally. The Brave Writer lifestyle has freed us up so much. It brings life and joy to the teaching of writing in a very relaxed way. It has none of the drudgery and pressure of other writing "instruction." I can already notice a huge difference in how my son approaches writing. He doesn't complain anymore about writing and I can see he enjoys thinking about the best words to use instead of just coming up with the barest minimum of words he can get away with. The projects included are fun, simple, and effective. Implementing the Brave Writer lifestyle is like learning how to write and use language from a full buffet of real food rather than getting it all in pill form and being forced to swallow it whole. The whole program really brings language alive! We love it!”
Betsy S., Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed the easy to implement lessons. The lessons are designed to be short. I like this program and I highly recommend using the Arrow along with the age appropriate writing .”
Mrs. K, Co-op Member
”I am using Brave Writer with my 8 year old son and it has been a great fit! The lessons are short and simple, but he is learning a lot about grammar and writing. Everything is based on wonderful, high quality, children's books! I have recommended Brave Writer products to many people. I can't wait to use the products with my younger children too.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”We've enjoyed using our Brave Writer products, as I've been learning right alongside my daughter. I like the range of language arts material covered, and the kids like the book selections. We will definitely continue to use Brave Writer in our homeschool.”
D. Wong, Co-op Member
”Wow, we love our Brave writer! This program has refreshed the age old way of learning to write while adding fun and fostering creative thinking. Though cursive writing has been taken out of most school curriculums, the importance of jotting down ones thoughts is important. My kids are journaling daily thanks to the opportunity to have not one but five Brave Writer programs. Thank you for this opportunity to be apart of this community of homeschoolers as we invest in our children's futures.”
Linda B., Co-op Member
”Julie has so many great ideas and my kids, boys ages 4, 7, and 9 love them all. We work together as a team to finish the projects and live a Brave Writer lifestyle! It takes away all the guesswork and frustration over writing in our homeschool.”
Sam Kelly, Co-op Member
”I love using the Brave-Writer. My boys are 12 and 11 and love it. The writing process she uses is so different from traditional Language-Arts programs. They look forward to writing every day. Thank you Brave-Writer. D.B.”
Debbie B., Co-op Member
”This program is fantastic. We are embracing more and more of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, which is making our school days relaxed and enjoyable. Thank you for offering the discount here. It has allowed us to purchase Jot It Down, Partnership, Faltering Ownership, The Wand, and several Arrows and Boomerangs. Without the opportunity to buy here at discount prices, our family would not own so many of BW's wonderful products.”
Jen, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has managed to walk that line for our family: you know the one where we need structure and guidance in progression but where it is so fun it's not a chore to get the kids to the table to work on their writing. The program is full of things that make my kids have good self-esteem about their writing skills as well as age-appropriate progress.”
Brooke, Co-op Member
”We do not know where we would be without Brave Writer. We went from having an autistic child who detested writing to the same child deciding he wants to be a creative writer and author!!! If you are on the fence, just try it! It is worth every penny!”
Dinavia, Co-op Member
”We love Brave Writer. My kids like the set up of weekly but very manageable assignments. And the structure of the copywork is what helped my non-writer become a writer a few years ago.....I don't mean creative either...I just mean getting pencil to paper at all. The programs she has developed are excellent and my children have really enjoyed them.”
Mary K., Co-op Member
”We are loving Brave Writer!!!! It has been great for my daughter with dyslexia and the rest of my family throughly enjoy it as well! We have adopted her entire philosophy to our whole homeschool and this has been our most enjoyable year of school to date! We are looking forward to many more years of this amazing curriculum!”
N. Dow, Co-op Member
”We love Brave writer! It's gentle, yet still rigorous. My kindergartener is leaning grammar and spelling rules I didn't know existed with the wand. I have the confidence not to correct every writing mistake.”
Tracie Bergeron, Co-op Member
”I'm homeschooling my two daughters, ages 14 and 8, and was concerned about finding ways to teach them simultaneously with such a large age difference. Brave Writer has helped with this so much! My girls love doing the Arrow guides as well as Poetry Teatime together. I can't recommend it enough! I also personally love Julie's YouTube videos and podcasts. She's so encouraging to homeschooling parents in the trenches. 😊”
Liza Rutherford, Co-op Member
”We are using Brave Writer's Partnership Writing program this year, and my boys LOVE IT! They are 9 and 12, and have been reluctant writers in the past ~ but Brave Writer enchants them into loving writing. This program has taught me how to turn my home into a language-rich environment, and the writing my boys are producing is better than ever -- with zero tears!”
S. Mueller, Co-op Member
”My family loves Bravewriter! My kids ages 7 & 5 thoroughly enjoy the writing projects. We have found the Brave writer philosophy helps us in so many ways with our homeschool. Not only do we have time for real learning, but we are able to cultivate a peaceful and relationship nurturing homeschool environment. We truly love brave writer. We are using Jot it Down this year. I have purchased The Writers Jungle for next year to help its streamline things even more.”
Pattie, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling my kids for 3 years. I wish I had gotten Bravewriter in the beginning . My kids enjoy it very much.”
Sarah H, Co-op Member
”BraveWriter has given me "permission" to school the way I know is best for my children. Through BraveWriter, we have a lifestyle of learning where I regularly see progress, all while enjoying one another.”
Malinda, Co-op Member
”This is our second year using Brave Writer, and it has been so much fun! The books that are chosen to study have been engaging and entertaining. It's been wonderful for my son to see the different writing styles dissected and it's been awesome to see him understand and incorporate different Brave Writer techniques into his own writing. We look forward to growing with Brave Writer in the years to come and have already recommended it to other homeschooling friends.”
M. Thomson, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer was exactly what my family was looking for in a language arts program. This is our second year using it and we all enjoy the stories and activities. The kids enjoy not having to rely on workbooks for grammar and spelling and I appreciate the teaching advice without it being scripted. We recommend BW to all our homeschooling friends who enjoy sharing stories together.”
E. Brechtel, Co-op Member
”We love all of the Bravewriter materials. They are so well done and help kids to develop a love for writing and literature. Excellent materials which develop original writing in creative, fun, challenging ways. Love it!”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”My reluctant reader is now begging to read. Thank you BraveWriter.”
Sue C, Co-op Member
”I was at a total loss at how to teach my son how to write. My personal weakness is language arts so this subject was stressful and overwhelming. I had tried many different programs but only succeeded in teaching my son how to dislike writing like I did. There are many good programs for grammar and spelling but the writing side ahrrrr, hair pull, cry, stress, stress, lets just forget it - oh wait- we can't!!

Enter Brave-Writer and what a complete change. I read The Jungle Writer - FANTASTIC!! It is easy to understand, relatable, realistic. This book helps you, the teacher, get your children writing. It has simple activities to do with instructions how to do them and how to respond to the results - because lets face it, how we respond to our children's efforts to learn effects not only their learning but can effect how the whole day turns out. It is so great you start to see writing as a simple subject that is enjoyable to teach your children - shock horror I know but its true, not a word of a lie, you even start enjoying reading their writing!

With the Boomerang program I let my son choose which books he would like to study which makes a big difference. Further the simple discussion and diction activities makes for a stress free language arts session. My only suggestion would be to read The Jungle Writer the minute you decide to homeschool no matter the age. I wish I had read it sooner, that said my son was early high school and it made a dramatic difference to us -DRAMATIC- so never too late either. I look forward to reading Help for High School. Never less to say I high recommend Brave-Writer.”
Abigail Fraser, Co-op Member
”I knew I needed a different approach with my 8 year old. A friend suggested Brave Writer. I love that I was able to download a large amount of material for FREE from her website. I was able to "try before I buy" with about a month's worth of product. When I did decide BW was for us, I was thrilled to have the discount at HBC.

After two months of casually using BW, my reluctant writer enthusiastically and SPONTANEOUSLY penned his first poem!

Grammar concepts that were "learned" and then immediately forgotten with our old workbooks are now engrained in his mind. If we cover a concept in an Arrow, he OWNS it and looks for it in other readings.

I especially appreciate the opportunity to purchase single issues of Arrows - I now have one for every month of the upcoming school year and they correspond with books that I was already planning on using. Win/win!”
Lara T, Co-op Member
”I have children entering 3rd and 1st grade and after lots of research and trying several other writing progras I decided to try Bravewriter. My 3rd grader is a struggling writer who class up when asked to write ANYTHING. We are starting them both with Jot it Down and a Quiver of arrows. We have started with a few of the projects and the kids are really enjoying reading fairy tales and doing the projects with Jot it Down. We are on our second book with Quiver and there have been no complaints when it is writing time. He still hesitates when he is required to free write his own ideas, but I am already seeing less struggle. I think it is because he has had more practice with sentences with the copywork. My 1st grader is getting great practice with handwriting and during other activities (like writing a birthday card) he is applying the Grammer and punctuation he is learning from Quiver. My boys very favorite part of Bravewriter is the Poetry Tea time! My 3rd grade is also shy about reading aloud and this opportunity to read short fun poems has really brought him out of his shell! We are so happy with the program so far and look forward to working thru the rest of our current programs and using higher levels in the future!”
Kim S, Co-op Member
”I was glad to see the Jot it down program of bravewriter here. It motivated me to finally try it. And I LOVE it. It is such an amazing program for my littles (5 & 6). As my kids get older I will definitely be trying more Bravewriter programs.”
Janett, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer is the homeschool guide I wish I had when I first started homeschooling about 10 years ago. The curriculum has the perfect blend of structure n customization. Julie has re entered my homeschool around family and relationships and helped put love back into our learning. My children enjoy my new outlook on learning as a family. This system is very different from IEW which I also love and I integrate the 2 together where they work for us. I plan to keep using a Brave Writer and anyone who has seen me in the past 6 months has heard me rave about it and Julie Bogart.”
M. Knight, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer completely turned around our homeschool. Gone are the agonizing days with tears and resistance (from both mom and kids). This unique program will not only challenge how you view writing, it will completely change how you approach and teach writing as an amazing way!”
Shera R, Writer, Blogger, Co-op Member
”We are using "A Quiver of Arrows" for my 8 year old son. We love that it bases copywork and language learning based on classic novels! My son enjoys learning about writing style and grammar from it, though he still struggles with copywork. It is easy to follow as a parent. We intend to use this product for language arts.”
Jennifer Hunter, Co-op Member
”I have just purchased The Writer's Jungle, and already I am breathing easier about the future of language arts in my home. Previously, I had been relying on the wisdom of Charlotte Mason and the Ambleside Online curriculum. While Brave Writer does seem to be CM-friendly, it lives in the present where my real children (whom Charlotte Mason has never met) live. Brave Writer has a way of being real, practical, and optimistic all at the same time.”
Amy Krohn, Co-op Member
”I am a homeschool mom with three boys. I ordered Brave-writer after hearing from others how it's become more of a lifestyle in their daily lives. Now I get it! It's changed the way I do Language Arts in my house and it allows each of my kids to participate in their own way. One of the projects we just did was the Fairy Tale project, my kids have enjoyed it. I was never really sure if my youngest, who is 2 would get much out of it but he was always along for the ride. While I was sitting in our school room one day he came up to me and said "mom put hair down". I asked him why and he told me again to put my hair down. It dawned on me - he is referencing Rapunzel! I asked "like Rapunzel" and he said yes. So yes Brave Writer has changed my look on how I do Language Arts, it makes so much sense and my kids enjoy it.”
J. Werrell, Co-op Member
”We started are new school year on May 1st. I decided to change things up this year and finally add Brave Writer to my school. Seriously I get what all the rave was about, It has been an amazing month so far, The kids love Poetry tea time. I see their eyes light up when it comes to their stores or writing projects. I am already noticing small changes in the kids each time we do something new. Please get this program I promise it will be the best choice ever made for you and the kids. You will also love the Facebook groups for Brave writer along with Facebook lives with Julie every week. Run or walk to order Brave writer.”
Sarita Kemper, Co-op Member
”Our family loves all the products that BraveWriter puts out. They are sophisticated as well as relaxed. When I use this product as well as others I feel confident that I am providing a high quality education and my kids like the assignments. They are relevant to them.”
Tara, Co-op Member
”Bravewriter has completely changed our homeschooling experience. The kids and I are enjoying reading all of the great books and learning how to write well in a non-threatening and fun way. For the first time, my son (age 9) loves to write. That is HUGE! It has simplified our life and made our homeschooling experience so much more enjoyable - especially as we have also incorporated other elements of the Bravewriter lifestyle (poetry tea time, etc).”
V. Reyes, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Brave-Writer! It is transforming our homeschool! It is more than a curriculum, it's a lifestyle that has injected the fun, whimsy, and love of learning back into our homeschool.”
Amy, Co-op Member
”This is my first full year of homeschooling and I was at a loss of where to start. I started with reading the Wrtier's Jungle and found many helpful suggestions in there. I have a child with a great imagination but he does not like to write. For most of this year (1st grade) I have just let him tell me what to write. Taking the struggle of writing out of the equation has allowed his imagination to flourish! We are also using A quiver of arrows which is engaging, easy to follow, and has encouraged his writing. He is fine with doing the dictation pieces and I can tell he feels a sense of accomplishment when finished. His handwriting and spelling have improved.”
Beth R, Co-op Member
”My third grader loves Brave Writer's Quiver of Arrows! She has a newfound love of reading, and enjoyment of producing quality work. We are very pleased with everything offered, and cannot wait to continue on.”
T. Aviles, Co-op Member
”Brave writer has completely changed my approach to teaching language arts. The focus has shifted from teaching my children the mechanics of writing to giving them the means to get their thoughts and ideas onto paper. It has even changed how i read. I notice good writing more now and apprrciate it.”
Eleasha, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Brave Writer! I have two boys in 5th and 7th who have very different attitudes about reading and writing comprehension. Through the Arrow and Boomerang lessons, they've both flourished and found new tidbits that have helped them.

