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My 6 year old daughter loves Always Ice Cream. She is always excited to go on it. It covers a wide variety of school subjects, its bright and colorful and no ads. It is carefully monitored. It is tons of fun with games such as mini-world, pet world and a great learning activities on there as well. I tried a similar website, educational, but I had a hard time getting my kids on it. Always Ice Cream, she begs to go on. Being 6 I do have to do most of her typing when she emails a friend through there, but she will definitely grow with it. We...(more)
Sheila Knox, Co-op Member
Our daughter adores Always Ice cream. It makes learning fun!!! Seeing our daughter take such delight in learning and playing we had to purchase the Always Ice Cream homeschool apps for our iPad so she can play as we travel.
Doreen M, Co-op Member
My daughter enjoys learning on Always-Icecream. I like that I could control the subjects and activities she has access to if I wanted to. I also like that she can play a range of grade levels instead of being stuck with one across the board. It has been a great tool for homeschooling for the days I do not feel well for her to do as I know she is getting some educational value from it.
Melinda L., Co-op Member
My kids love this, there is endless information for them to learn. The only thing I would like to see is more lesson type activities, prior to them answering questions and learning from them getting them wrong. This teaches them, but I think they could learn better if they really understand the material rather than just memorizing the right or wrong answer. They say some of it is like Facebook and they like that they can also make friends and that they can create things and have a business to sell their creations or to buy other kids creations...(more)
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
My 11-year-old is on the upper end of this program, but still enjoyed the learning games. I liked the way it both teaches and reinforces learning through quizzes. Not sure if we will continue with it because of her age.
L. Love, Co-op Member
My girls have enjoyed playing and learning on Always Icecream. It's a safe site I can allow them to use without concern of content. I have recommended it to friends. It is a great value!
Cynthia C, Co-op Member
My son has loved Clever Dragons. He especially enjoys the ability to publish a paper with whatever he wants (he usually does jokes or discussion of archetecture) and that he gets feedback from other kids on his publications. He began to get on and play. I love that there are specific areas you can assign to your kids first so there is some control of the areas they frequent. He would play for hours if we let him, doing review questions, caring for his pets and making newspapers.
Beth S., Co-op Member
Always Icecream is the number one website for my daughter. She enjoys submitting stories and poems for their weekly newspaper. The educational quizzes keep her learning as well as enjoying fun videos. Definitely recommend this for young girls. It's a fun and safe website for them.
Karen B., Co-op Member
Always icecream has given my daughters an educational way to combine a "Facebook-like"experience with blogs,games,and innocent YouTube videos. I know that they are safe as long as they are logged in to always icecream. We all love it.
Theresa R, Co-op Member
I have 3 boys and purchased Clever Dragons for them. I'm always wanting computer games that have some educational value along with moral values for them to play. The problem is they start out very interested and always stop playing the game. This is not the case with clever dragons. The materials change enough to keep a continued interest. Thank you for offering Clever Dragons.
Shari Drennan, Co-op Member
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