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”My daughter was never taught spelling in school. We have been using this program for two years now. It has helped a lot with her spelling. While it hasn't helped her to type faster, per se, she is spelling better. I would recommend this as I like how it says a word and really works on the letter blends/sounds that she was never taught in school.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”Touch Type Read and Spell has fit our family's need thus far. After three weeks of the free typing programs available, my kids (8 and 10) lost their desire to learn to type despite the "cute" graphics and other antics. After three weeks of Touch Type Read and Spell, my kids are engaged and excited to learn typing without the fluffy stuff. They learn actual words, and are continuously relearning letters as the content of material varies at just the right pace for keeping interest. My kids really enjoy this program and I can highly recommend it even for reluctant students. It is worth the cost. We also implemented the use of a keyboard cover ( and it has also aided our success.”
Sara C., Co-op Member
”TTRS is a great product that does a terrific job teaching my children to type. One child had a very serious illness last year that basically left her severely brain traumatized. Through it all, she could still do the typing program. The brain couldn't recognize the words, but the finger memory stayed intact allowing her to continue typing. The healing of her brain was a slow process, but as the brain healed, the reading/recognition returned too. My other child's skill has improved immensely since doing the program and he now helps his dad who is not a strong typist.”
Rhoda S., Co-op Member
”Fantastic program! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for children who find spelling challenging. Learn typing skills while reviewing spelling patterns and reading patterns. A great compliment to the Orton-Gillingham approach to literacy. The syllable repetition helps with production and vowel team proficiency. A great tool for dyslexic learners to become fantastic spellers while gaining tying proficiency! The format and curriculum is direct, explicit, multi-sensory, structured and sequential. You can't go wrong!”
Molly L., Co-op Member
”My son is really learning to type and spell well from his use of Touch-type Read Spell. This is our first full year of using it, so we just renewed. I wouldn't have our homeschool routine without it.”
Mendy Thijssen, Co-op Member
”We have four children, ages 8-13, using this program. It is so simple to log on and knock out a few exercises that they don't require any help or prompting. Their typing speed and technique has improved dramatically with just a few weeks under their belt. Best of all, my reluctant reader has been spending loads of time with her nose in a book - I'm going to say the two are definitely related!”
Mary, Co-op Member
”My seven-year-old daughter loves Touch Type Read and Spell. The student learns to type the individual letters in a word and then brings it all together by typing the word. This method works amazingly well for my mildly dyslexic daughter. Her spelling and reading confidence have improved using this program.”
Valerie C., Co-op Member
”All three of my kids 14, 9, and 5, love this program. They love to do it and have all gained a lot of typing skill. My son (14) has a lot of reading and spelling problems and this also really helps with his spelling as a hands-on way to practice, plus doing the same for my younger girls who are learning spelling. We make our budget work to get this program because it's more than helpful in several ways and Homeschool Buyers Co-op makes it affordable. Thank you!”
Britt T., Co-op Member
”We have been using Touch-type Read and Spell for a few weeks now. My daughter loves it and wants to do it as her first assignment each day.”
Wendy, Co-op Member
”This program teaches typing along with educational subject matter. I have a child who had mild learning difficulties, so she is learning to be a better speller while learning to type! They have so much subject matter available now that we can't get to it all!”
Julie H., Co-op Member
”TTRS is the perfect fit for us as home educators. Several subjects in one and all in less then 10 minutes!! Kids' favourite subject of the day!”
Sharon M, Co-op Member
”TTRS is our kids' favourite subject of the day!! We have used it for our two oldest for a few years now and the youngest is so excited to start this program this year!!! Thanks so much for offering it at this incredible deal!”
Sharon M, Co-op Member
”I purchased the family plan for my kids (ages 7, 9, 11, & 13). I'm very happy so far with the program. My three big kids are all using it and seem to enjoy it (nobody is protesting which is a good sign, lol). I especially liked the idea of this program because typing skills are always valuable, one of my kids has dyslexia, and all my kids can use improvement when it comes to spelling skills. It's more difficult for my youngest since his hands are so small and he isn't as familiar with where keys are.”