We also use Partnership Writing and Faltering Ownership. For my younger son, who loves to chat and discuss rather than write, it has been so wonderfully eye-opening! The different techniques Brave Writer suggests have led to less tears and great progress. For my older son, Faltering Ownership is really honing his skills as an advanced writer.

For me, The Writer's Jungle is by far, my favorite tool. I have told many others about it and don't think I'll be using anything else other than Brave Writer for the foreseeable future. The Facebook pages, the YouTube videos, combined with Writer's Jungle have really boosted my confidence as a teacher far better than any other program I've used in the past years.”
Heather S., Co-op Member
”Brave-Writer (specifically The Writer's Jungle) is just what my family needed: it's a more relaxed approach to writing. The book allows for great flexibility, so the parent/teacher can decide the best way to implement the ideas and the philosophy of writing that is presented. It's not a curriculum or even a writing program, but more of a guide.

My three school-aged children love the writing routine I implemented based on the book and enjoy the relaxed and flexible approach I have taken. Our favorite aspect of the guide is freewriting. My children like to write, but needed some jumping off points and this book gives some great ideas for where to begin.

I have absolutely recommended this book to other homeschool friends who were looking for a change and I will definitely continue to use the book.

When the time comes, I would like to purchase the high school writing book since I like Ms. Bogart's approach to writing so much.”
Lynette N., Co-op Member
”We finished our first project from Jot-it-Down today, the fairy tale project. My 6 year old son said to me as he was going to bed, "Mommy, I am really proud of my fairy tale book. It was a lot of fun. Whoever invented Jot it Down has some really good ideas." I completely agree!”
D.V., Co-op Member
”We are new to homeschooling this year, and as I research language/arts curriculum for my 4th grader I came across Brave Writer. We have LOVED it so far! We have really enjoyed the list of novels that were chosen for this years curriculum, and read them aloud as a family. With they way it is set up, we are able to cover grammar, spelling, writing elements, and see how all of these help to paint a picture and create feeling in the reader. My 4th grader loves to sit down and do Brave Writer every day! We will defiantly continue to use it as part of our Language/Arts curriculum.”
The Badger Family, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE "Jot It Down!" We are almost finished making our fairy tale books, and they just said today, "No mommy! I don't want this to be the end of Jot it Down!" They were so happy to hear that the fairy tale project was only the first of 10 projects we would be working on in Jot it Down. I also love that I am preserving this precious stage in their writing development in such a beautiful way by capturing in writing and pictures the ways that they are hearing and creating stories. We are also using the Wand this year with my six year old. He is THRILLED we are not doing phonics workbooks this year! He has really loved using the post-it notes and white board with our lessons, and I love that the program is literature based. We will definitely be continuing with Brave Writer! I am so thankful that we were able to get it discounted through the co-op since we are on a limited budget. This made it so much more possible for us to use it. Thank you!”
D.V., Co-op Member
”I purchased Jot It Down! because it looked like it would fit well with a literature-based curriculum. It really does slide in well, and it helps me find out what my six, seven and eight-year-olds are interested in without giving them burdensome busywork to struggle through.”
Amy Krohn, Co-op Member
”My family absolutely loves the Brave Writer Arrow subscription we purchased from the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op! The guides are so well written and easy to use and I love the book choices. I was not at all confident in my ability to teach language arts until I found these guides.”
Jessica H, Co-op Member
”Our family absolutely loves Brave Writer. My children (5 and 8) began to love language arts, and it has been a joy in our home this past year. I will always buy direct from Brave Writer because she offers support and updates to her customers. I'm so thankful I found this product, or even better, this lifestyle!”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”Adding the Brave Writer Lifestyle Lesson Plans to our Homeschool Planet has been like a breath of fresh air to our homeschool! As a new family to Brave Writer, I find these bits of Julie & her team to be just the touch of inspiration that helps me stay on track (or get back on it!) during my busy day homeschooling 5 boys. The reminders and tips are awesome encouragement for me to focus on creating a positive educational atmosphere.”
Amy Milcic, Co-op Member
”What a difference Brave Writer has made for us! It is not just a writing curriculum, but an entire language arts philosophy and routine, one that we plan to stick with all the way through.

We found Brave Writer after our daughter's first grade year. In first grade, we followed the language arts recommendations of another curriculum we were using and were sorely disappointed. Our daughter, who loved to read and didn't mind handwriting, began to hate language arts. It was her least favorite subject. We knew something was wrong and began searching for an alternative.

We are so grateful that we found Brave Writer! We have used it for 2nd and 3rd grade now, and will use it for her upcoming 4th grade year along with the Quiver of Arrows for our son in 1st grade.

Over the years, we have purchased the Writer's Jungle (fantastic resource!), Jot it Down (really helped me get the feel of an effective language arts routine & writing projects for lower elementary), many individual Arrow guides (we typically use 9 per year), and new this year, the Quiver of Arrows for 1st-2nd graders.

Being a speech therapist on the side when I'm not teaching my kids, I know a thing or two about speech and language development. I know that kids learn to speak well when they are exposed to good speech models and a rich language environment. And so Brave Writer's natural approach to writing makes so much sense to me. Children will learn to be great writers when they are regularly exposed to models of great writing and a language rich environment.

Reading great writing (exemplified by the book titles chosen for the Arrow of Boomerang guides) and following the routines of copy work, dictation, French dictation (copy work that is fill-in-the-blank style in places to target tricky spelling words or punctuation), and reverse dictation (unique editing exercises), weekly Freewriting exercises to get their ideas flowing on paper, monthly writing projects, and our favorite, weekly poetry tea times, are the backbone of this approach.

Julie Bogart has so much wisdom to impart, and what makes her approach unique is that she herself is a professional writer. She gets what it takes to be a great writer in the real world, and rather than bogging kids down with worksheets and endless grammar exercises, each Arrow guide comes with grammar notes for each copy work/dictation passage, so you can address grammar naturally as it comes up, and each Arrow guide focuses on a key literary element that makes great writing- similes and metaphors, imagery, viewpoint, alliteration, etc- and has a writing exercise to allow kids to practice it in their own writing.

But the proof is found in our kids. This will be our second child's first year with Bravewriter, but all 3 of our kids have benefitted from our language arts routine- even our youngest, having just turned 3, has been known to wander the house reciting bits of poetry she heard during poetry tea time. Language Arts may not be our daughter's favorite subject yet- she loves history, science, & art- but she still loves to read, willingly participates in writing, and is able to effectively express her ideas through writing. And she's learned to love poetry and even write some original poems on her own just for fun. I'd call that a success.

But while excellent resources, Brave Writer would be cost-prohibitive for us if it weren't for the discounts offered through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. So thank you for making this truly excellent language arts resource available!”
Kim Van Vooren, Co-op Member
”We bought The Arrow, and it has been a wonderful center-point for our homeschooling! I love that Julie has already chosen high quality books and planned out for me how to teach it (in a very accessible and open approach)!”
Paula, Co-op Member
”I am in love with Brave Writer. After four years of IEW, Brave Writer has transformed how we look at writing. We've made more progress with writing in just a few months with Brave Writer than we did in four years with IEW. Having teenagers, Brave Writer is showing & teaching us the skills of how to *think* about our high school level essay topics, not just how to fit them in a checklist. My only regret is I didn't go with Brave Writer from the beginning.”
Heather Hitchcock, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this program. We have tried a few other things before I found this and I have to say that I no longer feel overwhelmed as the Homeschooling parent and my children actually enjoy the layout we have chosen. The monthly projects are so much fun. If used with the arrows subscription, you then have access to reading materials with the daily copy work and grammar study. This program is the best when it comes to literature arts.”
Gwyn Gable, Co-op Member
”I really love the Brave writer Arrows and other products Julie Bogart has to offer. The Brave writer lifestyle is the only language arts program for us! I always tell other homeschoolers about it!”
Wendy N., Co-op Member
”Finding Brave Writer has been a freeing experience as the parent-teacher. I love the ideas, enthusiasm, and realness that Julie Bogart infuses into all parts of Brave Writer and I appreciate that the co-op prices make it affordable.”
NEA, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer is unlike any language arts program I'm ever seen or used. It is a strong combination of Charolette Mason and Ruth Beechick--using "living books" in a practical, common sense, and fun way. Brave Writer teaches kids to write first, establishing a love for writing, then slowly incorporates the mechanics and rules of writing into their peices. All other language arts programs I've used start with mechanics (grammar, formats and formulas) first, forcing the child's writing to fit the formula (a paragraph has 5 sentences; a topic sentence, 3-4 supporting sentences and a conclusion sentence). This way has always ended in frustration and tears for my kids. Brave Writer is such a breath of fresh air for my kids and I--no more tears; I have happy, willing writers now!

