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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add abcteach to their home school curriculum. If you have used abcteach and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”Very affordable teaching content option through the Co-op. I use abcteach a lot when putting together worksheets, to find premade worksheets and etc. We also use the clip art for posters and to illustrate topics. I am very mindful of copyright, so it's very nice to have such a large library of content on school relate clip art and worksheets available to use for our homeschool.”
Calyn Z., Co-op Member
”This site has a lot to offer to home educating parents. There are many worksheets for the children, and quite a few organizational things for parents. Wonderful site that I highly recommend.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”I simply love this site! It allows me to find worksheets and other printables without scouring the internet, wasting precious time.It does have a cost, but when it comes to preparing my home school, My time with my family is more valuable than money”
C. Latham, Co-op Member
”I had never heard of abcteach until seeing a deal for it on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. After looking over the free portion of the site, I decided to purchase the 1 year subscription. I have a four year old, just beginning his homeschool journey, and these early-learning resources need to be fun and useful. This site completely meets that need. It is full of printable pages and activities that are just right for making little activity learning booklets for my little guy and I to work on together. I see myself using this site for several years ahead as well. I shared this site on my Facebook and with other homeschool moms.”
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
”What an amazing website!!!! I am new to homeschooling and was looking for some help with curriculum and I LOVE the abcteach website!! It has helped me create worksheets, tests and just plain old learning tools!! LOVE IT!!”
newmomagn, Co-op Member
”I as well as my oldest is enjoying using this program. I love the extras at holidays. I needed a hundred # chart today, and all I had to do was go to this web site and print.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”The abcteach site helps me to supplement my math and Language Arts lessons. I like it also because I can pick a particular skill each of my kids need to learn and/or reinforce.”
Isabella, Co-op Member
”I have been thrilled with my purchase to abcteach. I think it was definitely worth the price that I paid through the Co-op! I have used it a lot for my preschoolers for all kinds of cutting/pasting type worksheets! I especially like the worksheet generator - we do spelling lists for my older son, word walls (months of the year, phonics words, etc,), word searches, etc. I have been able to find pretty much everything I have needed to create lately - food pictures, 1-100 chart, community helper activities. . . with 40,000 printables (with a great index system) you are sure to get your money's worth!”
ElisabethR, Co-op Member
”abcteach has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool! It has FULL of wonderful worksheets and we love the Smart Notebook that offers interactive worksheets. It also has tons of record keeping forms, and assessment forms. I have subscribed to a few sites and regret doing so, however, abcteach will be one I subscribe to yearly! I use/print things from them at least 3-4 days of our 5 day school week! Thank you for allowing me to get this subscription at such an amazing price!”
S. Ingraham, Co-op Member
”I really love this website. It has a variety of resources for all grades which really comes in handy since I operate a tutoring service. They even had videos which showed you how to navigate each area of the site. This is a great resource. One that I will use on a regular basis!”
RMorris, Co-op Member
”I have used abcteach to print worksheets to supplement my curriculum. They have great worksheets already made up, or you can create your own. They also have great interactive activities, videos, games and puzzles the kids love. This site is just packed with activities!”
Kim M, Co-op Member
”I love abcteach! I use it weekly and the price through the Co-op was not a strain on my wallet at all. Some things I have used it for are: practice words for my son's speech therapy, spelling words, lots of worksheets for my preschooler, months of the year poster, flashcards,etc. My favorite part is the generators where you can generate custom lists, word walls, math worksheets, and more. There are tens of thousands of items, but the directory makes it easy to use. I can preview the worksheet on the listing, save it for future use, etc. The homeschool helps section has some great stuff too! We will definitely get our money's worth! I hope it is offered on the Co-op again since I regularly brag about it to my friends.”
Elisabeth, Co-op Member
”I happen to love this website. The amount of resources is amazing.

I have two children, 12 year old boy and a 5 year old daughter that I am currently homeschooling and the amount of extra practice and supplemental material is truly invaluable for our homeschooling dynamic.

