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”I love this program. I absolutely know that having a rich vocabulary will help my kids be more successful in school and beyond. But this program is so much more than learning vocabulary - my kids are learning to thinking critically about what they read, to reason, to make connections, and to improve their comprehension skills. In addition, while learning vocabulary they are learning about fundamental science and social concepts. Easy to use and so worth the money. Love love love it.”
Laura Peterson, Club Member
”Worldly Wise 3000 Online is worth every penny you spend!!! I hesitated signing up for this at first, but now that I have, I have no regrets. My daughter is learning her vocabulary! Just yesterday she called me over to show me all the words she just learned in one of the chapters. I tested her on the hardest ones and she really knew what they meant!”
Mary, Club Member
”Wordly Wise 3000 has helped my children become more independent. Their executive functioning skills have improved as they take responsibility for a portion of their school day. Because they were behind in this area, I started them in lower levels so they were encouraged to press forward and learn the process without being overwhelmed. With some of my students struggling with dyslexia and specific learning disabilities in reading and written expression, this program has been a lifesaver and boost to both their ability and self-esteem. I especially appreciate the audio option to read them the information so that they are sure they are understanding the information being presented. We will definitely continue using this product and telling our friends about it!”
Joy R, Club Member
”This program was confusing at the start but once I was able to navigate the program we love it. It reinforces each word by doing activities. Great program and for the price it is a great deal. Recommend completely.”
Lorrie, Club Member
”This is one of the few programs that all 4 of my kids, ages 8-14, all enjoy, and I think it is very well designed! We will use this until we have exhausted all the levels!”
J Sullivan, Club Member
”My 7-year-old son is dyslexic, so building vocabulary is key for his comprehension and ability to read. The program is very systematic and reviews the vocabulary from many different angles. He can use this program on his own because there is always an option for the answers to be read aloud to him. He has known most of the words presented, but this program also challenges his ability to think about the meanings in a more critical manner. He enjoys doing it and it was worth the investment.”
Amy, Club Member
”My 7th grader has been using Wordly Wise since we started homeschooling in 2nd grade. He loves the online version much better than the workbooks because he hates the physical act of writing. He is moving at a much better pace and is happy to do his work. He will finish the 7th grade lessons next week and plans to go straight into 8th grade.”
A. McLain, Club Member
”I use Wordly Wise with both of my homeschool children. I like it because it allows me to not worry about the level of reading material they choose. They can read whatever they want and I can make sure that they are gaining the appropriate vocabulary skills. I also like that I can adjust the level of vocabulary presented to them. My children are often ready for more than one grade level of vocabulary so this flexibility is very important.”
Erin R., Club Member
”My children, ages 11 and 15, have been using this program for two years. The online version gives them very easy to follow lessons which they can easily access on the iPad. This program has expanded their vocabulary which can be seen in their writing and test taking skills. I would recommend this product to anyone who has children using a home study program, children who need extra help in language arts, or children wishing to improve standardized test scores.”
Kathleen I., Club Member
”My daughter, age 13, just loves Wordly Wise. A couple months ago she had communicated her frustration with her limited vocabulary, compounded by ADHD, dyslexia and overall poor memory for words. This program is so easy for her to use independently and she feels that she's learning so much, and without frustration. She works at a grade six level and finds these words challenging enough. We couldn't be happier with the design of this program.”
C. Boudreau, Club Member
”This is an excellent product. It is online so my daughter does her work without much attendance from my side. Repetitions for new words are done in a non-boring way. I did not use anything similar before but I heard lots of good feedback from other homeschooling mums. I will definitely continue to use it.”
Ruru, Club Member
”My daughter has always struggled with vocabulary and spelling. She really enjoys Wordly Wise and is learning so much. We would highly recommend Wordly Wise.”
B.C.L, Club Member
”I think Wordly Wise 3000 is a great tool, since it supports my bilingual son's proficiency in the English language. He enjoys working with it and announces new words with pride! As a teacher I can recommend Wordly Wise 3000; it suits our homeschool needs. Thank you.”
Eugenia S., Club Member
”We have used Wordly-Wise for years as a paper book. This is our first year to do it Online. At first there were the expected moans because it was a new school year and everything felt difficult. At this point my son, who is a slow reader, is not complaining or asking "Why do I have to do this?" He is making good progress. We will continue to use this. I have told others about Wordly-Wise. My older kids attend a local Christian school for high school. I had the privilege of being on the committee to advise on curriculum choices. I introduced them to Wordly-Wise and they were impressed with the quality of the product. The following year they began using it for their middle school and have said since then it is one of the best changes they have made. They changed about five years ago.
We will continue to use it and we will continue to tell others about this great product!”
Julie V., Club Member
”This is a great curriculum for my dyslexic son. It helps him build his vocabulary while working independently. We were able to move within levels to find the best placement and I love the feature where it can be voice dictated to him.”
N. Tirado, Club Member
”We have used Wordly Wise for all of our children over the past eight years and have been VERY pleased. I have found that it has increased their ACT/SAT scores more than their peers. I also love that it makes them learn the words through differing exercises.”
Cathy, Club Member
”My son and I have really enjoyed Wordly Wise 3000. Last school year he used the printed book and while we thought it was good he felt he would do better on the online version and he was correct. I find him using the vocabulary words in everyday conversation. He finds it easy to use and challenging. I like that it had several different components to each week's work. So much more than just learning a definition. We continue to sing its praises at our co-op and in our homeschool community.”
Kristy H., Club Member
”With this deal my daughter has been able to enjoy this program. It was painless to set up and it's easy to use.”
L M, Club Member
”So glad I chose this program for our vocab. My son has dyslexia and other LD and his vocab has always been a weakness. After a month with WW3000 I know I made the right choice. It is segmented so each day can be as long or short as you choose. Sometimes we do 1 activity; other times 2-4. It keeps track of where you are so you don't have to remember; not all of our online currics do that. We like the audio and visual components. I feel it is an effective way for my son to learn. My son is 13; grade 7.”
Lisa R, Club Member
”WW3000 online has been offered precious chances to my ESL children and neighbors. They are able to build vocabulary, reading comprehension, and informative knowledge via this beautiful program regardless of places they reside.”
Maria K., Club Member
”We love Wordly Wiee 3000 online! It's so nice to not have books & we can access the curriculum on the go! It's easy to use and my children like it better than books.”
Stefanie, Club Member
”This is a very nice compliment to the Wordly Wise workbook. My daughter is doing both. I really like that the on-line has a pre and post test so you can see the progress your student has made over the course of the lesson.”
Julie M., Club Member
”So far, my 10-year-old is enjoying Wordly wise! And I love it, too. I'm thankful for the online grading and self-correcting answers, and that it doesn't let the student end on a wrong note! I was a little nervous at first, because I know my 10-year-old's strong suit isn't vocabulary, But four lessons into it, he chooses to do vocabulary first or second of his day, and is enjoying it! I'm thankful we got this, and I am considering getting for my seven-year-old is well.”
Rachel Z, Club Member
”A fellow homeschool mom recommended Wordly-Wise to me. My daughter has been doing Wordly-Wise for only a few months, and has already learned so many words. We are quite pleased with her progress. I'm quite confident we will continue with Wordly-Wise.”
Paula, Club Member
”We love Wordly Wise. As a busy mom with 5 boys that homeschools, I needed something to help my kids learn when I am not able to give them one on one attention and Wordly Wise is perfect. They have learned so much. The instruction quality is very good.”
MomOf5, Club Member
”It's been a fantastic program for my 10 year old. We started with the book but he seemed to struggle with the reading part of it and would become frustrated (as he is more an auditory learner), so I absolutely love that he can listen to the passage and follow along. He is really coming along with this program I will continue using it and plan to for my 6 year old when the time comes as well.”
Amber L., Club Member/Homeschool Mom
”Wordly Wise 3000 Online is wonderful! We have tried the workbooks, and this is much better. It s easier to keep up with their progress and the children enjoy it much more than the workbooks.”
Cara P., Club Member
”My kids absolutely love Wordly Wise 3000 online! We have used the Wordly Wise 3000 in book form for many years. As our schedule became busier and we were on the move more, I found that the online version has greatly benefited us. I have more time since I'm no longer spending it grading their work. They love the games and the auto grading. We tell everyone about it and will continue using it in the years to come.”
K. Robertson, Club Member
”With this program the kids are learning new vocabulary and not complaining along the way. Thank you.”
S. Grant, Club Member
”I do not think the format is very easy as far as flipping back and forth to different grades. That being said I love the lesson layout and think my son gets a lot out of learning new vocabulary. The lessons are laid out in such a way that a student will understand how to use whatever vocab they are learning. I would use it again and I have told people about it.”
Kristen M, Club Member
”My 14 yr old son was way behind in vocabulary because of health. He likes this program. A great way to help him achieve his best.”
Lynn B., Club Member
”My kids ( a girl, 12 and a boy, 8) love worldly wise. I love it too because they can do it independently. Because it has the audio for everything, even though they are dyslexic, they can use it with no problem. They usually spend more time than they are required to at this task! I am noticing them using and recognizing bigger words since we have been using this. We have only had this service for 3 months and I am already so impressed. One child has already gone through half a year's work. We will definitely continue using this service and telling all our homeschool friends about it.”
Bobbie S., Club Member
”A great product at a discounted price !!!”
Linda S., Club Member
”It has for the past year and a half help my 12 year old in improving reading comprehension, using these words in other subjects, and in identifying them when he hears them. He has dyslexic tendencies. The ability for this program to use verbal cues when needed has been important to his progress. This was a better option for him verses his older brother who used Word Build successfully. He will continued to use this program.”
Diane B, Club Member
”Love, love this program! My son used it when he was in traditional school and I was thrilled to find it here and at such a great price. The repetition, quizzes, and final assessment all work together to really help your child expand his or her vocabulary.I highly recommend this for building vocabulary and reading skills.”
L Steward, Club Member
”This is the second year I have used Wordly-Wise-3000-Online with my children. Working on-line gives them a variety in learning modes since we use consumables and textbooks for our other subjects. It allows them to work at an individual pace - either advancing when they have completed mastery or slowing down to relearn material that has not been mastered. I greatly appreciate the reasonable cost! It exceeds the value of purchasing each workbook separately. Thank you,Homeschool Buyers Co-op,for making this product available!”
Camie from Indiana, Club Member
”Due to repetition and using words in various forms and as different parts of speech, learning and more importantly retention is being achieved”
B. Meyer, Club Member
”This program is a great way to teach my children vocabulary. I plan to continue to use Wordly Wise for years to come.”
Katherine, Club Member
”My son started using Wordly-Wise-3000 this year as part of his 8th grade homeschool curriculum. It's a nice alternative to buying workbooks each year. Plus, he enjoys working on the computer and seeing the results right away. Easy to use, work at your own pace and move to the next level when ready. I would highly recommend.”
Terri C., Club Member
”As a homeschool parent, I love Wordly-Wise 3000 online! It is a great tool to help my son learn many vocabulary words independently. He completes a lesson per week which include fun ways to learn and reinforce the vocabulary word list. I will continue to use it next year. I have recommended many of my other homeschool parents about this great way for kids to learn vocabulary words.”
Barbara L., Club Member
”Since the schools here use wordly wise; I thought it would be good for us to verify that we were at least keeping up. Last year the student was very resistant but made great progress. this year 2 students are using it and are doing very well and learning to work on their own. I have recommended it to others and will continue to use it.”
Kelly M., Club Member
”This was easy to add to our family's iPad and is easy for my fourth grader access. We have used this product in a private school setting before and now use it on our own. We are thankful that homeschool buyers co-op makes this possible. This program offers a fun way for my kids to gain a wide vocabulary and develop the skills they need to become critically thinking readers.”
Gena Ussery, Club Member
”I used to work in the public schools as a Bilingual ESL teacher before I became a homeschool parent All I can say is WOW about the Wordly Wise 3000 Online curriculum How I wish that I had known about an online program like this when I was teaching my ELL students in the public schools I am overjoyed that The Homeschool Buyers Co op is able to offer such a rich vocabulary building program online Being a professional educator I am very picky when it comes to selecting quality curriculum for my daughter While there are other vocabulary building programs out there I found that Wordly Wise 3000 Online stood out among the rest for several reasons First I appreciated that the vocabulary was broken up into several lessons that were not overly time consuming nor daunting in number Second the lessons were presented in a predicable sequence This aspect of the program can be a double edge sword however For some students the predictable structure of the program lessens anxiety because they can anticipate what is coming next and what the expectations for that lesson will be For other students the predictable sequence of lessons might lead them to boredom and perhaps to a power struggle with the teacher in motivating them to finish a lesson To be honest my take on it as an educator and parent is that since the lessons are so short that even the habitually bored child or in the same vein the overly observant child who is always quick to point out that we always do the same thing all of the time won t have a problem completing lessons Third the lessons provide practice of the vocabulary words using their multiple definitions Fourth the lessons touched on grammar as it relates to the vocabulary words and offered challenging questions that make a student have to read the question carefully to answer correctly What I am getting at is that the answer to the question isn t always going to be the vocabulary word that the question is referring to Fifth the culminating reading passage is outstanding in incorporating the vocabulary words the students have been studying in a way that is authentic and informational The reading passage is just not some irrelevant story that someone wrote just for the specific purpose of using the vocabulary words My daughter and I both learn something from the reading passages and often spend time discussing them or looking up more facts related to the reading Many thanks to the writers publishers of WW3000 for this As a teacher and as a student for that matter I always hated the made up stories that were only written to incorporate vocabulary I never did care what happened to Jack or Jill in those made up stories but sure do like learning a little something about the world using authentic material Sixth the WW3000 is not visually overstimulating to me nor to my daughter In my search for quality curriculum I have come to realize that many writers publishers particularly of online and computer based curriculum have this erroneous notion that more color more visual effects more sounds more video games etc is going to lead to more learning Not so While I do not discount the benefit of using visuals in learning there is such a thing as too many bells an whistles distracting from learning While there are many pro s to this program there are a few cons First there is no true placement test for your child to find out where to start in the program Unless you started this program from the very beginning you would have no clue where to start your child in this program I didn t I had to work through the various lists and ask my daughter which words she knew and which didn t know to even get a vague idea of where to start After that I started her at a lower level than what she was at I would highly recommend doing this for your child as well It is better to start any curriculum at a slightly lower level so that the student has some success early on than to start too high or at what is recommended and watch a student become frustrated You do have the liberty in this program to adjust the level to your needs so if you choose a level that appears too easy you can always adjust their level and bump them up Second there are some questions that my daughter and I have encountered that could have multiple answers as the question is stated Of course the program has its correct answer but just be aware that some of the answers offered as alternatives to the correct answer are just as viable as the correct one Overall I would recommend this program to anyone It could be used as a stand alone curriculum for vocabulary but as a teacher I wouldn t recommend that it be used this way It is a great supplement but reading authentic literature is truly the best way to learn vocabulary Bottom line my hard to please vocabulary curriculum hating daughter loves to do the lessons This in my estimation is probably the best testimony to how wonderful this curriculum is”
Jennifer R., Club Member
”We had used the Wordly Wise books in our homeschooling for 10years. About 3 years ago we switched to the Wordly-Wise-300-Online and LOVE IT! My dd can use it on her laptop or on our main computer. The online subscription allows the teacher to monitor progress and target areas of concern if the student is struggling. I can adjust the level of the program to ensure that my dd is challenged. There are also printable vocabulary lists for each lesson. Word games are an available option at the end of the chapters. My dd really enjoys this program and has moved through the lessons much quicker than when she was using the WW books.”
Kirsten, Club Member
”This is our third year with a Wordly wise. My daughter's vocabulary has increased and has helped her have more self confidence when having conversations especially with adults. The material provides many opportunities for her learn the new words and also makes it very enjoyable. She also is able to improve her reading skills through this program.”
Kimberly Burke, Club Member
”The kids and I love Wordly Wise 3000 Online! They had the textbooks last year and fought me on it, even though they learned a fair amount. They truly enjoy the online curriculum and I love how it's taken a lot of the burden off of me as far as grading and assignments go. I especially appreciate how I have my own login and can keep track of their progress without having to sign in to their accounts. I will definitely continue to purchase Wordly Wise 3000 Online -- it was already a fantastic vocabulary curriculum, and the online option just makes it that much better! (Honestly, though, you don't need to purchase the Homeschool Planet lesson plans.... they're more trouble than they are worth for me... I prefer to log their activities as they go along so I don't get out of order when the kids work ahead).”
Jennifer Vetere, Club Member
”I first purchased it for one of my kids. A week later, after seeing the older enjoyed working on her assignments, I decided to buy for all of my children. It is worth it!”
L.A, Club Member
”We are using Wordly Wise for two years now. The narrators are clear and the program is engaging. I like the choice of words for the grade level. my son is able to competitely speak with peers of various groups and be knowledgeable with the definitions.”
A. Griffin, Club Member
”We are loving Wordly Wise 3000. And what a great price!! This is my 7 year olds 3rd week of using it. It fits very well into our day. It doesn't take up too much time and I love having it to fill in space when I need to work one on one with my 5 year old. I love all the different forms of practice, especially the story comprehension part (great to have extra reading practice). She seems to move through the lessons quite easily on her own now. We split each lesson into 4 days. So each week we complete a new set of words. We would have never had the opportunity to buy this product without the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Thanks so much!!”
Amber, Club Member
”My 6th grader loved doing this online. I am disappointed we didn't have this resource earlier for him. Having it online made it a whole lot easier for me to grade and actually see his progress then in the paper workbooks. Plus it graded his work immediately so he didn't have to wait for me to grade it. It also eliminated any questions he had when I marked something wrong and he didn't like that. So it gave him great accountability. This is a must have resource, especially at this price! I told my sister-in-law about it as she was the one who introduced me to Wordly Wise initially and I loved the different aspects of working with the language: comprehension, spelling, roots, and meanings. Can't wait to use it with my younger kids!”
Lisa B., Club Member
”My son's English skills have significantly improved since he began the wonderful Wordly-Wise-3000-Online two years ago. His current vocabulary and reading ability seem to be beyond me. It is fabulous!!”
B. Jun, Club Member
”Love, love, love this product. I bought it for next school year but we used it for a few weeks already to learn how it works and it is awesome! I have two high schoolers, a middle schooler and an elementary schooler. The games/quizzes are an awesome way to work with the vocabulary and really learn it, not just memorize a list.”
Becky Griffith, Club Member
”I love Wordly-Wise 3000. The words are well chosen and diversely formatted so my middle schooler stays interested through out the lesson. She happily does a second lesson if I ask. I love the audio button, she can turn it on or off depending on the level of challenge she desires. It is an outstanding vocabulary lesson. I hope the school will adopt it for every grade.”
Lynda, Club Member
”We recently started using Wordly Wise 3000 online and I love how easy it is to use. My kids are not strong readers yet and the audio feature allows them to independently work their lessons. Its a huge help for this busy homeschool mom.”
Angela S, Club Member
”We have been using Wordly Wise workbooks several years and love it! We recently switched to the online version. The triplets love the ease of use and the high level of engagement. I also like that I can select how many activities they are assigned per student based on their individual needs for reinforcement. In addition, the triplets like that they can learn at their own pace and I am able to monitor their progress on a dashboard! I would recommend this program --- highly!!”
BeLynda (Triplet Mom), Club Member
”I've used Wordly Wise books very successfully with my 12 year old daughter many years ago, but for my younger daughter you would have thought I was beating her to get her to use the books. I searched online to see if there was a digital version and found it. She now actually enjoys doing her Wordly Wise lessons and I know they will greatly help her, as they did with my older child. The biggest dilemma we had with the older daughter is now she has a hard time doing assignments that ask her to list vocabulary that she does not know! This 6th graders reply was "Mommy, this is what happens when you have such a vast vocabulary! I can't find 5 words in my Narnia book that I don't know".”
J. Harrison, Club Member
”Great - my daughter has lost her "I hate vocabulary" syndrome since starting this program!”
Dawn Meyer, Club Member
”My 9 year absolutely loves worldly wise online. She has completed wordly wise in past years using the book only method. We have found that it is super user-friendly to listen to your weeks vocabulary words or read it yourself. After you were introduced to your words for the week there are 4 meaningful activities to do using your weeks words. She loves these and learns her words successfully each time. What used to take her 30 minutes to do in the book now only takes her about 10 minutes to complete in the online wordly wise curriculum.”
Sharon Pechmann, Club Member
”My WW3000 subscription is for two teenage boys with differing learning styles. They both have more enthusiasm for Wordly Wise than one might expect from boys of their age. They enjoy the format, and their retention has been good. At the price point we get through Homeschool Buyers Co-cop, I consider our two Wordly Wise subscriptions a bargain.”
K. Matthews, Club Member
”Excellent program to expand the vocabulary of my children.”
N Imre, Club Member
”My son has high functioning autism, and is dyslexic. He is very behind in vocab, and Wordly Wise in the perfect solution we added to our homeschool curriculum. We started with the book and did it together, but quickly discovered the online works best for him and takes the strain off me - the facilitator. The online version has the audio feature so the material can be read to my child and its wonderful! I dislike how it's evolution based, but otherwise LOVE how it applies meanings instead of memorizing. My son is grade 7, but we did level 5. I looked at the words and found the best fit for him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and am so thankful to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for getting me a discount.”
Mo, Club Member
”My son used the Wordly Wise textbooks in later elementary school, but my daughters have no vocabulary curriculum in theirs. They are avid readers so I started them one year ahead. Both text and online have the same exercises that cause one to think more deeply about the words and their relationships as you practice and learn the meanings. My son spent more time on the several meanings of a word, and more time altogether because he had to write out answers. The girls are cruising through the online version - one loves it and the other doesn't mind it. It helps that they can curl up on a couch with tea and an iPad. It will definitely continue to be a part of our pull-out enrichment program. I have shared this with other parents at their elementary school who are concerned about the lack of a vocabulary curriculum.”
Katie S, Club Member
”The children using it are learning to adapt to online learning experiences. One of the students is still trying to get by with just guessing the answers--the teacher record is great because it makes this obvious. I like the fact that the student's level can be adjusted without having to buy a whole new book. Also, for the most part, the students love working on this program online.”
Bev B., Club Member
”I like this program in particular for my 10 year old because he is not limited by dyslexia. He is able to hear nearly all the text in each of the activities. The program is systematic and easy to follow so he works independently. I see us continuing to use this program in the future.”
C. Padilla, Club Member
”This fits perfectly into our curriculum & my daughter enjoys doing it!”
Lori A., Club Member
”My girls love Wordly-Wise Online! They love doing the work and have already learned so much. They actually use the words in conversation and can identify the words in reading. I love that they love actually doing the work online, it's so convenient and we can still use it while traveling. I also have the schedule helper for Wordly-Wise in Homeschool Planet, this has been a life saver and is so easy for them to just click on the link and it goes straight to their assignment for that day!! I can easily check their grades and see how they're progressing. We love it, will continue to use it, and would recommend this to everyone!”
Shannon M., Club Member
”Dyslexic, dysgraphic, ADHD, 11 year old daughter enjoys this program. We don't focus on the spelling portion as she has shown no improvement over the years, however this is an accessible program for expanding vocabulary. She uses her laptop to work independently. Highly recommend!”
ChantelleB, Club Member
”My children really enjoy using World Wise. My son writes stories using the new words he learned.”
Aqueelah S., Club Member
”I am extremely happy we finally tried the online version. We have used the books for years, and I have loved them. I love the online version better for many reasons. I have three boys ages 7,10 and 12. They can hear the correct pronunciation of their words and the computer will read the long passage as they follow along. This is helpful for my youngest. Thank you for improving an already great program.”
Alexandra G., Club Member
”This program is perfect for my second year old . Way more engaging and appealing on computer than on the book with the same content . Auto - read mode provides an auditory mode for a change and ease . Self paced .. So kids can work independently and see the answers right away.