The Writer's Jungle is a wonderful teacher's manual that explains the writing process step by step from very beginner writing through college essay and research paper writing. It can even be used as a stand alone curriculum.

The Quiver of Arrows and the Arrow (the program I use with my 10 yo), is the grammar portion of Brave Writer. It uses real books to teach the mechanics and grammar of writing through copywork passages and literary elements. Literary elements are things like onomatopoeia, use of descriptive words, opening hooks, etc. that the author uses to keep the reader interested and wanting to find out what happens. This teaches kids how to use these elements in their own writing and I've seen it come out in my child's writing, so I know it's working!

Jot It Down and Partnership Writing (two of the writing programs I've bought so far) are full of super fun writing projects that my kids love to do! Some of the projects include things like learning to write in secret code (ciphers, picto-code, invisible ink), making a photo book (with captions), making a personal timeline, and planning parties (learning to write invitations, plan games, etc). The kids are writing and learning but it doesn't feel like work because the finished project is so fun and personal to them.

The one draw back with Brave Writer is that you do need to do a little bit of planning each week to be well prepared. It's not quite an open-and-go curriculum, but close. We make monthly library visits to get the books we will be using, and I need to read each lesson ahead of time to be sure I have what I need to teach it properly. Even so, I will continue to use Brave Writer and recommend it to everyone!”
Amber H., Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has helped us bring joy and creativity back in to our language arts. My son is actually choosing to write beyond the minimum I require!”
”We love how creative and fun the program makes our writing experience!”
J. Brown, Co-op Member
”"Passion for Fiction" has opened up a whole new world for my daughter. She loves the interaction with other students and I'm sure her writing skills will take a huge leap forward because of this one class.”
Francine B., Co-op Member
”I really love the program, it's very flexible and we can go at our own pace. However, there is so much material to read and Julie tends to write an awful lot and in great detail. I actually gave up on reading everything and went searching for the activities. It is definitely our preferred english program for all 3 kids. My eldest has autism and has benefited greatly.”
Wendy P, Co-op Member
”Bought this program for my youngest daughter who has a speech delay. She is enjoying the program and we have told several of our friends how much fun it is and that she does not even notice that she is working on speech, reading and sounds. She looks forward to doing her "Brave work"”
Sarah J, Co-op Member
”We purchased Jot It Down and Quiver of Arrows for my daughter and we absolutely love it! Please go to the Bravewriter website for even more information! Would recommend these products to everyone!!!”
Corissa, Co-op Member
”My son and I signed up for the KidsWrite Basic class. It was very refreshing to take off my hat as parent/teacher/coach/supporter/nagger and just be my kid's partner and encourager. The teacher gave excellent feedback and my kid looked forward to reading what she wrote and put out extra effort to focus on writing. He did not love writing going into the class and he still does not, but now he feels much more confident and excited about it. He also produced a really amazing piece of writing. I'd take another class in the future without a doubt.”
E. Davis, Co-op Member
”I am so grateful for BraveWriter. We have used many different writing programs over the years and my kids all groaned whenever I said the word "writing." Brave Writer has changed that! I appreciate all of Julie's tips especially about revision which was my most challenging area from the mom/teacher perspective. I now have a plan and can see the big picture of where we are headed in our writing.”
Betsy Koster, Co-op Member
”I saw some things from Julie Bogart on a forum I subscribe to and some of her periscopes and blog, so I was THRILLED to find the materials on the co-op for a discount!
We are just in the early stages of using them, but I feel like the Brave Writer "Lifestyle" is how I want to teach and operate for our homeschool! The shift mentally has been really exciting and freeing for me, and I can already see how it is going to foster a culture of delight in language for us!
We are using Jot It Down to get started, and I'm really enjoying the rich descriptions of the aspects of the lifestyle and approach. I find the projects to be good ones and engaging, but I particularly like the book as a broader resource for approaching writing and rich language in our homeschool! We will definitely continue down this journey we have started with Brave Writer!”
Rachel S, Co-op Member
”Working with Julie Bogart & her program has been wonderful. My 9th grader is doing Kidswrite intermediate and loves the interaction of the other students on the virtual bulletin board. As a parent I love that she is getting warm feedback and specific guidance in her writing that isn't coming form me.”
Sarah Walker, Homeschooler
”I thought I was simply purchasing a writing program when I first bought The Writers Jungle. Little did I know that Julie Bogart's philosophy not only in writing, but homeschooling in general would change the way I perceive homeschooling and myself in the mother/teacher role. It has changed our homeschool lifestyle! I love the program - can't say enough good about it. It has encouraged my very reluctant 14yo to write down his thoughts and become more confident about his writing voice. Julie teaches from the perspective of a successful author instead of simply a "how to" writing program. It makes all the difference in the world. I'm so excited for my 5 and 7 year old girls to grow up with this program. We are loving Jot It Down for them! I can't say enough good things about this - I tell everyone I know who homeschools about it.”
Denise N, Co-op Member
”All of my children love Brave Writer! Nobody moans or complains about the writing or language arts curriculum. Implementing The Writer's Jungle has changed our family's approach to writing and brought a very positive and nurturing atmosphere into our homeschool. Julie Bogart is fantastic and very caring toward the homeschool community! My kid's love The Arrow and I've found it very helpful in organizing our read aloud time. I couldn't imagine homeschooling without Brave Writer!!”
Audria Story, Co-op Member
”I have completed other writing programs but found it hard as "mom/teacher" to grade and offer constructive advice to my high school son's writing assignments. Brave-Writer has been excellent in inspiring topics and providing insightful feedback on his writing assignments. It was hard to get him to want to do writing but not so with Brave-Writer. I am frugal with spending money but I feel Brave-Writer is well worth every penny especially at the High School level. I know he is learning valuable skills -highly recommend!”
Anne-Marie Awrey, Co-op Member
”So far I am very impressed with the Brave-Writer program. We have only been using it for a little more than a month. it has already added a new perspective to our homeschooling lifestyle. My hope was to release my kids from the fear of writing and teach them how to put their thoughts down on paper. i already see my kids writing more on their own without my prompt. Julie is so knowledgeable and her daily writing tips are very helpful. We really like the Brave-Writer lifestyle.”
Melia Jones, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Brave-Writer. All 3 of my kids benefit from the lifestyle, none fear or avoid writing at all, and all test well above grade level for both reading and writing. It IS a lifestyle, not a curriculum, per se, so don't expect lesson by lesson instructions. My kids love the project/unit suggestions, the poetry teas, and the small bits of copywork. we've used it for 2 years now (everything from Jot it Down to the Arrow), and love it a LOT.”
R. Burke, Co-op Member
”We love the Brave Writer curriculum! My kids are 6 and 8 and we're using Jot it Down as well as The Wand. Both products are working wonderfully in our family and I only wish I'd discovered them when my son was younger. I especially have loved watching Julie Bogart's (the creator) videos and receiving her emails, they are a real lifeline for a homeschool mother and enrich the curriculum and provide motivation. The kids enjoy The Wand and love the stuff we are doing with Jot It Down, especially Poetry Teatime (I never in a million years would have expected they beg me to read them poetry!)”
Natalie, New Zealand, Co-op Member
”I began homeschooling later than most, and chose a CM method. It has been easy with my elementary kids, but I struggled to find direction with my 10th grader. The Writer's Jungle and Boomerang gave us exactly the direction we needed and he has thrived ever since. He and I are both thrilled with this program. He is enjoying the book picks and I am enjoying the help.”
Annie P., Co-op Member
”I really can't say enough good things about Brave Writer. Brave Writer has helped shift our perspective on all of our educational endeavors, not just writing. The Brave Writer Lifestyle is now key to how we learn and my children find such freedom and enjoyment in their writing. I never see us departing from this program- it is just that good! Plus I feel like it gives my kids a real world perspective on writing and will help them be the most ready for college or other professional writing pursuits once they leave my home.”
MacKenzie Monroe, Co-op Member
”We have absolutely loved Brave Writer!! For our homeschool, we have always done reading and language arts differently. Arrow and boomerang have fit right in with our style! I love the dictation a from the book they are reading and my kids love the literary element at the end of the books!!”
Debra P, Co-op Member
”My dd 9 yr old, has always loathed English Language Arts (ELA); I mean with a passion. Her lack of proper writing skills, lack of endurance in writing (before she physically could only write for 10 mins maybe) was shining through.

We are now 2 months into Brave-Wrtier and she looks forward to the Free Writes on Fridays, she enjoys the copy work and dictation passages, and I DO NOT, repeat I DO NOT have to beg her to read a book. Who knew that copying well written work (i.e. from books), would not only improve my dd's handwriting, but also help with grammar & punctuation.

She is excited to continue with ELA, not to mention the projects, she loves the projects, learning ways to write secret codes, making a personal time line, etc... It's all been great! I am so thankful I chose to go with Brave-Writer and so is my kiddo. When you've got a program that even the kiddo is excited to do, you know you've hit the lotto. :)”
J. Yeomans, Co-op Member
”My son asked me a hard question about our writing one day, which I had no idea what the answer exactly was. So my son and I figured we would ask the author of our writing program, Julie Bogart. When we received an answer, I got lots of nods, smiles, and affirmation sounds from my son, as he read Julie's letter.

This son is the reason why I went with the writing program, as he was the one who hated writing. He is very bright, like his Dad, and like his Dad, he doesn't like to write and looks for ways to minimize what pencil strokes he has to put on paper. I want him to be able to express himself on paper, not that he has to be an author, but that he isn't afraid to write down what he is thinking as he gets older. I don't want his aversion to writing to hinder his options in life. Since we have started doing different exercises, he has improved a lot, and is writing thoughts and parts of stories. Initially, from his 10 min free writing, "keep your pencil moving time", it took a week or so of reading writing that contained variations of "no, no, no, I do not want to write, no, no, no, bla, bla, bla..."

