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The FREE Subscription to Always Icecream and Clever Dragons is no longer available.

I have 3 boys and purchased Clever Dragons for them. I'm always wanting computer games that have some educational value along with moral values for them to play. The problem is they start out very interested and always stop playing the game. This is not the case with clever dragons. The materials change enough to keep a continued interest. Thank you for offering Clever Dragons.
Shari Drennan, Co-op Member
We bought always icecream for our daughter and clever dragons for our son. They love them and they actually learn from the games. We would highly recommend these to anyone.
Mr. and Mrs. Lombari, Co-op Member
My girls have enjoyed playing and learning on Always Icecream. It's a safe site I can allow them to use without concern of content. I have recommended it to friends. It is a great value!
Cynthia C, Co-op Member
I bought this so that my daughter, who was 4 at the time I bought it, could get used to the computer in a positive way, and use it for years. She is a dog-lover, and her favorite game is the Dog Breeds Quiz. Now she is 5, and as I am teaching her to read, her 'reward' if she does her work is to 'take care of her pets' on Pet World. I'm excited to see what games she can play as she learns more and more, and really love the lifetime membership that a child can grow with, offering her more and more opportunities to learn as she is ready for it.
B. Lee, Co-op Member
My girls enjoyed owning pets on Always-Icecream. They also loved it when someone bought one of their creations: a dress, or a chair, or a bed. It kept them busy for a few weeks in the summer. I really appreciated the free trial.
Amy K., Co-op Member
This is for the boys' site Clever Dragons. It is a fantastic site, my 9 year old son enjoys it. They have a wide range of subjects as well as educational and fun videos for them to watch. They earn gold coins, then they can spend them on a wide variety of activities on the site. I haven't found a site like this. This is ad-free, its monitored, its bright and colorful and fun. We will definitely be using it. I bought the lifetime membership. I have told other people about and they have signed up their family. I also have the upgraded pa...(more)
Sheila Knox, Co-op Member
We love Always Icecream! It is a very fun and safe website for young girls. During our recess time they beg to check on their pets and squeeze in another game of typing or decorating a cake or serving up ice cream or designing a bedroom. There is math, history, and Bible quizzes, spelling and matching, and even foreign language games as well! It's just fun.
Eve, Co-op Member
Always-Icecream was fun with all the games and activities that my daughter used. I never really understood how to assign the lessons. How to do daily schedules. My own fault for not seeking help. But I really do love the website being for girls and being responsible in safety and morals.
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
My 6 year old son is loving Clever Dragons so very much!! Good learning site which lets you set an expanding level which is wonderful because he may be 1st on Math but 3rd on bible or reading etc.
Janice T., Co-op Member
Our daughter adores Always Ice cream. It makes learning fun!!! Seeing our daughter take such delight in learning and playing we had to purchase the Always Ice Cream homeschool apps for our iPad so she can play as we travel.
Doreen M, Co-op Member
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