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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add BrainPOP to their home school curriculum. If you have used BrainPOP and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”We have been so blessed to have the opportunity to purchase BrainPop at a discounted rate thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Each of my children, grades 4, 6, and 8, use it daily as a supplemental tool to enhance their curriculum. We have found resources to support math, science and history to be especially beneficial. As a homeschool family, it can often be difficult to find resources for these subjects; BrainPop covers all subjects very well and in depth. Another wonderful feature for me as their parent is the time-saving aspect of BrainPop. Instead of spending hours looking through websites for supplemental resources on specific topics, I can simply go to BrainPop and search there. Because so many topics are in one central location, it is not only easier for me to find resources, but also for my kids to find what they are looking for to support their learning. I also love the individualized options BrainPop gives me when assigning lessons. There are times I simply want a child to watch a video, especially if the topic is a review or a fairly simple topic. BrainPop allows me to do that. However, when there is a new topic or a more difficult topic, like in science or math, I can assign several different activities based on that one topic. My child can spend several days learning about that new topic. However, my favorite aspect is the coding component. It is a fairly simple drag and drop platform but really has a lot of versatility. Each of my three kids is getting better and better at it as we continue using BrainPop. I only purchased BrainPop a couple of months ago and will continue to use it as an almost daily resource for each of my children.”
J. Clark, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is a great way to reinforce topics we are already covering. There is a quiz section at the end of the videos that is a nice recap of the information covered. It can help determine what may need some more focus. My kids love that they are short in length, funny and concise. There are also games that incorporate the same topics so they can continue to "learn" while playing.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”My children LOVE BrainPop! At breakfast and lunch they like to watch episodes. The episodes are very engaging, funny,and informative. They cover a wide variety of topics. BrainPop does a great job with some sensitive subjects like bullying and give kids a way to listen to the message and not feel like they are being lectured by a parent or teacher, which I believe helps them be more open to listening.”
Sara P., Co-op Member
”We love BrainPop. It lets us add a fun feature to our homeschool curriculum.”
Shelley Richardson, Co-op Member
”Purchasing BrainPOP was such a great investment for our family, especially for our son who is dyslexic. This has been a perfect fit for his learning style--interactive, engaging, and packed with endless activities and information. Thank you for making this product available at a price our homeschooling family can afford.”
Sara S., Co-op Member
”We love BrainPOP! My son loves to watch the videos and they have a great variety of topics! We use it to supplement our lessons. Videos are very engaging and I love all the extras included in it!”
Judith M., Co-op Member
”My 6 year old granddaughter loves this program. She watches it and then tells me all kinds of interesting things.”
Terri, Co-op Member
”BrainPop has been a great resource for our homeschooling and helps to make deeper connections in the material we are studying!”
Sara Duarte, Co-op Member
”Our fifth year of using BrainPop and we can not be any happier with it! Tim and Moby are definitely a part of our homeschool. With videos that are easy to understand, fun and engaging, we have had all our questions answered by BrainPop. My kids love the quizzes and games at the end of the videos. Would highly recommend BrainPop to any homeschooling family.”
Farhana I., Co-op Member
”We love BrainPop! It is such a great resource we use daily to enhance our curriculum. Great video format with solid facts and humor. My kids watch it often on their own just for fun.”
Saree Arends, Co-op Member
”I renewed a second time when I realized when my daughter knew some fun facts as well as applicable school-type information that I knew we did not review. I always ask, "How did you know that?" Her response, "BrainPop." She is in the 5th grade and my son is in the 7th. She taught him what REM is, she learned it from BrainPop. I really utilize it as a supplement downtime fun thing to do, but she has learned way beyond my expectations.”
Krissy, Co-op Member
”BrainPop is one resource that we keep coming back to, year after year. The videos span such a wide range of topics and are very short and clearly explain even tricky concepts so that it's easy for kids to understand.”
Katy, Co-op Member
”Over all, BrainPop and BrainPop Jr have been helpful. I like that my kids are able to do quick lessons with little teacher/parent involvement. I use it, in our home schooling, to reinforce or introduce things we are working on.
I do wish we could track the testing and which lessons have been completed. I also wish there were History in other parts of the world like India, Arabia, Pakistan, or Australia for example. My son, 2nd grade-BrainPop Jr - said, I'd like there to be more Social Studies lessons, there are only four.
We enjoy BrainPop. I have suggested it to other families and will continue to use it.”
Andrea home schooling mom of three, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is one of the most engaging, fun learning online media for kids, covering a range of subjects.”
Ulrick Graham, Co-op Member
”My kids absolutely love BrainPop. The videos explain the material really well in interesting ways, and the variety of topics is great. They also enjoy the games. As a homeschool parent, I appreciate the FYI extra background material for each topic. We use BrainPop several times a week, either as unit studies or to supplement other learning activities. We tell others about it any chance we get, and will definitely continue to use BrainPop. Thank you for an awesome product.”
Sharla, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP was a name that repeatedly came up on homeschool resource lists, so we were delighted to find BrainPOP offered many free lessons and quizzes. We were hooked on Tim and Moby s clear and clever demonstrations on a broad variety of topics. I feel the purchase was money well spent to supplement a curriculum, or just to have fun learning something new. More than a few times we rewatched an episode because it was so interesting or downright funny.”
Janet P., Co-op Member
”We love BrainPop! It keeps my kids engaged while learning! They WANT to watch the videos and do the activities. I love that it opens up communication about the topics we are studying, and gives them a way to learn information they may not from me.”
A. N., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP offers a wide variety of useful topics in their video lessons. No matter what we're studying, I can select a video to use as a front-loading activity or a review. Either way, my son is engaged. I truly appreciate this valuable resource.”
Jen. W, Co-op Member
”I find this app is so helpful with reinforcing lessons that are required for fulfillment of CA state standards. They teach just enough to get rid of large knowledge gaps but aren't overwhelmingly informative at the same time. My kids love BrainPOP & ask to watch it all the time! There's no doubt this is a resource I'm going to be using every year that we homeschool in the primary grades & one that I cannot rave enough about to other homeschooling parents as well!”
Jhulie, Co-op Member