So, yes, as a family we are appreciating the smiles, fun ideas and positive results from following along with Brave Writer.”
D. Michel, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has helped reteach me the art of writing and patience. I was the mom who thought my son was lazy because he could not write a simple paragraph with detail and correct grammar, etc. I was so misguided, but The Writer's Jungle guides you through the steps of teaching your child how to express themselves without them really knowing they're learning. How great is that! For example we played the Communication Game. This is when my son draws a picture and I'm facing away from him. Then he has to describe his drawing to me so I can try to duplicate it. Halfway through I showed him what I had drawn from his description and he said, "No, start over." The second time he was way more descriptive and my picture almost mirrored his drawing. He was so excited. My 10 year-old has grown so much in such a short time and he doesn't sigh at the thought of writing. Julie Bogart is very encouraging and it helps that she is both a writer and a mother so she understands the challenges we face and gives great examples of how to overcome those hurtles.”
K. Vasquez, Co-op Member
”Brave writer is common sense instructional help from a wonderful woman.”
S. Bowman, Co-op Member
”My children and I are currently taking the Kidwrite Basic class with BraveWriter. It has been helpful to be guided through how to teach writing and I have a lot more confidence. I have homeschooled for over 10 years and writing has been the hardest subject for me to teach. They say to spend your money on your weakest area and that is what I did and feel it was well worth the investment.”
Betsy Koster, Co-op Member
”I was looking for a language arts curriculum that would appeal to my 9 yo son who hates to write and I think I've found it with the Brave Writer program. It follows a very Charolette Mason foundation of narration, dictation and copywork using real books. But Brave Writer is more than just a writing program, it's learning to appreciate music, art, museums, poetry and nature walks. I never realized that good writers used all those aspects in writing. But it makes perfect sense to me now after reading the Brave Writer curriculum!

I think my son and daughter will really enjoy doing the projects in Jot It Down and Partnership Writing and not even realize that they are doing school--the projects are so fun and personal to each child!

I've read most of the Writer's Jungle and I love how it teaches the homeschool mom or dad HOW to teach writing from oral narration to detailed essays. The ideas in it are things I would have never thought to do and the activities are so practical and "everyday" and simple and fun. Why do other writing curriculums have to be so complicated and boring and unappealing and formula driven? There's no life in that kind of writing. Brave Writer is different than any language arts curriculum I've ever seen. It has tons of ideas and games to use to teach the kids how to see things different and how to use good descriptive words in their writing. This is definitely what I've been searching for!! My mind feels at ease with Brave Writer.

It's a complete language arts curriculum when using the Writer's Jungle, the Brave Writer writing program like Jot It Down or Partnership Writing, etc and the Wand, Arrow, or Boomerang. It will work for kids K-12th grade and beyond.

I can't say enough good things about it. I tell all my homeschooling friends about it and several of them has started using it as well.

One draw back is that it's not an open and teach kind of curriculum, there is planning to be done on the part of the parent. But as Julie Bogart says, "your kids deserve a well planned lesson." As unappealing as that may seem to some parents (and myself at first), there is so much help on the Brave Writer website to parents who ask for it. There are also many great blog posts and an additional service called Homeschool Alliance that is available on a monthly basis. I thoroughly enjoy all Brave Writer has to offer!!!”
A. Hampton, Co-op Member
”I haven't begun using the material yet, but I HAVE printed it all out and downloaded it to my computer in case I need to reprint it in case of spills. THAT said, I have the complete year downloaded and am looking to find the books I need. :) this was a fantastic deal and I saved $20+ on what I would've paid at the Brave writer website...I simply don't have the current years Arrow (but that is ok...) I appreciate Brave Writer participating and look forward to using their curricula this year!!!”
S Patton, Co-op Member
”The Bravewriter program is one of the best part of our homeschooling. We've used the Arrow, which allows us to focus on a novel, to learn grammar through copywork and dictation passages, and to have fun discussing the details of good literature. As a result, we've discovered many new favorite books through Bravewriter. Julie Bogart will respond quickly if you have questions or need help; her website and blog are filled with great help for homeschoolers. We look forward to another year of the Arrow, and now that my children are old enough, also with the Boomerang program.”
Diane A., Co-op Member
”I'm very excited about implementing Brave Writer into our curriculum. I really like the approach and support. I especially appreciated the quick email response I received addressing my concern about teaching multiple students in different grade levels specifically where to start. Now I have a great plan and can't wait to begin!!”
Jacky P, Co-op Member
”I was looking for a writing program to encourage and guide my budding eight year old writer. It is very difficult to teach writing so this has been a God send!”
Callie B., Co-op Member
”It took a while for me to read through and figure out how I was going to implement it in our daily life. I was sceptical, but no more. My daughter (9) took to writing quite quickly and she was a reluctant writer who loathed creative writing.
Will gladly recommend it to other families.”
Tanya V, Co-op Member
”My boys and I LOVE the Arrow! We have done two years of it and have loved EVERY book. They have learned quite a bit about writing and grammar from all of the information. They tell me now whether or not they think a book has a good opening hook! It's great. We have already purchased next year's set.”
Samantha J, Co-op Member
”This works well for my son who does not enjoy traditional schooling, especially writing. We picked out "Arrow"s that were based on books he likes. Each lesson is short and focused, using the book we are reading. The curriculum is very flexible, allowing us to spread the work out, and spend as long as we like on a topic or assignment. Lesson planning is super easy, taking the pressure off of Mom. Thanks so much.”
A. Skinner, Co-op Member
”My daughter had never taken a graded academic course like this before, so I was nervous. I shouldn't have been nervous. She LOVED the course. She felt like the feedback she received on her writing was very helpful, and she enjoyed the assignments immensely. She ended the class by telling me repeatedly that she wants to take another BraveWriter class! She's typically a not very academically motivated teenager, so this is big. We're definitely going to be taking more BraveWriter courses.”
DJB, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased The Writer's Jungle and am extremely pleased! The curriculum was about half the cost of other places, it was delivered exactly as stated, and the directions were easy to follow. The co-op will be my first stop for curriculum. Thank you for a great experience.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”This is the best purchase I have ever made for our homeschool. I purchased The Writer's Jungle and have begun to implement the suggestions and ideas. My very reluctant writer has begun to request time to write! We have yet to fully implement the program (we're moving that direction slowly), but I feel we have made more progress in the last month than in our previous years of schooling combined. We also purchased Partenership Writing, but have only begun to use it. I am excited about the ideas it contains. I wholeheartedly recommend this curriculum.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I bought Jot it down and Brave Writer for my 6 year old. It has totally changed my views on how to teach my child to write. Julie Bogart is a wonderful teacher, kind and supportive and her attitude has rubbed off on me as well. I strongly urge parents to give both products a try.”
Paddy, Co-op Member
”Really love the approach of helping your children (and maybe yourself) find out how writing can be useful for them and thus giving them the self-motivation to learn and improve.”
JanellR, Co-op Member
”I'm so happy we discovered Brave Writer early on in our homeschool journey. Not only do my kids enjoy writing but they look forward to it! The Brave Writer lifestyle of poetry tea time, weekly movies, art/music appreciation and read alouds are continuously enriching our lives. It's a program we'll definitely stick with for years to come.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”My 14-year-old daughter took the Expository Essay class by Brave Writer. The instructor, Samantha, was fantastic--giving great ideas and guiding students, step-by-step, through a process for writing essays. Students could also see and learn from each other's works in progress. My daughter's creativity and "voice" were cherished and preserved throughout. It was an intense and fabulous experience.”
Laura A., Co-op Member
”We love Brave Writer! It's such an organic and powerful approach to teaching writing!”
XH, Co-op Member
”We love Bravewriter! I have to say, this program is working out extremely well for us. This is my first year homeschooling and I have a 6 yo daughter and 9 yo son. My son is really struggling with writing and I was getting frustrated with expectations of 4th grade essays and writing topics that were way beyond him. So at Christmas I researched new programs and found BraveWriter.

It was a real paradigm shift for me to read Julie's teachings. She opened a new door into a more realistically paced world of writing for my children and myself. We enjoy writing and expressing ourselves now on a daily basis and my son and I are especially fond of Partnership Writing. It is just what we needed. I don't think I would have purchased the program without the discount, so THANK YOU!!!”
L Colunga, Co-op Member
”I love the Brave Writer. I have two boys, ages 8 and 4. I ordered Jot it Down and was inspired by Julie's gentle approach to teaching. My kids love the relaxed method and I love the conversations we are having during our studies. After reading Jot It Down and implementing it into our curriculum, I ordered the The Brave Writer for more inspiration. I can not say enough about this program, it has influenced the way we study all of our subjects. I do not use the program to it's full potential- but I have taken so much away from it and our homeschool is better for it. I highly recommend this program!”
Kristin Wright, Co-op Member
”My children, myself and even my husband have all taken part in Bravewriter online classes over the past 10 years. We have all enjoyed them and I think are better writers because of them. For me one of the best things is the help given by the teachers to improve a piece of writing. I have not found anything else out there like Bravewriter. I have received great value for my money and highly recommend the classes and Julie's written products.”
Catherine Grant, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has totally transformed language arts in my home! We just started it this school year with my 3 and 4th grade daughters. Reading, writing, grammar, and spelling used to be a frustrating bore for my girls and a source of frustration and feelings of failure and inadequacy for me. We've tried several other curriculum, but Brave Writer is the only one that has opened my daughters to eyes to the joy of learning to write... and they have both excelled more in one semester using Brave Writer than two and a half years with other curriculum.”
JSanders, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer was probably the most important purchase of my year. It changed the way I homeschool, affecting all my other subjects. Kids love it, I love it, and I will continue to use it for years and years.”
R. Burke, Co-op Member
”I really like the Brave Writer concept, I first I was hesitant to print out the whole book as it is over 200 pages, and I thought I could just read it off the screen, but I found I needed the paper in hand for me to be able to read it. Julie has tons of tips to help when you hit this situation or that. My biggest challenge was/is to take the time for me to go through this great resource and then to get the kids working on this. Everything I've tried with my kids may at first be "mom why do we have to do that" but after we try it once, the kids are willing and loving to do something else I ask them to do. If you want to try some of the concepts before buying, then go to the website and sign up for the news letter which give you tons of ideas and tips to get writing.”
Melody D, Co-op Member
”We are excited to experience Brave Writer this next year after 2 years of a very structured writing program! There are numerous games and exercises to bring out the creativity and thought onto paper. This summer, I have started using some of the methods like pointing out parts of speech as we come across them in read aloud, or asking them to describe the different shades of green in the forest as we hike -- so they are learning the method already without even knowing it! This is the critical piece we have been missing that will really encourage getting their creative thoughts onto paper and then rearranging them into a format afterwards. I have told others about this product and they are interested, too! I bought some of the Boomerang literature guides which helped me choose the quality books we will read and do copywork and dictation from. Although, we haven't formally started using it yet, I have read the whole binder and listened to the podcasts and I can highly recommend Brave Writer!”
Karen Houlding, Co-op Member
”There is not a LA resource that I would recommend more highly than Brave Writer. Julie's passion for teaching in way that meets each child exactly where they are, encourages their creativity and uniqueness...while still emphasizing excellence is second-to-none. In our home, the parents love it, the kids ask to do more, and I have recommended this to every friend I have (with their results being similar to mine). We tried Sonlight and various other "programs" for LA with some mediocre success. The BraveWriter Lifestyle doesn't even compare. It is SO much more than a program or curriculum.”
Brandy, Co-op Member
”My boys and I absolutely love The Arrow from Brave Writer. We choose one of the books each month and complete the corresponding copy work, grammar lessons, and literary elements. Because all of the work is related to the book that we are reading together, they are much more willing to do the work. My kids are reluctant writers, but I can tell that they have definitely learned a lot from working with the Brave Writer program. An example: in their geography fair presentations, they made sure they had a good "opening hook" to get the crowd interested in their speech. That would never have happened without learning about it through Brave Writer! I would highly recommend it to anyone!”
Samantha Jacokes, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling since 2001. Though I was a certified, experienced classroom teacher, I always struggled with writing instruction. Fortunately for me, my first 2 children absorbed most of their writing skills from reading great literature accompanied by a little guidance from me.