I do have to say I would love to have more features in the "create your own" category but other than that I can't really say enough about this site and I will continue using. I have also referred other homeschoolers I know.”
Barbara Llera, Co-op Member
”My daughter's Montessori teacher suggested I subscribe to ABC Teach when I told her I was going to start homeschooling. I was not sure at first, but I am happy that I purchased the subscription. I use it when I need to quickly find a "one off" worksheet of a concept to do a quick test of understanding. The amount of Spanish materials alone is worth the subscription. My kids are preschool and kindergarten so there are hundreds of worksheets and ideas available. The database is also easy to search.”
Judy, Co-op Member
”I love that I can find material for all 5 of my kids, ranging from age 4 to ages 12. One stop for all our needs!”
Shannon A, Co-op Member
”I am a retired elementary teacher and I am now teaching my grandchildren and a small group of English speaking children to read. These children attend Greek schools and therefore need home schooling in English language arts. Since we live in Greece, I have been searching for materials to use and have found that abcteach offers me many activities to use with my reading classes.”
Paula L., Co-op Member
”I have really enjoyed abcteach. It has a wide variety of choices for a greater variety of ages than the other sites that I have used.”
T Neal, Co-op Member
”I love abcteach! I can print cursive worksheets for my kids. I've used it for art. They have lots of crafts you can use with the kids for art. For Memorial Day there we used the themed spelling, math, and history for the week. I have just begun using this website and am very happy. I will definitely be renewing my membership. I have told all my friends about the site.”
L. Elliott, Co-op Member
”I have used several of the upper level reading comprehensions on presidents, which are very well done and are much more than multiple choice questions. There is analysis involved in many of the questions and they require writing full sentences or even a paragraph. The students enjoy them.

abcteach seems to have a wonderful variety, especially for the younger grades. I used it in the past in our homeschool when my children were younger, especially for the science units and label it worksheets, which they loved. The geography units are also very well done.

I also subscribe to edhelper and used that much more as the students got older. I also use both edhelper and abcteach in my tutoring business regularly.”
PJ Hoyt, Co-op Member
”I love abcteach. Anytime we have a subject that my children are struggling in I go online and find additional worksheets for them to use. I have had it now for one month and look forward to checking out the more interactive items.”
Kelly W., Co-op Member
”No more wasted time looking for the right worksheet to supplement our homeschool studies. I just use my abcteach.”
Elizabeth K., Co-op Member
”I have been able to find exactly what I want for the next days/weeks lessons without hours spent online searching. It has really cut my planning and prep time down and allowed me to get to the fun of enjoying my kids.”
Sara K., Co-op Member
”I decided to subscribe to abcteach because the site frequently came up in my google searches for various thematic materials. When I saw that Homeschool Buyers Co-op had a deal for a subscription, I figured it would be a worthwhile investment! It's a great site for lower and upper elementary worksheets, though it's much heavier on the primary/lower elementary side. I am primarily interested in the extension materials for books, the handwriting support worksheets, and holiday-related worksheets. I'm also really enjoying the month-specific writing prompt calendars.”
bethmg, Co-op Member
”AbcTeach is WONDERFUL! It's so easy to create your own worksheets! The clip art is wonderful. I love the different categories & age groups covered! You just type what your looking for in the search bar & you have lots of great worksheets to choose from! It couldn't be easier! And there are so very many resources available! It's all you'll need. One stop for everything!”
T. Crawford, Co-op Member
”Wow! I LOVE this site...or should I say WE (my 9 year old loves it too!) love this site! We love the variety they offer. They are always updating the selection, and there are an incredible amount of holiday themes. We'll be using this site for years to come!!”
Cavell G, Co-op Member
”I Love using ABC Teach, it's a wonderful site. The worksheet generators are superb, they definitely help with math and spelling, you can find supplements for every subject and just about any activity you could dream of and then some. It is a homeschooling must have, especially if you are teaching multiple grades!! I recommend this site to everyone, if you haven't checked it out yet, do wont regret it!”
S. Grant, Co-op Member
”Great teacher or home school resource site. The tools page is a great place to mix up math or spelling. There are a lot of resources on this site. The smart note book and pre-made files are great. HS Buyers offered a great price and I am happy with the site. It has a lot of posters, lesson plans and printouts. I would not pay the full price but the discount price was worth it for my home school.”
D.V., Co-op Member
”I have loved the resources available at abcteach - there is a vast amount of information for all subjects and varying ages! I have been thrilled to find activities and papers that go along with everything that I have been teaching to my children. I think this is totally worth the money and my children have enjoyed the things I have found for them as well (and that makes it an even BETTER value in my book!). I am glad I have this site to reference and will continue to use it as long as I am homeschooling my children. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for ideas to supplement their homeschool curriculum. This site has it all!”
Carol Davis, Co-op Member
”So many great resources in one place AND well organized! This site has really cut down on my preparation time.”
M. Murphy, Co-op Member
”This site has helped me tremendously. I am on a tight budget this year and was happy to try this site through the Co-op. I have used it a lot already in a few months.