G. Pacheco, Co-op Member
”Both our dyslexic children use this program. It has been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. TTRS has been helpful to them for typing and spelling. The auditory feature of TTRS and the clear visuals have made keyboarding doable and less intimidating. They are also practicing and reinforcing their spelling.”
Jessica R, Co-op Member
”This program is excellent. My almost-seven year old has gained so much skill on the keyboard in a matter of weeks. I love this program. She is truly learning and enjoys sitting to practice.”
Niurka M, Co-op Member
”We LOVE our TTRS subscription! I like that they can do it independently. My younger two like that they can see their grade and WPM with each lesson. My oldest has ASD, dyslexia and dysgraphia and is finally able to spell and write! He was so proud of himself when he discovered he could actually type comments while playing Minecraft and have other kids understand him.”
T. Pye, Co-op Member
”Great program! My boys would rather do this than a spelling lesson! They learn words right from the start and the words get harder as they go.”
Andover Mom, Co-op Member
”My son doesn't even have to be reminded to do his typing --it's one aspect of homeschooling we don't argue about! He knows it only takes a few minutes, and with positive reinforcement and awards for levels completed he stays motivated. This is our second year using TTRS and we just renewed for a third. I tell other homeschool moms about the program because it's easy to use and reinforces spelling skills in addition to typing.”
Wendy W., Co-op Member
”Fantastic product and support! Great for special needs--We have used it for years and will continue to use it to improve speed now. Our son loves it still!”
Jeanie Schmidt, Co-op Member
”Three of my kids have been using this program for over a year now. It only takes a few minutes each day and has really made a difference in both their ability to type and their spelling. Even my son who has dyslexia and dysgraphia is making good progress...or maybe I should say especially him, since once he realized it was actually helping he doubled, and sometimes tripled up on the lessons!”
Tammy P., Co-op Member
”I initially started the program with all three of my children--my twin six year olds were not ready for it yet,
I will try them again in a year or so. My nine-year-old is making steady improvement--he knows most of the keys and is already typing up to 19 words a minute. I am also hoping that his spelling will improve the more he gets into the program. It is a tad repetitive and no games but I am hoping that he will be touch typing in a few months. I have given him incentives when he finishes certain parts of the program. The quicker he types, the quicker he will finish the modules!”
Julie C, Co-op Member
”The TTRS is an excellent product and would highly reccomend. Teaches typing and spelling. Lessons are broken up into small chunks and has been very helpful for my son.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”There are so many good things about this program. I kept putting if off because of the money, but finally decided to subscribe because it was doable with the discount through here. The thing I love the most is the kids really like it and can use it independently and easily navigate the program. As for me (Parent/Homeschool Mom) I love that it grades the work for me and the kids can move ahead at their own pace. The additional subjects option is a bonus, too, and helps with terms and spelling word associated with other subjects. One thing that my kids appreciate is that it is not a bunch of animation and games. They can get to it and get it done. I feel it has helped my not so good speller as well. Definitely worth the money.”
Amy Bryant, Co-op Member
”Our 11 yr old daughter LOVES TTRS! She faithfully has done it 5 days a week for the past 6 weeks and is learning to type well. She is excited and is determined to get through all of the levels.”
Shelli H, Co-op Member
”We are really happy with TTRS so far. It was easy to set up and get going on the modules. The support has been great, with helpful email suggestions about how to get more out of the program with different customizations and features. I can see us benefiting from this for a long time. I have been spreading the word to other families in my area!”
Darcie L, Co-op Member
”Both my children have begun using TTRS and have been improving in their ability to type well. I couldn't be happier.”
Julie, Co-op Member
”I LOVE this program! The flow is so helpful...going from letters to real words. The colored finger prompt is so helpful as well.

My grandson told me practicing his keyboarding is one of his favorite things to do. He does not like to write, but loves to type. This program is helping him gain skills/mastery because of the multi-sensory approach. It combines voice, color, and movement of the finger to the correct position. Going from repetitive letters to real words is awesome, as it reinforces spelling skills as well. I also like how it includes next-steps in skills fairly quickly, so a simple typing challenge is learned in a short amount of time.

We will definitely continue to use this program as it is so much more well-rounded than most I have seen so far.”
