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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Brainology to their home school curriculum. If you have used Brainology and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I purchased this for my 9- and 14-year-old children. They both learned from it. My son liked that it taught how his brain works. He was a handful when it came to school and studying before the program. After the program he is much more cooperative. I think it helps that he understands why school and studying is important. Very pleased!”
C. Bernard, Co-op Member
”This is my first year homeschooling. My 10 year old boy came out of traditional school believing he is not as smart as other kids. He struggled at school tasks that seemed to come easily to other kids. I didn't know how badly he was affected until I sat with him to learn at home. He does not believe he can. He does not believe he is smart. I needed a way to show him that he is brilliant and can become whatever he works to be. He was not hearing me. Then I encountered Brainology in a free trial. It was EXACTLY what I needed. It gave me the concepts I needed, the words I needed to express it to my son, and then the tools I needed to help him engage in these ideas and change his own beliefs. I bought the full program. Best choice I have made in homeschooling yet. We made it a class. This program was life-altering. He rigidly believed that some kids are born smart, but something is wrong with him and he will always be stupid. It hurt him so much he became afraid to try to believe anything else just in case it was wrong. He didn't want the pain of finding out he really was right, so he avoided any hope at all. That was the first change I could see: hope. Instead of slumping, and looking at his hands or his lap when we talk about learning, he began to glance shyly at me with a little crooked grin, which he quickly tried to hide. By the time I gave him his Brain Master Certificate, he was coming to me with square shoulders, looking me straight in the eye to say things like, Did you see that? I made my OWN BRAIN come up with the answer to that one!" and "Mom, do you think I can make enough dendrites to be good at reading?" It is amazing. My favorite was when he struggled with a new math concept. Instead of becoming discouraged, he scrunched up his face and announced, "It looks like I haven't trained my neurons to do this kind of problem yet, Mom. It s going to take some practice." This is a very impactful program.”
T. S., Co-op Member
”We purchased Brainology as a bridge/supplement for our Critical Thinking and Psychology classes. My child likes the fun format and being able to go back to any lesson for review.”
Kay, Co-op Member
”Brainology was a great way to engage my children to learn about how their brains work. It is a short course, we finished in 4 weeks, and can be done at your own pace or as a class room project. The kids liked learning in the format it was presented. It would be good as as a stand alone subject or in conjunction with a more in depth science course. Our children were in 8th grade and we used it a jumping off point to discuss how they could take more control over their own learning. I think it would be best for 5th grade as a longer course. My children did feel the tests were too easy, though the information was fascinating.”
Rachel Ducote, Co-op Member
”We have worked through the first three weeks of Brainobogy and it has been highly instructive about how the brain works. The teacher materials are loaded with information but not overwhelming. The student materials are available for two different levels of learners and more options for continued work are presented. The evaluation component is straightforward. The video portion (one day out of four for the week) feels a bit dated and slow and therefore requires a bit more motivation to complete. But is not completely off-putting. We will finish the program.”
J. Meyer, Co-op Member
”Brainology was inspirational for my children. I used this twice a week in the mornings projecting the program from my computer to TV using Apple TV. We leaned a lot on the additional resources/worksheets provided on the pdfs to help my middle school/high school daughters to understand how their brain worked. The kids enjoyed the program. They liked how it integrated science (research results) with application (how it affects their study habits). It is low-key, but chock-full of information. It helped them understand how to test well, how to learn difficult subjects, how to enlist their memory. One daughter used to have test anxiety, and consequentially a hatred of difficult subjects. This helped her to have a "growth mindset" to see knowledge as attainable with specific practical study techniques. I fully recommend this program. My kids do, too.”
DarleneB, Co-op Member
”Terrific program. Meaningful, science-based info, engaging format. Loads of extra resources and lessons plans. Plenty of material to serve as jumping off points for further exploration at home. I am using in an academic skills course for middle and high school students. Highly recommended.”
Briana E., Co-op Member
”We just finished the program and loved it. My son was engaged, and I enjoyed seeing him use the tools he learned on his own to help him calm himself down and tackle his work.”
N cutler, Co-op Member
”We loved this program! Understanding how the brain works helped both my dyslexic and non-dyslexic child understand that they can learn anything they set their minds to learning. The information is presented in an entertaining way that keeps the children's attention.”
Crystal, Co-op Member
”We discovered Brainology this summer as I was making plans for the school year. It has helped my 12-year old daughter understand more about how the brain works. She has also been encouraged to make her brain "grow" by not giving up when something is difficult. It has helped me, as the parent, to know better how to encourage her so that she is encouraged to learn and does not think it is just because she is smart or not smart. I recommend Brainology for both students and parents.”
Beverly, Co-op Member
”I have read and attended a few lectures around Dr Carol Dweck's concept of mindset and was so excited when her program became available at homeschoolbuyer co-op. We are currently using the program and it delivers as promised. I can't recommend it highly enough, to help your child attain the right attitude towards learning. How often do we hear that one needs the softer skills in life such as planning, persistence, resilience to be successful. This program teaches your child to do this and more. The only problem is the amount of information you will need to organise in the beginning to deliver the program. Once you work this out, the program (inc. online program) and handouts are all there for you to deliver.”
Lisa N, Co-op Member
”I have two girls, 10 & 11. They were a bit leary before starting when they saw the elementary cartooning that is used for the course, but the subject matter has intrigued them. I will add that I have added supplementary info. to "bring up" the overall feel of the course.

It has definitely helped with expanding their mindset. My girls had a good mindset for some things, but it was not where I wanted it for others. This has opened up some points of conversation, so I can have them realize that it is not them but their mindset/outlook. This is definitely a plus.