My greatest challenge arrived when I needed to more actively guide my 3rd born in writing. She struggled and became easily discouraged with my lack of ability to guide her through the writing process patiently. Her spelling and grammar skills were below grade level and I worried that she was going to give up. I tried a few writing programs over the years but none ever seemed to make a great impact on my students' writing.

Then, my friend introduced me to Brave Writer. I was instantly hooked. The author explains the writing process and how to coach your students in an engaging, entertaining and professional manner in the Writer's Jungle. I appreciate that the dictation passages with the Arrow and Boomerang are based on excellent literature because those are the foundation of our homeschool curriculum. I am happy to report that my daughter has made amazing progress this past year. She may not be the best speller but she doesn't hate to write and I don't want to pull my hair out every time we have to work on writing. My only regret is that I didn't find Brave Writer sooner!”
Amy O., Co-op Member
”Exactly what I was looking for! After reading just chapter one, we started implementing the suggestions outlined in the book. There were no complaints about writing! Looking forward to implement more and more of this book into our week.”
Kayra J, Co-op Member
”This is by far the best homeschool purchase I've ever made...and I've made lots! It totally changed my perspective on teaching my kids in ALL subject matters, not just writing. Julie is a wealth of wisdom! Within the first two weeks of implementing just a few of her concepts, my son had a major break-through with his writing and my daughter exclaimed how much she loves our writing time. Thank you BW, we will never be the same and are SO grateful!!”
Rachel D., Co-op Member
”For most of this year we used the Core Knowledge Language Arts program, and the year before that we tried a more traditional Charlotte Mason approach. In both cases, LA was a chore rather than a delight, and we approached most writing assignments with dread rather than excitement. The last couple of months I used Jot It Down, and everything got easier. It's not just the assignments that I enjoy, but also the relaxed approach - I have seen my children write more spontaneously on their own as we lessen the formal assignments. Writer's Jungle has been great for me to frame what comes next and see the bigger picture - with kids at multiple ages, I like to be able to see where curriculum approaches are heading.”
Erin M, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer has been a God-send. I was perplexed with some writing issues we have been having and started praying for God to show me what would help us best. When I came across the Brave Writer blog I knew it was the answer. The insights shared in the Writer's Jungle and especially the Jot it Down curriculum have helped give me a better perspective. I feel a weight off my shoulders with a different set of writing priorities for our homeschool. This is more than a curriculum, it is a paradigm shift. Reading these materials and letting them soak in has brought a lot of clarity to me about the process of teaching my kids to write. We are slowly incorporating bits at a time. I definitely plan to continue with it. It has brought inspiration and fun back into our days, where we had gotten bogged down with our to do list on the curriculum. It is helping me to step back and see the big picture. My kids are loving tea time with poetry. It is a much better fit for my reluctant writer and I feel like we have a firm direction now. Thank you for availing this product at such a discount.”
Siobhan W., Co-op Member
”We use writers jungle, the arrow, and the wand and love them all. Bravewriter has taken the pain out of writing for all of us. The Wand has been a fun phonics/spelling/writing program for my 7 yr old. Copy work and dictation are the best ways to learn spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The WritersJungle has given us many tools and techniques to learn to write well and to play with language in a way that promotes creativity and increases vocabulary. My boys don't even realize we're doing a writing exercise usually because they enjoy it so. This is not a workbook curriculum, so you will need to make adjustments to how you think about writing if that's what you're used to. Julie Bogart lays the framework for you and gives lots of ideas and exercises, but you have to fill things in according to your child's personality. She believes writing should be fun and joyful and not dull and formulaic. After being immersed in the brave writer lifestyle, I could never go back to a traditional curriculum.”
C. McBride, Co-op Member
”After reviewing Brave Writer at the website, I was intrigued by her modern spin on Charlotte Mason methods. I had been drifting away and was delighted to turn back to a more organic process for developing young writers. If you want a box checking curriculum, this is NOT for you. If you are willing to step outside of textbook processes and make writing an integrated life skill, this program IS for you! It takes some time to read through the materials, but I am adding elements/chapters of her program one step at a time. My 12 year old son and 8 and 10 year old daughters enjoy Free Writes already, each in their own unique way! I find Ms. Bogart's groupings of writers in age-appropriate developmental stages insightful and useful for adjusting my expectations. My children enjoyed the copywork from the Arrow issue for "Ginger Pye", while I indirectly used the grammar/literary prompts when discussing the book.

"Partnership Writing", a specific program for 9-10 will be the basis for writing activities for the coming year. Monthly writing projects are detailed with an amazing variety to peak interest: Secret codes, map-making, a mail-order catalog... I cannot wait to use these with my creative daughters!

I hope that Ms. Bogart is able to complete her planned "Faltering Ownership" soon so I can purchase it as well. Thankfully she also list project ideas for each writing stage in an appendix of The Brave Writer.

Bravo to a writing program that makes writing a fun process instead of a boring school subject!”
Carolyn G, Co-op Member
”As many families will have said once discovering Brave Writer - "Why did I not find this sooner?" My children have taken to it very quickly and this part of my homeschooling day has become a pleasure and a re-assurance that my children will love writing as much as I do. I have told several of my friends about it and will continue to use Brave Writer all the way through to final years of schooling.”
Jacqueline Farquhar, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for featuring Brave Writer on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op site. Writing is not my strength and having someone who is so passionate about the writing process is inspiring. My kids are liberated and also guided in their writing. I'm so thankful for Julie Bogart's Brave Writer. Since the fear is gone we are writing more often and enjoying the process and I can relax.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”Help for High School has been a wonderful for my daughter. She is talented with words, but I could not get her to write for me. We even tried a writing class at the local co-op. This is a curriculum that she can work on her own. She likes it and therefore she completes the assignments and learns. Thank you for Brave Writer!”
Kelli W., Co-op Member
”The Brave Writer program is a big hit in our home. We love the simplicity of freewrites, as well as the in depth look at novels and writing mechanics that we get from The Arrow.”
Nichole F., Co-op Member
”BraveWriter has inspired me again with regards to writing. I've made some radical changes to our day, and I'm looking forward to the coming months.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Writer's Jungle and Boomerang for my 14 year old and I feel we are finally seeing light at the end of our tunnel! We are reading the books being narrated in boomerang, which is making the lessons more applicable, so my daughter is resisting less and actually beginning to enjoy the process.”
Pam T., Co-op Member
”We love Brave Writer! To date we have implemented the BW style copywork, Poetry Tea Times, BW style editing, Word Game and several writing activities. I hear a lot of people who are confused about what exactly BW is, and it's so hard to explain it, really. I have started simply pulling out the Writer's Jungle and letting them flip through it. So far every person who's seen it has went out and bought it. :)”
Kristy, Co-op Member
”I started Brave-Writer with my 8 year old son who gave me the longest face when previously asked to do some writing. Now he is able to let his imagination go and create the best stories and then have fun writing them down. I just wish more schools would learn from this wonderful tool to help children see the joy and fun of writing. We will continue to use this product for years to come.”
Jacqueline, Co-op Member
”By far the best money I have spent on curriculum. We have tried other language arts programs that were interesting to my child when they were new but she resisted and quit learning when the novelty faded and it became repetitive but with this program she becomes more and more interested and engaged as we go along. Julie Bogart has an excellent understanding of what home schooling really means and helps you take best advantage of your home setting.”
Angela T, Co-op Member
”The Brave-Writer lifestyle is unique. Its not just another workbook or textbook set. You don't just "do" writing, you really incorporate the philosophy into everything you do. It has changed the way my kids and I think about writing and reading too.

There are no more battles over writing. We enjoy writing now. Its educational, fun, and so much more expressive. We are learning to understand the writing process. It has opened our eyes and our world.

Also, its nice because you can start slowly and do as much or as little as you like. The gradual introduction of the activities helped my kids because it wasn't such a huge change all at once.

It may not be as easy as those workbooks where you just fill in the blanks, but its so much more meaningful. I feel like my kids and I are growing through the Brave Writer program.”
Laura Z, Co-op Member
”We are extremely relaxed homeschoolers, and we don't often find a curriculum that fits our style. Brave Writer is terrific because we can really make it cater to our needs. We love the book selections and the topics that are raised each week.”
Kim S., Co-op Member
”I have only just begun my 8 y/o daughter on the Brave Writer program and I am already seeing results. Last year, she often burst into tears when she learned any amount of writing was expected. While she's still apprehensive, she no longer cries and is beginning to write more of her own volition. I'm excited to see how she develops.”
Tracy Flanigan, Co-op Member
”This is a great product! I have been inspired to teach creative writing in an enjoyable way. Brave Writer is my favorite writing "go to" book. I have told friends and family about Julia Bogart's Brave Writer because it is amazing!”
Veronica, Co-op Member
”I would like to thank you for your Brave Writer approach. My son has gone from refusing to write for several years to an eager writer. He even initiated a research project during summer holidays! Thank you! Our Poetry Tea Times have become a highlight for us and my son has also started composing poetry in his freewrites. I can't say enough about this approach in helping kids fall in love with writing!”
Heidi, Co-op Member
”I bought The Wand to use with my nearly 6 year old son. I liked the idea that the work centered around different books, and I love the general Brave Writer philosophy. We have so far completed the first issue of Level 1 (which uses Hop on Pop and Fox in Socks). I feel like my son is learning from it, and he enjoyed the books, particularly Fox in Socks (I think he liked hearing my tongue get twisted!). You are encouraged to deliver short lessons and it's very focused, so I know exactly what I need to do, and I think, being short, he doesn't have too much to remember in one go.