I am very pleased with the program so far . Would suggest to anyone who is looking for condensed vocabulary program to begin with.”
Taslim, Club Member
”I've been using the Wordly Wise 3000 workbooks for years now, including the online content available (through the books). I've always loved the workbooks, as my children have found them to be challenging yet not impossible. This year, I decided to try WW 3000 Online, and I wish I'd done it years ago! The format is the same as the workbooks, but my kids really enjoy completing their work online. I really enjoy that the scoring is done by the program, and I can quickly and easily see their scores in the teacher portal, which is very easy to navigate. I really love that the program's goal is to teach mastery, as I believe that vocabulary is extremely important. This is truly a wonderful program, and I highly recommend it to any homeschool families!”
”Wordly Wise has been a good program to work on increasing vocabulary and only takes a few minutes each day. I like that once you purchase it you can find a level that works for your child and move around the levels as needed.”
Amber, Club Member
”I've tried hard copies of Wordly Wise and Vocabulit for my daughter for the past several years. I would have to nag her to get her assignments done. The progress was slow and the results were acceptable, but not impressive.
This year I decided to try WW Online. I heard that other people had success with the program. So far this year, it is a success for my daughter. She enjoys doing it online so much more than the hard copy. Most importantly, the vocabulary words are sticking and she is learning! It appears that the voice interaction with the vocabulary words, along with the colors on the screen and encouragement when she gets one right is all working.
I will continue with WW Online for my next daughter. My only regret is that I didn't use it for all of my older children. I really think they would have enjoyed the subject much more than using the hard copies.”
Suzanne Irzyk, Club Member
”Wordly Wise is more than I hoped for; not only does it provide great vocabulary lessons and keep track of my daughter's progress, but she also enjoys it! I highly recommend the program.”
Jennifer S., Club Member
”I wanted to give a testimonial to the Wordly-Wise 3000 Online. We have been using it for our 7th grade homeschool student for about a little over a month. She was already familiar with the Worldly Wise exercises from the books, so going to online was very easy for her. It took a little bit for me to learn my part, but after that it has been smooth sailing. I plan to use it on line from now on.”
R. Ellis, Club Member
”I started using WW online this summer with my 7th grader and she loves it. It was convenient and easy for her and simple to download for me.”
Nicole A., Club Member
”We love Wordly-Wise. My 10 yr. Old said "Mommy, please, please get me Wordly-Wise online again, I really enjoyed it." Her understanding of words has greatly expanded.”
Vivian, Club Member
”My son is studying his vocabulary using wordly wise 3000 in his ipad. He likes to do online rather than on the printed one. (We have both.) Supports in case of technical problems are also great!”
Suyeon Chung, Club Member
”Our family has been really blessed by the online option.Out son isn't strong in reading,I really should say wasn't strong. He really looks forward to his lesson of Wordly Wise Online and is so enthused about every lesson!! He has his sisters very eager to do it too! he will be doing it over the summertime too! Thanks again for this amazing price.It was the only way we could afford it!! BLESSINGS”
Sharon Martin, Club Member
”Great product! I highly recommend Wordly Wise 3000 Online. I purchased through the Co-op for my two middle schoolers. My kids enjoy doing the vocabulary lessons on the computer at their pace. We will continue to use this product. I like that once they have mastered a level they can move up in the same year without having to purchase additional curriculum.”
Heather O., Club Member
”I used the worldly wise books with my children for a few years. I am so glad that I moved to the online version. I have a child that needed to move up several levels and figuring out exactly what level would have taken me purchasing several books and using parts of them until I found one challenging but not too challenging. Using the online version has allowed me to click a button to change her book!

Even better than switching books, I have a weak writer and the ability to drag and drop answers to type in parts has made it so I have no tears from that child when it comes to vocal! In fact, he likes doing it because it is on the computer!

