Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
How long does it take for me to get my account?

The Co-op will set up your account in the Adaptive Curriculum system within minutes of receiving your order. Their system then sends you a welcome email with your login credentials. This all happens automatically.

If you don't receive your email within a couple hours, do the following:

1. Check your spam or junk mail folder. In many situations, your ISP will not completely delete the messages and will instead redirect the messages to a spam or junk mail folder. Please check these folders (if you have them). These folders are generally called different things but, most ISPs (hotmail, yahoo!, gmail, etc.) have some sort of folder that they direct messages they believe to be spam to.

2. Check the "spam filter" on you email account. Some email accounts have a "spam filter". This is typically a good thing, but if the filter does not have "" on its "safe list" or "white list" (or similar), it may be deleting the automated email before you ever get a chance to see it.

Some email services like Comcast, AT&T,, Hotmail, AOL and mistakenly block Adaptive's automated emails. If you cannot find your welcome email within 48 hours, please email Adaptive Curriculum at and they'll be sure to help you.

Is there material that covers the Big Bang theory?

Adaptive Curriculum said they do have an Activity Object called "The Formation of the Universe". This activity is related to the big bang theory.

Can I get separate subscriptions for my students?

Through the Co-op, you are able to purchase an Adaptive Curriculum teacher/parent subscription that can be used by you and up to three of your students. Students can login on individual computers simultaneously and proceed through their assignments. The student progress and performance data for the 1-3 students associated with the teacher/parent account are easily accessed through the management system report feature.

If you have more than 3 students that require access, you will need to purchase an additional teacher account. This additional teacher account requires a different email address for the parent/teacher. The username for a teacher subscription is an email address, and a single email address cannot be associated with multiple teacher accounts.

Can my student retake the assessment?

When a teacher/parent makes an assignment for her student, the student has the ability to take the assessment only one (1) time and that score is then kept allowing the teacher/parent to see that score in the reports. If the student needs to do the assessment another time, the parent/teacher will have to create a new assignment and then reassign it to the student. This will allow the student to retake the Activity Object (AO) and the associated assessment. In this circumstance, each time a student completes a new assignment (even if it is a duplicate of the original assignment just with a different name), the assessment score will be saved. The scores are connected to the assignment and every assignment has to have a unique name.

Can I renew early? Will my subscription(s) be extended from the end date of my current subscription?

Members can purchase in advance and Adaptive Curriculum can set the expiration to exactly one year from the current set expiration if package selected is the same. If the customer purchases a different package than what is current, Adaptive Curriculum can also automate their system to insure the customer gets account set to new purchased package, 8-24 hours prior to previous expiration date.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.