”BrainPop is the only APP we feel free to let our seven years old son to use. Once Victor's math school taught about prime numbers. We searched on BrainPop and he understood the concept very quickly by watching a two mins movie. Thanks to Homeschool's good price, we will continue to use it.”
Jie GE, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves BrainPOP Jr. and we were excited to find it available through the co-op. The videos are educational and engaging. We like the broad array of topics.”
Lauren S., Co-op Member
”As a retired elementary and middle school teacher I wanted to enhance what my grandchildren were learning in school. I loved using Brain Pop as a teacher and wanted my grandchildren to benefit from this excellent resource. My grandchildren love it and have learned so very much. The humor is funny with Moby and the kids are wondering what he will do next. We always take both the easy and the hard quiz to make sure that they are comprehending well. It is a fun way to learn. My only drawback is that we can only use brain pop jr and not brain pop also. I feel that for the price we are paying that we should be able to access both. This is a suggestion for the future . I plan on using this resource as long as it is affordable for it is very beneficial to my grandchildren education.”
Retired middle school teacher, Co-op Member
”Teaching Science Instruction, Brain POP provides short, distinct and concise knowledge about an array of topics relevant to student curriculum presented with detailed graphic, animation. Attached Quizzes are succinct and questions target objectives being currently taught. *HIGHLY Recommend!! !”
E Herber, Co-op Member
”I have been using BrainPop for 3 years now and could not be happier. Every short movie is right to the point, clear, and simple. The activities and games available after the movie helps reinforce the learning. My kids love it!”
Cristina, Co-op Member
”My children love BrainPOP. They have so much fun watching the videos and playing games. I love that they are having fun learning. I have not assigned any lessons as of yet, I just let the kids get on an explore what peaks their interest. I plan on continuing to use this in the future and I am thankful for being able to purchase the program at a discount through the Co-op.”
Kelly K., Co-op Member
”I am thrilled to have an opportunity to include BrainPOP in our homeschool curriculum for my three kids. It is a daily routine that my children look forward to watching Tim and Moby teach them about various subject broken down on their level. Thank you for this opportunity to learn virtually!”
Linda B., Co-op Member
”We enjoy using Brain Pop Jr. for quick explanations on a variety of topics. The videos are often lead ins for new topics of study. My kids like the easy to use format and kid friendly graphics.”
T. Biel, Co-op Member
”Our family loves using BrainPop! Whenever there is a subject in our homeschool that needs more clarity I turn to BrainPop to find a video. My boys, 7 and 9, think Moby is hilarious and will watch videos over and over to see Moby do something funny, and little do they know they are just helping to cement the subject in their brains! We will definitely renew when the time comes.”
Heather, Co-op Member
”BrainPop has been a great addition to our Homeschool curriculum. My son enjoys looking through the videos and some of the games that help reinforce the concepts.”
CAB, Co-op Member
”Our middle school son loves BrainPop (but it's a great teaching tool for young and old alike.) I love how Tim and Moby thoroughly cover a wide range of topics in short segments. I also appreciate how difficult subjects are addressed with sensitivity (like war.) We use it almost daily, and I always suggest BrainPop to other families.”
Michele S., Co-op Member
”I'm very glad that I purchased "BrainPOP" for our homeschool. My 10 year old daughter frequently looks up a video on whatever she's interested in at the moment and loves emailing the quiz results to her dad. Worth every penny!”
Teri, Co-op Member
”Love BrainPOP jr. We use it several times a week to supplement curriculum or just for fun. My kids really like it.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My kids love BrainPop, and they learn so much from it!”
Michelle P, Co-op Member
”My son loves watching BrainPOP and learns so much from it! I love that he's learning while getting "screen time." I've also incorporated many of their videos into his curriculum. One of the best app purchases ever! We'll keep subscribing until he outgrows the material!”
Ann L, Co-op Member
”My kids love BrainPOP. The short videos about nearly every topic is full of information and perfect for short attention spans. There are also ideas for assignments and pop quizzes if you are so inclined. Just like anything, the slant on political views may not be your own so you may want to monitor and answer any questions should they arise.”
Penny, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is excellent! It helps us minimize stress and understand the work.”
Jaraf, 7th Grade Student
”My 11-year-old son has been using BrainPOP for a couple of months, and he really likes it. He is always telling me things that he has learned about on BrainPOP. It has been a great addition to our homeschooling material!”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”I've used Brain Pop in the past and it is a great general resource for all levels of learning! The deal through the Co-op was irresistible and well worth it. We start every morning with Brain Pop because they feature daily videos relevant to the date/season and then use it to further research topics to better understand them. For example, the Math videos are great (honestly all of the videos are great!) for showing complex actions in simple everyday examples. The history lessons are fair and over all show great cultural diversity and varying opinions with respect. I highly recommend Brain Pop as a reliable resource that my whole family really enjoys using. We'll keep through high school if we can!”
Maureen, Co-op Member
”A wonderful way to learn about any topic in a fun way. I purchased this as a science supplement, but it's great for history and current events too. Almost any topic I've needed to flesh out, Braimpop has covered in an entertaining way.”
lriley, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is a very useful addition to our homeschooling. There is a video on almost every topic we cover. Not only is the information presented well, but there are additional resources and lesson plans for most topics also. We use it almost daily.”
Vicki Fenwick-Judy, Co-op Member
”Hi, thank you so much for making this great educational resource. My son looks forward to watch the daily video, and it's the first place he goes when he wants to research something. The only thing that bothers me a little is, that as many Science programs do, evolution is taken as the ultimate fact and mentioned in every opportunity. For many of us evolution, spontaneous generation and natural selection is still just a theory not a fact. But otherwise, congratulations for working hard on easy to understand yet informative, and entertaining videos, besides the FYI page, comics and games. My son loves them all!”
Merly M., Co-op Member
”Our 5 year old loves BrainPopJr. When he has exhausted all the activities there we will upgrade to the regular BrainPop. This is one of the only programs we have tried that actually "teaches" something and not just "asking" questions all the time. We love it!”
A. Crowe, Co-op Member
”These movies help relieve the stress on finding material for geography, social studies, and history. LOVE the easy to use and app. My daughter loves the videos and they keep her interest.”
Becky, Co-op Member
”We loooove brainpop ! My daughter has never been so excited about learning. She chooses what interests her and her journey into that subject begins with brainpop. She, and I, love that she can learn about so many diverse subjects that we would not have even thought about without brainpop.