In addition to all that, having the system grade everything for me saves me a lot of time and I can put that to use doing one of the many other tasks that we homeschooling mom's have.”
Jackie M., Club Member
”The first day he played, my son didn't get all his other schoolwork done because he "played" on it too long!”
Julie H., Club Member
”My family and I are so thankful for this program. I just didn't have time in our day to sit and do vocabulary with my 4th grader. So it was great and I didn't have to because of this online vocabulary program. He has been using the vocabulary more and more in his speech and writing. That is what I wanted for him. Thank you for the offer. It definitely made it worth the purchase.”
K. Brown, Club Member
”My daughter loves Wordly Wise! From the first time she used it she was hooked. Previously she used the books which we found very good but online is even better. I'm so grateful for you offering this excellent word tool. My daughter does one full chapter a week and by the end of each one has a sound knowledge of new words and their spellings. We will continue using this year on year!”
Claire HT, Club Member
”I have been using the work books for a couple of years. I bought the Wordly-Wise 3000 online and have noticed a huge difference in my three kids. They have a better enthusiasm in working on their vocabulary! Thank you so much for the opportunity to purchase through the Co-op!”
Cassie G., Club Member
”An excellent, fully independent program for my 8th grader. It's hard to find challenging work for him without my having to have direct, regular input, so this program is great!”
Becky A, Club Member
”Wordly Wise is a great language program - my child actually asks to do the lessons! The students can go as fast or slow as they choose, and run up the grades in a month or in a year. My son is required to interact with the words in many different ways, which results in intelligent understanding. You, as parent, can also set the grade and the lessons a child is expected to complete. We find it a great discussion tool because some of the words' meanings have different nuances, so it becomes a starting point for etymology research and discussions about how society drives language.”
I. Ruhl, Club Member
”We love ww3000, my dd loves workin at this independently!”
Sb, Club Member
”My daughter really loves Wordly Wise! She thinks it is fun and likes working in it. I love the reports and the easy way to modify the set up. We will continue to use it and It is increasing her vocabulary”
Sharon, Club Member
”Great product .. Easy to use and really works well to expand my sons vocabulary, proper use in sentences and different meanings.”
N Miranda, Club Member
”My son was already doing the Wordly Wise 3000 level 5 workbook before purchasing the subscription for online access. Vocabulary being one of his weakest areas, he really needed the work. After we purchased the online access he began to complain less about doing vocabulary, which was amazing! But, the best part is he now actively is trying to use those words he learns in everyday conversation! LOVE it! We will continue with Wordly Wise until he is out of levels to complete. I have shared this with several people who are veterans and those that are newbies. And several are looking into using it next year! Thanks, for sharing this great program!”
Laura J., Club Member
”I can't put into words how great is Wordly Wise 3000 Online. I've always been impressed with Wordly Wise from when my older kids used the books in in private schools. My 12 year old struggles with learning in traditional ways so finding something that would appeal to him was critical. As a homeschool mom we hadn't worked too much on vocabulary because it was always such a fight. Once I previewed a lesson I knew it would fit my kids' (ages 12 & 9) learning styles very well. Both my kids also have Dyslexia and the option to have passages and questions read to them was critical. It provides just enough support when needed. My children work through this program very independently which is also important to me. We can break up the lessons so they do a little bit every day and it's worked into our schedule wonderfully. When I find something that works well, especially with kids who have learning differences, I spread the word. This program is worth the investment. I haven't found anything with the program that I would improve upon though initially my 12 year old had a strong aversion to the pre-test before each lesson. Wordly Wise 3000 Online is a program I will continue to use through high school. Being able to try this program at a great discount through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op made this a worthy investment in my children's education.”
Teri T., Club Member
”Wordly Wise online has been a great addition to our homeschool. My son has used it for third and fourth grade. I love it because he can be 100 percent independent. But doesn't take my time at all. He goes through one lesson a week and I think he is retaining the info. I would recommend this for any child who is reading independently.”
Jenn, Club Member
”Very well organized format, easy to understand and interesting. It is really helpin my son get a better grasp of contextual vocabulary.”
Jeanne A., Club Member
”I purchased Wordly Wise for the obvious benefits for my 2nd and 4th grade students.

The benefit that I did not anticipate, but love the most, quite honestly, is the sense of responsibility each boy gets when he views his assignments and sees Wordly Wise.

Each of them can log into their Wordly Wise accounts, do the corresponding assignments for that day, and print off their level completions.

This has empowered them to have responsibility for their work, learn the vocabulary that is easily set forth in each Wordly Wise lesson, and print off their completion to show me what they accomplished!

I am so pleased with Wordly Wise. It's easy, it's effective and instills empowered behavior in my students.”
Vidette Vanderweide, Club Member
”My daughter Nadia (grade 7) has been using Wordly-Wise for the last two years with solid results. The goal is to prepare for the SATS in four years. From personal experience, the verbal section requires years to get prepared. I tried various ideas but without solid success. I was first introduced to WW from friends who child goes to an exclusive private prep school in Silicon Valley. WW is the foundation for their SAT prep. I first used the free WW version that has just the words without the testing and reading sections. The free version is much less effective than the full version. It's well worth the small price. Nadia got bored only doing the free voc lists, but she has remained excited and engaged with the well-crafted stories and fun tests of the full version. The vocabulary words are words that can be used in common speech, texts, and her essays, but they will probably appear on standardized tests. Hope this helps those looking for programs to get their child a leg up. ”
Greg Miller, Club Member
”I want to thank Homeschool Buyers Co-op for everything they've helped me purchase for my son. As a dyslexic highschooler on the 1st grade reading level, he was ready to give up. I pulled him from public school and read everything I could about dyslexia and homeschooling. That's when I bumped into this site, and I'm so grateful.

The curriculum helped my son, especially Reading Assistant and Wordly Wise Online. With your help, I was able to provide what my son needed. I couldn't afford it on my own. You made it possible. I'm proud to say he's now on the 6th grade level in reading after only one semester! Thank you so much! I'm telling everyone I know about Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Erica H., Club Member
”We greatly prefer this interactive online version as compared to the workbook. My daughter can move at her pace and even ahead when inspired. Great product. By the time children have gone through the variety of exercises for each group, they are have a complete grasp of the vocabulary words.”
Cynthia Heroux, Club Member
”My kids (Grades 2, 5, and 7 at this time) aren't fans of any vocabulary programs we've tried, but when asked, they say that they'd rather use Wordly Wise 3000 Online than any other. I like that the kids can work at their own pace and that the program is web-based (vice being confined to installation on only one computer). There are printable activities that I assign to my children for each lesson, and reviewing those activities with them ensures that I am actively involved with the lesson as well. We will continue to use Wordly Wise 3000 Online, and I will recommend to others.”
Jen Herrington, Club Member
”I am a strong proponent of teaching vocabulary from an early age and Worldly-Wise 3000 is one of the best programs I have come across to do just that. It has proven itself to be an effective tool in increasing my children's vocabulary. I have tried others, but none have had the same success as Wordly-Wise has with my 2 sons. They seem to retain more with this program. The online version makes teaching Worldly Wise a breeze. My boys love the ease of it and so do I!!! To me this is simply a win win product all the way around. We have been using Wordly-Wise since 4th grade, first in book form and then we moved on to the online version. My boys are now in the 8th and 9th grade and always perform high on the reading and vocabulary portions of evaluation tests. I attribute that to starting with Wordly-Wise young and sticking with it year after year. We plan on continuing on with Wordly-Wise through the high school years. I make it a point to tell other families, who I know are home schooling, about the importance of a good vocabulary program and that I have found Wordly-Wise to be the best and most effective program I have used to date.”
Lisa Samuelsen, Club Member
”I am so glad that I can get a discount through the co-op. This is really great for my son. I wish I had this growing up”
Win M, Club Member
”My son has really enjoyed the interaction and immediate responses. We do one exercise a day, and I don't need to push him to do it. He really enjoys the program. Also, I appreciate the fact that he has to redo an exercise if he doesn't get enough correct. In using the Worldly Wise workbooks, he may have been moving along without really understanding every word. The online program has been much more intensive review of the words.”
Demers Home, Club Member
”I recently purchased Wordly Wise 3000 on-line for my 14 and 16 yr olds. I am thoroughly thrilled with this curriculum and the different ways it teaches vocabulary. My kids are actually using their learned vocabulary words in everyday conversations. I would definately recommend WW 3000 to anyone (of any age), wanting to improve their vocabulary. WW 3000 on-line makes learning fun!”
Barbara, Club Member
”Great vocabulary builder with activities that help keep students engaged. Students can start at the level that is appropriate and then progress.”
Karen Y., Club Member
”I love the on-line program. It allows the student to hear the works announced correctly and used in proper context, over and over, throughout the lesson.”
Heather C, Club Member
”A teacher friend recommended this for our son and he's improved immensely! It's easy and manageable and my son doesn't hate it...I will continue to use it and have recommended to other friends.”
Kim N., Club Member
”Because our struggling learner needed to focus so much on Math and the main areas of Language Arts we neglected vocabulary.

I therefore needed a way to increase her vocabulary skills while freeing myself up from teaching it. Worldly Wise Online improved her vocabulary. With a better vocabulary I saw her reading increase tremendously.

I have therefore renewed Wordly Wise for a 2nd year as I feel it's an invaluable tool in our home school program.”
Angela H., Club Member
”I have used Wordly Wise 3000 for the past five years in our home but this is the first year we've used the online program. The online program gives diversity to our curriculum and reinforces the vocabulary with each daily activity. My kids like having a 'computer' activity. I would definitely recommend Wordly Wise to anyone! If writing words helps your kids learn, then stick to the workbooks, otherwise, use the online program-both are outstanding!!”
Elizabeth W., Club Member
”I purchased this product for my 3 children who are 12, 15 and 17. They enjoy the instant feedback from their daily units and find it helpful. The middle girl says that she starts hearing big words being used and feels proud of being able to know a lot of new vocabulary words. They spend about 15 minutes a day and nobody complains. Thanks for providing a good product. One thing about the online version is that when you type too fast, it leaves a blank. It should be a technical problem that can be fixed.”
S. Archey, Club Member
”We have two daughters, each have different educational likes/dislikes. My oldest likes everything in paper form, but my youngest does not like to write. We decided to experiment with having my youngest do Worldly Wise online for this year. What a difference for her! She really likes it, is learning at her own pace, and sits down to do it with NO complaints or arguments. Since she does not like writing, but will happily type on the computer, she is learning at her own pace and I am not having to push her each day. Wordly Wise continues to be the "go to " curriculum for us, with its easy to use format, both the paperback and the online. In fact, my older daughter, who wants everything in paper format, is now asking if she can do the online program next year as well. I dont have to grade anything, its done for me, its easy to use for my daughter, and I would recommend this program for any type of learner, from the eager to the reluctant. Vocabulary developement is too important to overlook in the homeschool setting, and I certainly think we are getting a fantastic program at a very reasonable price.”
J. L. Robert, Club Member
”LOVE this program! It is a great way to step away from pencil and paper for a portion of our day. The site is well-designed with colorful graphics to keep my children's attention. The words presented are varying and often challenging, which I like.”
Jamie N., Club Member
”What a great way to learn vocabulary! My 12-year-old daughter has been using the Wordly Wise workbooks for several years, and we just started using the online version. She is learning the words much more thoroughly this way, and I love the immediate feedback. It allows her to know right away how well she's doing without having to wait for me to grade! She really enjoys learning new words now, whereas before she struggled quite a bit with writing out the workbook answers. We will certainly continue using this product!”
Carol D., Club Member
”We have used the printed form of this curriculum in the past. However, I feel this is a superior format due to the child's ability to see and hear the definitions at the same time. both my children prefer using the computer to writing out vocabulary words day after day.”
kim f., Club Member
”This is our first time using a Wordly-Wise Online program and highly recommend, especially if your child prefers computer over paper. I like that I can modify settings to meet my son's needs and it is self-paced. The words are challenging but not too difficult. I plan on continuing my subscription. It's a great program!”
Mrs. James, Club Member
”My 8 and 9 year old love doing wordly wise and they have increased their vocabulary so much in just a few short months. It has also helped their spelling which i did not expect. We tested their vocab skills before we started it and they were both where they should be for their age. After 3 months they had both jumped 1.5 grades which is impressive.”
Kim Wayman, Club Member
”My daughter loves working through the lessons on Wordly Wise. She learns well with the interactive format of the online version. Her vocabulary is improving and she's working more and more independently through her lessons. I appreciate having the extra prep time during the day while she's learning at the computer. We have recommended this program to our homeschool friends and will continue to use it as our vocabulary curriculum.”
Molly, Club Member
”We have been using Wordly Wise 3000 Online since August. I personally like the ease of the program - especially the auto-grading. The kids still say they like the book version better, but they are NOT the ones who have to do the grading! We had been using the book version since we started homeschooling 4 years ago and I had to let something change due to not being able to stay up to date on grading. I don't like the cost of the on-line program compared to the book version; however, I compromised money for time. I am not sorry!

I actually had the kids start the program at the grade level they had actually already completed last year in the book. I did this so they would get used to the program and as a review. However, I modified the work as follows: the program starts off every lesson with a pre-test. If my kids earned 90% on the pre-test, I then went into the program and re-started them at the next lesson. If they earned less than 90% on the pre-test, then they had to go through the remainder of the activities to "learn" the word meanings and then they took the post-test. My 4th grader has already finished the 3rd grade course and is now in the 4th grade course. I still allow them to pass through the lesson quickly if they make a 90% or above on the pre-test. My theory is there is no reason to "re-learn" words that they obviously already know.

I think the program has many great benefits and is definitely a time-saver for me! The only downside that I have found with the program is that I can't see the dates that the student completes the "normal" activities. I see the dates for pre/post tests and I see time spent on the activities but I haven't been able to find the actual day the student completes the lesson activity. I may be missing it and haven't taken the time to ask the developer or the Co-op. I did look on the FAQ page as well as a few other pages and don't see it as being available. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to see.

Overall - worth the money spent for my family!”
A. Brooks, Club Member
”I started two of my kids on Wordly Wise. I debated which level to start them at, and ultimately decided two levels below grade level. This would give them an opportunity to breeze through easily so it wouldn't frustrate them, and so they could get to know the program in easier content instead of more challenging words. It has worked well. I have them do it for fifteen minutes a day, and they enjoy it. At this point, it is more review and cementing words they know, and learning new meanings of words the already know. I like that there is no grading involved for me, and it gives me lots of analysis on their progress. We will be continuing Wordly Wise 3000.”
Karen E., Club Member
”Our family loves Wordly Wise 3000. Both of my children needed some extra help in vocabulary and this has been the perfect fit. Both are dyslexic and this is helping with that as well. I love that it will read everything to them and they can follow along.”
G. Dalton, Club Member
”This is our first year using Wordly Wise and we love it! My son who doesn't "love" English is enjoying the challenge of it and keeps telling me he is learning a lot. It is nice to have a few non-paper items to do each school day to break up the day and this one subject I love he can do the on computer! It has been a blessing and I will definitely use it for all my kiddos as the years go on!!!”
Ruth L., Club Member
”My daughter's spelling and vocabulary improved greatly from using Wordly Wise. I add an additional spelling test at the end of each unit. I also have her read the words to me to make sure she is pronouncing them correctly. I recommend this product.”
R.Kelly, Club Member
”As a homeschool parent, I am always looking for curriculum that makes my teaching job easier and Wordly Wise online does just that. Because it is an auditory as well as a visual program my son is able to word on it independently freeing me up to do other things. As long as this is available at a reasonable price then we will continue to make it a part of our homeschool time.”
Suzanne E., Club Member
”This program is fabulous, and access to all of the grade levels for a whole year! Although I do get the whine about doing school, my 8yo really likes the "photo puzzles" as rewards for the school work, and the crossword puzzles as "tests."”
Jen K., Club Member
”After spending countless hours and money searching for the right program for my 11yo grandson who has learning disabilities, we have finally found what works for him! WW3000 Online has done wonders for us. He loves the "independence" he has in moving forward at his pace and being able to go back if he doesn't get it the first time. I like that he can "hear" and "read" the words and the definitions (he has problems putting those 2 things together). We are using the word lists (I print them out from the teacher's section) and he is writing the words on an index card and taping the definitions to the back, then alphabetizing them in a file box for later use (reinforcement, games, etc.). We originally bought the workbook for WW3000, but he quickly tired of all the writing. Doing the same work online has kept him engaged and encouraged.”
Diane Wheless, Club Member
”I purchased this for our 10th, 6th and 4th graders. We have used Wordly Wise notebooks for years, but decided to try the online version to help give immediate feedback to the children and relieve me of correcting papers. Mostly got it for our dyslexic child. He can keep up with vocabulary and not have to wait for me to read him his sections as the program does read for the student if needed. I will buy this again next year:)”
Molly, Club Member
”I had bought flash cards for my kids to learn new vocabulary but was unsuccessful. They didn't seem interested enough for them. After buying this on-line product, my kids enjoy learning new words. Also they are able to learn how to pronounce the words since the software has that function. Great product for my kids. definitely worth the money. Less stress on me figuring how to teach them new vocabulary”
Nancy T, Club Member
”So far so good. My daughter is able to complete a potion of each good of vocabulary words quickly, and the best part is that it requires zero assistance from me. It appears to be very thorough, and gives a good amount of practice for each word. My daughter tested poorly in Vocabulary in spite of being a good reader. It remains to be seen whether she tests better next year.”
J. H., Club Member
”I purchased Wordly Wise 3000 to help two struggling readers. They are exposed to grade level vocabulary and then, asked to use it. After they become familiar with the words, the vocab is presented in a short reading selection in different forms, ie... a different meaning for the word, a past tense or a different part of speech. The lessons are short but effective. Their reading skills are improving and they enjoy the immediate feedback.”
Kate B., Club Member
”The program is challenging and versatile. It allows me to change the grade level to better suite each child. The activities are also easy to manage allowing me to add or skip certain assignments. The positive aspect is that this program is more cost effective to use compared to the workbooks for our family. The kids both find it challenging, however, I have discovered they have been using their new vocabulary words essays and in daily conversation.

