Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Club.
When will this GroupBuy end?

Our Wordly Wise 3000 Online GroupBuy is ongoing. EPS can terminate our agreement at any time, but it is unlikely they would do that. We have had a great relationship with them for years.

Can this be used on multiple computers?

Wordly Wise 3000 Online can be used on any computer, or any number of computers, as well as some mobile devices/tablets, so as long as they meet the system requirements. If you have more than one student, they can be logged into their account at the same time on different computers.

Windows 10: Per EPS, "WW3K was never officially certified on Windows 10, that Operating System has been out now for a few years and we've not heard of any issues specific to it. Since the program is web-based, any issues we deal with are typically related to the user's internet connection, the browser or Flash. To our knowledge, we've not had any issues related specifically to Windows 10."

If you are having an issue, click here to make sure your browser is configured with the proper Flash for the combination.

Where can I download the Wordly Wise App?

We are sorry, EPS has phased out the app. They no longer provide support for app users.

What is the difference between the Wordly Wise 3000 Online program you are offering and the free one on the WW3K website?

According to the folks at WW3K: "The free site is really the equivalent of flash cards. It plays the word and shows the meaning. It has no testing, no reading passages, no reporting. The paid site represents the books and all of their content including the teacher's edition. The free site only has words and nothing else."

The Wordly Wise 3000 Online website shows student pricing for as low as $11 per student. The Club's price is $39.95. Why the difference?

The pricing you are referring to is for a school license at a single physical location. Actually, it is a building license. If a school has multiple buildings, they have to buy a different school license for each building. The minimum license is 25 students, or $375.

Initially, we asked EPS if we could buy a single school license in the hope of getting our members a better price, but EPS felt strongly that a single school license with all Club families in it was not the appropriate licensing structure. For one thing, it would not be possible to protect the privacy of any teacher or student, as any teacher can see and change all students in the same school, including changing their assignments and moving students from one class to another. Additionally, all students in the same school license must have the same end date, which doesn't work well in our situation. Finally, it would be possible for any teacher to inadvertently appropriate licenses for their own use that were intended for others, creating an administrative nightmare for EPS and the Club.

So it was finally agreed that each homeschool family should have its own school license, containing the student subscriptions that they've purchase, with full privacy for each family, and each with its own start and end dates. Best of all, EPS agreed to let us offer it for 90% less than what they charge public and private schools.

If teaching in a co-op classroom situation, is there a limit to how many additional students can be added or does each family need to purchase separately?

Each family needs to purchase their own school license.

When will my one-year subscription begin?

Your one-year subscription will begin once we fulfill your subscription and publish your information in your Club Account. Please see the Terms and Conditions of this offer for more information.

Does Wordly Wise 3000 Online allow for the text on the screen to be adjusted/enlarged? I have a child with vision issues and sometimes computer-based programs have print that is too small for her.

The program itself does not have such functionality. Our suggestion would be to adjust the font in the browser or change the monitor settings.

Does Wordly Wise 3000 Online have a placement test? If not, if you start in one grade will the program allow you to move up or down without completing a grade level?

There is no placement test. However, you can assign the most likely grade level to your student and have him or her take the first lesson, which has a pre-test. If that pre-test is too hard, you could try assigning a lower grade level to your student.

You can switch among grade levels without completing a grade.

Is Quizlet a part of the Wordly Wise 3000 Online available through the Club?

Quizlet is only available for Wordly Wise 3000 4th edition student books or through I3000. Unfortunately it is not available for Wordly Wise 3000 Online.

My student has completed a level, but the software does not have him/her beginning the next level.

The program does not move a student to the next level automatically. The teacher must move the student on to another level.

How do I change my student's level?

When you are signed in to Wordly Wise 3000 Online (WW3K) as the Teacher, you will see a "Resources" section on the bottom left. If you select Program Implementation Videos and then click on the Select a Video pull-down tab, you will see a number of helpful video titles, including one for "Assigning Levels to Students." That video and the others should prove helpful as you manage your student's WW3K subscription.

My student was doing so well in her assigned level, I went ahead and bumped her up to the next level. Unfortunately, this new level is too hard, so I moved her back to the original level. Can she just pick up where she left off in that level? Also, when I checked her Student Snapshot Report just now, the level says 2.2 instead of just 2. Why is that?

Yes, when you assign a student to a Level you have the ability to also assign at which Lesson you want the student to start. This is considered a starting point and the student will move through the subsequent lessons.

Please be aware of a couple of important facts in this scenario: (1) If a student is re-assigned to a Level and Lesson in which the student had previously completed work, the student will have to re-do any work previously completed. (2) Any lessons skipped may impact the studentís performance on the cumulative, mid-term and final tests.

In the Student Snapshot Report, the Level will read, for example, 2.2 rather than just 2 because this is the second time this student has been assigned to that particular Level.