Thank you brainpop, this really rounds out our unschooling approach and has sparked new interest in her learning. We have explored many different options over the years and this is by far the best. Our evaluator has suggested brainpop for years and for some reason or another, we didn't try it, but we are all very happy that we finally have !”
D. Plomchok, Co-op Member
”We bought BrainPOP for my 8 yr old daughter who loves the free version already. The first thing after she gets home is "Movie of the Day"! Now, I found that my 11 yr old son also watches with her together. They never shared one thing so in common before. Her favorite subject is science and History in BrainPOP. It made science easy to understand and boring history (at least to me) comes to live.”
B. Wu, Co-op Member
”We've had Brainpop for a few years, it is the top app I recommend to homeschool parents or parents wanting to enrich their children's education.
I've used Brainpop jr, Brainpop espa ol, and Brainpop. All are simply fantastic.
My kids are learning all sorts of stuff, and they enjoy it!
I plan to use this for a long time to come.”
Beca, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is GREAT! My son, loves to learn this way. He has enjoyed so many topics that he would have never picked, in a different situation, ('normal' school) We are amazed at the plethora of topics covered. Thank you, thank you for such a great learning tool. We will use BrainPOP for a long time.”
SusieBG, Co-op Member
”Young children are discussing great topics of academic interest with older siblings, and ENJOYING it! I appreciate that the videos are entry level, for basic understanding right out of the gate. Then the follow up study pages and facts pages, along with quizzes, add depth where interest is highest, and therefore most likely to be retained.”
TeriJ, Co-op Member
”I have used both BrainPop Jr. and BrainPop with my children. We enjoy the videos every much and the quizzes help me to determine what they have learned. The content is excellent. My children never complain about learning using BrainPop!”
Susan B., Co-op Member
”My kids and I love BrainPop. It's fun to use as a resource when we are talking about a specific subject and it's also fun for the kids to just click and watch different videos. It's a great learning tool!”
mg, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is fantastic! My kids love it and beg to watch the next one. They also learn a lot from watching. We love BrainPOP”
Stacy Kent, Co-op Member
”Brain Pop has been a fun way for my 9 year old son to get an introduction to a variety of topics. The information is not comprehensive, but gives a great overview and is presented in a kid-friendly way. He enjoys the videos and it often leads to interesting discussions and further research on his part. I have my son choose any one topic each day and we discuss it. It is a nice break from the "hard" stuff during my son's homeschooling day yet he is still learning!”
S.K., Co-op Member
”Well-researched, engaging, and funny. Top in my list for expanding children's awareness to various subjects. My kids learn and are able to retain a lot more from watching Brainpop regularly than from traditional schooling.”
B Cheung, Co-op Member
”I love brainpop I just wish there was some kind of deeper discount as I need 2 subscriptions for this awesome resource! It is great my kids love it son is in 6th grade and my daughter is in the 4th grade. Other products no comparison as they do not have a mini movie to explain things that they learn.”
Melissa V, Co-op Member
”My family enjoys using BrainPop. It's so rewarding to see my girls watch related videos because they want to learn more about a topic. It's really great!”
Anna I., Co-op Member
”So thankful for BrainPOP! It's the perfect supplement to our studies. We love to use it after learning about a topic to reinforce learning, provide samples of work completed, and sometimes as a quick overview when we just can't squeeze everything in. I often find that my son is most excited to learn this way and do the quizzes and activities here than our normal curriculum. There is literally a video for everything you can imagine and it's presented in a way that really engages kids of all ages. Worth every penny!”
Stiles Brainery, Co-op Member
”My son is obsessed with brainpop! If he could do that all day long he would! He does brainpop on his break!!! He watches it even in his lunch break!!!!”
Dina Mat., Co-op Member
”My daughter (11 years old) really likes the videos. She was introduced to BrainPOP at school, when her science teacher used the videos to teach several concepts. When the homeschool buyers' coop listed BrainPOP, we jumped at the chance to get it.”
M. V., Co-op Member
”I purchased a subscription to BrainPop Jr for my four year old. She loves watching the videos and challenging herself on the quizzes. And I love that they are educational. The topics are great and peek her interest. I had considered just getting BrainPop (not Jr) for her because she is advanced. However, BrainPop's subjects are too in depth for her and the quizzes are much longer. I'm really impressed with the topics for BrainPop and look forward to using that alongside our homeschooling in a few years.”
S Spansel, Co-op Member
”We LOVE BrainPOP so much that I added to our schedule for every Friday. It's a fun and informative way to provide more insight on the topics we covered earlier in the week.”
L. Bailey, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is a great resource for me as a homeschooler; I love that there is such a WIDE variety of topics available for kids to learn about--science, technology, history, anthropology, famous people and events, etc, etc. This is our second year of BP, and I think it's money well spent.

