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”I ordered Adaptive Curriculum for my 10-year-old daughter who loves science. She can't wait to do science each day. She really gets into the multimedia presentations and the games. She is learning so much!”
Rebekah, Co-op Member
”My daughter has increased her learning 100 fold by using Adaptive Curriculum. Adaptive Curriculum interaction is just what students need to improve their learning. ”
Mr. Kerch, Co-op Member
”The effects on my daughter from this program have been quite significant. She has struggled in her math concepts but finds the concepts in this program easier to grasp. She enjoys the graphics along with the repetitive explanations and steady guidance.”
Julie B, Co-op Member
”I love this program. I love that I can pick out assignments based on grade level standards. I can put these in my sons assignments and he can pull up his assignments and work at his own pace. I know that my sone loves the interactive things he can do with science and he seems to excel with science. We've been using this program for 3 years now.”
Sheila edge-moore, Co-op Member
”After trying to squeeze science into my busy day with 7 kids I decided to try an online science curriculum. Adaptive-Curriculum fit the bill! Students do not sit & read from a computer screen. AC makes science fun & interesting. I really enjoy the interactive labs. My kids had all of the fun of an experiment & I didn't have the mess! The parent/teacher can assign work according to the students interests. The worksheet questions are comprehensive. AC offers teacher guides to check worksheet answers & the progress reports allow you to see how your student is progressing. For us AC was the perfect fit. My 2 oldest were able to learn science with a fun curriculum, gain more independence in their school work & I had more time to spend on other subjects. I have recommended it to other moms & I am adding more students to AC this year!”
J. Capes, Co-op Member
”This programme is engaging, thought provoking and extremely well put together. The graphics are amazing, it is as close to actually doing the experiments as possible. The topics are diverse and cover a great many topics, all with a completeness that is very pleasing. This is a wonderful buy.”
Katherine D., Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic product. My 12 and 15 year old love the curriculum, even though it is challenging. The games keep them interested and the videos explain the subject matter in great detail. As a parent I love that I can have more than one student using the material without having to pay additional charges.”
Christina S., Co-op Member
”We just started using this program for my ASD 5th grader and he loves it. He loves science in general, but the science portion of adaptive curriculum engages him even more. He often asks to do " just one more" lesson. We've only used the math portion once (so far), but the interaction was positive. My son has Dyscalculia and even though the math is a whole grade ahead of him and his skills are below grade level, he was still able to do the problems and understand the lesson thanks to the manipulatives on screen.

Programming this into our schedule is a bit of a challenge. It took me a while to find an appropriate lessons for our current theme, compiling a lesson plan and assigning it. The topics are sorted well, but there are so many! It just takes time. I'm still having some difficulties with it, but again, I've been using it only a month now. I'm sure it will get easier once I get the hang of it.

Overall, it's an excellent program and I would recommend it to other teachers with special needs kids that love visual and hands on learning.”
Shannon A, Co-op Member
”I really like this program. I use it for middle school & high school science & math. I was surprised that the one-year subscription includes ALL the math & science. Each lesson is an interactive video that lasts from 15 - 30 mins, which is great if you have a child that can not concentrate for more than an hour. There is also a printable worksheet for added practice and a short quiz after the lesson. On the parent sign-on, you can review plans and assign modules. You can also see what lessons they've completed or are still working on. You can see what quizzes they've passed and which they've failed. I usually use the worksheets when one of my girls fail a quiz so we can work on it together. Adaptive Curriculum has other subjects as well, which I am really thinking about trying for next year since these are working so well now.”
Tanya Dennings, Co-op Member
”I have 6 and 8 years old kids who love Science. As there's no adaptive curriculum for younger kids I got the one for Middle School. They love animated lessons and activities suggested, they are able to do the assessments as well despite of young age. In a year I will have to get a High School version, as I see that some lessons my kids are interested in doing are only available as animation, not a full version of a lesson.”
Olesya, Co-op Member
”I have found Adaptive Curriculum to be a great program in itself,I love the animation and set up of the visual aids but unfortunately it has some down sides. There are too many steps in setting up, selecting and then adding and assigning assingment's for using this product.and in addition a date completion parameter must be given for each assignment. The amount if time for the teacher to set up and use this is too long. Also the customer service for this company is lacking. I originally used Uzinggo and my children and I loved it. The only downside to it is the grading can not be reset once a skill is mastered.i was told that Adaptive was exactly the same but I could reset the grade.and that's why I bought it. Overall Adaptive curriculum has some growing to do both as a company and as a software. I wouldn't recommend this product. Thanks.”
LeighAnne J., Co-op Member
”Adaptive-Curriculum is a science curriculum that is fun to use both for the kids and parents. I was able to build a curriculum for the whole school year from the topics provided while my kids enjoyed the interactive videos and even the assessments included at the end of every topic. They look forward to every lesson. I would definitely be using this curriculum every school year, I am glad I have found it here. Highly recommended.”
C&Y, Co-op Member
”We chose A.C. as my 12yr old's main geometry lessons. Immediately liked the real-world inquisitive style -how many cones can be filled from cylinder same diameter?- rather than the snooze-worthy this-is-a point/line/plane-now-graph-it. Way more fun than Your Teacher and others we have tried.

