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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.

What are the system requirements?

  • PC: Windows® or higher. Pentium III or higher. 600 MHz or faster.
  • MAC Lion OS 10.7 or higher (please see below for more information), 600 MHz G3 or faster.
  • All: 200 MB available hard disk space. Internet connection. Computer speakers.
  • Recommended: External mouse. Headphones.

Attention Mac Users:

The BrainWare Company has created a compatibility pack with a special XQuartz reader for Mac users who are running OS 10.7 or higher - which is almost everyone. Click here for more information.

Is Brainware Safari a CD, online product, or what?

Brainware Safari is accessed via download and runs on your computer. However, as Brainware Safari connects to the Internet in order to verify your subscription, track progress and, potentially, to download updates, you need to do so on a computer with a live Internet connection.

Can I install this on multiple computers?

Yes. You can install the software on any of your computers, and run it on any of your computers simultaneously, provided that each computer is connected to the Internet and each user has a valid user account. Each account has a unique username and password and when that player logs into their account and connects to the Brainware Safari server, the server sends back to that specific computer their latest data and they continue in BrainWare from where they left off. This flexibility allows you to use the program wherever you may be (vacation, weekends at Dad's house, visiting Grandma, etc.).

Is BrainWare Safari compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes, but there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, each time you log into BrainWare Safari, Vista's enhanced security causes a message to pop up asking whether you want to allow or cancel the program. You will have to "allow" or "accept" the program every time you open it. Unfortunately, Vista does not provide an "always accept" option.

Second, Vista has changed the way sound volume works, allowing the user to set volume separately in each application. The result is that the metronome sound in BrainWare Safari is may need to be adjusted for sound separately.

I have dial-up internet. Does the speed of my connection impact how the program functions. I live in a rural area and don't even get 56K speed.

The speed of the Internet connection doesn't affect the functioning of the program since the critical interactive components all happen via the software installed on your computer. It may take somewhat longer for any updates to download. If your Internet connection terminates during a download of an update, please call the BrainWare Safari tech support line and they'll provide a work-around.

Can a child go back and repeat exercises that they have successfully completed?

No. Once a child successfully completes an exercise, the software advances her to the next level. In general, it would be very boring for a student to repeat an excercise that she had mastered. However, if your student hasn't used the software for a long time and you want her to start again from the beginning, you can contact The BrainWare Company and ask them to reset the software for you.

If I have a 6-7 year old and it takes her forever to progress, the license does not expire? Does the license / her account remain active until she completes all of the levels? What if it takes her 3 years?

The license is good forever -- until the child completes all the levels. Some children will need to spend more time on certain exercises than others. No two brains are the same!

I'm wondering what sort of tracking is involved with BrainWare Safari? Is the information gathered from the progress of my child used for any purpose other than keeping track of their progress for game use?

Response from The BrainWare Company: "Progress data in the game is the ONLY use of your child's individual data. We use the combined progress data of all users to better understand users' experience with the program and to improve it and future programs."

Can I order one now, see if I like it, then purchase another subscription for $49 later, or do I need to order for both children at the same time to get that price?

You need to order for at least one child at the going price in order to order for additional children at the $49 price. There is no way to get the $49 price separately from an order that includes one student at the going price.

Once children go through this program, will they retain the skills they have learned OR will their performance and cognitive abilities begin to weaken as they no longer play?

This is the answer from Dr. Sara Sawtelle, Director of Scientific Affairs at the publisher, The BrainWare Company
"What Brain Science tells us is that skills have to be used to be retained. The skills BrainWare builds are ones that are used every day in life, particularly in school activities so the retention is believed to be maintained at some level. We have some evidence that shows a year later with no further work in BrainWare every one tested maintained a higher level of intellectual ability than they had before they worked with BrainWare, some of them maintained the level they achieved and some continued accelerated growth. No longitudinal studies have been completed with BrainWare itself at this point."

Why is international shipping so expensive?

This answer from the vendor: "The minimum weight for all the carriers when shipping a package overseas is one pound so that isn't what is driving up the cost (which is high to start with)... it's all the special handling. We have to manually type in the information onto the duty forms, and our fulfillment person has to physically drive the package over to the local post office and wait in line to mail it. Now this isn't the most efficient system but it is the cheapest we've found so far."

If I purchase the download version, will I be able to download the User Guide?

Yes. You will be provided with a link to download the Brainware Safari Travel Guide. This is the user guide for Brainware Safari which includes how to use Brainware and exercise descriptions.

Can the download version be backed up in case of future computer problems?

Yes. Worse case scenario, you can contact The BrainWare Company Tech Support, and they will resend the link to you. All of your data is stored on their server, so you don't have to worry about your student losing their progress.

Is the "Coach View" option included with my Brainware Safari subscription?

Unfortunately, no. The Coach view is a school option; not for individual users. Since you are purchasing a license for individual use, it is not something that would be part of the package.

Parents can easily check on their children's progress by going to the Jungle Resort in the center of the main screen. Once "inside" they can click on the blackboard in the upper right hand corner (the player's name is on the blackboard). From there they can scroll through the list of exercises and gold bars will indicate the number of levels that have been completed in each exercise.

It is suggested that the players go to this section at the beginning of each day and make a note of the exercises they need to work in (the exercises with the least number of levels passed). The BrainWare Company also recommends cross-training your way through the jungle and to set a timer for 10 minute intervals, switching to a different exercise each time the timer goes off. This helps to remind the player to switch (sometimes you are so engrossed in playing the exercise that you lose track of time) and it also gives the player a reasonable amount of time to work in a more challenging exercise before becoming too frustrated. By the player's reviewing their progress, they can visualize where they need to focus and plan their lesson for the day.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.

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