I have used it to introduce a new topic, and to reinforce and/or expand upon readings. It's kind of a modern-day encyclopedia...I have seen him just browse through looking for something that catches his interest (just like I used to do w/ the paper version as a kid), and then watch all the videos related to that subject. And then look for other sources of information to learn more about the topic.

I like the worksheets, and especially the FYI material available. I use the FYI's to direct his reading, and to design more in-depth research projects. My son gives BrainPOP two thumbs up.”
T.M.Basford, Co-op Member
”My daughter lives to listen to Brainpop, and she enjoys the various content.”
Peri Alletto, Co-op Member
”We cannot say enough about both BrainPop and BPJr. Both offer a multitude of topics and then related topics to further learning and make connections. Each topic is presented in a very informative yet entertaining way in a susinct format.
We will frequently watch a brain pop video the morning of or the day before tackling a new subject or topic and find that initial exposure very effective. This is a hit with both teacher and student !”
Lisa m, Co-op Member
”I used BrainPop when I was a public school teacher and loved it. It was a wonderful way to reinforce the concepts we had worked on in the classroom and lab. Now that I'm home schooling my own children it serves the same purpose, but additionally helps when the kids have questions I don't have time to answer or don't personally know the answer to at all. It's always fun to find them asking Tim and Moby more questions because they are learning and don't even realize it!”
Kim D., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is amazing! We align it to our curriculum and the kids love it! They are learning so much from this program. My boys are even watching it for fun and not only as an educational tool.”
Junco Family, Co-op Member
”Brain Pop has an amazing ability to take tough subjects & explain them in a concise, yet detailed manner. They have packaged a lot of content in a short, lively & memorable way. I love the support resources & especially the quizzes to assess their knowledge. It's an extremely useful tool for learning. I'm thrilled with Brain Pop & so are my kids!”
Erica L., Co-op Member
”I love how the kids can explore various topics as the questions they want answered occur to them. I have set time limits for the computers during various school activities. They often request extra time to "finish BrainPop" and come to me with "Hey! You've got to watch this! It's so cool/funny." :) Unlike YouTube, I feel its safe to NOT hover over them while they watch, play and explore BrainPop. The videos are kid-friendly and kid-appropriate. I also like how there's games and quizzes inviting further interaction with the video lessons. We'll continue using BrianPop for years to come. It's a fantastic supplement to our homeschool.”
Deb Buck, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is a fantastic way to introduce topics. It is easy to use, has great graphics and covers so many areas it just amazing. It is the best value product I have ever bought.”
Katherine D., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP has been a fabulous resource of knowledge giving a fun way to explore, and giving my kids a safe way to do that. They explain sometimes confusing topics in a way my children can understand. I like how one topic carries over to others and builds on what they already know. Definitely a product you will love!”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”My 9 yo son loves Brainpop. He watches them all the time on his iPod.”
Jill, Co-op Member
”I purchased a subscription to BrainPop to supplement my daughter's homeschool education. However, my 8-year-old son who attends public school became addicted to Brainpop. Nearly every day he was telling me facts about different subjects, and when I asked him where he learned the info, he would simply reply, "From BrainPop." He learned more from this program than what he was learning at school. He was constantly surprising his teachers and classmates with the knowledge he had attained from BrainPop. I am back now, buying another year's subscription.”
Dana S., Co-op Member
”Brain Pop is wonderful! My kids love it and have learned SO MUCH! Brain Pop seems to have a video for practically everything! They know things I don't even know and when I ask where they learned it they will say "Brain Pop"! I highly recommend it!”
michele, Co-op Member
”I love that BrainPOP explains complex science concepts with a format that is not intimidating. Laughing at Moby's antics makes it fun.”
N. Lee, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES BrainPOP. It's VERY educational and fun. He likes to check the daily featured video each day at the beginning of his homeschool recess time.”
Anita, Co-op Member
”We purchased this on the advice of our reading tutor. I will say the price was a deterrent but we did purchase this program. I will have to say it is pretty amazing! The information is presented in such a way as(in our case) the girls(11y,10y,8y) find information "fun and easy". The games teach as much, maybe more, as the videos and the girls love to play!!! They are able to "play" while I work with someone one-on-one and still get work done for reinforcement or just curiosity!! I would highly recommend this program to anyone!!!”
Stacey, Co-op Member
”BrainPop has been an amazing opportunity for my kids to better understand concepts through the entertaining visual aspect of videos on BrainPOP. It has a wealth of information in every subject that goes beyond my expectations. I have looked at other services but this was a great deal for something that caters to all learning styles and is tons of fun with games and many other forms of learning that feel fun to my kids. I am asked often to play BrainPOP" versus an iPad or our Wii devices! I'm happy to have my kids spend time on BrainPOP.”
Stephanie A, Co-op Member
”We love this program! I purchased it for my 5 yr old but my 3 yr old enjoys it just as much. We often watch it around lunch time using Apple TV with the ipad to view it on the TV. Great program, even mom is learning new things!”
Nicole D., Co-op Member
”Brain Pop is perfect for my 11-year-old son. While he recognizes other learning helps as helping him in his skills, he views them in a more negative light -- "I have to use these because I don't understand stuff." With Tim and Moby - it's never the case. They are his friends. They make him laugh and also, understand. He reaches out to Tim and Moby as much as I do!”
K.H., Co-op Member
”This is my second round with Brain Pop. My children are 9 years apart and I first found Brain Pop for my son. I don't exactly know why, but Brain Pop was always the one thing I'd hear him quote often. He'd come up with some fact I hadn't taught him, and I'd ask where he learned it. The answer was often "I saw it on Brain Pop." He's now off to college and my 11 year old started watching the free Brain Pops. Again, she started repeating interesting facts she'd learned and telling me it came from Brain Pop. So even though money is very, very tight, we decided to get her a subscription. I'm not sure why the information seems to stick so well, but it has happened for both of my children now. Very simple, short videos, but highly effective.”
Wendy M., Co-op Member
”My four children ages 7-16, absolutely love BrainPOP. They think of these lessons as entertainment and spend time together watching the videos and learning all about whatever interests them from science to historical figures. My teenage daughter played a game that taught her all about presidential elections. She was the candidate and it took her through the entire process from campaigning in individual states and winning electoral votes. It really helped her understand how it all happens and what everything means. They love the math games (math isn't their strong suit so that's saying something). The art lessons are very impressive. This is such a well rounded program that I feel confident my kids are getting our money's worth and more. Highly recommended!!!”
Laura W., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is one of the first things I purchased when I started homeschooling my son back in January. I thought it would be a great resource for him as well as my daughter who is still in public school. It has proven to be very helpful and my son really loves the videos and their humorous approach! It's been a great supplement to our lessons, but has also given us a starting point for certain lessons, too. We have yet to use any of the supplemental material that come with the videos, but I am glad those are available and I am sure we will be using them in the future. I am really happy we found BrainPOP and it will be a permanent educational resource in our home.”
Hope R, Co-op Member
”My sons 4 and 7 love BrainPOP. They almost always end up laughing and wanting to watch more videos.”
Angela S, Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES BrainPOP. We've used the free version for a while and just purchased the full version. She watches is all the time and is learning so much. Also, in the car, I do not allow the sound up so she is getting in lots of reading time too.”
Teresa G., Co-op Member
”I originally purchased BrainPOP to offer my children an educational screen time option, but it has turned out to be so much more. The videos cover an amazing variety of topics and are well done at an appropriate comprehension level; it works well for multiple ages. There are also games, activities, and book recommendations (great for our weekly library trips!) to go along with all of the videos. We don't do every activity with every video, but I like having the option. In short, I think Moby will be hanging out in our homeschool for a while.”