We went for the entire package of middle/high school science/math as it was such a good deal. Worth it for the geometry alone!

I see this really working out for her: each lesson is the right dose and well organized. Now she can browse a variety of lessons.”
pat sommer, Co-op Member
”My children loved our free trial of Adaptive Curriculum, so I purchased it and am using it as the primary lab component for our Intro to Physics and Chemistry class this year with my oldest three children. I've matched the video clips and exercises to the content in our 9th /10th grade level textbook (Introduction to Physical Science) and it's working perfectly! As a former college science instructor, I can assure you that this material is sound. As a busy mom with eight children ages 14 and under, I appreciate the student progress reports and evaluations- not to mention the fact that my children can now do as many lab experiments as they want without any mess or extra cost. Finally, the lesson planning feature is great! I love how my children can log in to their account and see their required lessons and comments from me- and also be able to choose from hundreds of other topics to do at their leisure.”
Sally C., Co-op Member
”We discovered Adaptive-Curriculum this year and are absolutely thrilled! My 14-year old son is ADHD with dysgraphia so traditional textbook / workbook curricula are not an option. Adaptive Curriculum is interactive and very engaging. The modules provide in-depth learning and the teacher tools allow me to monitor his progress. This is a solid college prep course.

We look forward to science class every week! Forget textbooks or videos of teachers standing in front of a camera... this is the way of the future!

Added bonus... the 3-student license makes it perfect for sharing with another homeschool parent making it VERY reasonably priced. This product + ExploreLearning Gizmos make a super-awesome combination that we plan to continue with next year! I've shown a few homeschool friends and they're impressed enough to dump the "tried and true" curricula they've used for years.”
Sherry H., Co-op Member
”YOU CAN USE IT WITH AN iPAD! By using Puffin Academy (an app that plays Flash), you can use AC on an iPad. AC has been a huge help to our family for various levels of math and science. The graphics are sometimes a little jerky and occasional reloading is necessary, but otherwise, it works wonderfully on Puffin Academy. You will still need an AC account; Puffin academy just replaces flash player. There is enough on AC to fully cover each level of mathematics without the need for another text. In this case, you will want to complete the paper exercises (you click a link at the lower left corner of the activity objects to access the work and answers keys. ) I'm using AC science activity objects as a supplement to discovery education techbooks, but I think you could use the AC and Discovery Education Streaming Plus and easily create a very rich course.

Between the two products, all math, science, and social studies are covered for my herd of children and I have a plethora of resources for language arts, logic, ad foreign language. Both products provide easy student tracking and grading. The combination of resources in these products is by far the most economical and abundant I have ever found.”
Missy N., Co-op Member
”My thirteen year old daughter and I love the lessons in this curriculum. They are interactive, easy to understand and expand her knowledge base with every lesson. The science experiments require interaction and test knowledge. She does science first many days because it is so fun. I look forward to using more programs from Adaptive Curriculum in the future.”
Melissa G., Co-op Member
”I ordered the middle school math and science for my advanced 9 year old (4th-5th grader). He has used a few of the science activities and so far, they hold his interest- which is huge since he has ADHD and hates to sit and learn. The science clips are about half short (3-10 min animations) and 1/2 "activity objects" which are interactive experiments where the kids move things around and test the results.