I have told my friends about this program and a couple have purchased it for their kids!”
C. Wink, Club Member
”I have been using Wordly-Wise for 4 years. It has helped my 11-year-old's vocabulary grow very quickly. It's easy to use and the many activities help to solidify her memorization and usage of the words.”
Nancy B, Club Member
”My boys have been using wordly wise online for almost 2 months now and I am very happy with the product. I was using the book version to start with which is also great but I find the online version more interactive and the correction is done as they go. It also explains all the steps which is a great incentive for the student. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone. :)”
Sharon Borninkhof, Club Member
”Wordly Wise is terrific. I use the electronic version alongside the books and my children have benefited immensely. They often find Worldly Wise vocabulary in books they read, and are proud they know the meanings. A must-have resource for teachers and homeschoolers!”
Priya Mandalia, Club Member
”This program is fun, amazing, challenging, and I look forward to doing it. I am learning new words and improving my vocabulary. If your child likes to read I suggest giving this a try.
~Annelise 8 years old, third grade”
S. Perez, Club Member
”This is an excellent language development resource.
My daughter is enjoying the pretests and post tests. I haven't been able to print worksheets. Using this program through the summer to continue daughters language skills. Thank you for offering this program.”
Jenny Healy, Club Member
”My daughter has really enjoyed working with this program. It is very helpful in teaching the meaning of words by implementing a variety of methods of word usage, synonyms, text understanding. As a struggling student, she benefits from having the sentences read aloud to her and gives her a feeling of independent work time.”
G. Minnes, Club Member
”We are enjoying WW3000 Online, especially because my son doesn't prefer to write things by hand. Using the computer is much more incentive and is rewarding when he gets the answers correct.

I also feel like it gives a better understanding of the material, because he can do it on his own and not with me prodding him along and sometimes helping too much.

I like to be able to see the grade book and see that he is progressing and learning the material.”
R. Wheeler, Club Member
”I am new in homeschooling and my english is maybe not in a high level to teach but i ordered Wordly wise 3000. I am sooo happy about it. My son is very good in spelling now and in grammar. I just can say great program. Next year i will buy the workbooks to it.”
Arlin, Club Member
”My daughter really enjoys Wordly Wise because it's laid out very clean and easy for her to identify which lesson she needs to work on. We will defintely continue to use this product and have told other HomeSchoolers about it already!!”
Kimberly S., Club Member
”I purchased WW300 for my girls. My middle daughter has used WW in workbook form in the past, and she likes the digital format much better! Both girls are steadily progressing through the lessons and like to "show off" their new vocabulary by using the words in conversation or papers. I like that I was able to get the iPad app for free. The parent/teacher site takes a bit to get used to, but I like the detail.”
Amy C, Club Member
”I homeschool my son for his English course because he has some learning disabilities. I am NOT an English teacher and have found that teaching my son has presented many challenges for me. (The highest grade I ever taught was Kindergarten...I am constantly at a disadvantage to my middle school/high school children) Among other issues, my son has dyslexia and dysgraphia. In order for him to function in any classroom setting, he needs to have a computer/iPad to assist in writing down information. When I went about finding a vocabulary program, I immediately thought of the "Wordly Wise" series that my other children used in their prestigious private schools. I realized that I would need to purchase the materials, scan them in, convert them to the software that my son uses on his laptop, email him each page, have him complete the page, have him email it back to me, I would then have to "grade" the work, and then -- days later -- go over the work with him. I was ELATED to have found the WORDLY WISE 3000 ONLINE option. The price was way out of my budget but, because of my association with Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I was afforded the ability to offer my son this program. The are many benefits to having an online/interactive "workbook". As the parent/teacher the best is that my child/student has immediate feedback. Nothing makes my son more frustrated than having to go back and re-do yesterday's work...however, with the way that Wordly Wise 3000 is set up, one cannot advance until one has mastered that section. He does not feel like he is "going back...simply working through the day's activities. It has also eliminated many battles do to this feature! The program has taken all of the components that I loved about the exercises in the paper workbook and brought them to life. Additionally, we love the awards and charts that program gives out. It is also nice to be able to set individual goals, that I can easily change, for my son. I am SOOO grateful for this program. I even told my son's school about the program...”
Karen Berger, Club Member
”I like this product. This is the one that specifically fits to parents like me, who are the new immigrant and have no idea about the requirement of the vocabulary. Kids don't against this either, although the interface can be a little bit more easy-to-use.

I especially like the report that is sent to parents. Using this I can tract the kids' progress easily. I wish there can be a new function, which will send both kids and parents a list of words that need further practice.

I have already shared this with couple of my friends, will continue to use it.”
Jun, Club Member
”My son is in sixth grade and enjoying the Wordly Wise curriculum. He likes that it is an online curriculum. He has shown significant improvement from the pretests to the tests which indicates to me that he is indeed learning. One suggestion I have though is that somehow it needs to be required that the student read the passage before they are able to move on to the fill-in the blank portion of the lesson that follows it. My son discovered that he did not have to do this and was still doing well on that portion of the lesson. I realized that he was skipping it when he had a question on one of the problems that was easily solved by reading the passage. Even though this was a good lesson for him and me both, it is just a suggestion that this change perhaps could be implemented somehow.”
S. Young, Club Member
”We stumbled on Wordly Wise 3000 two years ago, when we were desperately needing something that would be most helpful to our son's low visual tracking disorder without him being conscious of his inability to read (without jumping over every other word) losing what little self confidence he had left, after pulling him from the public school system that was failing him terribly.

We wanted a mainstream education in homeschooling that would challenge him academically in language arts, but also fascinating enough for him to learn about the world around him. I wanted to utilize interactive computer skills and Wordly Wise 3000 had the most wonderful program!

Initially, each lesson finds out what vocabulary words your student presently understand. The main lesson passage allows the parent to pre-set the 'audio' option, so that the student can follow along with the highlighting words (tracking) while they are able to read along to the story line, but also listen along with the narrator. Giving our son the ability to strengthen his tracking muscles and auditory discrimination, and be able to fully comprehend the passage (without leaving out 50 percent of the context)... gave us a new confident boy who can read!

Our son knew the information presented him was 'smarter' than what he was offered in the public school system. It engaged him, and he would talk about the lesson after he completed it, as if he had read a book about it.

Each lesson is broke down to be ether digested in little steps throughout the week or can be done in it's entirety. (I recommend breaking it up in the beginning, depending on your child's workload.) It can seem to be a bit daunting to complete a whole lesson all at one time to a new student. However, I seen the benefits of completing the entire lesson in one day to immerse our son and keep him 'in' the lesson rather than to try and 'remember' the details of it throughout the week.

The advantages that Wordly Wise 3000 gave our son were astounding. Isaac (and Mom!) learned all sorts of fascinating history during each passage lesson. The vocabulary words were fantastic. All in all it was a very informative, challenging, and fun to complete the crossword puzzle in the end!!

To take advantage of each lesson, I took the vocabulary words and presented those words as his new spelling words for the week as a reinforcement.

This year I wanted to try the Wordly Wise 3000 Science and Social Studies curriculum (that is offered as an add on to the Wordly Wise foundation) It has proven to be a great success. Our son LOVES what he is learning.

For the cost, we have an outstanding language arts, science and social studies curriculum for less than $80 for the entire year. There are teacher and student helps; and we can access higher grade levels when he has completed his current level, at no additional charge.

When buying the Science and Social Studies add on's, I seen that the topics in a lower level would greatly appeal to our son... so I asked if we could begin at that level. No problem!

You will get fascinating passages, awesome vocabulary reinforcement, terrific comprehension, and mainstream structure. But most of all a reformed child who loves learning, who has learned to take charge of his own progress.

Of all the curriculum I have personally used, or reviewed, there isn't one comparable. This is a power-packed choice for years to come for our child. We are excited to learn all that Wordly Wise 3000 and Wordly Wise Science and Social Studies will offer us.

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this wonderful curriculum. Thank you Wordly Wise 3000 for giving my child a new love for education. Thank you both for helping this Mom make school fun, but importantly to offer a class A curriculum to my child.”
LuAnn, Club Member
”Thanks so much. A great vocabulary program!!”
Denise, Club Member
”We love this product! My 5th, 6th and 9th graders really enjoy the online program and no longer dread vocabulary. The software is very user friendly and easy for the kids to use on their own. If a word is unfamiliar, they can simply have the narrator pronounce it to make sure they learn the correct pronunciation. We have already recommended this online version to our homeschool friends and we will definitely continue using it in the future. :)”
Rena Gatrell, Club Member
”I had just asked my daughter last night how she felt about Wordly Wise. She said it was WAY better than using a book. Well, that makes it worth the purchase price for me! I like how the program has the student thinking in several ways about the word meaning. Last week, during a regular conversation, my daughter used one of her vocabulary words. Whoa! That has never happened before! I definitely plan to continue using this for the remainder of her high school years.”
Cindi L., Club Member
”Already impressed by the text version of Wordly Wise 3000, I was looking for an online solution that my older children could use independently. We are homeschooling five children, and I felt that I could not keep up with correcting everyone's work. My older children can complete Wordly Wise on their own, while I'm involved in something else. Worldly Wise is more than a vocabulary list. It gives the student and opportunity to use the words and gain familiarity interactively. I especially like the tools available to parents to monitor the progress of their children. My boys have no complaints either.”
Jeff K., Club Member
”I've used WW for 2 of my 3 boys and have been most pleased. I will definitely have my youngest son eventually use it as well. My middle son is dyslexic and this has helped in building his vocabulary and understanding of words without the tearful issues we've dealt with in the past concerning his writing struggles.”
Sharon F., Club Member
”One of the first things our family was blessed to have recommended to us when we first started our journey of home schooling was Wordly Wise.

I have enjoyed it all the way! I can not say enough good stuff about it! Not only is it vocabulary building, but English stuff also, some start to foreign language(depending on level), along with good history/science stuff.

My real struggle with it all came with our youngest begin his reading. It became clear he struggled, it is hard for him.

So, I had no idea how I was going to introduce Wordly Wise to him. I will not lie and say it has been an easy journey, it hasn't. I did purchase the kindergarten and 1st grade stuff, but it was still a struggle. If a child can't read Wordly Wise is a challenge. I do believe it can be a great help to those who struggle with reading, but how does one do it if you can't read well?

I had no clue how I was going to be able to get him involved in Wordly Wise. When the email came to my inbox and I could afford to get wordly wise for him in this way, it was a MAJOR, MAJOR answer to prayers.

If anyone has ever had a child struggle with reading, well it is HARD! In the end all four of our children do wordly wise online and it has made it so much easier for them!

We have another child that struggles also with reading and didn't know how much he was struggling with getting his wordly wise done. Now it is so easy and he is getting it!!!!

Thank you, Thank you!

Also, because of the ease of it all, the children can do two levels in one year, so in the end the expense can be seen as very reasonable. Just a thought!

Thank you again!!!!!”
AB in Illinios, Club Member
”We recently purchased the online version of Wordly Wise. So far, my kids do not love it but I do. I LOVE that my second grader and my sixth grader who are both dyslexic are independent and challenged with this program. The online version has an audio version so that if you do not know what the word says, you can hear it. In fact, everything can be read for you if you need it! You set the level which is nice as well. So far, I plan to use it again next year too!
The kids' only complaint is that each lesson is laid out exactly the same. Other than that, they each can easily get onto the program through our tablet's app and move through the lessons independently.”
Sharon, Club Member
”We cannot say enough about this program!! Our son is at a 1st/2nd grade level with homeschooling. He struggles with language and speech. This program has the perfect mix of familiar words to make him feel successful and more challenging words to help his vocabulary grow. The repetition he receives in each step of the individual levels really helps with both comprehension and retention.

