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We are pleased to announce our GroupBuy savings for Always Icecream/Clever Dragons will begin on 06-01-2017. Save up to 50%. Click here for more info about Always Icecream/Clever Dragons. Click "Remind Me" (below) if you would like to be reminded when these GroupBuy savings start:

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We appreciate you at the Co-op!

We bought Clever Dragons for my elementary aged boys, and they absolutely love it. My second grader now knows all of the States in the Union, and the video, castle, and pet care incentives work like magic for them. We have already encouraged several friends to try it out. I plan on using this until the kids have maxed it out!
Melanie D., Co-op Member
We bought always icecream for our daughter and clever dragons for our son. They love them and they actually learn from the games. We would highly recommend these to anyone.
Mr. and Mrs. Lombari, Co-op Member
My daughter has really enjoyed Always Icecream. I like that she has an opportunity to learn words from other languages, practice typing skills, and work on many other subjects she has in home school.
Debbie L., Co-op Member
My kids love to play Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons and are learning so much without even realizing it. They beg to do it each day as a reward when their other school work is finished.
Heidi H., Co-op Member
I purchased the Lifetime membership for Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons. Both of my school-aged children love these programs. They log on to the sites every day and love earning the rewards. I love that they are "playing" while learning!
Thank you!
Cindy C., Co-op Member
My Daughter LOVES the Always Ice Cream website and plays on it daily. I participated in the GroupBuy you had on it before and hope you do another one now that Clever Dragons has started, my Son LOVES it and I will definitely participate if you do!!!
Anna M., Co-op Member
My kids love this program. It's really helped in motivating my kids to learn to type and re-enforces their language arts and math skills. I'm super impressed with how the site rewards children's progress in academics with the ability to build in their virtual world as well. My kids love building their "castles" or "homes" and decorating the rooms inside. They are learning how to buy and sell as well in the virtual world. The designers of this site are impressive! Definitely an A+!
Maria, Co-op Member
My daughter (11 yo) and I have enjoyed using Always Ice Cream this summer, thanks to Homeschool Buyer's Co-op's great offer. We have tried every subject and have enjoyed the encouragement through scoops of ice cream so she can buy virtual decorations for her home. It's very cute. It's more of an assessment site, as my daughter complained that it didn't teach as much as she expected. The subjects include language arts, math, science, geography, music, foreign languages, life skills, and Biblical studies. The grade levels top out at 8th grade. I...(more)
Lisa M, Co-op Member
My 3 kids ages 5, 6 and 8 love their accounts. I have 2 girls and a boy. So we have experienced both cleaver dragon and always ice cream. My kids can't wait to get their turn to play their games to earn their gold so they can take care of their pets. Not only are they learning from the games, but they are learning responsibility by taking care of their pets. We also give gold coins, for chores done and if they do something extra nice they are rewarded by coins. We love Always-Ice cream, it's well worth the money.
Shonda Peterson, Co-op Member
Always Icecream boosted my daughter's confidence in her math skills!
S. H., Co-op Member
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