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Save Up To 55% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:
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We are pleased to announce our GroupBuy savings for Always Icecream/Clever Dragons will begin on 12-18-2017. Save Up To 55%. Click here for more info about Always Icecream/Clever Dragons. Click "Remind Me" (below) if you would like to be reminded when these GroupBuy savings start:

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Save Up To 55% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Always Icecream boosted my daughter's confidence in her math skills!
S. H., Co-op Member
My son actually uses the Clever Dragons, and absolutely loves it! The gold requirement for the games is brilliant. He loves the games, and enjoys earning the gold to play them. Great supplimental instruction tool.
Jeanne A., Co-op Member
Always-Icecream was fun with all the games and activities that my daughter used. I never really understood how to assign the lessons. How to do daily schedules. My own fault for not seeking help. But I really do love the website being for girls and being responsible in safety and morals.
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
I subscribed all three girls and they are all enjoying it and learning - together and individually. When I hear the particular music I know they are working on their states. There is lots of math on the website also. They like watching the cooking videos and how things are made. Lots to do!
Laura, Co-op Member
We bought Clever Dragons for my elementary aged boys, and they absolutely love it. My second grader now knows all of the States in the Union, and the video, castle, and pet care incentives work like magic for them. We have already encouraged several friends to try it out. I plan on using this until the kids have maxed it out!
Melanie D., Co-op Member
I am very pleased with this program. My daughter spends alot of time on the website. She is learning alot. She studies hard with all different sections she works in. I live that it grows with her all the way through 8th grade. She will be able to stay with the website for several years. I have told others about the website as well. I would love to have something like this website for when she hits high school. Again, highly recommend.
Monica N., Co-op Member
Always Icecream is the number one website for my daughter. She enjoys submitting stories and poems for their weekly newspaper. The educational quizzes keep her learning as well as enjoying fun videos. Definitely recommend this for young girls. It's a fun and safe website for them.
Karen B., Co-op Member
my daughter is 13yrs and is DX with Mild MR. She has been stuck at a 2nd/3rd grade level for quite some time - since starting with Always-Icecream she has moved up to 4th and 5th grade work! She loves moving from subject to subject and ASKS to do school -Thanks for a great product!!
Susan, Co-op Member
My girls enjoy the various activities on Always Icecream. They find the games creative and entertaining. They have learned the states through it, improved typing skills, made cakes, and "experienced" science experiments. We have bragged to others about it and will continue to use it.
Michelle Lindsey, Co-op Member
We had gotten always-icecream for one of our daughters and found that our other daughter and son were trying to play hers. Thankfully we found that Homeschool Buyers Co-op had Always-Icecream and Clever Dragon at a discount here. We were so in love with the quality of the curriculum they provide, the games they have, and the fun our kids have playing and learning that we bought 2 lifetime subscriptions for Always-Icecream and 2 lifetime subscriptions for Cleaver Dragon. Thank you Always-Icecream and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for giving me the opp...(more)
Angela Smull, Co-op Member
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