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Visualize World Geography
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The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present the BEST DEAL ON THE PLANET for Visualize World Geography from Tender Heart Press.

Visualize World Geography

Can you find Italy on a world map because it looks like a boot? Would you and your students like to be able to identify other countries as easily as you can identify Italy?

Many of us are not good at recognizing, much less remembering, arbitrary shapes like national boundaries. Visualize World Geography helps your student find and remember countries by associating their shapes with familiar, every day objects -- the same way you remember Italy because of its resemblance to a boot.

As Visualize World Geography's creator Theresa Blains says, "Once your brain is given a meaningful object in place of otherwise squiggly lines which define a country’s borders, within nanoseconds, it automatically rewires itself so that now your visual system can ONLY process it as meaningful. Consequently, what your visual system was unable to recognize before as being a specific country, it now can easily see, mentally manipulate, and automatically store within long-term memory. In fact, you will forever see it as that object. Try looking at Italy and NOT see it as a boot!"

This unique curriculum uses a combination of videos and workbooks to help put the material across in an engaging manner. After helping your student acquire a mental map of the the entire world, it then provides more in-depth information about each country.


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A Note About Pricing: When you see the product, you'll appreciate how much work went into its development. We think it is worth your consideration because (a) you can use it to teach all of your children over the course of your homeschooling career, and (b) if used successfully to teach your kids world geography, you may consider it well worth the price. See a testimonial that touches on the price issue.

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    • Visit the Visualize World Geography website for more information.
    • Watch a testimonial by a homeschool mom.
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Complete Curriculum Kit

Retail Price:$249.00
Bonus SmartPoints:5,000

Visualize World Geography Complete Curriculum Kit

Single Family Licensing Agreement: All VWG Curiculum materials can be used by multiple students within an immediate family.

This Curriculum Kit includes:

  • 4 DVDs that animate the VWG pictographies using brightly colored illustrations, highly creative mnemonics which describe how to associate the VWG pictographies with the name of its country. Great direct approach for teaching VWG MNEMONICS.
  • 4 DVDs of high school/college age actors presenting mnemonics within situational comedy skits (enjoyed by students old enough to follow plot lines). These funny skits reinforce learning, and deliver the same VWG mnemonics from a completely different angle... very cool for parents who may want to learn the world themselves.
  • 4 DVDs of mini-documentaries describing interesting geographic facts unique to EACH country, e.g., capital city, mountains, rivers, lakes, languages, etc. while viewing actual pictures of them plus maps, satellite views, and more.
  • Teacher Edition: Provides answers to continent quizzes, and all questions about physical geography covered in DVDs. Super easy lesson plans make this a most efficient as well as effective way to teach.
  • Student Workbook: Assessment tool for students to label blank maps, and answer questions, ATLAS EXERCISES too.
  • Set of 7 laminated VWG Pictography Maps containing exact Longitudinal and Latitudinal Coordinate information on front, and outline of continent with grid lines for drawing practice on back.
  • 1 CD-ROM containing grid drawing sheets for each continent and world.
Additional Student Workbook

Retail Price:$35.00

Note: Please note that the workbooks are integrated with the DVDs included with Visualize World Geography -- they do not stand on their own.
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