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My 11-year-old is on the upper end of this program, but still enjoyed the learning games. I liked the way it both teaches and reinforces learning through quizzes. Not sure if we will continue with it because of her age.
L. Love, Co-op Member
We used Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons for my daughter and son this summer during the free for summer promotion. They both thoroughly enjoyed using the programs and actually asked on their own to play on it each day. That says a lot to me since we mostly homeschool year round with a brief 6-week break for summer. They chose to keep learning with the fun games. What I really loved was how encouraging it was for them when they would move up from level to level within the same game. It wasn't so difficult to move up that that got discouragin...(more)
Karin Owens, Co-op Member
I bought Always-Ice Cream and Clever Dragons as a fun, inexpenive program for the kids to play with and it has been much more valuable than I thought. Both of my children, ages 10 and 7 love to use it. We consider it a game, not part of their school but they have learned a great deal. It has helped them both become proficient typists and it has helped their geography. My daughter can identify all the countries of Europe by shape. They have also learned about internet safety and some basic economics and I'm sure there is more that I'm not a...(more)
EdlynN, Co-op Member
Our daughter really enjoys the learning games as well as the incentive of earning points to hatch eggs and enjoy new virtual pets.
Teresa S, Co-op Member
My 7 year old daughter loves Always Icecream! The fun games keep her engaged and she quickly learned where all 50 states are on a map. My 10 year old son enjoys the games on Clever Dragons and is currently learning to type! I am so glad that this was offered through the co-op. I recommend it to anyone who wants to supplement their school day with fun.
Becki L, Co-op Member
My kids played on it every morning during the summer. It motivated them to learn new things. They loved the geography, earning money to watch videos. It was great for elementary. I would have liked a little more for upper elementary going into middle school.
Serena, Co-op Member
Our daughter adores Always Ice cream. It makes learning fun!!! Seeing our daughter take such delight in learning and playing we had to purchase the Always Ice Cream homeschool apps for our iPad so she can play as we travel.
Doreen M, Co-op Member
We bought Clever Dragons for my elementary aged boys, and they absolutely love it. My second grader now knows all of the States in the Union, and the video, castle, and pet care incentives work like magic for them. We have already encouraged several friends to try it out. I plan on using this until the kids have maxed it out!
Melanie D., Co-op Member
After avoiding online learning for our daughter, we are excited about the opportunities provided by Always Ice Cream. She is tackling both learned subjects via a new mode and new subjects. The biggest benefit is that she can do it as the format does not over stimulate her that which most media does.
S. K. Robertson, Co-op Member
I love this--My kids will pick it over xbox and wii for their "screen time" because of their desire to take care of their little eggs that they earn.
R. Reid, Co-op Member
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