I think the science part alone is well worth the money. I haven't explored the math section yet but there are tons of both animations and activity objects available. I would highly recommend this product for ages 9 and up.”
Nicole Pritikin, Co-op Member
”My son loves this program. It engages the student and allows them to learn on multiple levels and provides adequate printable records for portfolio reviews.”
Shannon B., Co-op Member
”We have eight children and three of them are of age to use Adaptive Curriculum. They use the science section the most and absolutely love the interactive aspect. I appreciate the assessments and activity sheets that follow. It helps me to gauge if they understood the material. We will definitely be using it for all my children. Thank you!”
A. Guzman, Co-op Member
”I have been using Adaptive Curriculum for a few years for middle school science. We have loved it. I just added the high school for science and math! It is a great program. It is very thorough. It works especially well for visual and hands on learners. My auditory learner in high school is doing well with it, too. You can watch the videos and you can also view the teaching files at the bottom of each video to add more detail to the lesson. We have really enjoyed it!”
Elaine S., Co-op Member
”I was looking for an online, interactive middle school and higher math program for my science loving 6 year old first grader. Something that was way beyond "baking soda and vinegar", if you know what I mean. I looked at Plato courseware science through the Homeschool Buyers' Co-op, but the price was a bit steep. Then, I saw a review for AC, which was very reasonably priced, and I decided to give the science portion a try. Well, my son just loves it--the activity objects are fun, engaging and thought-provoking, and have led to all sorts of exciting "learning paths" for my little guy. (Usually, we go straight from AC to Brainpop and Youtube videos for further exploration on a topic.) He can't wait to do his online science!”
L F, Co-op Member
”I think science with adaptive-curriculum is challenging yet engaging. It's not my favorite topic so I'm thankful for additional support in this area.”
S. Prince, Co-op Member
”We chose Adaptive-Curriculum for my son's high school science course. I really wanted a program that did the planning and grading but would also allow me to adjust lessons if needed. The Adaptive-Curriculum is everything I was looking for and more! I have my own log in so I can review the activities before he does them and I have the option to print additional materials to further his experience with the information given. My son enjoys the way these activities are presented and being able to control and use the information in an animated science class. Thank You! This is such an amazing site for not just parents, but (homeschool & classroom) teachers, and students!”
Bonnie D., Co-op Member
”We are a free range schooling at home - topic move from one to another without strictly following curriculum, hence we have found Adaptive Curriculum to be suitable for us. There are many hand on computerised experiments that have helped to illustrate and demonstated ideas and concepts.