Amber O, Co-op Member
”The entire family love it. Always entertaining and easy understandable. Excellent quality of the video, production and content. We use it everyday. Recommend. Me encanta poder trabajar los temas en los dos idiomas.”
L pez Ulloa, Co-op Member
”I purchased BrainPop Jr for my 6 and 3 year olds and have been very pleased with it. I thought my boys would have been a little more interested in learning online, but I am not pushing screen time. They do however truly enjoy the short educational videos. The site is very easy to use and I can let my 6 year old do everything on his own. They keep his interest and are age appropriate. It's a great supplement to our eclectic mix of curricula. I will renew our subscription next year!”
Kate K, Co-op Member
”My eleven year old son is homeschooled and he does not like books or traditional programs. So when I got brain pop, it was a great change as there are so many subjects and my son just chooses what he wants to study and he can understand it and everyday he wakes up and goes straight to brain pop. And I noticed that he is much more advanced in his level than the kids that go to school. Thanks Brain POP !”
Val F., Co-op Member
”BrainPop videos are amazingly good and cover a huge range of topics: art & music, history, math, science, technology, health, social studies and current events. My son loves BrainPop and has learned a ton from it. The videos are so well done that I really enjoy watching them myself. We use the site to supplement subjects we are currently studying. But in addition, my son will spend huge amounts of time just checking out different topics. Reminds me of how I use to flip through encyclopedias as a kid, one subject leading to another. When my son starts talking about something new and I wonder to myself where did he learn about that, I know there is really good chance that he learned from BrainPop.”
Tammy T., Co-op Member
”My son used BrainPop Jr. at his old elementary school as a "brain break" while they ate their snack and it was amazing how much he learned from the short, informative videos. When we became homeschoolers this program was at the top of my list for curriculum. You can pick almost any subject and either BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. will have a video about it - it's amazing! The information is delivered in a smart, concise, entertaining fashion and there are activities and quizzes that go along with each one. It is shocking to me how much breadth and depth of information he is retaining by tuning into BrainPop once or twice a day!”
Lara S., Co-op Member
”Awesome Product! Both my 7 & 9 year olds have hours of fun exploring all subjects. Would recommend this to any one.”
Nicole Jeffree, Co-op Member
”My children (ages 8-15) use Brainpop everyday and love it. I'm so glad we got this subscription!”
J. Robertson, Co-op Member
”My kids and I really enjoy BrainPOP. The kids like the fun movies and comic strips. I like the quizzes and the information it provides. I have recommended this to my friends. Since we homeschool it is a valuable tool when we need to learn about a specific topic. I also use the history videos as the main curriculum for my younger kids. I am so glad we signed up for this!”
Amanda C., Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed BrainPOP and used it regularly to supplement our learning. I love that is has so many subjects to choose from and has supplementary activities to reinforce learning and give the lessons more " meat". Also the suggested book list for each lesson was a great help to bring the subject into our reading time.”
B. Phillips, Co-op Member
”BrainPop is without a doubt one of the best investments I've made in homeschooling. My 8-year-old first began watching the free videos of the week on the ipad/iphone app, then asked me to subscribe so he could watch the ones that weren't available as freebies. When HBC offered the subscription, I jumped on it. He is thrilled with both BrainPop and BrainPop JR and will explore both sites on his own for hours. He enjoys telling me what he's learned. I have begun using the videos as supplements to our planned curriculum as well, which has been an enormous help. Seeing and hearing the information seems to reinforce concepts for him, and he can repeat them to his heart's content. I've been able to find videos that match many of our lessons as BrainPop is aligned with state standards. We're definitely hooked!”
Amy H., Co-op Member
”My kids love BrainPopJr. We enjoy the videos and the kids have fun doing the "easy" and "hard" quizzes. It's a great add-on to our existing curriculum and it also introduces the kids to new topics that they might not yet have been exposed to. I think that I also am going to purchase BrainPop (4th grade and up) for my rising 4th grader. She has been enjoying the "free stuff" on the website and would like to explore more! Thank you for making the discounts available to homeschoolers!”
M.G., Co-op Member
”we all love brain pop! We have used it for so much and there is so much more we have not even been able to for helping homeschooling. We started using it 2.5 years ago and find there is something for every one. Our child can't wait to turn it on either for reinforcement review or new concepts and loves the games.”
c.fairchok, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves BrainPOP! It is the only educational software that she uses extensively by herself for learning as well as for research reports. She loves the robot Moby and shares some of the videos with me that she thinks is very funny. I cannot enough good things about BrainPOP.”
Meera V., Co-op Member
”Our kids LOVE BrainPop! When the subscription expired both kids notified me right away. It catches and retains their interest for hours! Pretty good considering our son has classic autism and our daughter has ADHD. By far and away this has been our best money spent supporting academics in our home!! BrainPopJr and BrainPop are GREAT products!!”
Renee W, Co-op Member
”We had the free version of BrainPop and my son watched the videos over and over again. When I saw the deal on homeschool buyers coop, I knew I had to get it. My kids love to watch the variety of educational clips on BrainPop. This will be a great supplement to our homeschooling next year.”
Dana S., Co-op Member
”My kids have enjoyed using brainpop for the past few months. They refer to it daily for all of their subjects. It provides detailed information in a fun and captivating way. Their learning experience has been enhanced from the brainpop videos. I will continue to use brainpop as an additional resource for my children and highly recommend it to others.”
Holli A., Co-op Member
”Brain Pop is a huge benefit in our homeschool. My girls are 8 and 12 and both love watching the BP videos. I love all of the supplements such as quizzes, vocabulary, activities and interesting facts. No matter what we are studying in science, history, health, etc. I can usually find BP videos on the topics. I love that they have packed a lot of information into a ten minute, high-interest video that my kids think is "a nice break" from the books. We have been using BP and BP Jr. for years and will continue in the years to come.”
Pam R., Co-op Member
”I love this program. My children, ages 10y,8y,7y, love this program. Filled with great games that reinforce lessons and great videos that reinforce lessons. I will continue using this for the foreseeable foreseeable future.”
Stacey S., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old loves BrainPop. I love it as well - the videos are well done, with a plethora of great information. I use BrainPop as a supplement to our other school work. When my son is done with his books, he does a couple of videos and quizzes. Sometimes he enjoys a video so much, he'll watch it again with us to show us the "funny parts". Thank you for a fun product that entertains and teaches at the same time!”
Katrin K., Co-op Member
”My son absolutely loves BrainPOP. He has been exposed to so many topics that he never would have explored on his own. The videos are great information pieces, but what really makes it worth it are the related games available after the video. I'm completely shocked by how much my son has learned in the 2 months he's been playing BrainPOP! Plus, he loves playing, so I don't have to fight him to do it!”
J.R., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP gets an A+ from family. My kids are boys, aged 10 and 9. They are constantly checking for new videos and revisiting old ones. This is the only educational app that they look forward to each morning - they start the day that way, with their breakfast. I am big believer in video-driven knowledge. I believe a key part of the appeal is the simple, intuitive user interface. By contrast, Discovery Streaming holds neither their interest nor mine. Their interface is Microsoft clunky, which will appeal only to the pedantic middle managers out there. You can guess which one we will be renewing (unless Discovery drastically revamps its site). The one huge downside: even though we paid for full BrainPOP access, the games access is non-existent for IOS users. If you are reading this, BrainPOP programmers, you know the importance and prevalence of iPads. Thanks!”
Shaffin S., Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter and I both love the BrainPop videos and quizzes. I especially like the movie of the day feature. Watching it is part of our morning routine.

