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The FREE Subscription to Always Icecream and Clever Dragons is no longer available.

My girls have really enjoyed Always Icecream. They are motivated to learn new things and have fun with the avatars.
Angela C, Co-op Member
We have Loved Always-Icecream from day One! We use it as a reward for our girls when they score well in school or have a great attitude. It is far safer than social media giants such as Facebook or Twitter. It is also a great way for them to connect with other girls their own age. They love the games on the site as well. I was impressed with the Geography information they picked up just from playing those games! Thank you for a great, safe site for our precious girls!!
S. Strickland, Co-op Member
I'm so glad that the Co-op had the lifetime subscription avaiable! My daughter loves the site. She calls it her "facebook for kids." She enjoys the games, creating items to sell in her store and interacting on the message board with other children. I never get groans when I tell her to go play Always Icecream!
Dawn C, Co-op Member
My ~9 y/o daughter really enjoys her membership! They just did a nice upgrade so the girls are more human looking and not quite so "wii-esque" anymore. Only thing we wish is that she and her older brother could chat between her Ice Cream membership and his Clever Dragons one.
Bonny H., Co-op Member
My daughter loves it. She has learned so much from it. She loved the geography part. She enjoyed getting the virtual pets. Decorating things. Even doing art.
Katrina, Co-op Member
We tried the short trial period online before buying. I wanted a good typing program. I was reluctant to spend the money and also tried other products. I found that I kept wanting the features on Always Icecream and Clever Dragons. Seeing the great discount on Homeschool Buyers Co-op sealed the deal. We purchased a lifetime membership so we don't have to cram all of the wonderful learning opportunities into one year. Without the discount we would not have purchased this product. Our kids have greatly benefited from the myriad of educatio...(more)
Homeschool mom in VA, Co-op Member
My kids played on it every morning during the summer. It motivated them to learn new things. They loved the geography, earning money to watch videos. It was great for elementary. I would have liked a little more for upper elementary going into middle school.
Serena, Co-op Member
My children love Always-Icecream for so many reason, to learn, play games, communicate like emails with other homeschooled kids. They can create their shops, items in their shops, sell them and buy other kids items from their shops, they can create cool rooms. They can assign jobs like advertising for their shops. They can watch lots of learning videos. They can study while having fun all their subjects and so much more.
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
My daughter enjoyed Always Icecream very much. She actually looked forward to learning on there because it was fun!
E.Smith, Co-op Member
We purchased a desktop for the first time since we've had kids, partly so we could let them learn to use it. But of course, once we had it, I was overwhelmed trying to think of how to let them on it and how it would actually look as a part of our "education" and fun time. And then along came Always Ice Cream and Clever Dragons!! It is the perfect blend of learning and play and I am able to see what they do and what they are learning...and reward them for it! Our kids are so excited to have the independence on the computer and I am happy they ar...(more)
elizajean, Co-op Member
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