It is a good transition from primary to middle and high school. It covers many topics on Science and Mathematics. It has supported us well enough for me to extend the subsciption for another year with homeschoolbuyercoop at discount price.”
Michelle Turberfield, Co-op Member
”Activity Objects by Adaptive Curriculum has been hands-down the best curriculum purchase I have made so far. My son became interested in science very early on, especially in chemistry. He was eager to learn but he was too young for sciences classes offered in our community (he is 4). Now he can learn at his own speed online and do all the experiments he dreamed of doing. Yesterday he designed an renewable energy plan for a fictitious island community by analyzing their weather pattern and then deciding how much money to invest in which type of renewable energy. So much fun! So if you have a child who loves science this will be a huge hit!”
S. Gray, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent online science program. The graphics are superb, and the lessons are engaging. I highly recommend it.”
Jocelyn M., Co-op Member
”As a parent who works full time and homeschools a high schooler, finding quality interactive curriculum is a challenge. Adaptive-Curriculum provides a near "classroom" experience with its visual aids and virtual labs while keeping track of my daughter's progress and grades. The way Adaptive-Curriculum is set up, I only have to review her progress and grades, and that allows me to have quality supplemental instruction time if needed. We both appreciate that she can work at her own pace and re-work difficult lessons. I have been very pleased with this curriculum and will continue to use it.”
kat, Co-op Member
”Adaptive Curriculum has been such a blessing! My 14 year old son was really struggling to get a firm handle on his Science studies through an online school program. However, once I found Adaptive Curriculum, he has been passing all of his assessments the FIRST time. He will actually do multiple lessons in one sitting because he enjoys it so much. This is a great program and I am excited to continue using it next year with 3 of my kids. :-)”
S. Knight, Co-op Member
”I have been using Adaptive Curriculum for a year now and couldn't be happier with the program. It is engaging and interactive which my son loves. I also love the built in grading and reporting system.”
Debbie V., Co-op Member
”I wasn't sure if Adaptive-Curriculum would work well with my DD or not. She isn't quite middle school age, but I decided to give Middle School Science a try anyway. She loves it. I'm afraid I'm somewhat of a science experiment jinx and Adaptive Curriculum has provided her with many virtual simulations of experiments that she has really enjoyed. She's liked most of the videos as well, although she's found some boring (although that may be her young age). I'll be renewing this as long as the budget permits!”
Melinda L., Co-op Member
”Adaptive Curriculum has been a fantastic way to teach science to my gifted daughter. I purchased middle school and high school and enjoy that there are lesson plans created for me already, but I have the option to assemble my own lesson plan. My daughter LOVES the experiments without the mess. We will definitely continue to use it!”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”My kids have spent hours on this since we got this last week! My 7 year old loves it too. My middle schooler and he are exploring all sorts of topics in science together. My 9th grader has used it for extra Algebra and Biology explanation. The interactive features get their attention.”
Anne H., Co-op Member
”What a great experience Adaptive-Curriculum has been for my 15 yr. old son. The curriculum is educational, easy to understand and the quizzes really help in knowing if your child has understood the lesson. He really enjoys biology now!”
Tammy B., Co-op Member
”This is the 2nd year we have purchased the middle school science curriculum. My child loves the animations and the quick tests. This gives him a good idea to see if he is on track with his studying for his actual schoolwork. We use this as an addition to his b&m [brick & mortar] education. He actually prefers adaptive curriculum to sitting in a class and listening to a teacher. His results are always in the top and his teacher always comments that his knowledge goes beyond the material offered at school. I go through his schoolbooks at the start of every unit and I will then go online and set up a learning plan for that particular unit. I do make sure that we go above and beyond his school curriculum. So next year we will (hopefully through our beloved Homeschool Buyers Co-op) buy the middle and high school curriculum to give him the best possible education. We live in the Netherlands so "proper" homeschooling is not allowed.”
Kim (parent), Co-op Member
”We are using the Adaptive-Curriculum for both math and science. We did a learning style test and found the our son was a visual and hands on learner. The analysis suggested using manipulatives to enhance his comprehension of the lessons. So while it is not exactly the same as doing the lessons with physical manipulatives, the virtual manipulatives seem to have a similar effect. And he enjoys using it!”
BrotherJohn, Co-op Member
”I wrote a review on Adaptive Curriculum near the end of our one-month free trial. Please read it at (please go to the MATH page), unfortunately, my blog has few readers. I also wrote about the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op (the post dated Sept 22 in the main page). I wish to write another review of Adaptive Curriculum in the future but unfortunately, my children do not get to use it everyday (more like once or twice a week) and I'm quite busy now that I have one in kinder. All in all, I love Adaptive Curriculum. It is engaging and makes math and science concepts real to my kids. When I compared it to SOS, Fusion Science and Plato Learning, the price is a winner! The only thing I don't like about it concerns customer service and technical details - they don't reply to my emails and I can't delete a lesson plan. I just hope the Coop will offer it again next school year!”
Athena M., Co-op Member, Abu Dhabi, UAE
”Adaptive Curriculum is amazing! It has activity lessons for almost every subject you can think of within the area of high school and middle school science. Topics include life science; earth and space science; and physical science (including chemistry and physics).