I have no difficulty fitting BrainPop videos into our curriculum and adding that much more variety to our learning.”
Sue B., Co-op Member
”My kids are loving BrainPOP!!! It's great for a filler in between subjects, to enhance a lesson, or when someone is too sick for school.”
A. Syrdal, Co-op Member
”My kids love BrainPop! I love how easy it is to use and the variety of content. It's a great supplemental resource for our homeschool education.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”This is our 3rd yearly subscription to both BrainPop and BrainPopJr and has been used for ages spanning 4 through to 14 years of age.

The content is engaging, educationally sound and covers a vast array of subjects and topics. My children's general knowledge has improved markedly through the use of these sites and they always beg for more.
The sites may be used to kick start a new study area, enhance research or just purely for the fun of learning something new.

Warning - your children may become inspired and addicted to learning through the use of this site! ;-)”
Ms Parry, Co-op Member
”My boys (ages 7 & 9) love Brainpop. I've been using it to supplement our homeschool studies, but they choose to watch several videos each day. I like the activities and games provided to enrich the lesson, and find them helpful when we're learning about a particular topic. I've even started looking for videos to go along with what we're already studying. They are a great resource!”
C. Crane, Co-op Member
”We have previously purchased BrainPop and were thrilled to see it offered at a discount through Homeschool Buyers Co-op! BrainPop & BrainPop Jr are wonderful educational websites for my elementary aged children. They love watching the videos and I appreciate having video material support our classwork. BrainPop is a user-friendly website with many different topics in as many subjects. I strongly recommend the history and science subjects. We have used BrainPop for 2 yrs and will continue to do so!”
Allison, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is great! I love that the movies connect us with important events in history and science that correspond with the day, week, month, or season that we're in right now! We can access it on our ipad and iphones, so it goes with us everywhere. I do wish there were a tracking program for homeschool teachers to know what their children have taken interest in and studied, because other programs we use (Dreambox, Time4Learning, and ClickNkids) offer tracking which makes logging hours very convenient! Maybe soon, BrainPOP?? BrainPOP JR. is a safe environment even for my 2 year old! And one that I let him use often! My other kids love it, too.”
Michelle Baugh, Co-op Member
”My kids go to a small private school. I use HBC materials to supplement the gaps in the education they receive. BrainPop is a crucial element of that gap-fill. It holds the attention of my very active and bored 10 year old boy and 9 year old girl. It fits to a T the CA Core and almost always has something I need to fill in with a visual what they are learning in school. Water cycle, Early Colonists, Green Energy, Engines, Grammar - just about anything you can think of, Moby and friend provide a two minute animated segment. After one particular question I couldn't answer about engines, my son watched Tim and Moby and then I heard a very loud, "OH," later I found out my son "got-it" the engine question he had had. Phew! lol - I'm no auto-mechanic so he wasn't going to get an answer any other way. Each week I go through each of the kids topics and choose the videos that fit for the subjects. It's a critical piece to our learning plan. And having watched prices for two years, HBC does do a great discount. There are enough free resources at BrainPop for you to check out to see if this would work for your kids. It works GREAT for us.”
Darlene, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is a product that my son uses in school so I was aware of it already and purchased it when I saw the price through the co-op. My son is a visual learner who does well with short, visual lessons and BrainPOP accomplishes this. The best part of the program is that he doesn't see it as learning. The characters and variation of content make it interesting and is a nice supplement to state standards. After watching the video, there are short quizzes that your child can take after watching the videos so there is an easy way to get additional comprehension testing in. Overall, a very good product that I would recommend.”
Heather H., Co-op Member
”My son loves using BrainPOP. He likes it so much he will try to use it instead other school work I have asked him to do. He also is self-motivated to do the writing assignments and the read-on-your-own sections. He gets online and reserves the books they suggest and then he actually reads them when he gets them. He's in 2nd grade, and it is a great way to cover the science and social studies topics for us. He even watched the videos over and over in the car when we were driving across three states on vacation. So, we even got to do school on the road.”
Penny R, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP may be the best single investment. My kids used the free version for years but wanted more. When the sale came up on HSBC, I pounced. Thank you for helping make these options more afforedable. Reflex Math is also a new big favorite.”
Monica l., Co-op Member
”Our family loves BrainPop. The videos are well done and my kids enjoy watching them. The only problem is getting them to stop, they just keep going from one video to the next. The characters are entertaining and not condescending at all. They treat children like they are equals. The children retain what they have learned because the characters are engaging and relevant to the subject matter. We will definitely continue to use BrainPop.”
Laura L., Co-op Member
”We're absolutely loving BrainPopJr as a great addition to our homeschooling routine. With a variety of ages to work with - 3, 6, and 9 - there's plenty of content to keep everyone happy and engaged. They (and we) like that there's the option of both easy and hard quizzes to reinforce what's being presented.”
Jen B., Co-op Member
”We got BrainPop Jr. for our 4 and 6 yr old kids. They love it and it works for both of them and will continue to work for years. It is very gentle and our favorite use of "screen time" for our kids. They love the movies and we of the activities and games together. They have learned a lot already and never turn down a chance to watch Annie & Moby ( the characters in BrainPop Jr.). I highly recommend.”
EG, Co-op Member
”BrainPOP videos are both entertaining and educational. As a family who home educates, we use it almost daily in conjunction with our lessons. I can always find at least one video to use each day that pertains to a specific subject we are learning about. This helps to reiterate information as well as add new pieces of information. The quizzes at the end offer a quick assessment on knowledge retention. Sometimes my 4th grader pulls up BrainPOP videos and watches them just for fun!”
Tammy, Co-op Member
”My children just love BrainPop. They don't seem to get enough of it. After spending a few minutes "playing" they will al ways come up to share what they have learned with me. I will definitely renew my membership and I will also recommend it to my friends!”
Edda, Co-op Member
”My kids love BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. They use it several times a week, and are happy for it to count as "screen time." Also, we don't do a lot of testing for our homeschooled kids, so I like that they are quizzed on what they learn, and thus stay in practice for future testing.”
Maggie S., Co-op Member
”My 7 year old son is a fan of BrainPop Jr.'s great videos and lessons and I don't even have to ask him to include it in our homeschool routine. The buying power of Homeschool Buyers Co-op made it even more appealing to me as a parent searching for resources. Thank you for offering such a great product!”
A. Bevan, Co-op Member
”This is my first year homeschooling. My children are 9,7 & 5. At public school they used to use brain pop in there lesson plans and they loved it. So when I saw it available at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op I had to have it and here is why.

Before my children would fight over the iPad for minecraft time but now they cuddle up and can sit for hours if I let the watching lessons on Brain Pop and it's not even school time.

When we are working we find it very easy to find information about any topic we are working on from language arts to history and more. They can go over in great detail about any topic you can imagine in 3-4 minutes with pictures, conversations and information that is easy for all grade levels to understand.

When they are taking notes, they can pause and watch it again. Then each child can take a pop quiz and it keeps track of there comprehension they just watched.

They have an educators section that you must visit. It has vocabulary sheets, diagram sheets and other printouts that were very helpful to our lapbook project that I made up based on a subject we were covering about flight. It is filled with lesson plans and games that simulate science experiments to reinforce what they learn.