The spelling is a bit much for him at this age (he's on the young side of their age recommendations), but using the post-its to make words seems to really click with him. We are having a break for a few weeks to do some writing projects instead and will soon start on the next issue. So far I am pleased and we will continue with it.”
Elly P., Co-op Member
”I knew my daughter could write, but couldn't find a way to motivate her to express herself freely for an assignment. The teacher for the Brave Writer online class has done for her what I couldn't do. She is completely engaged in these assignments. I love the philosophy of Brave Writer and I truly feel like they deliver what they promise in their curriculum.”
Rebecca H, Co-op Member
”I love BraveWriter! I was unintentionally squelching my DD love of writing by following the path I had been taught in school. By backing off and employing the BraveWriter approach my DD writer's voice as emerged and writing is back to being fun rather than a battlefield.”
J Gumbert, Co-op Member
”I can't say enough good things about Bravewriter. Julie is a wonderful guide not only for empowering parents to effectively teach their children to write and express their ideas and unique voice, but perhaps even more importantly she is a valuable mentor who has provides a guiding light for homeschooling and parenting.”
Nikki, Co-op Member
”Having homeschooled for 12 years and graduated one child, I was in need of some inspiration in the area of writing after the last few years of focusing on my high school students. Bravewriter has helped me to renew that sense of fun in language arts and to work on relationship building at the same time, which is refreshing to me and my children. Thank you Bravewriter!”
Emma M., Co-op Member
”Help for High School is the answer in my search for a writing curriculum! You will not find stilted formulas, boring exercises, or mundane repetition; what you will find is a curriculum that gently guides the student through the process of writing while maintaining their own voice and uniqueness. This is about finding the student's writing voice and expressing it well. You will not experience that sinking feeling of incompetence at your inability to decipher a curriculum or evaluate your student's writing; there is no need for the teacher to first learn a system or be a writing teacher themselves. It is written to the student, yet not in dumbed-down, silly language; it respects the student as person who is fully capable of writing well.”
Kim, Co-op Member
”I love the Brave Writer philosophy! It is practical and easy to incorporate into our routine. My kids and I enjoy the conversations we have about metaphor and alliteration and other language techniques. The support from the website and Lifestyle emails encourage us to incorporate language and writing into our daily life. When I have emailed Julie, I have received a prompt response. Brave Writer is not a prescription for good writers; it is flexible and adaptable to each child and it encourages strong relationships in our family.”
Courtney J., Co-op Member
”BraveWriter has helped my reluctant writer break down the writing process into manageable chunks. We've also regained some of the joy in writing that was lost after struggling with other programs. I would certainly recommend BraveWriter to any family that needs help revitalizing their writing studies - for us, it has been a huge help in getting writing back on track.”
Abeille, Co-op Member
”Homeschooling has been an adventure with lots of curriculum choices. I have found that I love to learn right along with my children. Over the years I have purchased many writing programs, but I found there was always something missing. I found what I have been looking for with Brave Writer's The Writing Jungle. I have learned that it is so important to sit down and work side by side with my children. It's so easy to hand them a workbook and walk away to clean the bathroom, do the dishes, read a book, or do what I want to do. But the passion for learning that I want my children to possess can't be found in a workbook or a checklist, it isn't something I can tell them to do, I have to demonstrate it. The Writer's Jungle is a lifestyle of writing. TWJ isn't a book I will put back on the shelf after a year, because it is a how-to book for all levels of writing. I especially love the free writing. I hear my kids own voices in their writing and not some robotic voice of the curriculum with its checklists and writing topics. TWJ is helping my family become a Brave Writers.”
K Cesare, Co-op Member
”The Brave Writer products I purchased look like they will be just what I'd dreamed of for the coming school year. I am reading through The Writer's Jungle right now. I love Julie's perspective on learning, children, & realistic expectations. Excited for this artistic and low pressure language arts adventure.”
Becky S., Co-op Member
”We love Brave Writer!! Both my 9 and 11 yr old are enjoying learning about writing and grammar in this interactive and easy to use program based on books they love. Thanks for providing this content at a discount!!”
Michele Taluba, Co-op Member
”Brave-writer is an excellent program. It gives you the tools to make writing enjoyable for your children while still producing great pieces of work. We will continue to use the strategies provided to create a language rich environment in our home.”
Homeschool mom, Co-op Member
”We are impressed with all products from Brave-Writer. We were struggling with writing as a family. Now, using the Brave-Writer curriculum we are doing much better. The kids are enjoying the process and so am I. We will be using several of the Brave-Writer curricula for our Kingergarden, Third-Grade and Fifth-Grade children. I have told several other homeschooling families about these great tools.”
Panamomma, Co-op Member
”My daughter loved to write. However, when it came to writing projects for school, she hated it. I changed curriculum a couple times and even tried to adapt writing assignments but to no avail. When I came across Brave Writer at a homeschool convention, it had a new feel. I've utilized The Writer's Jungle to help me design and guide our writing program for each year for 3 of my children. The process has been such a rich experience for all of us. The on-line classes we've taken have given a pleasant break from our normal school year routine and allowed valuable external feedback from someone besides mom. The classes are just the right length. The Boomerang provided some structure for weekly literature assignments this past year. There was variety in the genres that exposed my well-read daughter to other types of writing. Each week there was a grammar or literary feature focus that allowed my daughter to gently learn what makes effective writing.”
Sarah E., Co-op Member
”Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I am fairly new to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op family but am loving it. I purchased the Brave Writer's The Writer's Jungle and have been reading through it...savoring every page. It is like having a good friend helping you along the path of homeschooling and not just in writing. Julie Bogart has such sage wisdom and she is more than willing to share it. I can't wait to implement the ideas I am learning- with my two children and for myself as well.”
E. Holly, Co-op Member
”It's early days - we have only just begun to implement the Bravewriter lifestyle and my children are young still - but I can already see the positive impact this is going to have on our lives.

It is exactly the way I want to homeschool!

I'm looking forward to building it into our homeschooling day and will definitely be recommending it to friends.”
Jenni, Co-op Member
”The Brave-Writer Products will bring inspiration, creativity, and freedom back into your writing lessons!! We are finally making progress in our writing lessons!!”
Tina Smith, Co-op Member
”Brave-writer has changed the way I approach writing and that's made all the difference. My daughter used to be reluctant to write a sentence when I asked her to, but now she writes constantly. Notes, letters, stories. She's found that love again - and more importantly, I've learned to love ALL of her efforts at writing. I let myself get too bogged down with the mechanics and I forgot to just love the idea she was presenting to me. Since I've changed my teaching, I've noticed less spelling mistakes, better structure, and other improvements in my child's writing. Thank you, Julie! THIS is how writing was meant to be taught!”
Kristy E., Co-op Member
”dd(6) is enjoying The Wand. She likes the hands on, tactile, post-it note approach to sounding out words. I believe it is good for making the connections in the brain so that it sinks in. I am reading the Writer's Jungle and it is helping me to have the right approach to story writing with my older children (aged 9+10). I would not have been able to afford it, were it not for the coop discount. I am very happy thus far with BraveWriter!”
Helen B., Co-op Member
”I love the Brave Writer curriculum. My daughter used to cry and refuse to do writing assignments. While she still hasn't developed a complete confidence in writing, we have made a lot of improvement thanks to using the Brave Writer curriculum. My DD (9) loves the activities recommended to work on expressing herself and has been open to doing copywork and freewriting. I can't believe the difference and I love that Brave Writer takes so much pressure off of your student and off you! It has completely changed how I approach language arts.”
Melinda L., Co-op Member
”I purchased The Writer's Jungle several months ago. It is by far the most helpful thing I've ever read about how to teach writing. My 8-year-old's attitude toward writing has improved a lot since I've been using the techniques in this book -- we are actually having fun with the writing process! It's a long, dense book, so I think it will serve us well for years to come.”
Rachel, Co-op Member
”I love this series and her approach to writing and grammar. We tried other well known products like IEW and writeShop and although both are great products neither was a good fit for my children. Both of my children have learning disabilities (MERLD AND ADD) that often made it difficult to teach both with any success. I was intrigued by Brave Writer permise as more than a program, but a lifestyle. I was very intrigued, but I didn't want to put anymore money towards a program that may or may not work for us. So before I purchased Brave Writer, I emailed the owner, Julie Bogart, to ask several questions. She responded the next day and wrote me the most heartfelt and helpful email that I ever received from a company. She even suggested that I not (you read that right, NOT) purchase her products now and relax. She suggested that I start slow with read alouds and tea time. I did heed most of her advice except the one where she suggested not to purchase her products! LOL!! It has been by far the most enriching curriculum that I've purchased in the 4 years I've been homeschooling. I've only been using this program for the last 2 months and I'm not implementing too much at this point. We do tea time poetry and read alouds. I'm very very impressed with this program. If you are unsure, don't be because its worth every penny.”
Yvonne W, Co-op Member
”We have been doing Brave Writer now for 2 months and I really like it so far. My son (8 yrs) is getting where he likes it too. He used to hate writing a few months ago, but now it is becoming enjoyable. We really like the Communication Game and Keen Observation game.

Tea Time Tuesday is quickly becoming a favorite with all my kids and has added great value to our afternoon chapter book reading.

We also purchased The Arrow and are enjoying it too. I like that I can do the curriculum at our own pace and all the insights Julie gives about the selections. It has introduced us to some great books so far.”
Vanessa, Co-op Member
”I bought the Writers' Jungle and Help For High School last August (this year). Barely three months into our "writing sessions", my daughter (Nice, 13) is now "braver" than I am. I'd like to share her "imagination-running-wild" where she allowed her thoughts to "sky-dive" (my goodness!) I'm sure she would not mind your "review/comments". She actually likes it. Thanks to Ms. Julie Bogart. Cheers to you and Brave Writer.”
Ana D, Co-op Member
”We use BraveWriter copywork (Arrow & Boomerang),the Wand, Jot It Down, and The Writer's Jungle. My oldest also took an online class 2 years ago. We have never been disappointed with a BW product. As a matter of fact, I like the curriculum so much for my older kids that I started my 7-year old off with The Wand and Jot-it-Down from the very beginning. My kids (all boys) enjoy this approach and I find it to have an "organic" feel. I'm thankful that I found BraveWriter early on so that my philosophy for teaching writing could be shaped by this approach. If you don't like the current trend towards formulaic writing programs, you will appreciate BraveWriter.”
Ashley in NC, Co-op Member
”I love this program! It's a lot of reading, but it's like listening to a friend who gives you tips that are fun and really work and reminds you to relax and enjoy parenting.

The whole family is benefiting!”
Stephanie, Co-op Member
”After purchasing many different curricula for writing, and being disappointed with all of them, I thankfully stumbled upon Brave Writer and it was exactly what I was looking for!

It made me feel equipped to teach creative writing in a fresh and exciting way.

Julie's tips and insight have been so extremely helpful for me as a homeschool teacher. I've always enjoyed writing but was unsure how to teach it to my children. Her book has given me the tools and confidence to add creative writing to our school year.

This curriculum has us doing many fun and varied exercises to hone our writing skills~ yes, I am doing it along side my children! We all think it is wonderfully fun.

I can already see tremendous growth in their observation skills and their ability to convey their ideas with words.