Since it is not a complete curriculum, I do need to to supplement the online lessons and online laboratory experiments with some instruction. But, because it is "hands-on" experiments online, most of my daughter's science learning happens while doing this program.

Adaptive Curriculum would be a perfect complement to any science curriculum you might be using, adding practical experiments and lessons to supplement your child's learning. It allows children to do "real life" experiments online and see their results. What a wonderful way to learn. My 11 year-old daughter loves it, and she is learning a lot!! And the discount price through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op can't be beat!”
Jacqui C., Co-op Member
”This is my second year to purchase Adaptive Curriculum. I love it! I use it as a reference for all of my daughter's science topics. I think the visual aides really help her "get" the processes. It is very interactive and allows the student to do actual "labs." I did purchase the math also, but haven't really used it much. I have homeschooled her for 2 years and she is now in a University Model school where she works from home on T, Th and this program is still very helpful. We use it all the time, and she enjoys using it as well.”
Kelly W., Co-op Member
”My middle school students love Adaptive Curriculum. They compete on Science Olympiad teams and the variety of science experiments covered in Adaptive Curriculum helped prepare them for competitions. I've heard frequent requests for renewal of this curriculum so I made sure to do that today. Thanks.”
Allyson S, Co-op Member
”We love using Adaptive Curriculum! It allows my daughters to complete some excellent virtual labs while learning the scientific process. My one daughter is definitely a "hands-on" learner, and Adaptive Curriculum allows her to be involved during the various labs. She has to complete it step-by-step, writing down her responses on a worksheet that can be printed out from the site. She then takes a short assessment to make sure she has understood the concepts of the lab. I'd recommend Adaptive Curriculum to middle school and high school students and their families.”
C Billings, Co-op Member
”My children love the content on this site. It is sophisticated and informative without boring them. The assignment functions are helpful, but harder to use for multiple children, but the discount advantage is significant. There is just a ton of valuable content here!”
Pamela D., Co-op Member
”I bought the science adaptive curriculum for my bright 7 year son who is very interested in science.
He has thoroughly enjoyed using this curriculum as a self-led learning tool. He is fascinated and excited by the individual modules. We do not use it as part of our regular 'school' work as it is a middle school standard, but I can see that is would be a very useful tool in teaching this standard. I have recently purchased the maths part too, but my son has not looked at it yet. I purchased it because the science side was so well presented and engaging that I thought the maths would be also. This is the first science programme I have purchased. The licence lasts a year. I will definitely continue with it as long as my son benefits. We are British.”
J Mintowt, Co-op Member
”We a a home school family of 3, with ages ranging from 8-12. One of the beauties of home schooling is the ability to compact basic skills for those who can, and extend lessons for those in need. Adaptive Curriculum is an excellent program that allows for both types of students. Additionally, Adaptive Curriculum has exceptional interactive activities that are incorporated into each lesson so that each student is required to be active and engaged. The assessments at the end of each segment allow the student to ascertain whether they have met the objectives, and thorough review and solutions are provided for any incorrect answers they have submitted. I could continue with my appreciation of this program if space had permitted, and would recommend it for anyone that is looking for a rigorous and outstanding math and science program to add to their current curriculum.”
Brenda Lambert, Co-op Member
”I discovered Homeschool Buyers Co-op in my search for a science software with "clean" science experiments which the children can do on their own. I was ecstatic Adaptive Curriculum does just what a I was looking for. The experiments featured for the science objects are very realistic and concepts in both science and maths are stimulating and challenging and we all love them.

My subscription is about to expire but I'll renew again for my daughter who is in middle school and look forward to subscribing the high school one as well for my son. I have recommended it to my friends.”
Rosemary Phorson, Co-op Member
”My elementary age kids really enjoyed the various activity objects. The games captured and maintained their interest. We used them as a starting point and followed up with info from other sources. I am trying Discovery Education this year to see how it compares.”
Carrie, Co-op Member
”I use Adaptive Curriculum as a visual tool for my 12 yr. old daughter's Science curriculum, Switched on Schoolhouse. I think it really helps to have the visual teaching along with her written material.