I will continue to purchase Brain Pop until I my children graduate. It's fun and engaging and there is so much information that they want to listen to and learn with or with out me. It you have the chance they have tons of free stuff to show you how easy it is to teach with Brain pop. Let the kids watch, they will defiantly ask for more. I would recommend this to home and public school families. It is great for strong and beginner readers, visual learners, and auditory learners. If it becomes available again I will add on brain pop jr too.”
Danielle G., Co-op Member
”My family loves BrainPOP. We use it almost daily. It is great that they offer many activities, quizzes, extra information and the such. You can make a whole lesson plan around BrainPOP. We will use BrainPOP for many years. The kids love the format and Tim and Moby. They watch and rewatch all the time.”
Kirsta C, Co-op Member
”We love Brain Pop. Our family has found it invaluable for many years now. It helps with meeting state standards. It is easy keeping records through the tests my boys e-mail me. It makes test study short. My brilliant asperghers ADHD son can sit for hours learning and laughing. Now grades 9 & 10, they both still like what they started using in grades 2 & 3.”
Lynda P, Co-op Member
”We are big fans of BrainPOP. The kids love the robot! I love the variety of topics. The information in the videos are just the right amount to interest kids. They aren't too long that kids loose interest. Most importantly, my kids are retaining that infomation! We have been using it as a wonderful supplement to our science curriculum this year!”
Christina C., Co-op Member
”We were introduced to BrainPop while enrolled in a cyber school. My son(age 7) absolutely LOVED the program. I knew I wanted it when we decided to homeschool on our own too. We use the program almost daily. I incorporate the videos in our lessons, use the quizes and activities as a way to see how he is comprehending the material, and just for fun. My son asks me everyday if he can watch a video. My son also really likes the new Gaming section and I like that he is still learning while he is playing games! Such a valuable tool.”
Carrie I., Co-op Member
”My 7 yr old said "cool". He likes the information. I like the fact that everything can be read to him as he is a late bloomer with reading. He likes to take the quizzes as he is up for the challenge. He asks to do Brain POP jr.. The length of the videos are just right. We can learn something new or piggy back on subject matter we are currently learning.”
Marlo Marrero Fernandez, Co-op Member
”We love BrainPop! With a wide range of topics, they work especially well as introductions when starting a new area of study in social studies or science. Sorting through videos online that are appropriate in content and age range takes a considerable amount of time, this process is streamlined with BrainPop which means more time for teaching and less time for planning. We have found BrainPop to be a great tool in our homeschool.”
Stacey E, Co-op Member
”As a mom I don't allow my children but a limited time on electronics each day. They choose BrainPop over all the other options. They really enjoy it and they learn so much. I hear them talking amongst themselves and with friends and it is amazing the information that they have learned just listening to BrainPop.”
R Woods, Co-op Member
”I bought a brainpop JR. account for my five-year-old daugher and she loved it very much. And it's convenient to use the mobile access so that she could watch them on Ipad.”
A. Chen, Co-op Member
”We love BrainPop Jr!

We have incorporated it into our morning circle time, by either watching the feature video of the week or another video that goes with our weekly studies. (We don't subscribe to BrainPop emails, but we do watch the daily feature video, occasionally, as well).

Each video has a choice of Easy or Hard quiz (we usually do both). The videos do a great job of explaining things in an educational and entertaining way. All 3 of my kids love them (ages 2.5, 4 and 7).

It was well worth the investment!”
Jen Altman, Co-op Member
”My kids love watching the videos. Try the free app first if you want to know what it's like. The subscription gives tons more content...”
Esther F., Co-op Member
”All of our children are special, although a couple of our children are diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, we realize their educational needs require steadfast focus and a level of consistency that have to be maintained day in and day out. BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. have both served us in an exceptional way. The minds of our children are very literal and the information given through BrainPop & BrainPop Jr. is very factual based in most cases which gives them good solid foundation on many subjects. And, the ways Tim & Moby and Annie & Moby present the subject matters are both informative and fun. We as parents (and educators) enjoy seeing all our childern loving to learn in this way. They are learning and laughing and having fun all at the same time. This has been a great investment in our children's education and has been one we have told others about because of the impact it has had, not only on our children's minds, but also on their attitudes in learning. We take BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. everywhere we go on our mobile devices. We would love to continue using this service as long as we are blessed enough to do so. Thank you for helping us make this possible in enhancing our children's love for learning!”
Cheryl B., Co-op Member
”BrainPOP is fantastic. We love having the full subscription. My daughter visits the site daily through the iPad app and loves that she has access to all of the extra information. She has learned so very much from BrainPOP and all with no prompting from me - gotta love that. We will continue to use BrainPop for sure.”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”My son loves BrainPOP. Sometimes I have a hard time getting him off the computer. We use BrainPOP for homeschool. I wish there was a "report card" of the things he has done on BrainPOP so we can have a Print out to give to his teacher. ”
Dawn, Co-op Member
”This is a must for the home schooling parent that wants to add a twist of fun to their curriculum! The variety and depth of subject matter presented via short educational videos was a perfect addition to our traditional book/workbook studies. I highly recommend BrainPOP and BrainPOPjr.”
Mrs. Abrac, Co-op Member
”Brain Pop is a great addition for homeschools.