I have recommended this product to friends and family. I would purchase it again knowing what I do now.
I do wish that the membership was for more than 6 months due to the fact that changing one's mindset is an ongoing project and not done overnight.”
ClaraS, Co-op Member
”Our Son has been watching the videos and navigating through the program for at least a year. We already had a saying that we make ourselves smart, but Brainology describes learning function in such an expanded and entertaining way. We highly recommend it.”
Russ Person, Co-op Member
”My son (8 but advanced) enjoys the videos and we have been practising some of the skills taught - a pretty good balance of light-hearted humour and helpful factual information. Entertaining enough that he wants to watch it over, and he likes the interactive brain lab. Harder to get him to do the worksheets, but that's always a trial! We are enjoying it and have recommended it to friends.”
Suz HB, Co-op Member
”We have two children, a very academically underachieving boy and a high achieving girl. Through doing Brainology the boy has gained confidence and improved his attitude to study, he has learned that he does have greater potential than he was previously aware. The girl has also improved, she now is beginning to see the need to dedicate herself more and the importance and benefits of challenging herself academically, rather than just coasting along.
I would recommend this for children aged up to low/mid teens with a reasonable grasp of English.”
Michael Byrne, Co-op Member
”My children are in high school and used this as a part of a how to study class's. It was a great starting point to remind the kids they can always increase their brain power. It also included some great 'how to study' tips. I'd recommend this to anyone, but especially for a child who maybe needs a confidence boost in school.”
Dianna T., Co-op Member
”My daughter who has completed Brainology is 18 and graduated high school this past spring. However, due to dyslexia I knew her reading and math skills were not where they should be. I told her she needed to take the GED so that she and I would both know her skills were adequate to pursue more education. Her first attempt at a practice test was a dismal failure and she was resistant to any more attempts. After going through Brainology and working through some critical thinking books she had the courage to go try again. Her reading test improved from 7th grade level to 11th grade. She is still working on the math skills but her attitude is much improved and she is motivated to continue going to the class on her own. I think Brainology gave her confidence and skills she needed to reverse her "failure" mentality.”
Karen B, Co-op Member
”Brainology was a lovely program. My daughter went through it in only a handful of sittings but she really enjoyed the videos. We both learned new information that can help us in situations that make us anxious.”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”I am so thrilled that we can have access to this research-based curriculum that I've even read about in magazines -- I have been recommending it to my friends. I'm amazed how well it addresses some common but deep misconceptions that block learning if they're not addressed!”
Joyce T., Co-op Member
”This may be great for the younger crowd, but my 13-year-old was not impressed. She won't be continuing with the program as she feels it is very juvenile and amateurish.”
Judy Finkell, Co-op Member
”My kids are learning loads and I do think it is boosting their attitude about school work. I do think it is important to note that though there is an interactive online component to this program, a significant portion of it is lesson plans to do with your child. We haven't completed the program yet but are enjoying what we've done so far.”
Lara, Co-op Member
”My 11th and 8th grader did the program. Clearly it is more geared to 4-8th graders, but both of my boys learned alot and have found it helpful in their daily routine. After a lesson in Brainology my youngest was in his room doing math, when I asked he said, "Too many inputs down there mom!" I went through the lessons with the guys and I learned alot! It's a great step for those kids who are willing and wanting to "own" their educational journey, but maybe school doesn't come easy. Brainology gives them tools to be a success!”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”Giving up quickly is a problem for my 9 year old. With processing issues she feels defeated in most learning environments. The Brainology program gave her a basic understanding of the brain and how to use it, strengthen it and build memory. My daughter looked forward to working on the program every week! I am sure we will go through it again. It is very simple and encourages the student to try! The Co-op price is as high as I would even think of paying for the program, but I'm glad I did.”
Claire M., Co-op Member
”We purchased "Brainology" as an addition to both our Biology and our Character/Life Skills homeschool program. My teen guys are getting a real kick out of the videos! The daily activities reinforce concepts, support and assist my guys in putting good skills into practice. "Brainology" is helping to boost their self-esteem and confidence, showing them that they can get smarter and learn anything they desire with ease.”
Beth F., Co-op Member
”Many ah-ha moments as my son has gone through the program! We are only halfway and I can already see him starting to stop and think about his approach. He's changing from an "I can't" to a "Let's try and see!" which is worth every penny!”
Tracy C, Co-op Member
”I have a son who was angry all of the time whenever he was asked to do school work. He seemed to think that it was a personal affront to him to expect him to practice concepts, review or sometimes even learn in the first place. The Brainology program has helped us a great deal. My son understands how his brain grows and how he learns. He feels empowered to do what he needs to do to optimize his learning. Just the decrease in conflict alone was worth the money. The fact that he feels motivated to learn is the delicious gravy on top.”
Cynthia W., Co-op Member
”We just finished the program, I believe that we used the concept before but this reinforced it and for the kids to hear and see it from someone else worked. My oldest was a bit reticent at first but then got into it. He is 16. Good program.”
Sylvie Lebel, Co-op Member
”It is a nice little unit study on how you learn and can learn better. The kids enjoyed it and found the information useful. The 12 and 9 year old did very well with it, the 7 year old sat on my lap and soaked up vocabulary. I ordered it specifically for my dyslexic child so she would get a better idea of how to make best use of her wiring. Mission accomplished!”
Carrie, Co-op Member
”The ages of my children are 11, 13 and 15. We are just finishing the third week of the Brainology program and are delighted with its positive results thus far.

Daily lessons are short enough to fit in our school day and are easy to implement. The program is short-running and the kids have maintained a high interest through all of the activities.

Each child has gained a better understanding of how his brain works and how to increase its performance.

I am pleased to see my children equipped with new techniques that encourage them to succeed and a new confidence while working on challenging tasks.”
M. Huffman, Co-op Member
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