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”I love the WorldView Software. It works great for my kids, even those with dyslexia. It covers the material well and is easy for them to access. I will continue to use it for all my kids.”
Kim L., Co-op Member
”I have used Worldview's American history for 2 of my high school students. I am impressed with the scope and sequence of the material, and the variety of map work, internet challenges, original documents, etc. The price makes it a phenomenal value

SInce one of my children is dyslexic, and one is dysgraphic, the online format and online reading tool perfectly provides the accommodations they need to work to grade level.

I highly recommend this product!”
Pam D., Co-op Member
”Great class for my daughter she really enjoyed it.”
V. Hall, Co-op Member
”I am very satisfied with WorldView Software. They cover a vast amount of information in a direct way. They have great customer service. My children find the material interesting and informative. The courses are aligned with Common Core, so you can be sure that required material is covered. However, you may choose what you want your child to study or focus on.”
Tamara C., Co-op Member
”I purchased both the Civics course for my son and the Basic American History I course for my daughter. I find them to be challenging and incredibly educational. I don't know that I would say that my kids enjoy it, that might be too strong of a word - but they don't mind it as much as other history curriculums that they have used. It is more entertaining than others, and yet manages to get across a lot of information in different manners that make it more interesting and easier to process. The essays are tough, but very good at showing what your child is getting from the lessons. My older son is getting through it on his own, but my daughter definitely needs more guidance and explanation - so it is not fully hands off - there is work that needs to be done by the parent in terms of explanations, etc. and of course checking their word to ensure that they are understanding what they are reading.”
Joanne R., Co-op Member
”We are using the World Geography model and are loving it. It is very thorough, and will take a full year to complete. There are so many possible activities to suit a variety of learning styles and age levels; it's tempting to do them all but we sometimes have to pick and choose.

I love the progress reports and the practice tests which are already corrected and graded. A high school student can do this course independently; a middle school student might need a little more assistance. We will be purchasing other modules after finishing this one.”
Terri V., Co-op Member