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We will be re-opening the BrainPOP offer at the deepest discount reached! If you are interested in saving 20% on BrainPOP, click here and we will send you an email reminder when it opens.

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Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My daughter loves BrainPop. It's like the reward after a lesson for her. She searches any topic she wants and watches the movies. Her little brother also enjoys watching with although I'm not sure he really understands as he is only 4 but he is now speaking of Thomas Jefferson and Washington. As an educator I like that I can find a video for almost any topic we are covering especially in social studies and history. I recommended it to all my friends. We'll definitely continue using it next year.
Nora, Co-op Member
My daughter lives to listen to Brainpop, and she enjoys the various content.
Peri Alletto, Co-op Member
My Kindergartener loves BrainPOP Jr. He's always eager to watch the videos. He will even watch them during his free time, given the opportunity. I like that they present a variety of subjects in a format that he can understand and enjoy. I've also noticed that BrainPop has piqued his interest in science and history, (most recently Egyptology, the Solar System). Brain Pop is instilling a love of learning in my son, and that is priceless!
Sam L., Co-op Member
This is a must for the home schooling parent that wants to add a twist of fun to their curriculum! The variety and depth of subject matter presented via short educational videos was a perfect addition to our traditional book/workbook studies. I highly recommend BrainPOP and BrainPOPjr.
Mrs. Abrac, Co-op Member
My son LOVES BrainPOP. It's VERY educational and fun. He likes to check the daily featured video each day at the beginning of his homeschool recess time.
Anita, Co-op Member
We have used BrainPop and BrainPopJr. for years. It is a great resource for videos that are important and interesting for kids to cover in life and school. It's a fantastic price and they are really organized on the site that only helps when you are coasting through it to find what you need.
Melissa M., Co-op Member
My sons 4 and 7 love BrainPOP. They almost always end up laughing and wanting to watch more videos.
Angela S, Co-op Member
It is great as a supplement. The kids enjoy the activities and a fun way to get things across.
Sangeeta, Co-op Member
My children (ages 8-15) use Brainpop everyday and love it. I'm so glad we got this subscription!
J. Robertson, Co-op Member
My 9 yo son loves Brainpop. He watches them all the time on his iPod.
Jill, Co-op Member
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