Our daughter is an advanced learning and this program enables her to work quickly and grow her vocabulary at the rapid rate she needs to stay engaged. Love wordly wise!!!”
LisaM, Club Member
”We had heard so many amazing things about Wordly-Wise from our Homeschool Co-op that we decided to try it out. My son, who is in 8th grade is not only learning the vocabulary words, he remembers them and has begun using the new words on a daily basis. Although we have not used it for long, this is definitely a program we plan to continue. I would not hesitate to recommend this to others.”
Callie M., Club Member
”My 4th grader started using the Wordly-wise books about a year ago. We just switched to the on-line lessons. A world of difference. I no longer have to assign and correct his work. Just a couple of clicks and I can check his progress. Highly recommend.”
gh, Club Member
”My son has been able to do vocabulary in a way that he finds both interesting and worthwhile through the Wordly-Wise 3000 program online. He has used it both on the computer and his iPad, and it has been very helpful to assist him in building his vocabulary painlessly! I would recommend this program!”
Cindy W., Club Member
”I love Wordly-Wise online! It makes it so much easier on me not to have to plan and teach another subject; they can just get on and do it entirely on their own. They love it, too, we'll definitely continue to use this year after year!”
Amy Y., Club Member
”This program has worked well for my son. I like how they break down the lesson into several pieces to be done over days. It is great how they review older lessons to help with retention. My son enjoys printing out the certificates after he finishes a unit. Great price! Highly recommend.”
Kristen, Club Member
”My children are twins both being homeschooled and in 7th grade. We started at level seven and it was too difficult so I moved them to level five. They are at 7th grade level in all their other subjects including math so I'm not sure if it's because they are truly behind in vocabulary or if the program is especially difficult. That being said, they are really enjoying Wordly Wise And doing a fantastic job at it. We plan on continuing year after year through high school.”
Debi Johnston, Club Member
”If you are wondering whether to buy this, the answer is yes. Great product that will let a student be self sufficient and engaged. I only pay for three websites and this is one of them.”
EG, Club Member
”I purchased this program for my three children and they absolutely love it! We have used the Wordly-Wise 3000 books in the past. My kids have ipads and love the Wordly Wise 3000 apps. I will definitely be using this program again next year! I would highly recommend this program.”
Lelliott, Club Member
”We switched to this online version instead of doing the workbooks. My daughter (4th grade) loves the online version! The graphics and sounds are nice motivation/reward. I really like how easy it is to see and hear the words/definitions whenever the student needs help. My daughter is much more independent with the online version. I also really like being able to check her progress and make changes in the amount of exercises we do per day according to her comprehension. We look forward to continuing to use this in our homeschool.”
Heidi L., Club Member
”My second grader loves using Wordly Wise. I love hearing him ask me if I know what certain words mean that he learned about in his lesson. The best part, since he can access Wordly Wise on his Kindle, is he will "play" Wordly Wise on his own. Finally, I really like that with purchasing a year's worth of access to Wordly Wise, my son can access different grade levels. Definitely going to purchase Wordly Wise again(and again)!”
Becky B, Club Member
”I love this program. I have been using this with my boy with autism and it has helped his comprehension to a large extent. I am very impressed about how well structured this program is and I am considering adding in the Social studies as well. Being a special educator, I think this program targets different areas, and adheres to common core.
Thank you to Homeschoolbuyers for helping us use this program.”
Bindu Menon, Club Member
”I am very happy with our addition of Wordly-Wise to our homeschool routine. My 7th grader logs in independently and completes the vocabulary and enjoys it! I know that when intellectual recognition occurs, it means learning it really happening! The vocabulary words are being weaved into every day use- and I love it!
I strongly recommend Wordly-Wise!”
Kelly J, Club Member
”This program was recommended by his homeschool teacher. Decided to go with the Online version since my son dislikes reading. Wanted to give him a reading break. At first he was over whelmed. But we stuck through it. The first lesson he complained. After lesson two he got the hang of it. It starts off with a pre test he usually scores pretty low. By the final test his score is 80-90 percent. It is great program. It will make sure the child knows the meaning of the words. In many different ways. My son is 10. Give it a try you won't regret it. I also use the app on my ipad.”
M.Martinez, Club Member
”We are in love with this online version of Wordly-Wise-3000. My 9th, 7th and 5th grader are challenged more than ever before to learn their words. They are more consistent with the sentences because they are not finished with the chapter until all the activities are done. I have a couple of struggling readers and the option to have the words or full passages read has been a life saver for some of our long days.

As a teacher I love that the work is graded and I can go back in and see where there was any trouble.”
S. Hamner, Club Member
”I purchased the WW-3000 on the advice of a friend. My Second grader absolutely loves this program! Everyday, he wants to work on the 'English class on the computer' and will patiently work through his lessons. The lessons are neither too hard nor too easy for him. I highly recommend this program for vocabulary building.”
Tolu O., Club Member
”Great resource. My kids are not very strong with vocabulary. This tool makes learning vocabulary a lot more fun! I highly recommend it.”
Melinda C, Club Member
”We have been using this program for our 5th grader and we are loving it. I appreciate how the program keeps him motivated and moving on to the next task. It's a positive experience for us and I believe my son's vocabulary is growing much stronger everyday.”
carrie, Club Member
”Wordly Wise Online has worked well for us. I like the varied activities which present the words in different ways and really promote understanding and not just memorization. This program also promotes independence. Love the deal that we got through Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
T. Anderson, Club Member
”My son has really enjoyed using the Wordly Wise online. No more writing by hand, and if he chooses, he can have everything read to him. I have been very pleased with it!!

The only con I need to share is that for my very impulsive child, he is quick to click on answers without really thinking it through... just to get it done. The positive side to that, is that the program makes him re-do the lesson until he gets a certain percentage right!”
Erika Bond, Club Member
”I love Wordly Wise online!! It is very effective in engaging my kids attention, and retention, much more so than the written workbooks. There is immediate feedback and the child cannot move forward until the correct answer is given. This really increases the level of learning in my opinion. Five stars for sure.”
Ellen in Baton Rouge, Club Member
”I was introduced to Wordly-Wise 3000 Online by the same homeschooling friend who recommended I join Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I am so grateful to her for both! I had used Wordly -Wise printed materials previously and had positive results. The idea of a program that I was familiar with, along with the added bonus of online teacher resources, including grading, record keeping, audio features and so much more, at the incredibly low price offered by the Co-op was too good to pass up. This program allows me to focus on other portions of their curricula, as the scoring and recording of lesson activities and tests is done for me. My homeschooling children are in grades 5, 7, and 9 and they are all eager to complete their Wordly-Wise Online each day and we've already seen great results from pre-test, at the beginning of each lesson, to the post-test at the end of the lesson. The passage portion of the lesson is usually full of interesting information and my sons really enjoy the reading. They (my three sons) have even incorporated much of what they're learning into their regular vocabulary. I love that broadening their vocabularies is actually enjoyable! We will continue to use a Wordly-Wise 3000 Online as long as it is available to us.”
Maribeth W., Club Member
”Wordly-Wise 3000 Online is an awesome educational tool for vocabulary. 3 of my children are currently using it and they enjoy it. I am extremely pleased with it and will continue to use it for years to come.”
Katia D., Club Member
”We both love WW3000 online! I love the computer grading and progress reports - less hassle for me and accountability for my child. He loves the audio enhancements and not having to write! He can progress quicker and learn as effectively with the ease of computer aided learning.”
Mrs. Reaves, Club Member
”When your child can understand a term in context, you know meaning has been ingrained. Wordly Wise helps with this goal immensely.”
Stacey, Club Member
”My 11 year old has had great success with Wordly-Wise-3000-Online. The vocabulary words are presented in several different ways naturally committing the definition to memory. No writing the definition on paper and no rout memorizing. The best part - my child likes to do it. So happy I found this!”
Cindy V., Club Member
”I have 5 children homeschooling. I'm always looking for learning material the kids enjoy because if they enjoy it they will work on it. They are all working on WW3000. They enjoy it greatly and they are learning so many words that were new to me. So, I'm learning with them. I will continue with this program as long as they are home schooled.”
Emily Y., Club Member
”We are using wordly wise 3000 for 3rd and 6th grade. My children love it! It is one of their favorite subjects to do-in fact they tend to do more than one lesson at a time just because they enjoy it so much. I love that it is on the computer and an area they can do all on their own. We use the words they learn for spelling tests each week also. We will definetly use this next year.”
Kathy B, Club Member
”We are loving Wordly-Wise 3000 Online! My son is just starting 3rd grade and is on a much higher reading level. I wanted to give him something to encourage and challenge his vocabulary but I did not want to give him another worksheet to fill out. WW is something he enjoys doing on the computer and asks daily if he can do it! It's something he looks forward to. We will continue to use it for years to come and spread the word to other families looking to add some vocabulary fun into their routine.”
Michelle Brownell, Club Member
”The ease of the product has allowed for seamless implementation. We have used the books before but they require parental checking and that time lapse results in frustration. I print the list and do oral pop-quiz spelling and vocab to ensure long term understanding and retention is about 87%. She loves to pop a new word she's learned into our daily conversations. Thanks.”
T. Matos, Club Member
”My son and I love Wordly Wise 3000 Online! He uses the iPad app, which makes it very convenient. One of the best features, in my opinion, is everything can be read aloud to my son with the push of a button, if he chooses. I have a first grader that isn't yet reading, but I know he will be able to use this next year completely independently because he doesn't have to be able to read to use it. I love that we have access to every level. This is our first time using a vocabulary curriculum and my oldest is in the fifth grade, but I started him at second grade level to make sure he didn't miss anything. He is allowed to complete as many levels as he can in one calendar year. The price can't be beat; the workbook and teacher book combination for one level would cost more than the online subscription for one year with unlimited levels, through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We will definitely be renewing our subscription when this year is up. I saved money and he is learning so much! Thank you for this amazing service you provide to homeschool families.”
T. Wren, Club Member
”This has turned out to be a very good spelling and vocabulary class. It is all self-guided and there is no way to rush through the layers of practice between pre and post-test (online version, that is), so kids get a thorough lesson each week. The words are quite difficult and varied, and I like how it pushes my son. He is now getting A's & B's, whereas rushing through spelling with an old fashioned paper list he would miss nearly half the words. Plus, you can add-on science words, but we really haven't had time for the extra since the "regular" program is already so strong!”
Marcia, Club Member
”This has been a good addition to our home schooling this year. My 7th grade son is weak in the areas of vocabulary and reading comprehension. This program is not easy but I believe it does a good job. I work in the public school, where they use Wordly Wise 3000 workbooks in the high school English classes, and they are challenging to the public school kids too. I have found it easy, as the teacher, to find what I need (such as grades, settings, etc..) and make changes. We began in Level 7 and, after deciding my son wasn't ready for it, we went back and changed to Level 6. This was a painless process and extremely easy. I combine this with Spelling City (using the WW 3000 weekly word list) and they work great together. I wish they had a word list that was broken down by lesson, rather than the entire level being alphabetized on one page, but that is my only (very small) complaint. I believe it was a great purchase. My son liked the idea at first, then he didn't like it when he realized how challenging it was. Since, I backed it down to an appropriate level, he is better with it. I think he sees that this is going to help him, even though it isn't his favorite thing to do. I will continue to use this this year and possibly all through school.”
Melanie M., Club Member
”I've used the WW books w/ my teen son the last 4 years. Their word lists are great & I've been delighted to hear him slip new words into his working vocab from time to time. He is a very reluctant learner though & often was lazy or sloppy in completing the workbooks. I've tried some other online classes, and he has been totally turned off by the condescending voice "rewards" whenever you get something right. Switching to WW3000 Online has been great! He is still getting the same great word lists & thoughtful exercises but w/o the more labor intensive workbooks. Another perk is that we've been able to move thru the lessons more quickly. Very pleased we made this purchase!!”
Peg, Club Member
”Love the WW online...I have two homeschoolers that have been doing WWonline since be began homeschooling 1 1/2 yrs ago. They were behind in their reading and both have mild to moderate dyslexia. The online format offered tons of repetition and instant feedback. I was also doing Accelerated reader and tested them before and after the year's end. One daughter went up 3grade levels based on reading books every day and 1 WW lesson weekly. The other, doing the same format improved 1.5 grade level. what is great is I was able to begin them in WW online at the grade level they were reading at and could progress as they progressed without paying for 2-3 more paper books.”
kris K, Club Member
”We LOVE our Wordly-Wise Subscription. It makes adding vocabulary into our day seamless. My kids love incorporating their new words into our day to day routine. It has opened a significant number of questions and discussions that have lead to fun learning. I am so happy with this curriculum decision!”
Heidi C, Club Member
”I have two boys, grades 8 and 10, using the online Wordly Wise 3000. Both of my boys love it! My 8th grader actually works on his Wordly Wise because he wants to instead of because he was told to!! He loves doing work on the computer. My 10th grader is a very independent learner and usually scorns programs on the computer as they take longer than if he just taught himself with a book. But after buying this program for my younger boy and showing it to my 10th grader- asking him if he would like it - he said it looked pretty good, to go ahead and buy it for him also. He loves it!

I do need to add- this app does not work well over a cellular connection. You will constantly get kicked off and lose any work done before end of a section. On the other hand, it works fine over cellular if you use it in conjunction with a personal hot spot. Of course, it works fine anywhere wi-fi is available.

Even though the online version is like 3 or 4 times as much as the book itself - my boys are having fun learning their vocab, so less stress on me! Can't ask for more than that! I will be buying it again next year!”
Stephanie A, Club Member
”My 8th grade son uses Wordly Wise 300 Online this year. This is our first time using it, and we are pleased. He can go at his own pace. If he forgets the definition of a word, clicking on it will bring up the definition right away. This feature is a time-saver, since you don't have to flip back and forth between pages in the book version. I will definitely use this product again.”
Monica L., Club Member
”Love this program!!! both my boys normally use the book form but I decided to buy this for them to try. They love it. My son's are 9th and 11th grade and they love that it is all done on the computer at their pace. I don't have to worry about pacing them, the program does it.”
Karen Culpepper, Club Member
”I ordered this program recently and three of my children (ages - 8,10 & 12) started using it. They love it! It is so wonderful to hear, "I learnt that word in my vocabulary study, Mom!". My kids have been using new words a lot and I don't have to put any time into it. I have a lot on my plate with homeschooling them and so when they are able to do some work independent of me it is wonderful. Especially, when they are loving it too! Thanks homeschool buyers co-op, I wouldn't have this opportunity without you!”
E.Brost, Club Member
”This is brilliant! The best vocabulary program I've found. I had presumed our 9 year old had a good vocabulary, based on another program we were using but we were mistaken! This program is easy to use and child can do it themselves. It's amazing value too. 10 out of 10!”
Jo, Club Member
”We like this program for several reasons:
the words are correctly pronounced,
the student has to master each section before moving on to the next,
it saves me time as a mom of 3 because I don't have to grade each assignment, yet my children are held accountable for the material by the program itself,
it was less expensive than purchasing the books,
each unit has a certificate that can be printed for your portfolio.
I told everyone in our local co-op about it!”
Christy J, Club Member
”I have loved Wordly Wise for years. But now my kids like it too. The online version is so much more beneficial to their true understanding of vocabulary. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for getting a great group buy on a wonderful product for our kids.”
Sherry Patton, Club Member
”Wonderful, engaging program! Works especially well if this isn't your child's favorite subject. The variety of games and graphics will hold their interest throughout the lesson. The program's instruction is easy to follow allowing the child to gain confidence and promote independent learning.”
Christi B., Club Member
”I like the ease of it and my daughter does as well.”
Kristena, Club Member
”This program keeps my easily distracted son engaged. He enjoys the vocabulary and the interesting stories.”
South Jersey Mom, Club Member
”I was so excited to see that Wordly Wise 3000 had an online version, but when I called the company, I found out that there was not a version currently available to homeschoolers. (Insert sad face) But the lady mentioned homeschool buyers co-op has rights to it, so I came and checked it out. I am so las that I did!