I am completely in love with the Brave Writer lifestyle.”
Chasity, Co-op Member
”I purchased The Writer's Jungle as well as Jot It Down and The Wand. Although The Writer's Jungle is geared toward older children, the ideas and practices are something that every one needs to know. My addition of Jot It Down and The Wand makes this program complete for my young family. We'll be sticking with this one for sure!”
Ali, Co-op Member
”So far, we just started in September. I'm very happy with this writing program. My son,who doesn't like to write, has no complaints. That's a miracle. The author of this writing program sure does understand reluctant writers. We will definitely continue with this program.”
Cindi Goguen, Co-op Member
”My family loves The Arrow and The Wand. It's wonderful to do almost our entire language arts curriculum through these two products. We love reading the great books and studying the passages. It makes for interesting and entertaining learning. The kids are much more excited to learn from a book they are reading than have to have worksheets on grammar! Thanks for such a great product. I plan to order the Brave Writer curriculum next year to add to our lessons.”
Liz M., Co-op Member
”We're thrilled with all of the Bravewriter products we use, especially The Writer's Jungle and The Arrow. My nine year old daughter is becoming a wonderful writer, in large part because of these products. We are also anxiously awaiting the online class we purchased. We will continue to be long-time users.”
Tammy W., Co-op Member
”Easy to read. Clear directions. User-friendly.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”We love Bravewriter. If you are looking for open and go, worksheets or a step by step writing program this will not fit the bill; however, if you are looking to help your child to develop their own unique voice and become a dynamic writer whose work is engaging and interesting to read then this may be the program for you. If you are uncertain what this program is about just visit the Bravewriter website, listen to Julie's podcasts and read her blog, you'll learn the philosophy behind the program so you can decide for yourself if the Bravewriter lifestyle is right for you and your family.”
Mrs. Somogyi, Co-op Member
”This writing method emphasizes creating great writing that people will actually WANT TO READ! I can testify that my sons actually enjoy their writing time so much more now that I'm a Brave Writer mom. We have fun together and encourage one another. I can't believe I needed a curriculum to lay that out for me, but I did. This course is written by a writer, not an educator, and thus produces a different end product, and a very different method. Its not formulaic in the least (like IEW, for instance). There's a lot of wisdom crammed into it, and it's well worth the cost to have my boys eagerly sit down to write. Yes, eagerly.”
Megan S., Co-op Member
”The Brave-Writer philosophy is great and reading through this book provided numerous ideas that I was easily able to incorporate into our schooling. I was so impressed with the book that I signed up for one of their classes as well and that was also well worth the time and investment. As someone who totally loves writing, I was stalled in finding creative ways of teaching this same love to my kids. Brave-Writer helped us find the fun in writing again and my son produced his best writing ever -- and had fun doing it.”
Erika, Co-op Member
”I purchased this product before the school year has begun so we have not actually started using it yet. However, I am impressed with the creative methods they recommend and believe it will be more effective that previous curricula that I have used.”
Genny T., Co-op Member
”We love using Brave Writer! It has just the right amount of direction and room for flexibility for me as a teacher and I love the natural learning philosphy. It has given me so much more confidence in my ability to teach writing, and maybe more importnantly, helped me to relax and enjoy the process!”
Claire, Co-op Member
”I have 3 kids 12, 10, and 8. I never got past the very beginning free writing. It help to learn that conversation was important in the writing process. I have told others about it - I will continue to try to use it as my kids get older.”
Becky W., Co-op Member
”I bought the Writer's Jungle using the Co-op discount and I have already recommended it to other homeschooling parents, especially those with reluctant writers. It provides a totally different approach to writing, one that recognizes your child as an expert in their areas of interest, and one that frees them from writing formulaic answers to uninspiring questions. My son is still producing very short pieces, and needs more help expanding his vocabulary, but our writing time is not such a chore any more. We love having poetry teatimes and watching films together. I am looking forward in continuing with the 'Brave Writer Lifestyle' next term and plan to use the same approach with my younger sons.”
S Nimmo, Co-op Member
”Brave-Writer - with Julie's personal and prompt help has enabled me to engage my children in real writing. They are proud of what they produce and have started freewriting on their own. Her step by step process for moving from a freewrite to a finished product have produced excellent work from my children.

One of my favorite elements of the Brave Writer Lifestyle are the daily activities. One on One time, Tea Parties with Poetry, Art exploration, etc really help me to engage with my kids and encourage their thought process and develop ideas.

Thank you for a great product and excellent service. I have a number of friends who are starting BraveWriter with me.”
Heather Johnson, Co-op Member
”I have only just finished reading through the Writer's Jungle manual and I am anxious to get started with the fun. For the first time in my 14 year home-school career, I have found a philosophy for teaching writing that makes sense. I have many half started writing programs which have fallen into disuse because they just didn't get the job done. Unlike math, writing is not a subject that can be taught simply by following a set of rules or formulas. It requires an interactive dialog between teacher and student in order to draw out the ideas, organize the thoughts and get them down on paper in a way the is both intuitive to the writer and enjoyable for the reader.

As a home-schooling mom, it is easy to get caught up in the "are we keeping up with what they are producing in school" trap. In a school setting, children accumulate quite a portfolio of written material even in their elementary years, so why is it that so many students arrive in college not knowing how to write well?

The answer is that quality is more important than quantity, and that quantity does not create quality. In the Brave-Writer program, the goal is to teach kids to write papers that are not only worth their time in writing them, but also worth the reader's time in reading them. Copy work and dictation play a very important part, as does reading good literature. It's difficult to produce good writing if you don't recognize it!

In the Writer's Jungle, Julie Bogart teaches mothers (or others) how to teach writing. She gives us the who, what where, when and why of writing. Many games and activities are provided to help get the process started and to get young writers excited about writing.

Imagine biting into an orange, juice dribbling down your chin, with the sweet, tangy flavor dancing on your tongue, and then sitting down to write about it. Much more appealing than describing a pencil, I'd say! Or how about drawing an image made up of lines and shapes, and then describing it to someone else to see if they can reproduce it. We had a lot of fun doing this, and were able to do it with a wide range of ages from 15 to 6. These are just a couple of examples of fun ways to engage your children in pre-writing and writing activities.

Have you ever come across one of the assignments that says something like this: describe what you did on your summer vacation. Or maybe this: what was the factor leading to the Civil War? The Writer's Jungle gives us the tools to help our children to narrow the topic to a manageable bite, and to find a way to get excited about it in the process. Just as kids don't learn to talk over night, it is realistic to expect them to suddenly produce a quality written piece just like that?

In the Writer's Jungle, Julie describes the natural stages of growth in writing and then lays out a sample program and how to implement it. For those that want additional support, the Brave-Writer website offers on-line student classes, published programs at various levels (i.e., Arrow, Boomerang, and Slingshot), on-line forums, blogs and a yahoo group.

If you have ever looked at your children's writing and despaired, if you are looking to understand the stages of growth in writing, the writing process, a way to make writing fun again instead of just getting it done, and to better incorporate it across curriculum, then I highly recommend the Writer's Jungle.”
Peggy F,, Co-op Member
”Julie's Brave Writer products have helped me so much in teaching both advanced language and beginning phonics and reading. I have a 14yo who loves to write and an 8yo who does not. Both kids enjoy using Julie's products.

In particular, The Wand, has helped me break down reading and phonics into maneagable chunks that I can then teach to my younger child. And she is retaining it so well! Even if we don't practice like we should one week!

Next year, I'll be using "Help for High School" with my oldest. I will definitely continue to use Brave Writer products and recommend them to anyone who will listen. :)”
Hope Martin, Co-op Member
”Love the use of real books. I'm learning lots about writing as I teach my daughter.”
Freeheel Sister, Co-op Member
”Finally---a positive, joyful approach to writing for Homeschool moms! Julie Bogart says everything I know is true about writing from personal experience, and she put it all in a practical, user-friendly teacher's guide. My kids are truly excited about writing and are producing great work. Thanks so much for BraveWriter!”
Michelle Mauch, Co-op Member
”After years of trying different writing programs, I was thrilled to find this one. I got The Writer's Jungle, which is chock-full of reassuring common sense.

(For instance, "good" writing -- with a topic sentence, a list of facts and a conclusion -- is often dry and boring. A better goal is to assist one's child in learning to observe keenly and to communicate her unique experiences clearly.)

The Writer's Jungle also includes what my two children (male 12 year old reluctant writer, female 10 year old enthusiastic writer) have found to be fun (and I have found to be helpful) exercises.

We also got a year-long subscription to Arrow, one of the magazines, which provides a book a month to read aloud with exercises (dictation, writing projects, etc.) that go along with the book.

I am very, very pleased with this product!”
L. Vicario, Co-op Member
”I am brand new to homeschooling and have been struggling to teach writing this first semester. BraveWriter gives me hope. I can't wait to start as I know my daughter will grow in confidence and awareness as a writer.”
Mrs. K, Co-op Member
”BraveWriter was recommended to us by our homeschool evaluator. I was hesitant to spend more money on yet another program but when the Co-op started carrying it I knew it was time.'s really changed our view on writing! Our son loves it (and so do I!) This is not "just another program". I now have tools to use to help our son learn to write, and to enjoy it. We started with The Writer's Jungle and took the Kidswrite Basic Class..and now are in the Mini-Report class. I even bought the high school manual for next year. We are completely sold on BraveWriter...and so grateful they partnered with the Co-op so we can afford it! Have been telling friends about it all the time!”
H. Marston, Co-op Member
”As a follower of the Charlotte-Mason style of learning, the Brave Writer curriculum fits in great with our schooling. I love the practical, fun ways of getting kids to write. It is a lifestyle and not just another subject to "get through"! Compared to other writing programs, it is seems less overwhelming and actually do-able. I was hesitant to purchase any writing program, it seemed like such a big commitment (monetarily and time wise), but after reading about Brave Writer and speaking to someone who has used the program, I knew it would fit with our schooling. Many of the programs features were already being implemented in our schooling and this program has just enhanced what we already do. It provides many testimonials throughout the manual that are relatable and encouraging. I am very satisfied with my purchase!”
R. Gorbics, Co-op Member
”Brave Writer is a welcome shift from the drudgery of trying to teach writing to my 5 children. I have several reluctant writers and this program has helped me realize that good writing doesn't have to come from force! My girls enjoy the simple, no stress exercises FAR more than anything else we have tried. But please note: this is not a "day by day" curriculum, but a teaching and mindset guide that will help you understand HOW to teach your child to become a great writer.”
Susan Whitehead,, Co-op Member
”Although I have been a long time fan of Charlotte Mason schooling techniques (narration, dictation, living books, etc.), it was sometimes difficult to make full use of the methods simply because I didn't have the time to figure out which passages to use for dictation, what to pull out to emphasize and how to make the 'learning connections' happen. Julie Bogart and BraveWriter have taken care of that for me. I love the subscription format she has for her language arts programs and I love the literature selections she has chosen.

We are just a month into the program but I can see us using Bravewriter every year with our dd. The excerpts she chooses are interesting and the language arts skills are exactly what I was looking for. The lessons are short and to the point (another big CM marker) and the information comes as a download every month rather than all at once, so I don't feel overwhelmed by looking ahead, I just do what's presented. I also love the available email reminders which come to my inbox every day reminding me of some facet of CM and/or Bravewriter to focus on. Even things like Tuesday teatime can be forgotten with the pressure to 'get it all done' so Julie's gentle reminders help keep me in check with my priorities. Highly recommended!”
Heather ( Heidi) Shaw, Co-op Member
”I love Brave Writer! It has changed the way I think about teaching writing to my sons. Before discovering Brave Writer, I gave my son small writing assignments only because I felt I had to, he hated them and I was worried about killing any love of writing that might be in him. Brave Writer gave me permission to let go of my expectations and just enjoy my sons' stories and ideas. It also gave me permission to collaborate with my boys. I used to think if I worked with them, it was cheating and not really their work. Now I can experience the fun and joy of writing a story together and I can see how much they get out of us learning together. Our writing lessons have turned from sessions of pulling teeth and sometimes even crying to laughter and enthusiasm for the writing process. My older son is signed up for the next Kidswrite Basic class and both my boys are doing Arrow. Arrow has taught me the purpose of copywork and dictation and my kids love discussing the great books we are reading.”
Liz V., Co-op Member
”I couldn't be more grateful for the help and advice that Julie at Brave writer has given me. I bought 'The Writer's Jungle' and downloaded it to read. I got the shock of my life when I saw it was the size of a reem of paper and couldn't bring myself to wade through it, no matter how hard I tried. My own dyslexia meant that it just all seemed to much, then when I went onto their website it seemed even more overwhelming. I must reiterate this is due to my own feelings of inadquecy and learning differences. I decided to write asking for help and I couldn't have been happier with the reply and the prompt answer I got. My email was passed on to the correct person and the advice came in the format of a very calm, clear, concise and thoughtful email. It cleared up my most immediate concern straight away and has givem me my first steps and support to address the others. Just what I needed, someone to dismantle it all and break it up into small managaeable steps.