Does the student have to start from Lesson 1 for a selected/assigned level?

No, you may assign a student to start at whichever Lesson you determine appropriate. This is considered a starting point and the student will move through the subsequent lessons.

Please note that if a student is re-assigned to a lower numbered Lesson within the same Level, after completing a higher numbered lesson, the student will have to re-do any work previously completed in the higher numbered lessons when those lessons are encountered for the second time.

Also note, any lessons skipped may impact the studentís performance on the cumulative, mid-term and final tests.

When I reassigned a lesson to my student, it did not start at the beginning of that lesson. What do I do?

If your student is in the middle of a Lesson when you want to make a change, you need to cancel the existing assignment and then assign the Level and Lesson again.

If my student stops mid-lesson, can he pick up where he left off?

Yes. It is not expected for the student to complete a level in one sitting. The student can stop mid-lesson and pick up where he or she left off, as long as the student properly quits the session and logs out. If the student simply closes the browser/tab, all of the student's progress will not be saved. He will have to start at the very beginning of the lesson.

If my students does well on the pre-test, can I have him/her "test out" of the Wordly Wise 3000 Online lesson?

This is what EPS has said: "When students take a pre-test in Wordly Wise 3000 Online and do well, they do not test out of that lesson and go on to the next one. This is intentional and is done for a couple of reasons.

One of the functions of any pre-test is to assess students' prior knowledge of the subject matter and, in the case of a vocabulary program, its associated vocabulary. This knowledge provides a baseline for teachers to compare with subsequent post-tests to assess growth.

But if a student scores 100% on the pre-test, isnít it a waste of time to have the student do more exercises using the words? Our answer is no. Students benefit from interacting with a word several times. Word meanings are accumulated gradually. A word that is encountered once has only about a 10 percent chance of being learned from context. (Hunt and Beglar, Current research and practice in teaching vocabulary, in The Language Teacher). When students see a word repeatedly, they gather more and more information about it until they acquire an idea of what it means. Dale and OíRourke (Vocabulary Building, Zaner-Bloser) have summarized the four stages of word knowledge as follows:

  1.  I never saw it before.
  2. Iíve heard of it, but I donít know what it means.
  3. I recognize it in contextóit has something to do with . . .
  4. I know it.

Itís easy to see that students may get a pre-test question correct if they are at stage 2 or 3, as shown above. (Also, a student may simply make a good guess.) This may not, however, indicate that students have a full, flexible knowledge of the word ó the goal of any vocabulary instruction. We feel we would be shortchanging students if we allow them test out. The more exposure students have to a word, the more likely it is that they will know it well and deeply. They will be able to not only answer a test question correctly, but will also be able to use the word in their writing and speaking.

Good vocabulary instruction builds repetition into the learning process. Each lesson in Wordly Wise 3000 Online asks students to use and apply several of the lessonís words in different contexts as they complete the exercises. Wordly Wise 3000 Online is a vocabulary curriculum; its goal is to make sure students learn the words deeply so that they become part of their "forever" vocabularies.

How can I adjust the number of lessons my student completes each day?

There is no way to decrease the amount of work/words/questions in a lesson. The lesson has to be completed in its entirety. The student can stop mid-lesson if needed. Please see the FAQ "If my student stops mid-lesson, can he pick up where he left off?"

Can I reassign a single lesson to my student?

Yes! Wordly Wise 3000 Online is now configured where you, the teacher, can re-assign a lesson for your student. When you are logged in as the teacher, the left arrow should be pointing at Assignments under Class Tools. If not, select Assignments. Then, check the box of the student whose lesson you wish to re-assign. Next, select the student's Level from the Level drop-down box and then select the Lesson you wish to assign the student. Click Add Assignment and click Ok when the pop-up box appears.

Also keep in mind that after the Level post-test, a remediation feature gives the student extra practice on words/meanings with which he/she struggled. For more information, check out the Program Implementation Video "Post-test and Remediation" in the Resources section of your teacher account.

Does the software track my student's progress?

Yes. Here is how you can access your student's progress:

  1. Login as the Teacher.
  2. Under the "Resources" menu in the left margin, click on the link "Instructional Videos."
  3. Select the "Reports: Test Results" video from the drop down box. This will explain how to view test results for the class as a whole, and how to view test results for each of your students individually.

What is the Scoring Tool? I thought everything was graded automatically.

The Scoring Tool is used in Levels 9-12 of Wordly Wise Online when students complete the Understanding Meanings and Using Words exercises by typing sentences. You then use the scoring tool to score the writing entries in each completed exercise. Entries are scored as Acceptable or Unacceptable. Using the Scoring Tool is optional in that it wonít prevent the student from moving on to the next Lesson after the Post Test is completed. It is done this way to provide flexibility to teachers as some use it and some do not.