My children are 10 years apart and I am now on my second round with BrainPop. I used it for a few years with my son who has now graduated. He used it from upper elementary through middle school and he tells me now that he learned a lot of what he knows about things from BrainPop! He actually encouraged me to buy it again for his little sister. So I just bought a year for my daughter who is now in 3rd grade. We are using BrainPop Jr for a little while and they tell me I can change it to full BrainPop whenever she tires of Jr. So far, she jumps in to Jr. every day for at least 2-3 lessons. She doesn't do a lot of the extras they offer, but she seems to pick up plenty just watching the videos. It supplements things we are already studying, and it exposes her to things we haven't studied yet. I find that early exposure makes our lessons easier when we do get to that point in history or that concept in science, etc. I highly recommend BrainPop.”
RR Gang, Co-op Member
”Our family absolutely loves BrainPOPJr. Even though the lesson videos are short, they are jam-packed with not only the basic information but also little known extra details - there's a lot of learning packed into each entertaining "movie". We like that there are two different quiz levels, I use the "easy" quizzes for my younger learners and the "hard" ones for my oldest - meaning we can all be using the same lesson at the same time (hooray!). The games/activities and supporting content all reinforce the video lesson and make learning FUN for the kids - they actually beg to do BrainPOP.
While it's not an entire curriculum, it does align with state standards and can be expanded on with additional study. The high energy presentation and shorter duration of educational movies are perfect for my ADD and younger learners alike - and I really enjoy watching along with them too.
In our opinion BrainPOP is one of the best educational programs out there, we will definitely continue to use it and shout it's praises from the rooftops whenever we get the chance! HOORAY for BrainPOP!”
Shana O., Co-op Member
”I could not have imagined the big hit this was at our home. My daughter and son love BrainPOP. They do it on their own without any prodding from me. I could not ask for anything more. Please do try it and see for yourselves. I should have subscribed earlier.”
B Ang, Co-op Member
”It is great as a supplement. The kids enjoy the activities and a fun way to get things across.”
Sangeeta, Co-op Member
”My Kindergartener loves BrainPOP Jr. He's always eager to watch the videos. He will even watch them during his free time, given the opportunity. I like that they present a variety of subjects in a format that he can understand and enjoy. I've also noticed that BrainPop has piqued his interest in science and history, (most recently Egyptology, the Solar System). Brain Pop is instilling a love of learning in my son, and that is priceless!”
Sam L., Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 7 year old son and he LOVES it. I decided to go with BrainPOP vs. BrainPOP Jr. as his interest are very broad as well as deep in science, technology, as well as history. We use this mainly for either delving into a topic to help to clarify a subject, as well as introducing new topics to dive into. I feel that BrainPOP is a great resource to tie in all of the information in a concise, simple manner that is not dumbed down yet easily understood by children. I love that each lesson is short, and that similar topics are grouped together. I'm still new to the product and haven't had a chance to look at the lesson plans, but I can see as we move further into homeschooling/unschooling we will likely use these activities in the future. We've told many people about BrainPOP and found that schools even use this on their smartboards. I feel it is a great adjunct to the materials we use to reinforce fundamentals that we are currently exploring and learning. We love BrainPOP!”
Y. Wickesberg, Co-op Member
”We like BrainPop because we rely on living books for much of science and history. BrainPop is helpful when we are between books or just want to look at similar subjects. It has activities and worksheets for most topics.

I like how Tim and Moby treat heavy topics simply and with a light hand. My forth grader loves it.

We would not have subscribed to BrainPop this year without the Co-op's discount.”
Ozzie, Co-op Member
”BrainPop has been a wonderful addition to our lessons. My son looks forward to watching the short videos, and it has been fun to see what he has learned from them. I love that BrainPop is constantly changing their content to reflect the season and monthly events. In addition, I like how diverse the content is, from health and history to science and language arts. I also appreciate the social videos that touch on the issue of bullying.
BrainPop has been such a great addition to our homeschool, and I will definitely continue to use it.”
Becky, Co-op Member
”My girls had seen parts of Brain Pop videos during school and were always frustrated that they didn't get to see the entire movie. I am now homeschooling my 6th grader and find it helps to support the lessons and reinforce the material through the videos, games, and quizzes. I will be homeschooling all 3 girls next year and plan to continue to use BrainPop as a support for their curriculum.”
JSO, Co-op Member
”My boys and I really enjoy BrainPop. It's so education (so I am happy) and it's fun for them (so they are happy)! One of my sons just told me tonight that it's his favorite online educational tool. I love, for example, the way war history is explained in an easy to understand way without getting into gory details. We are all gaining so much from BrainPop that I have told all my homeschooling friends about it. Thanks so much for offering such a great service for our children.”
Mrs. Dormoy, Co-op Member
”This program has been a HUGE help to our homeschooling. We have been moving and have had most of our things packed away. The kids will sit in bed at night watching on their Kindles, or during the day wherever we may be, they'll watch on my Droid phone. They LOVE this app. My kids are 7, 9, and 11. All three like it, but my 7 and 9 year olds LOVE it! We have recommended this app to friends who don't even homeschool, because, in our opinion, it should be a must have for everyone. I love hearing my kids laugh out loud to Tim and Moby. They mention things often where I say, "WOW, where did you learn that??" Brainpop! I have blown A LOT of money on programs and subscriptions, and this has been by far the best money spent!”
Julie R, Co-op Member
”We purchased the Jr. version and my kids love to work on this app. They love the videos and this app has increased their knowledge by leaps! Biographies are the favorites around here. One issue I had was there was information about drugs that I did not want my kids to learn yet, they are only 6 and 3 and that video raised a lot of questions from them that I wasn't prepared to answer. There is no way to block a video which would have been nice. Overall we love it!”
Anupama Jagadeesh, Co-op Member
”MY almost 9-year-old son loves BrainPop! The videos are short but interesting, and detailed enough to be a mini lesson on the topic of choice. There is often an element of humor that my son loves as well...who doesn't! There are many topics, in a variety of subject areas. My son loves all things video, so this method of learning appeals to him, and he is often inspired to do more research on his own to find out more about topics that interest or intrigue him. I usually let him choose whatever he wants to watch for the most part, rather than assign topics to him. This way it's his own motivation to learn what he feels like doing that day. I pay attention to the topics he's browsing and listening to, and we talk about them and study more if we he or I wish. Works like a charm. :-) Bottom line: BrainPop lets my son take charge of his own learning in a way that inspires him to want to learn more...that's a winner in my book!”
Lauren Z., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son just loves BrainPop! He visits this site regularly, without being instructed to do so! I highly recommend this interactive program to all kids! Very user friendly! Thanks for offering such a great product.”
Roberta A., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves BrainPop. It's like the reward after a lesson for her. She searches any topic she wants and watches the movies. Her little brother also enjoys watching with although I'm not sure he really understands as he is only 4 but he is now speaking of Thomas Jefferson and Washington. As an educator I like that I can find a video for almost any topic we are covering especially in social studies and history. I recommended it to all my friends. We'll definitely continue using it next year.”
Nora, Co-op Member
”I have used Brainpopjr as a parent homeschooling and a classroom teacher. It is a great tool for introducing new lessons and reviewing past ones. Now using it to homeschool, my child gets really excited to get to use it. I even put it on his Nabi kids tablet so he can use it anytime he wants. We use the website nearly everyday. It is quick and easy to navigate for my son and myself. I am grateful for the discount by the Co-op. We would not have been able to have access without it this year. I was so happy to see it was available. Great supplement! Give it a try your child will love it!”
K. Reagan, Co-op Member
”It is a great way for my son to have control over his learning. I can also use it to determine his interests in a variety of subjects, and then expand on them for further study. He loves it and I love the clear way different topics are presented.”
Bee B., Co-op Member
”I use BrainPOPJr for my first grader. We use it as a substitute for television when my kids need a break. My 2, 4 & 6 yr olds all gather around the computer and watch the short educational movies - they could do it for hours if I let them - and they are all learning from it!!”
Lori R, Co-op Member
”We have used BrainPop and BrainPopJr. for years. It is a great resource for videos that are important and interesting for kids to cover in life and school. It's a fantastic price and they are really organized on the site that only helps when you are coasting through it to find what you need.”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
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