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I had never heard of abcteach until seeing a deal for it on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. After looking over the free portion of the site, I decided to purchase the 1 year subscription. I have a four year old, just beginning his homeschool journey, and these early-learning resources need to be fun and useful. This site completely meets that need. It is full of printable pages and activities that are just right for making little activity learning booklets for my little guy and I to work on together. I see myself using this site for several years ...(more)
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
I have used abcteach to print worksheets to supplement my curriculum. They have great worksheets already made up, or you can create your own. They also have great interactive activities, videos, games and puzzles the kids love. This site is just packed with activities!
Kim M, Co-op Member
I am a retired elementary teacher and I am now teaching my grandchildren and a small group of English speaking children to read. These children attend Greek schools and therefore need home schooling in English language arts. Since we live in Greece, I have been searching for materials to use and have found that abcteach offers me many activities to use with my reading classes.
Paula L., Co-op Member
I Love using ABC Teach, it's a wonderful site. The worksheet generators are superb, they definitely help with math and spelling, you can find supplements for every subject and just about any activity you could dream of and then some. It is a homeschooling must have, especially if you are teaching multiple grades!! I recommend this site to everyone, if you haven't checked it out yet, do wont regret it!
S. Grant, Co-op Member
I as well as my oldest is enjoying using this program. I love the extras at holidays. I needed a hundred # chart today, and all I had to do was go to this web site and print.
Amanda, Co-op Member
I just signed up for abcteach a few weeks ago and love it! It has made my life so much easier. I have a set curriculum for my daughter, but often she needs extra work on certain subjects. I love being able to look up the subject and print off worksheets that she actually enjoys doing. She especially loves the math puzzles. She doesn't even realize I have given her extra work.
T. Stephen, Co-op Member
I have been delighted with ABCTeach! I have used many of the Christmas resources already, and I love the customizeable penmanship pages. Definitely worth the money!
Amy F, Co-op Member
I love abcteach. I can print handwriting guides for my son - I've actually been a member for 4 years now, since he was in 4 year old kindergarten (he's now a second grader), and all of the materials I've used to teach him to write came from there. I also use abcteach materials in my job as a private tutor for grades K-12. I've used many of their math printables for my younger students and have really enjoyed the ability to use what is already there, and also the ability to make my own when necessary.
Casandra Perry, Doctoral student, homeschool mom, tutor
Wow! I LOVE this site...or should I say WE (my 9 year old loves it too!) love this site! We love the variety they offer. They are always updating the selection, and there are an incredible amount of holiday themes. We'll be using this site for years to come!!
Cavell G, Co-op Member
I love abcteach. I have only just begun to explore all the tools available to me. I love the calander tool. It is so much easier to use than any other program I have tried to use and there are so many options to choose from. But my favorite is the ability to take my kids Spelling and Vocabulary words and make all kinds of helps for them. Such as crossword puzzles, word finds, practice pages, and more. I havent even tried the other functions yet. I can't wait!! Would I recommend this site to any other homeschooler? ABSOLUTELY!!!!
T. Ingle, Co-op Member
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