For more information on the Scoring Tool, sign into your Wordly Wise 3000 Online (WW3K) Teacher account, and go to the "Resources" section on the bottom left. Select "Program Implementation Videos", click on the "Select a Video" pull-down tab, then choose the video "Using the Scoring Tool".

You can also find more information about the Scoring Tool by clicking on the "Help" link in the upper right hand corner of your Teacher subscription. Under the Contents tab, click on Administering Students>Using the Scoring Tool

Must a student complete a lesson in its entirety before I can review his or her results?

No, data will start showing up in the Reports section as soon as work is completed. The lesson does not have to be completed for data to be displayed.

My son wanted to print his certificate off, but I accidentally closed the page. Is there any way of retrieving the certificate so we can print it?

Yes! You can find completed certificates on the product landing page before the student enters the program. There are three round circle buttons. Please click the left button with a ribbon shape on it. When you hover over the button, it will say "Certificates".

Note for users with subscriptions starting before 08/03/2016: Subscriptions activated prior to the the 8/3/16 update do not have access to old certificates for work prior to the update & are not available on the historical server.

My son had some problems with the word study portion on a certain lesson. How can I, the teacher, view the questions asked and the answers he submitted?

You can view your student's lesson(s). When you are logged in as the teacher, select the Reports tab. Then from the Resources section on the left, select Lesson Viewer. Choose the level and lesson you wish to view, then you can walk through each of the questions for that lesson.

While you are not able to view each of your student's answers for each question in the lesson, you can view whether he got all, most or no questions correct for each word in the lesson by selecting Test Results under the Student section on the left. Then select the lesson you want to see and the words for that lesson will appear, along with the symbol for how well he did on the lesson.

When my student logs into his/her student account, and he/she sees this message: "You have completed your Wordly Wise Assignment," does the word "assignment" mean lesson or level?

That means your student has finished all of the lessons for that Level. The Wordly Wise software will advance the student to the next lesson within the Level, but once the student has completed all lessons within the Level, the teacher will have to assign the next Level to her student.

In the teacher's module for Wordly Wise 3000 Online, where can I look to see the outline of all the future lessons that my student will be working through?

You can view an outline of word lists for Levels 2-12. After logging into your Teacher Account, click on the REPORTS tab, then the "For the teacher" link under the Resources section in the left margin. You will then see a link "Word Lists." This will open up each word list for Levels 2-12.

When my student or I attempt to log-in, we get a blank white screen.

This happens because your Pop-up Blocker is blocking the subscription from opening up in a new window. Please turn your Pop-up Blocker off.

If, upon logging in, you are notified that your Pop-up Blocker is blocking the website from opening, choose the option to "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site." This will add the site to your Allow list. You must then close your browser completely, then reopen your browser to log in again.

NOTE: We have found that some Club Members who use Internet Explorer (and pop-up blockers are turned off) experience the "white screen." They have a better result accessing their subscription after downloading the Mozilla FireFox web browser.

My Teacher login works fine, but my student is having troubles logging in and receives this message: "The program did not recognize your login information."

The Teacher log-in link and the Student(s) log-in link(s) are not the same links. Please be sure your student clicks his/her link in order to log-in successfully. If he/she is, then it is possible that the Teacher has manually changed his or her student's log-in info. Unfortunately, we don't know what the information is. Please see FAQ: "Help! I have changed my student's username/password, and I can't remember what it is."

Help! I have changed my student's username/password, and I can't remember what it is.

No worries! Here is how you can find your student(s) current username/password:

  1. Log in as Teacher.
  2. Click on the Registry List link, located in the in the left hand section.
  3. Click on the class name in the center area. From here, you will be able to see your student's username and password.

When trying to complete an assignment, the "Done" button won't work. Please help.

Here is what EPS has mentioned:
"The Done button is active at different times; it all depends on where you are in the program. Within a Lesson it becomes active when you have answered question and want the results of your answer. In the pre-test it is only active once all questions have been answered. You move from question to question by clicking on the next question. There is no response to your answers in the pre-test."

I logged out of my Teacher subscription, but when my student logged in, he/she gets this message: "You are already logged in on this computer. Please close all browsers and log in again."

This happens when you do NOT log out from one subscription, before logging into another one. To avoid this common error, be sure to hit the Log Out link in the top section of the Teacher subscription. For the student, he/she must click on the round button with an "X" in the top right corner --- not the red "X" browser button. Please see the "Getting Started with Wordly Wise 3000 Online" PDF in your Club Account for more info.

Will there be some way for me to extend my license for another year, if I need to?

Yes, we'll have some way for your to do that when the time comes. The prices will be the same.

Does Wordly Wise 3000 Online contain evolutionary material?

Wordly Wise is a secular program and does randomly make references to evolutionary theories throughout its Levels.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question on our Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.