I have three children working on their spelling and vocabulary with our favorite program, all online, with an easy to use online portal. I can keep up with all of their grades, assign lessons, and even go into each lesson on my own computer. It is worth every penny!”
Lili M, Club Member
”Love this program. My daughter is progressing through the program with no complaints. It has a good variety and is easy to use. Would highly recommend.”
Pam E., Club Member
”I purchased this program for my 2nd and 4th grader and it has been a huge asset for our family. The reading skills my younger one has developed just by working through the program are quite impressive, and my daughter loves doing the lessons. They both look forward to the online time with World Wise and I value the education they are receiving during their lessons. Highly recommend this product.”
Nina, Club Member
”I could not put into words how much I like this program!! My girls(4th,3rd, and even 1st grades) like it as well...not as much as I do! The girls are challenged but not over their heads. They get excited when they are able to use the words they are learning...appropriately. So many varieties of lessons. It is worth the money and the time!!”
Stacey S., Club Member
”This is the first vocabulary product we have used. My daughter (now 14) is a writer. I prepare vocabulary cards for her based on words (she doesn't know) from the books we read. As we haven't been curriculum users nor test takers, it took a while to get accustomed to the program. She likes using it. For the words she doesn't know, she feels it helps her learn them easily. I like the way previous vocabulary words are used throughout the exercises. We also enjoy the readings. The downside for homeschoolers is the over-use of the "school" setting for the example sentences. My daughter has completed one level and plans to continue on to the final 2 levels.”
Joya Matheus, Club Member
”We have used the book version of Wordly Wise for a few years and love the program but were even more excited to see the subscription that we could use. For our family this resource has been wonderful as it provides the same quality we are used to but allows one child to have instant feedback while freeing the teacher up to work with another student. Thank you for developing this curriculum.”
Trish Garland, Club Member
”We love Wordly Wise 3000 Online. My 5th grader struggles with reading and we really needed to work on improving her vocabulary. This has been a great program and one that she enjoys.

We like that this product has the added ability of narrating the text, questions, and answer choices for her. We also like that we can choose to use the product on the computer or the iPad by using the downloadable app.”
Shelley B., Club Member
”I absolutely love this. I have three children, and this frees some of my time up. My one child is Autistic and comprehends things better when he hears its rather than reading it. This program offers that for us, and that is hard to find in a program. I like the weekly passage that I can count as a reading comprehension lesson as well and it helps them learn how to use the words they have learned differently. This is money well spent.”
Kim Mabe, Club Member
”My 9 year old now does her spelling without complaining! The online WW is such a great tool to help make spelling exercises more interesting! We love it!”
Bessie, Club Member
”This will be our third year using Worldly Wise 3000. The first year my two children ages 8 and 10, then 6 and 8 used the workbook format of Worldly Wise. I had not heard of the online version until our second year of using Worldly Wise. I gave the online version a try and I am very happy I did! My children very much enjoy using it and I am very pleased with the results I have seen in my children. I also like the fact that as your child progresses, you can skip them to the next grade level and keep moving through the lessons. It is structured to be used once per week, however, your child can accelerate at a quicker pace, if you want to complete the lessons and move to the next grade level. I intend to continue using this product as an addition to our homeschooling curriculum.”
Erica Reed, Club Member
”I am using the online Wordly Wise for two of my children. It has been working out great. I was aware of their books, but online is so much easier to use and keep track of the progress. It's a great product.”
Niraj S, Club Member
”We love Wordly-Wise-3000 online. We have tried several other vocabulary resources and this is our favorite. We have recommended WW3000 to others looking for a great vocabulary curriculum.”
Stephanie M., Club Member
”Wordly Wise has been a great purchase for our family. My son has been progressively challenged in his vocabulary skills. One of my favorite features is the manner in which it teaches the different meanings of the same word. I also appreciate the way it uses different approaches to test their understanding. It is very thorough and easy for my child to navigate.”
Lisa, Club Member
”Worldly Wise 3000 Online has been very helpful to my son because the physical nature of writing is difficult for him. By studying these words online and not having to write out the assignments works well.

I like the way the words are presented and reviewed. I also appreciate the fact that missed words are reviewed until learned, something that was harder to do with the workbook version.

The graphics are good and the audio enhances the learning process, especially for students who have reading difficulties. My son really benefits from hearing the sentences and words read to him while he reads along.

The cost was good through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I would buy this product again. Probably the most important factor in that decision is that my son, who doesn't like school all that much, likes this program.”
Sandee R., Club Member
”My 8yr old 3rd grader with ADHD has been a struggling reader for the past year. A homeschooling consultant and a 3 homeschooling parents recommended we try Wordly-Wise in book form. At this point in time she hates reading and will not spontaneously pick up a book or read for enjoyment. She loves computers so we decided to try Wordly-Wise 3000 online. When we 1st started with it, I found it to be a little challenging for her. After a month of using it, I asked her what she thought of it on a scale of 1-10, 1 being hating it and a 10 loving it, she rates it a "10". She enjoys doing it and likes the short reading passages. It has helped increase her vocabulary and is very interesting and educational. We are using it as a supplement to our Language Arts and will continue to use it next school year. We haven't tried any other products like this to compare it to. Wordly-Wise is easy to use and requires little to no parental supervision. At this time, I cannot think of anything I would change except perhaps increasing the length of the reading passages. Over all it was an excellent purchase and I recommend it to others who have children who enjoy working on the computer, need to increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension/fluency, and would like a product that can be used independently.”
Kim S., Club Member
”My girls read far above grade level, but I have worried about their vocabulary comprehension at times. Wordly Wise 3000 Online has been great because it provides an interactive way for them to work on their vocabulary. It's not just another workbook and they get instant feedback on whether they are right or wrong. They don't always look forward to doing their assignment, but often ask to keep going once they've started. (Sneaky and great how 'work' becomes fun, isn't it?)”
M. Walker, Club Member
”I think the online version is a great compliment to the print version. It takes many exposures to a word to cement that word in memory. By doing the online version as an interactive lesson which is discussed and corrected, etc. and then doing the written as an independent follow-up, I think all bases are covered. Some people might find this too much, but for me it works well.”
Nancy E., Club Member
”This program has helped my 8 year old son with his vocabulary. He has made leaps and bounds with his progress. We like using the online version much better than the workbooks.”
Amy B., Club Member
”I Love how thorough Wordly-Wise-3000-Online is for my son. He has Asperger's and can be difficult most of the time. But he's exceptional with words and correcting others if their definition is not EXACTLY as he thinks it should be. It can be exhausting to say the least.

Once I get him online, he falls in love, yes, falls in love, every time he does a lesson! The excitement he exhibits is wonderful to see on a daily basis!

I would encourage anyone and everyone to at least give it a try. The lesson content, for me, is fabulous and very thorough. He learned the other day about Martin Luther King. He came away learning a lot more than I think he would have gotten from me teaching him in lecture form.

It makes me want to take the class right along with him. Sometimes I have to catch myself getting too involved. My son will tell me, without hesitation, to go away and let him do his work, alone!!”
Natalie Almond, Club Member
”My 9 year old son loves this program! It's fun and allows him to review the words often, if need be. He worked steadily through level three and is on to level 4. A great bargain since he will be able to do more than one level for the year.”
Liliana F., Club Member
”This is our first year trying Worldly Wise online. We have used the workbooks before and found them helpful.

My 10 year old is doing well with the program. It has a feature where the child can have the sentences read out loud. She seems to like this, but I encourage her to try to read them to herself. It is useful though for struggling readers.

She is definitely learning new words. She will recognize her Wordly Wise words in other places now.

The program gives you 5 activities per unit, just like the book. It comes out a little lopsided though, with Day 1 and 5 being very long assignments, and the middle days being very short. But you can stop where you want and it saves your work, so we try to spread it out a little more evenly.

Another good feature is that it makes her go back and work on words that trouble her. I usually do all the exercises with her but when she needs to work alone, this is helpful because then I know she can't just skim through the problems. It will stop her when she misses something and have her work on it again.

Will we continue to use it? In years when we can afford the online version, we'll buy it. Other years, we'll return to the workbooks. Both are good products.”
Wendy M., Club Member
”I used the free version of Wordly-Wise for over a year. I thought if my 10-year daughter Nadia could hear the exact pronunciation, that is basically all she needed to master the word. After a year, I noticed she was not retaining the vocabulary as well as I wanted. The full version from Wordlywise was outside my budget but discovered the Homeschool Buyers Co-op website. I decided to join Homeschool Buyers Co-op and purchase the full version. What a difference! I especially found the reading exercise very helpful besides being interesting. I believe it strengthened Nadia's reading skill also. She enjoys this version of Wordly-Wisefar more than the free one. She spends about five hours a week using it. Nadia is a fifth grader and has done book 4 and 5. My goal is to have her complete books 6 and 7 before June. The long-term goal is to prepare for the SAT by mastering all the books before the 9th grade. I see Wordlywise as the best method for accomplishing this.

She has been using many of the words in conversation and writing. The only caveat is that you have to be serious to get results which seems common-sense. Wordly Wise is not magic; it requires discipline to get results, given that, it's a great value.”
Greg Miller, Club Member
”I bought this for my 3rd grade daughter, this not only helps her learning new words, but also helps her reading as well. Thanks so much for this great product with a great price!”
Mrs Yang, Club Member
”Wordly-Wise has greatly contributed to the expansion of my child's vocabulary. Each lesson is thoughtful and creative. Word meanings and usages are explored thoroughly. The interactive component helps embed the newly learned words into an active vocabulary usage. The program is flexible and user friendly. My son loves it and I highly recommend it.”
J. Bailey, Club Member
”I have a 14 year old reluctant reader, and I am so pleased with Wordly Wise! My son has enjoyed the online program, and is making great strides in his vocabulary. I hope to be able to keep him on the program all through High School, and will do so if the Co-op can continue with this affordable program. I have recommended this program to several friends!”
Roberta A., Club Member
”I absolutely would recommend worldly wise for homeschool parents wishing to increase their child's vocabulary. My 3rd grader enjoys the ease of the computer format and is learning without feeling Iike it is just more work. An avid reader we feel wordly wise will help her continue reading higher level books without frustration as it will enhance her vocabulary in that one area that has not kept up with her reading abilility. Highly recommend.”
Melissa T., Club Member
”As an ESL student,my daughter is definitly taking advantage of this product. With this product,she is totally able to learn by herself. I will surely continue to use it.”
W.Seok, Club Member
”My younger son is legally blind and an English Language learner. Having Wordly-Wise online available to us through the homeschool Buyers Co-op has proven to be a HUGE success for him. The ability to enlarge text through his computer as well as LISTEN to the words has not only eliminated the headache of text book work, it has allowed him to ENJOY learning new words. He gets a kick out of using his vocab words in conversations now! THANK you homeschool Buyers Co-op for helping us help him!!!”
Tricia : ), Club Member
”We loved WW3K in the workbook and we love WW3k online even more. I love it because it's one less thing I need to check and my son loves it because he likes to be on the computer! Thanks HSBC!”
Christie, Club Member
”This seems like a wonderful program for my daughter! She is not strong in vocabulary, so I started with a grade behind. I didn't want it to be to hard. I made the right choice. She is doing great and learning a lot. Out of all the programs we have tried I like this one the best!”
Tina F, Club Member
”This program has done wonders for my son's grades. He enjoys it because it makes his studying interactive. The program has great positive feedback when he gets the answers correct.”
Tonja, Club Member
”Our eighth grade sons verbal vocabulary has greatly increased since started wordly wise on line. He was bored with the book format. How've re loves the online lessons.”
Jean, Club Member
”I recently purchased this product and I love it! So does my son. It is a pleasure to see him sit down to do his work with enthusiasm. He is able to work independently and can do as much or as little of the lesson as he has time or attention for. The program is a joy for both of us.”
Marge Davies, Club Member
”I purchased WW 3000 online for my 15 yo son. We really liked the fact he could listen to any part that he had trouble comprehending... He is really enjoying the independence and is gaining confidence in his own skills.

I have also noticed him using "big" words in his conversations with me and happy to see him putting his new found knowledge to use.”
Jenese, Club Member
”Overall I am very happy with the Wordly Wise 3000 online product. My children, grades 4, 6 and 8, vastly prefer it over the book version and are definitely learning. My one concern is that it is a "dumbed down" version compared to the book. Less thinking is required as only a few choices are given rather than the complete word list. In the reading comprehension section the student no longer writes a response but selects the correct vocabulary word to fill in the blank. That said their vocabulary is growing and they like using it, so that counts for a lot. For that reason I will continue to use it.”
Clare RH, Club Member
”I love the word choices. I can already tell my kids are learning new words because they are using them in speech and writing.”
Beth H., Club Member
”My daughter hated learning vocabulary when too much physical handwriting was involved. She already wore her hand out doing math and spelling. I decided to give her hand a break with this online vocabulary program.

She loves it! No more complaining and whining about vocabulary. She's soaking up words at a fast pace now. This program has been a calming influence on our school day. We will use this program all the way through.”
P. Mathis, Club Member
”Before using the online version, my boys would skip parts of the lesson as they found it boring. I was always behind on grading and providing feedback to them. Now, with the online lesson - no skipping, they need their certificates and they receive INSTANT feedback on how they are progressing - AUTOMATICALLY. Love this new product, we will only use this option from now on!”
Sarah Jerome, Club Member
”This is a wonderful, enriching, self guided program that has helped my son with his reading and vocabulary. I like that the challenges are offered in a game like format, this helps keep him motivated and excited. We are very pleased with our purchase!”
abbyb, Club Member
”Very effective! My son really enjoys the format and likes that he can do one section at time, at his pace. Sometimes he does it all in 1 day or we spread it out during the week. We will definitely keep using this as part of our English lessons. Our only wish is that it would have spelling as well. Great program.”
Gwen S., Club Member
”We purchased the on-line edition of Wordly Wise this school year. We love it! My son can now do his vocabulary independently. He needs some help and instruction from me on words that he struggles with the different uses of the word or the different forms of the word itself. But, overall he is able to score high on his post-test by following the guided lessons on-line. We had used Wordly Wise paper format in the past and he needed a lot of attention from me with that. The on-line version helps him to stay focused and he completes his vocab on time now.”
LH, Club Member
”Good practice for my daughter. She already has a great vocabulary but this program provides reinforcement and she can do it independently.”
S. Heinrich, Club Member
”We have used Wordly Wise workbooks since the beginning of our homeschool journey. I was excited to see the program was being offered in a computer version. I love the way I can track my son's progress. No more grading for me! The computer does it all! Another bonus is that I can set the mastery level. If my son does not meet the mastery level I have set, the program will give him another chance. I also can see how many attempts it takes him to reach the goal. Wordly Wise 3000 online has made what can be a 'boring' subject exciting for my son.”
Nicole R., Club Member
”My seven year old loves this program. He says he likes it because he is having fun while learning.

As a parent, I have seen an increase in his vocabulary. I also really like that they don't let him move on until he fixes mistakes that he has made. Before Worldly-Wise-3000-online I was never truly satisfied with our homeschool language arts program. I continue to use Reading Eggs for my younger children and will have all of my children use Worldly-Wise-3000-Online once they advance.