One of the features I have used and found very helpful is the advanced search. When we were studying Turtles, I found all kinds of helpful resources and printables. You can search for your topic by category. If you want to find the printables in the "science" category, that is how you search. There are a lot of categories to search in.

What is very useful to me is the listing of what age groups for each printable. I have a 3 year difference in my children so I can search for upper printables or middle printables.

What I most like is, I don't have to scour the net on many different sites to find enough good printables. They are all on this site and they are of good quality and plenty. You won't need to waste time searching other sites.

I also think the price on this site is well worth it.”
C. Nicole Smith, Co-op Member
”I am enjoying abcteach very much and it has really helped so much in our homeschool. My son needed help with simplifying fractions when I wasn't here one day. I had printed off worksheets with instructions for him to follow. By the time I got home, he and my husband had figured out how to do what he needed and he practically aced his math test. I will continue to use abcteach.”
Mary Catone, Co-op Member
”I have been very pleased with the resources available at abcteach. The ABC tools are by far my favorite asset. I have not used a product comparable and have told other homeschooling families about this resource. I will definitely continue to use this resource.”
Lisa B., Co-op Member
”I just signed up for abcteach a few weeks ago and love it! It has made my life so much easier. I have a set curriculum for my daughter, but often she needs extra work on certain subjects. I love being able to look up the subject and print off worksheets that she actually enjoys doing. She especially loves the math puzzles. She doesn't even realize I have given her extra work.”
T. Stephen, Co-op Member
”We love abcteach! It is so easy to find worksheets for both of my children, even though they are in two different grades. They love the worksheets as well, and ask for them for "fun time" even outside of school!”
Erin A., Co-op Member
”We recently became members of abcteach co-op. I enjoy the instant access to the tools and worksheets . The other day my children needed some extra problems in math to reinforce what I was teaching but my math book did not supply the extra problems. In lieu of me having to make up my own worksheets, I typed in what I was looking for and printed off exactly what I needed.