I am excited about the whole thing and just know that this is what my son (and myself I might add) really need. For me, and the fact that I have my own learning differences, one of the best things about it is that I know that whenever I have a problem or need advice there will be someone to help out. I am not alone and together we can do this and have fun. Brave Writer is a fantastic resource and no other Language Arts resource are really necessary. I would recommend it to anyone at the drop of a hat.

My son hasn't used it yet, but I know that compared to what we were doing he will love it. As far as comparison to other products goes - It addresses all the missing parts and can be tailor made to suit your child and family's needs. I am sure it will be our Language Arts programme for years to come and take my son through his homeschooling years and beyond. I have already rung a friend who had similar concerns with her daughter at the same age and although she is now much older,and with the same and other concerns relating to writing, I am convinced that this is what will help. The thing is that Julie addresses all issues and every child's differences in just the right way. She is a world of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to writing and makes it so easy and enjoyeable too.”
Lia from New Zealand, Co-op Member
”We purchased Brave Writer in January 2011 to use with our daughter, age 9. She is an avid reader so we were looking for a program to help us develop writing skills and something that was literature based. All in all, she loves it. It is designed to be used once a week with each book taking a month to complete the lesson plans. Because my daughter devours the books, we are able to complete the lessons in a week (when the stars align, fellow homeschoolers know what I mean!) I love the flexibility. I love the way that the points discussed in each lesson are easy to explain.

The projects that accompany the Literary Element section have turned into family projects that my younger daughter (and sometimes husband) has participated in.

We plan to continue to use it through at least the first half of this year. I'm evaluating another product for my younger daughter and will make a determination mid-year to keep going with Brave Writer or switch my older daughter to the same product my younger daughter is using. We may use both products for my older daughter since she loves to read.

I personally found The Writer's Jungle to be very reassuring as we have struggled with writing since starting homeschooling 2 years ago. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of guidance and support for the frustrations that I was feeling in trying to teach my children to write. It has some wonderful advice.

I have shared our Brave Writer experiences with other folks as I think it is a great product to use to teach writing skills, particularly to children that love to read.”
J. Gupta, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Brave-Writer!! Julie's program is so good. I won't say it's easy, because being your child's writing teacher is not an easy job. But, Julie's program breaks it down into small steps & makes it doable instead of it feeling overwhelming. I highly recommend Brave-Writer and there's not a better price available than through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Amy in Texas, Co-op Member
”Brave-Writer has released me from my teaching writing at home fears. Finally, I have a writing philosophy and confidence in my teaching writing. Our lessons are less stressful and I'm comfortable giving the instruction, feedback, grading and encouragement my kids were missing with other writing programs.

Brave-Writer has brought a measure of joy back into our lessons that was missing. We've used a number of other writing programs over the past 10 years that were working, but they lacked the creativity and pleasure we've found with Brave-Writer.”
Tammy V., Co-op Member
”I was extremely excited when the Co-op started offering the opportunity with BraveWriter, as I was one of the people who requested it. While impressed with what I knew of it, the prices were high. Through the Co-op we purchased back orders of the monthly subscriptions (a great way to see if they work for you) and registered my 12-year old son for an online class as well. I have been very pleased with both experiences and will likely have my child participate in more BraveWriter classes to further what he has learned and/or to prepare for the writing portion of the SAT. I have also ordered more of the back issues at a different level. These experiences are helping to energize writing within our homeschool, which is probably my weakest area. I have all boys, so they don't LOVE the copywork/dictation portion, but the passages are taken from books they do love, so that helps. Julie pulls a lot from these books in terms of writing skills (far beyond grammar) and encourages the kids to try their hand at choosing a setting, creating a character, etc. If you prefer a more organic approach to writing (than the fill in the blanks approach that is gaining in popularity now), then I think you will appreciate this curriculum.”
Ashley Teeter, Co-op Member
”I had a reluctant ten year old writer a year ago. I tried several English programs, formulas, cajoling, and bribery - until I found Brave-Writer. Brave-Writer is a classically based program that emphasizes copywork and dictation alongside the "freewrite", the gateway for unbridled self expression. I love this two pronged approach because finally my reluctant writer is expressing herself well and with enthusiasm. We use the Arrow and we have also taken two online courses with Brave-Writer. We will take two more in the Fall, and will continue to do so for the remainder of our homeschool career. I highly recommend this program both for gifted students, as well as strugglers, and especially for Moms and Dads that are tired of English programs that fail to inspire their children to become writers.”
Olivia M., Co-op Member
”We have personally used two different products from Brave Writer and enjoyed them. I love how she gave ideas and examples but not strict guidelines so they were learning to find their own voice. Very refreshing!”
Kelly H., Co-op Member
”This class was amazing! I learned so much. It gave me some great tools to help me give my kids a solid understanding of English and grammar as well as exposure to some great works. Definitely more fun than endless worksheets. And cheaper in the long run because I can apply these tools to ANY book we read! We will definitely continue to use their products.”
Hope, Co-op Member
”I have not had the opportunity to put the Brave-Writer principles into practice. From what I have read it really puts my mind at ease as I make my first attempt at homeschooling my 9 year old boy. Definitely glad I purchased the product and am looking forward to using it this fall.”
Janine, Co-op Member
”Just reading through the Writer's Jungle/Brave Writer has given my husband and I such a sense of understanding of our child. We've seen how what we have done so far has actually been mostly great! (How often does that happen when you read a curriculum?!) The things that we felt uncertain about or not ready/competent we have a great grasp of a clear way ahead. This is a complete, yet very gentle program. I think a modern Charlotte Mason would approve.”
Claire B., Co-op Member
”The BraveWriter Arrow publications I purchased were just the thing to help me teach our son about literary elements. I would have never even picked up on those things, and our son enjoys learning about them. It's opened up a whole new world of dialogue between us when we read books.”
Lisa Gibson, Co-op Member
”I had wanted to try Bravewriter for a long time, but couldn't seem to justify the price. We finally took the Dynamic Revision course, and it was amazing that my pencil phobic kids were now enjoying writing! That in itself is worth the money, but I also got info I can use later into our journey.”
Deidre H., Co-op Member
”I have been using Writers Jungle and the Arrow subscription with my 9-year-old daughter, and it has changed our world. I love how Julie Bogart's approach empowers me as a parent/teacher/writer to tailor our writing program so that my daughter can both enjoy her strengths and improve in her weaker areas. I have gained confidence in my teaching (and in my own writing!) which helps my daughter and I cooperate in learning to write. My daughter used to dread writing assignments and now tolerates and sometimes even enjoys writing. We will definitely continue in the "Brave Writer Lifestyle" and I've been telling all our friends!”
Laurie Y, Co-op Member
”Thanks for my Slingshot back issues. Wow! I ve only just glanced through them but I think I will be back for more!

We ve very much enjoyed the Boomerang subscription last year and this. I have three boys though and next year may have us with one in Arrow, one in Boomerang and one in Slingshot!

I can t believe how much applying Brave Writer principles to our homeschooling has transformed these boys into writers and communicators! Thanks to you and everyone in the Brave Writer family.

Very pleased in New Hampshire.”
”Julie, thank you so much for taking time to write to me. You have been such an important part of our homeschool. Because of Brave Writer, Ingrid is attacking her first English college class and she is hitting hard! In other words, she is producing such beautiful essays, I have to keep checking myself to make sure this is the same kiddo who couldn't write a paragraph in 9th grade. Brave Writer helped her to find her writing voice... and more importantly taught her to express her beautiful spirit. Yorrick has always loved to write, but BW helped to hone his skills and taught him to polish... polish... polish... WOW!!!”
”I can truly attest to a huge change in our homeschool. I didn t want to miss an opportunity to extol the virtues of Brave Writer - one of my favorite subjects.

The biggest change in our homeschool is in my expectations. It is still amazing to me how easy it was to zoom in and focus on all the mistakes and the bad points of their writing, thereby missing all the quirky, funny thoughts they have that are so full of life.

The change in my daughter was and continues to be tremendous. She has always had a hard time expressing herself words just do not come easy for her. You can imagine the fear when it came time to express herself on paper. She froze and agonized and I, being the compassionate and tender mother that I am, said, Oh, stop being so dramatic!

After reading The Writer s Jungle, we began freewriting once a week no pressure, no criticizing. We wrote about silly things and laughed. I praised everything good I could find. What a difference it made! Suddenly I had a confident girl who does have something to say, loves to say it with a quirky sense of humor, and doesn t fear a blank piece of paper. She chooses to write and I love to listen. We are on a journey and this is only the first year. I am wholeheartedly looking forward to the rest of the trip. Thanks Julie. I hope to be with you for many more years to come.”
”I would like to take this opportunity of telling you that I think The Writer s Jungle is one of the best items of curriculum that I have ever bought. I regularly read your blog also and find it very inspiring. You have revolutionised the teaching of writing in the homeschool community and given my own homeschool a new lease of life. I only wish "Brave Writer" had been around when my ds (18) was younger.”
”I cannot begin to tell you what a God-send your book has been for me in helping me teach my 10 yr old.

When I read your book, I catch myself laughing because I love how you think, and if I had to write a book on writing, I d want to do it just like you have done. Sometimes it s scary how you seem to have gotten in my head!

Thank you for teaching me how to narrow a subject, how to not give stupid advice, how to make the experience rewarding and not about spelling and grammar. I could go on and on. This was the first writing assignment I have done after reading your book, and to me, I couldn t be happier.”
”A friend tipped me off to Julie s website, and I visited it in the same informational spirit in which I d reviewed various other writing resources, to see if this was something I could wholeheartedly recommend to inquiring homeschoolers. Imagine my surprise when I found myself chomping at the bit to try out her ideas on my own kids and heck, on myself! Julie s energy and insight get me jazzed up to sit down and work. She s a writer who loves writing about writing, and the dish she s serving up is like mental energy bars she makes you want to get moving, get those words down on paper! Life is rich; let s articulate it! that s Julie s message.”
Melissa Wiley, Children s Author
”BraveWriter presents a unique method for teaching writing, one that actually develops the student's own writing "voice", rather than simply teaching them to write by a boring, scripted formula. I've used Writer's Jungle, and done a couple of the online classes, and both are wonderful for teaching both natural writers, and those students who are more reluctant.”
Michelle T, Co-op Member
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