Great Product!”
M. Gary, Club Member
”I love WW3K online because I know that my kids are actually learning their vocab words and have multiple ways of learning their words so all parts of learning are activated. I love that I can set the threshold of mastery so I can ensure they really master the words. I also love the feature master the meaning, a feature that allows the student to go back and relearn any words missed on an exam. I have heard many great things about WW in the past, but to experience it myself has been amazing!!! Do my kids like it....? That depends on whether they really are putting forth their best effort or if they are just trying to breeze through it. This program is great for the student that wants to breeze through the assignments with its multiple activities the student is unable to move forward until mastery of that activity is met. So to a lazy student, they will probably dislike this, but they WILL learn and eventually figure out that effort is needed. NO LECTURE NEEDED!!!!! I also love the fact that you as the parent/teacher can select the level that you feel is appropriate for your child and are not stuck with a level of vocab that is too difficult or too easy. I can't say enough about this product and I have only been using it for 2 months!!!”
Sarah Miles, Club Member
”Worldly Wise 3000 online is an excellent, affordable, educational program. It provides easy-to-follow teaching of vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension, along with some science, social studies, and/or geography offered through the reading selections. This one program covers a lot of ground and can blend over into other areas of study. Each lesson reinforces the student's knowledge and offers assistance when the student is confused or uncertain. We think Wordly Wise 3000 online is a terrific program and will continue to use it in our homeschool program!”
LP Harrison, Club Member
”This has been a great addition to the school day. My children love to use it.”
Kathi L., Club Member
”My 8-year old never complains about completing his Wordly Wise lesson. He often gets carried away and does more work than I require. Wordly Wise is working out well for us. He even uses the Wordly Wise vocabulary words when speaking.”
Hall, Club Member
”Our children are amazing us with interesting vocabulary during family mealtime talks. The program increases their vocabulary and, importantly, because the learning reinforcement is so good, our children have the confidence to use their new words in conversation. Our children are always keen to do their lessons online and they are learning loads just from the interesting text passages. We are impressed and are recommending Wordly Wise 3000 online to our Scottish friends.”
Alison from Scotland, Club Member
”Great product! My child is learning vocabulary and spelling happily and quickly. (Yes I said happily.)
We did like the hard copy of Wordly Wise. The online version is so much better because of the immediate feedback. It lets her work at twice the page. She claims she is "addicted" to the program. :)”
Michele, Club Member
”I cannot thank Wordly Wise enough. This wonderful product has made vocab such a joy for my 8 year old son. He was never mad on anything to do with English but now things have changed. It has given him confidence and shown him that learning vocab can be a whole lot of fun.”
Jacqueline, Club Member
”My daughter has been using Wordly-Wise 3000 Online now for 5 weeks. At first it was challenging but now she can navigate it and is excited to get all the word definition on the final test. The program not only helps her learn new words but it also helps her compose sentences, spelling, and typing skills. So in general we are quite happy with the program.”
C. Fritsche, Club Member
”This program has been a fantastic choice for us. It makes expanding vocabulary fun and clear, and our daughter has been eager to use it. Because it teaches the words in several different ways, the meanings really stick, making recall simple. A very effective program indeed.”
Abbi Waxman, Club Member
”As a first year homeschooling Mom I was pretty overwhelmed with picking out curriculum. I chose Wordly Wise 3000 Online because I was familiar with the WW book program and the reviews I read were all fantastic. I couldn't be happier, WW 3000 Online has been wonderful and my daughter enjoys it very much. Without a doubt I will continue to use the program.”
A. Conn, Club Member
”We have been using Worldly Wise books for the past 3 years and this is the first time we are trying the online program. I am already seeing a lot of difference in my daughter's attitude to studying the material. Earlier it was difficult to motivate her to study the word lists. This year the online program feels like playing a game to her and she actually looks forward to doing it. She sits and completes a whole lesson at one time, even if it takes 45 minutes to an hour. It would be impossible to make her do that just by expecting her to do the exercises out of the book. We are thoroughly impressed!”
Rita P, Club Member
”My 9 year old son LOVES WordlyWise. As the parent, I like that the reading not only introduces the new words in a clear, well written context, but provides historical and factual information. He s learning more than just new words.”
Theresa, Club Member
”My 13yo son loves learning new words and being on the computer, so Wordly Wise 3000 Online is a great fit for him. He likes the interactive features of the online version as well as the immediate feedback on how he's done.”
Lonette, Club Member
”Fantastic, easy to use, interesting and fun. So far the best Vocabulary lessons my 13 year old actually looks forward to doing.”
Wendy F, Club Member
”I am so happy to have found this program and also to have the online version! A vocab curriculum is essential. i find my children often skip over words they don't know when reading - they don't look them up in a dictionary! the words they have chosen are well thought out as are the activities. Some of the tests the students take are on the computer so this is excellent practice. Much better than flashcards. Reading and HEARING the words is so important for my daughter - i LOVE this program and so do my daughters!”
Sarah N, Club Member
”We really like this program. The different medium on the computer is refreshing for my kids, and their vocabulary is growing so much with this program.”
Maria, Club Member
”my 7 year-old son, who didn't like to read or anything else to do with words, loves this program. there is no argument to get him doing wordly-wise online. i love the interactive element of this program. the reports are great and really help my keep track of where he is doing well and still needs help. i would suggest this to anyone interested in giving your child a better understanding of words, their meanings and uses.”
Stef Walton, Club Member
”We have been using wordly wise for a few months now. It is much more user friendly than the paper edition for my visually challenged son. Having one question on the screen has helped him tremendously.”
R. Hootsell, Club Member
”I really LOVE this for my dyslexic child. It maximizes her strengthens and it is one of very few language Arts assignments she enjoys. I think the reading passage sections are great practice for standardized tests.”
Jenifer L, Club Member
”I love the convience of World-Wise-3000-Online. It helps my kids be independent with their school work and the audio feature is perfect for my audio learners. I would highly recommend this product. We have used the workbook version for years but this is much easier to use.”
Peggy Dalley, Club Member
”We have found Wordly-Wise-3000 Online to be a good program. It provides the same words as in the book. My child prefers online activities versus pencil and paper so she is getting the same exposure to the words in a format that she likes. I like that she can work independently without assistance. She completes one lesson in a sitting. I would prefer she breaks it up over a week to reinforce the words so I just tell her stop halfway through the lesson. It has a lesson meter on top which tells her that she has completed half of it. It has a short review after 3 lessons. Additional review created by the parent probably should be done to ensure the kids learn the words and are able to use them in their vocabulary.”
Chris A, Club Member
”I absolutely love this program. It is very helpful and provide the multi sensory interaction I was looking for. The only improvement would be to make it so when children log out they can start where they left off.”
Len, Club Member
”My kids love the interactive nature of doing their Wordly Wise assignments online, and I love that they get instant feedback when they make a mistake. I also love that it tracks their progress and scores for me. BONUS! That makes one less thing for me to grade. I think the instant feedback makes a big difference in how much they get out of using the material and retain long-term. I wish it weren't quite so expensive, but vocabulary expansion has long-term benefits, and I think it was worth it.”
Kelly Burgess, Club Member/TOS Review Crew Member
”My daughter loves the program. Every time she learns new words.”
Mgami, Club Member
”During my 19 years of homeschooling my children, I've tried numerous approaches to vocabulary building. Now, with my last child at home, I finally found the perfect vocabulary curriculum! Immediately after beginning the WordlyWise 3000 online, my 12-year-old daughter started incorporating the new words into her conversations. Here is what she wrote about her new vocabulary lessons:
I like Wordly Wise 3000 because it really challenges me and has words that are good ones to know and are interesting. I also like how you get four study games that are fun. I actually like the tests because you learn something besides words, like about Dodo birds or old Indian tribes.”
Laura Gough, Club Member
”Worldly Wise 3000 Onlne is the best vocabulary program I ever experienced. I was very familiar with the Wordly Wise because it was used at my older son's private school as part of their curriculum using their workbooks. To my pleasant surprise, Wordly Wise has put their workbook series on a software program that is used on a computer. My younger son has a real hard time with focus and workbooks do not work for him. Most of his homeschooling work is completed via a computer so this was has worked out splendidly to say the least. I honestly don't think my younger son would have been able to use the workbooks because they are time intensive with a lot of writing and that may work out better for others so it just depends. When I read this was available online, I immediately ordered it and the non-workbook version has been a perfect fit for my "techie" type son. The program itself has always been outstanding and I am so thankful they expanded from their workbooks. I can say with confidence, your child will know all the meanings of all those words by the end of each session. It has many steps the student goes through, for example, one would be matching the word to them meaning, the next step would be matching up the correct sentences and another step would be reading the story and filling in the appropriate words in the story. It is time consuming to finish the entire lesson but I prefer my child to take longer time and make sure he knows the meanings before moving on to the next lesson. The system remembers the words you have got wrong and will continue to quiz you until you get them correct. Amazing vocabulary program that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a extremely thorough program.”
Joann O., Club Member
”Simple to use. No technical problems at all. My kids do it independently without complaining & that saves me lots of time & stress. It's self-grading with plenty of reinforcement if they get stuck. They go at their own pace. At the end of each lesson, kids can print out a certificate of completion which is nice to collect for their portfolios - and periodic reviews. The words are useful. To me, it's spelling & vocab in one. I also like that you can adjust grade levels at any time depending on what your child needs. We will definitely keep using it next year.”
Stephanie C., Club Member
”Our daughter is gifted. We found out by testing that her vocabulary was inadequate. Worldly Wise was recommended to us by the Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youth. We have found Wordly Wise to be an excellent program. Our school finds Wordly Wise too expensive to buy, so having Wordly Wise availalbe to us is priceless.”
William Conway MD, Club Member
”We were using the workbooks at home, with little enthusiasm I might say, until we decided to try it online so it would free me up to teach other subjects. Vocabulary is "fun" now. It gave them something they could do on their own. Students are happy and teacher is happy. What a winning combination.”
D. Cross, Club Member
”My daughter has been struggling with reading comprehension for a few years. As a fourth grader, we knew that she needed to increase her vocabulary and hoped that this would help her with her comprehension. We have been so pleased with her progress! Having the program read to her helps her track words correctly and the puzzles/exercises help her decipher and build her vocabulary. We used to use another online program, but she became so frustrated and would cry every lesson. No more tears, just smiles and learning. Thank you for offering this service.”
Amy K., Club Member
”My grade 7 son is loving this program, it is often one of the first things on his list for the day to be completed. He is hopeful of completing the grade 7 and 8 programs in one year.”
busymumjo, Club Member
”When we first used Wordly Wise we had only the books. The kids would really dread doing them. I thought they were great. Even better now is the online version. They now usually finish the whole lesson in one sitting instead of breaking it up. It's now something they don't mind doing, even want to do.

In the book it was required of the student to write complete sentences to answer questions. Now they only need to write the vocab word. Maybe as they grow older this improves. (My eldest is in 6th).

I like how the vocabulary words are presented in different ways to reinforce their meaning. One thing I wish it also did was go over root words.”
R. Allred, Club Member
”My daughter is really embracing the Wordly Wise 3000. She was resisting the workbook that we also purchased through Wordly Wise. It was a great book but it took us longer to complete the lessons. With the online version we breeze through lessons. I also get instant feedback, which is great for me and my daughter.”
Gwen P, Club Member
”This is a great vocabulary program. It is comprehensive and ensures the students really learn the words they are taught. It is very easy to use.”
N. Tiffany, Club Member
”My 6th grade son loves using the online version of Wordly Wise. We had purchased the workbook initially, but he would always complain when I assigned it. With the online option, he quickly moves through the assignments without complaint and all the grading is completed for me. That's a win-win situation!!!”
Amy R., Club Member
”This is Wordly - Wise only better. My children enjoy the program and the instant feedback and correction is wonderful. I highly recommend this online program.”
Margaret G., Club Member
”GREAT!!! ave finally found a great program for using vocabulary words in several different ways. I will continue using Wordly Wise from now on! My son has enjoyed it as well.”
Rebecca, Club Member
”My kids took Worldly Wise at the Charter School they attended and they loved it. This version since it's online gives them same benefit without the books. Depending on the child, they might like or they might not due that factor. We are also doing flash cards with every set of words to incorporate the actual writing part of it. It's a great product, I hope we keep it!”
Wafa A., Club Member
”This is a wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum. My daughter really enjoys the computer version. We have used the books for years (which are great), but it's exceptional to be able to do it all by computer. Please continue to make this available!”
Gail H., Club Member
”Wow ! This is a great fun way to increase your child's vocabulary. I have also been learning new words and meanings. I have a 9th grader and 7th grader that both love when it is their turn on the computer to do their Wordly-Wise program.”
Debra, Club Member
”This has been one of the most helpful products I have ever purchased! My 5th grader loves this program and the ability to do it on the computer is wonderful. This is a MUST for our homeschool.”
K. Johnson, Club Member
”I just wanted to let you know how wonderful worldly wise has proved for my son who has a language based disability and in grade 6. With this program he can independently do his work, learn some awesome vocabulary and feel great about himself. I plan to buy this program until he reaches grade 12.”
Shabnam Mithani, Club Member
”My son disliked the text Wordly Wise but since using the online program looks forward to it now. I appreciate the audio avaliablity of the program since my son does need the extra audio input. He IS learning more words as this has been difficult for him. He had Auditory Processing Disorder, so his language art skills are below average. I enjoy watching him achieve more and he feels good about his own learning. I believe WW is making this happen in the Vocabulary Dept.”
Paula J., Club Member
”My 11 year old is pretty fussy about what she likes and doesn't like, but she likes this program. I like that you can select whichever grade you want. She and I looked at the list of words and figured out which grade to start at. She's advanced and she felt she already knew most of the words for 6th grade, so we started with 7th grade. She's done about 6 lessons so far and will continue to do one lesson a week. I'm very happy with it so far.”
Rebecca M., Club Member
”Really appreciate this format of Wordly Wise! Perfect for my daughter who has tried the book format but found it overwhelming. The computer version was more user-friendly, even though the exercises accomplished the same purposes.”
Steph P., Club Member
”I was first introduced to WW 3000 by the head of elementary education at a large Christian Montessori school. They use the program at all levels.

I purchased it with the extra scientific language pack and have been extremely happy with the results. Not only is my child learning advanced vocabulary quickly, but she is also learning through the presentations that use the words which are themselves mini lessons on a wide variety of topics.

