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This GroupBuy has closed. Should there be enough member interest, we might be able to have BrainPOP return to the Co-op in August. If you are interested in BrainPOP returning, click here.

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BrainPOP offers a wide variety of useful topics in their video lessons. No matter what we're studying, I can select a video to use as a front-loading activity or a review. Either way, my son is engaged. I truly appreciate this valuable resource.
Jen. W, Co-op Member
As a mom I don't allow my children but a limited time on electronics each day. They choose BrainPop over all the other options. They really enjoy it and they learn so much. I hear them talking amongst themselves and with friends and it is amazing the information that they have learned just listening to BrainPop.
R Woods, Co-op Member
BrainPOP is one of the first things I purchased when I started homeschooling my son back in January. I thought it would be a great resource for him as well as my daughter who is still in public school. It has proven to be very helpful and my son really loves the videos and their humorous approach! It's been a great supplement to our lessons, but has also given us a starting point for certain lessons, too. We have yet to use any of the supplemental material that come with the videos, but I am glad those are available and I am sure we will be...(more)
Hope R, Co-op Member
We love BrainPop! It keeps my kids engaged while learning! They WANT to watch the videos and do the activities. I love that it opens up communication about the topics we are studying, and gives them a way to learn information they may not from me.
A. N., Co-op Member
We got BrainPop Jr. for our 4 and 6 yr old kids. They love it and it works for both of them and will continue to work for years. It is very gentle and our favorite use of "screen time" for our kids. They love the movies and we of the activities and games together. They have learned a lot already and never turn down a chance to watch Annie & Moby ( the characters in BrainPop Jr.). I highly recommend.
EG, Co-op Member
I love brainpop I just wish there was some kind of deeper discount as I need 2 subscriptions for this awesome resource! It is great my kids love it son is in 6th grade and my daughter is in the 4th grade. Other products no comparison as they do not have a mini movie to explain things that they learn.
Melissa V, Co-op Member
Our family absolutely loves BrainPOPJr. Even though the lesson videos are short, they are jam-packed with not only the basic information but also little known extra details - there's a lot of learning packed into each entertaining "movie". We like that there are two different quiz levels, I use the "easy" quizzes for my younger learners and the "hard" ones for my oldest - meaning we can all be using the same lesson at the same time (hooray!). The games/activities and supporting content all reinforce the video lesson and make learning FUN for th...(more)
Shana O., Co-op Member
Well-researched, engaging, and funny. Top in my list for expanding children's awareness to various subjects. My kids learn and are able to retain a lot more from watching Brainpop regularly than from traditional schooling.
B Cheung, Co-op Member
I've used Brain Pop in the past and it is a great general resource for all levels of learning! The deal through the Co-op was irresistible and well worth it. We start every morning with Brain Pop because they feature daily videos relevant to the date/season and then use it to further research topics to better understand them. For example, the Math videos are great (honestly all of the videos are great!) for showing complex actions in simple everyday examples. The history lessons are fair and over all show great cultural diversity and varyin...(more)
Maureen, Co-op Member
Our 5 year old loves BrainPopJr. When he has exhausted all the activities there we will upgrade to the regular BrainPop. This is one of the only programs we have tried that actually "teaches" something and not just "asking" questions all the time. We love it!
A. Crowe, Co-op Member
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