She really enjoys the simulations. We will continue to use this program as a backup. For the cost it is well worth it.”
Kelly W., Co-op Member
”Adaptive Cirriculum is a great resource. It is very interactive and engaging. My kids would find themselves enjoying the modules so much that I'd have to limit their time on Adaptive. Would reccomend to everyone.”
Vale S., Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son used Adaptive Curriculum for a year, and he absolutely loved it! He learned so much and has retained it, as well. I reviewed several of the lessons myself and thought they were so complete and so interesting. I would LOVE to get this product again!!!!”
Rexanne M., Co-op Member
”I got this for my son who is elementary school hoping it would entertain him. He is advanced in math and science. He was not thrilled. There were a couple of areas that he really enjoyed, but not enough.

That being said, I thought it was a great product and I will probably purchase it again for him when it becomes more age appropriate.”
Sara S, Co-op Member
”Having used Adaptive Curriculum for a few months now, I can respond very positively.
1) It is not creationist (How difficult it can be sometimes for those of us who homeschool and do not want creationist literature). 2) My explorative 12yo is loving the make-your-hypothesis-and-see-whether-you're-right approach. She doesn't want to be spoonfed right answers; she wants to find them herself. 3) I like that it's not an idiot-proofed, curriculum-in-a-box program. There are pre-chosen tracks, but you can just as easily (with an investment of an afternoon)find excellent illustrations of concepts and experiments to enhance the experience.

Will certainly be using again next year as both kids will be doing High School Biology. I plan to use Biology Demystified for the structure of the course and A-C to enhance the concepts and bring the information to life.”
lcraw, Co-op Member
”This curriculum has been a life saver! I purchased it after the curriculum we were using for middle school level physics just got too complicated for one of my children. The animations and hands-on activities helped her really see what she needed to learn. We, now, are planning a trip to see the Bodies Revealed exhibit and we are using Adaptive Curriculum to go in-depth in a study of the human body before we go. My kids love the simulations. I love the teacher guides and lab notes that accompany lessons. I will purchase this again next year for chemistry and biology, especially if a discount is offered through the Co-op. We love it!”
Jeannie G., Co-op Member
”My kids loved this program. They would ask if they could do Adaptive-Curriculum! They were 12 and 10 when we used it last year. I'm not using it now, but I am planning to use it again next year. Very informative videos, user friendly, fun interactive lessons and even a short quiz to make sure they were paying attention! We loved it!”
Elaine S., Co-op Member
”My children love Adaptive-Curriculum. I was hesitant at first to purchase this program but I am so glad that I took the leap of faith. It has become a daily part of our school work. What a great program!”
Kim Haney, Co-op Member
”Grateful for the trial period--my daughter and I were so impressed we are ordering it now and in the years to come.”
Esther G., Co-op Member
”My 9 yr old son is a perfectionist, which usually means that he is so afraid of getting something wrong that he often won't do anything at all. The interactive, intuitive modules in Adaptive Curriculum have helped him to experiment with learning and make discoveries on his own, emphasizing the process of learning rather than the right answer. My son loves science, but hates math. Nevertheless, he is always willing to play with the Adaptive Curriculum math modules (and he even enjoys himself). This is a program I keep recommending to others over and over any time they say they are looking for an interactive, computer-based science and math tool.”
C, Williford, Co-op Member
”We are using Adaptive Curriculum science modules for our 10 year old daughter and our 12 year old son. What I like best as a home-school parent, with other younger children in the house, is that the labs are done in a virtual manner--no mess, dangerous chemicals or added expense. My children enjoy it because the learning is self-directed and easy to understand; and the interactive interface means that they are seeing, hearing and doing which aids in retention. I am grateful to have access to the program at a great price thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Renee Sumner, Co-op Member
”Adaptive-Curriculum has enhanced our Saxon Math and our science studies. I type in our topic and we do the lesson together. My daughter LOVES it and asks to do several everyday. The science is better than the math in creativity. I'll look to use the high school level when we get there. Great product! Teacher AND kid approved!”
BEI, Co-op Member