I highly recomend this program.”
Marcus S., Club Member
”This product has been a great fit for our needs-we needed grammar, vocabulary and spelling. The online format reduced the need for writing and the lay-out is "tidy" so it does not overwhelm my children who have vision and motor challenges. There is also audio-support which helps.”
Lisa, Club Member
”My 16 year old daughter gives it two thumbs up. Her vocabulary has increased, as she likes using the new words she's learned. She appreciates the thoroughness of the program.”
M. A., Club Member
”We have been using Wordly Wise for a little over a month now and we are absolutely delighted with it. I love that we have access to ALL levels during our year subscription. It is extremely user friendly for both parent and child!”
C. Bashara, Club Member
”We have been using Wordly Wise 3000 in workbook form for several years. I decided to try the online subscription this year to cut down on my teacher workload and also to help my youngest child, who is a struggling reader. I have been so pleased with the results! All of my kids look forward to doing vocabulary because it is fun on the computer. My struggling reader has utilized the audio feature instead of me having to sit next to her and read it all. Best of all, she has gained confidence in her reading and her enhanced vocabulary and is doing so well with the program. I love the self-correcting features so that I don't have to sit and go through corrections in the workbook. It is has freed up my time to expand my teaching in other areas. Time is money, and Wordly Wise 3000 Online has been worth every penny for our homeschool. We will definitely continue to use it and recommend it to others.”
Linda F., Club Member
”We have been using wordly-wise 3000 online for the last 2 months now. I absolutely love it. My children's vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2 months. The activities are engaging for them. The only thing I dislike about this program is that once they have completed that exercise, they are not allowed to go back and review. If they click through it, it's done. I am also not able to see exactly how a word was given to them in an exercise to see how they missed it. It tells me what word they got wrong, but no way for me to see how they were using it to help explain it better to her. Other than that, this program is great. If they do miss something, they have a review they do at the end. This always helps my kids.”
Tricia M, Club Member
”My 7th grade son began using Wordly Wise online just this year. He likes to be able to do everything on his own so he really does enjoy it. I enjoy it because it is self-grading. The words seem to be challenging for him at his grade level.

The only negative I have about the program, the factor that will influence our decision to purchase the online subscription next year, is the child can not go back and do a lesson a second time without starting the whole program over.

I believe in doing something until it is learned, not just one time and done with it. With this program that is not a convenient option.”
Kim G, Club Member
”I love this product. I use 3rd, 4th, and 6th grades. I started just this year. The kids were excited about it and did great on the first lesson. Then they got lazy, thinking I didn't grade their work like our previous vocabulary bookwork. He he he. I love that I can log in to one place and check on all my darling children. When I see they are missing specific words, and they finish the lesson, I have them get the dictionary out - the old fashion way, look up what they missed, and write a sentence. This cures the laziness, and their idea that I don't see what they are working on. They still love this more than anything else they've done.

It gets progressively longer and harder, the higher in grade level, which my oldest thinks isn't fair. But I love the challenge and responsibility this promotes. They enjoyed going from handwritten lessons to computer lessons. There is a button to have the work read aloud for them, which is nice. Some of them like to have it read, some like to read themselves, as it is faster to do so on their own. I like it for my youngest, and for the older ones I like that it will pronounce new words for them instead of them guessing and not asking me. For all the kids, this program is more enjoyable than written work.

I love not grading the work, the program does, but lets me know how they started off, what they learned (or haven't) and what they still need help with. This is a great product because I don't want to spend the time grading, and it is comforting knowing they are getting more practice on the things they've missed through the program. Then I can come in and help with each specific word. This has saved me so much time, and the kids would say it saves them time, too.”
Momma B, Club Member
”My dyslexic son enjoys this program and is eager to login each day. It's a great boon that he can learn vocabulary on grade level though his reading skill lags behind. The program reads challenging passages to him, and he chooses the correct answer. Excellent program to add depth to our language arts program.”
M Stahl, Club Member
”I used the printed version for a year until I saw that the Co-op had the online version at a discount. I decided to try it and it has made a world of difference. My 16-year-old now does vocabulary first each day, it has freed up time for me since I don't have to grade it, and I've finally heard my kids saying things like, "Hey, that word was on my vocabulary list." Their vocabulary is expanding!”
K Smith, Club Member
”My boys have been using the Wordly Wise series for the past three years. They are truly enjoying having the program online. It also helps me as the teacher.”
Holli Phillips, Club Member
”This program is honestly a work in progress. Since we started using it, we have contacted HSBC with issues and they have, in turn, contacted Wordly Wise. But they have listened to feedback and made some very positive changes. I look forward to seeing this program improve.

I wanted something that my children could do on their own without me having to grade it. Instead of just using this for "vocabulary", we are using this also for reading comprehension.

We set it to the easiest level and the program reads anything to them (if they click on the speaker). There are about 15 lessons on each level. Then, I am planning on resetting that level to the first lesson and taking off the option for it to read the sentences and questions to them.

The program now allows a student to repeat a lesson (nice update). But the score information is not really in a user friendly format so I may have to figure out their average test score for each level after they get done.

I will continue to use it, especially for one student who argues all the time about his homework ;) I can easily see if it is done or not and I can see his score.

For the other student, I assume that other programs would work as well but this is a lot easier. I don't have to grade it :)

When you homeschool 6 children, you look for programs that make your management and grading easier. This does that for us.”
Laura M., Club Member
”My boys, 11 and 7, really enjoy learning new words from this program. The way the words are presented is challenging and fun and they love receiving their certificates at the end of each lesson. I would definitely use it again.”
M. Vang, Club Member
”It is a nice way to review vocabulary and practice typing skills at the same time. For my child, it is also a nice break from all the writing that is expected in 4, 5, and 6th grades. We love it!

Our only frustration with it is if you get something wrong, you must repeat it before going on to something else.”
Mamanu, Club Member
”We LOVE this program! We used the traditional workbook method of WordlyWise for several years, slogging through a section each day, until we heard about this online version. My 10 year old ADHD daughter now zips through a whole lesson in 1 day, is happy to do it, AND retains the information! This is such a super boost to our language arts program!”
Betsy Farr, Club Member
”Wordly Wise 3000 makes vocabulary come "alive" for my 8th grade son. What a difference from the boring on the paper vocabulary assignments! The program allows him to work independently, read interesting stories, and expand his vocabulary in the process. I enjoy using the parent website to see his progress. He just completed lesson 3, and the three chapter post-tests have always showed a significant vocabulary advancement from the chapter pre-test.”
Michelle, Club Member
”Wordly-Wise 3000 is an excellent self-paced online program that helps students learn SAT prep vocabulary in a fun repetitive way that ensures the student KNOWS the material when each lesson is completed. The program allows you to print a certificate upon completion of each lesson for records, while giving the student a sense of accomplishment. I would definately recommend this program to anyone.”
M. Myers, Club Member
”We have always used Wordly Wise but this is our first year to have the program online. Wordly-Wise-3000 Online is fabulous! Same high quality curriculum only better. Not only does it save me oodles of grading time but it is far, far more engaging for my children. I no longer have to fight my son to do his vocab work. One of my friends said she would switch to Wordly Wise Online solely for the grading convenience!

To be honest, most vocabulary programs assume students have a lower level vocabulary. Wordly Wise offers more challenging word lists and the online version is wonderfully flexible so that I can switch levels if one is deemed too difficult or not sufficiently challenging.

Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for offering this wonderful product!!”
T. Jameson, Club Member
”My 10 year old son much prefers wordly wise on the computer to the workbooks. Hearing the words & defintiions read to him (with the correct pronounciation) has helped his retention immensely.

I would encourage anyone to use this - but especially if you have a child with dyslexia as the auditory component is incrediblly helpful for a child with dyslexia.

My only negative comment is that there is no way to retake exercises that a child does poorly on. I would like my son to go back & do some exercises over, but the program does not allow for that.

Even so, I would still highly recommend this program.”
Sue P, Club Member
”Our kids are using wordlywise online. They love it and their vocab is improving. We highly reccomend with out any hesitation to ALL parents.”
Muhammad Zubair, Club Member
”My kids (grades 6 and 8) are both really enjoying this product. The words are challenging, but the process to help them learn the words gives them the right tools for success. We will definitely continue to use this program. It has been particularly useful as a vocabulary building and review exercise for my son who is preparing for standardized testing. Wordly Wise is a great study tool for the verbal sections of the test.”
A. Wischmann, Club Member
”My children, especially my third grade son, loves Wordly-Wise. I am always surprised that he understands the way words can be used in sentences and paragraphs. He loves the stories and excercises. He finds it easy to use and as much fun as a computer game.”
Kathryn RIchter, Club Member
”We love learning vocab without having to devote a lot of time doing it!”
Debbie, Club Member
”We tried the book version and my son didn't like it at all. I got the online version and he LOVES it. He was shocked and suprised when I told him it was the same thing...I'm sneaky that way :)”
Michele, Club Member
”I am really enjoying the freedom that Wordly Wise 3000 Online provides. I am thankful that it is interactive with my son and daughter, and how it grades everything. I am also enjoying the reports you can print out to check progress.”
Mj Hartman, Club Member
”My 8yr old daughter has really enjoyed Wordly Wise Online. We are happy with the subscription. I would consider getting it again for her or my younger ones when they are ready. It's similar to Explode the Code style of learning.”
Katie, Club Member
”For three years my daughter has completed the Worldly Wise Workbook at school. She disliked using the book, and it was a struggle to get her to complete the exercises. When we started to homeschool and I saw the wonderful deal on WW online, I jumped at it. My daughter was horrified at first, but now she actually enjoys doing the exercises on the computer. I don't have to ask twice and often she does her work without being asked. She feels that she learns more with WW on line than in the workbook because she gets immediate feedback. I would buy it again and recommend it to others, both homeschoolers and children in regular school.”
Vivian, Club Member
”We've been using WW for 2 months for both our 10yo and 6yo boys. It's a good supplement to vocabulary-rich reading. The program is very easy to use, chooses useful words (often those with multiple meanings), and provides thoughtful review cycles. Plus, as the daughter of a developmental optometrist, I appreciate that the font size is appropriately large for young readers.”
Pam R., Club Member
”This has been immensely helpful for my 5th grader, who enjoys reading but struggles with spelling and pronunciation of complex words. I have noticed improvement in her oral reading and comprehension since she began this program. Wordly Wise has worked well for us when combined with the MegaWords workbooks. We will continue to use this program, and would highly recommend.”
Dawn B., Club Member
”We LOVE Wordly Wise, and this is our first time to try it online. The subscription lets you go through the levels, but you don't have to buy each level. You just pay the one year subscription and can go at your pace--fast or slow! We only got it for one child this year to try it out, but this momma of 4 will be getting it for other kids next year. It builds vocabulary and helps with basic computer skills at the same time. I tell my kids it's time for WW and they can log in on their own and get started--and ask if they can keep going almost every time because they enjoy the positive feedback and stars when they get the answer right. Well done, Wordly Wise! Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Mindy C., Club Member
”My daughter loves the immediate feedback she gets from the Wordly-Wise online.”
Judy F., Club Member
”We have used Wordly Wise for several years. While we all love the teaching, my daughter hated the handwriting involved on top of her other subjects.

When I discovered Wordy Wise 3000 Online, I was overjoyed. My daughter always cheers when it is time for vocabulary now. I do have to remind her to slow down and not make careless mistakes, but she is learning just as well as the workbook style without the groaning and complaining.

I plan to continue to keep using the online version for my oldest daughter. We have just started my other daughter on the workbooks. We will evaluate her for the online version after she has completed A, B,& C.”
Penny Mathis, Club Member
”My daughter loves and I mean loves this program. Being new to home schooling I was very fortunate to have this program, as it made my job much easier. As for recommendation for this product -- I have recommended it to my friends. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.”
Lydia, Club Member
”My 5th grade daughter is really enjoying the Wordly Wise 3000 online. She had just completed the Spell to Write and Read program, and I was looking for something to do next to incorporate spelling & vocabulary. It is more fun and efficient to be able to do the exercises on the computer. At the beginning of a lesson, I do have her write the words on paper (with the SWR markings) and then she likes to write a story with the lesson words after she has gone through all the WW exercises. Finally, I give her a written spelling test. So, even though this is a vocabulary course, I make it a spelling course too. I highly recommend it, and my daughter gives it two thumbs up!”
Nancy, Club Member
”I love Wordly Wise and my daughter (8th grade) has enjoyed the switch to the online version. She likes Wordly Wise and appreciates how it has improved her vocabulary. My only concern is that my kids struggle using it at their grade level. If your kids have picked up reading a little slower than other, you may want to start them out in a grade or two lower.”
Kimberly K, Club Member
”My daughter absolutely loves doing Wordly Wise Online. We have been doing the written book for the past couple of years, but, the online version is a lot more fun and she has loves doing her wordly wise now instead of dreading it. As a parent it has cut my time in half because I don't have to correct anymore, the computer does it for me. I am able to see how she is doing and what she is working on. We LOVE Wordly-Wise-3000-Online!!!”
Shauna C., Club Member
”I wanted to buy this product from the company and they said that I couldn't. When I found out that you had it, I bought it on the spot. It is so helpful for both my students. My kids love it. I have been using the books for years, but this makes it so much better for my students. The now have the correct pronunciation on the spot and when they make a mistake they know right away. It's just an awesome program that I will purchase again and again.”
V Phelps, Club Member
”We have enjoyed using this product. the words seem to be right about grade level or above. We love the instant feedback and praise the child gets. It has many activities to build the child's understanding of the vocabulary list for the week(s). We really do enjoy this online offering. It was affordably priced and will probably use it again next year.

It is very good for children with special needs in that you can choose the levels you want your child to be in, and the instant feedback and opportunity to correct immediately is wonderful for student self confidence.

Now, I am supposing you won't want to use these suggestions in my testimony, but I would like to offer a few:
If I could add a few suggestions, they would be this: 1. More Parental control as far as being able to go back to a previous lesson and review the word(s). 2. Being able to enable/disable certain activities. 3. When changing levels, not having to go back and restart a previous level all over, but to be able to pick up wherever you have left off.
I hope this helps.”
Mrs. Pagani, Club Member
”I use this program for my second grader and he loves it. He likes doing lessons on the computer as it makes him feel like a bigger kid. I really like the functionality of the program especially the speaker function. If my son has problems with the passage or a question, the speaker button reads the section to him. This is a real plus for the lower grades. The voice they use is fabulous, not one of those computer drones. There are just enough vocabulary words for each lesson. My son is actually using some of the words in his everyday conversations so I know it is working. I will definitely continue to use this product.”
Dena Angeles, Club Member
”My daughter has really benefitted from this program this year. Wordly Wise has been teaching her new vocabulary, definitions and spelling, sometimes without her realizing that's what it's doing. She is excited to get on the program everyday. She has been excited to see the new words pop up in her books that she's been reading. She comes to me and exclaims,"Look mom, this is a word I learned in Wordly Wise!" I think it is one of the best programs I've purchased this year, and plan on doing next year also if available. I've also told many other homeschool friends when we've compared curriculums, how much we like it.”
Heidi H., Club Member