We also like how they have something for every subject. We are working on a wild animal unit study. I even found things I could use for that. Saved me a lot of time and the kids really enjoyed it.”
E. Berry, Co-op Member
”I just recently joined abcteach, and I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth! We are planning a trip to Hawaii, and there has been a wealth of maps, bookmarks, coloring pages, and reading comprehension sheets about the state. It's definitely made my lesson preparation easier!”
Anissa, Co-op Member
”I've found abcteach a great timesaver for finding and downloading a variety of materials that lend themselves to various activities I work on with my child (whom I homeschool and who happens to have Down syndrome and autism). For example - category sorts, dolch word flashcards, emotions game. Neat stuff!”
A. Cimmino, Co-op Member
”I love abcteach! I have wanted to try it for a long time. The Homeschool Buyers Co-op gave me the perfect opportunity. We have been using it especially for science so far. The worksheets and other things like minibooks have been excellent and alot of fun. We will continue to use abcteach for a long time! We love to share great resources with friends and abcteach is one of them.”
S. Grove, Co-op Member
”This has been a very wise investment. Thank you very much.”
Shirley Q., Co-op Member
”Before purchasing the ABCteach membership I was using the free worksheets and thought that they would be sufficient enough. When the price was better than I could pass up, I decided to buy the membership. My goodness! What the membership unlocks is pure gold! There are so many ideas that I cannot list! Copywork pages, lapbooks, curriculum for every subject, etc. I use it daily and will keep my membership with them.”
Mary Brodeur, Co-op Member
”I have found abcteach to be a treasured resource for our homeschooling. I love how I can download so many worksheets, saving our family money on otherwise expensive curriculum!”
Karen. P, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love abcteach! It has been a great way to find activities for my daughter. Needed a number line - got it! Needed examples of arthropods to color and label - got it! Maps - got it! Grid activities - got it! Math, science, history, language arts and more all at the tip of fingers. Thanks, abcteach!”
Jaimie S, Co-op Member
”I've had abcteach for less than a month and I have used it an incredible amount. Great product!”
Kamilah S., Co-op Member
”I love abcteach. I have only just begun to explore all the tools available to me. I love the calander tool. It is so much easier to use than any other program I have tried to use and there are so many options to choose from. But my favorite is the ability to take my kids Spelling and Vocabulary words and make all kinds of helps for them. Such as crossword puzzles, word finds, practice pages, and more. I havent even tried the other functions yet. I can't wait!! Would I recommend this site to any other homeschooler? ABSOLUTELY!!!!”
T. Ingle, Co-op Member
”I have been delighted with ABCTeach! I have used many of the Christmas resources already, and I love the customizeable penmanship pages. Definitely worth the money!”
Amy F, Co-op Member
”abcteach has been a tremendous time saver. There's more than worksheets. There are tons of great resources in all subjects and grade levels. I spend much less time googling all over the internet looking for resources I need. I would highly recommend abcteach to any homeschool parent. There is plenty of free stuff, but the subscription price has proven to be a good value to me. The items available to subscribers are top notch and the variety is big enough to accomodate all kinds of learning/teaching styles.”
Lisa B., Co-op Member
”I really love the resources that abcteach provides. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to use abcteach in our home school! The kids are especially enjoying all the fun holiday worksheets!”
Melinda M., Co-op Member
”Generally, I don't like using worksheets for school but I find myself coming back again and again to abcteach to print out another one. When my son is having difficulties in a particular area, rather than moving on I use worksheets until he has closure. Plus, every once in a while, I feel like I need some concrete feedback. So I'll use the worksheets to satisfy myself that he is understanding a particular subject matter. And, I love their handwriting section. I can print out sheets using our current subject words or sentences for his handwriting practice in the font he uses. As I am writing up this review I'm realizing all the times I do use this site! They are more than just worksheets. I used some clip art they had and created a reading game. I know I am not even utilizing all that they offer. They have a lot. Great site, well worth the money.”
Beth P., Co-op Member
”I love abcteach. I can print handwriting guides for my son - I've actually been a member for 4 years now, since he was in 4 year old kindergarten (he's now a second grader), and all of the materials I've used to teach him to write came from there. I also use abcteach materials in my job as a private tutor for grades K-12. I've used many of their math printables for my younger students and have really enjoyed the ability to use what is already there, and also the ability to make my own when necessary.”
Casandra Perry, Doctoral student, homeschool mom, tutor
”I became a member of the abcteach site before this school year started. I am so glad I did! I primarily use it for Spelling right now, I just enter in the words and I can create documents in under 5 minutes. I also use it almost as a search engine. I am able to go to the website log in and search. I would say 75% of the time I find what I am looking for. I think this service at abcteach saves me a lot of time when I am looking for specific things. I always go there first now. The quality of the documents I find are great! I am also impressed with the fact that they are continuously adding to their site,and I get emails letting me know what has been added.”
Michelle M., Co-op Member
”I have been using ABCTeach for a couple months now. I enjoy the newsletters that make me aware of new things at the website. I look forward to going to their website and finding things for my children to do to learn. I like the ability to find new and interesting worksheets to do. I will continue using this site and have already told many of my friends about it, those that home school and those with preschoolers that just want to get a head start on their education.”
Kate lasco, Co-op Member
”We have loved using ABCteach this year. It has been a great supplement to our core curriculum and has provided fun alternatives on many occasions. I especially love using it to make packets for my science co-op class I teach.”
Jennifer H., Co-op Member
”WOW! Really love abcteach! Tons of wonderful resources and a big time saver. If I don't see what I need it can easily be made with abctools. I especially like how for most topics there are multi-level pages so I can find something to suit each of my students. Thank you for making this available at such an affordable price!”
Suzanne K., Co-op Member
”As a full time working homeschool mom and leader of a zoology co-op, abcteach has been indispensable in helping to teach and suppliment my co-op and teaching of other subjects at home. It has greatly reduced my prep time, giving me more time to spend with my kids. I love it!! Would highly recommend!”
E Alfieri, Co-op Member
”This is great to have resources at your fingertips! No more dead-end searches online. I love my abcteach membership!”
Melissa M., Co-op Member
”I love using ABC Teach, I always find fun worksheets to supplement our lessons and my kids love to do them! Thanks for the great resource!”
Windi, Co-op Member
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