Kelley Birch, Co-op Member
”My Son (14yrs) is dyslexic and dysgraphic. I knew (after trying and trying) that writing was not going to be his thing. But he still needs to be able to communicate at school and, eventually, at work. So I started looking for a typing program. I was so excited when I came across TTRS! The program is visual (without being babyish!), auditory, and not pushing them to go faster; they can go slow and do a perfect job, as my son likes to do. Eventually he will get faster, but as he goes slow, he is also having spelling reinforced! How brilliant is that!!
I had a slow day at work and opened the program and finished level 1 and HAD FUN doing it! Now we are competing with each other!”
M Darby, Co-op Member
”My son is really enjoying Touch Type Read Spell. He was so excited to start typing words right away. It is so easy that I don't have to look over his shoulder since he can do everything on his own. It's giving him confidence in his typing skills and also helping with his spelling. Would highly recommend.”
Angela Sage, Co-op Member
”I am so excited about this program! My boys look forward to their typing class! I love that they are learning typing and getting extra spelling practice without even knowing it :)”
Linda k., Co-op Member
”I wanted a typing program for my children that would truly teach them how to type- not "hen peck" the keyboard. Both of them are dyslexic so I had concerns about how they would progress. TTRS is perfect for them! It is a great program all around, but especially great for students with reading/spelling disabilities. The font color as well as the background screen can be changed to suit what the student likes best. Not only are the colors and fonts customizable, but the voice of the instructor has several accents to chose from as well. It is very gentle but not baby-ish. With less than 5 minutes a day, my students are learning typing to include correct form and hand placement. And best of all, they ask to do it! They sit down and do it independently and I don't have to do one thing. Easy for them and easy for mom. The program uses common/popular words that are often misspelled. My 14 year old said that he can see where TTRS has also benefitted his spelling because of the repitition of common words. That was a surprise plus for us! I highly recommend TTRS. I don't think you'll be disappointed either!!”
Haley W., Co-op Member
”This is our second year using TTRS. It's so easy for the kids to get on and use for just a few minutes a day and all while learning the typing skills they need. My kids love it and never forget to do it.”
Laura S., Co-op Member
”My children are ages 11, 13, 15. We have used TTRS for a year. I like the way it groups words and teaches spelling and typing at the same time. My girls all struggle with spelling so this has been helpful. My youngest is dyslexic. She was using it one day and said, Mom! I feel like I m learning how to spell! That was music to my ears especially because at that time she thought it was just a typing program. We used Mavis Beacon in the past. TTRS has worked better for us. My kids are more motivated to type with TTRS. My oldest struggled with typing with Mavis Beacon. She has shown a lot of improvement with TTRS. It helps that the words are audible. We have renewed our subscription for this year.”
B Castillo, Co-op Member
”I purchased the program for one son. After my other children observed him learning to type, they begged to use the program also. Now I have two sons using it and learning. It serves as a motivator to get their chores and other school work done first. Thank you for making this program available.”
Willi, Co-op Member
”Great for typing and spelling. Even added subject-based levels. Can't say enough. We all love it.”
SoJerMom, Co-op Member
”My child has dyslexia and his spelling was atrocious. I originally chose it to improve his spelling, his reading and for the added benefit of learning to touch type. He LOVES this program, especially the speaker's British accent, and actually requests to use it, which for me, is half the battle. When he embraces a learning tool, I know he'll use it and benefit from it. Since he started, I've seen great improvement in homework completion speed and spelling not to mention typing accuracy. He's also become more confident. I highly recommend this program.”
Amy F., Co-op Member
”TTRS is a fantastic affordable program! My kids love it!”
Joy H, Co-op Member
”I have 3 children who have been using TTRS for over a year now. The oldest has autism, dyslexia and dysgraphia, and can now spell confidentiality for the first time ever!
His younger brother and sister do not have any learning disabilities but have always been reluctant readers and writers. With a year of TTRS the "mum how do you spell...) questions have dropped way down. It doesn't take much of my time to do/organize, only a few moments to check that they don't need to redo a lesson, and being in the room while they do it to be sure they are following the rules.”
Tammy P., Co-op Member
”One of my sons is dyslexic and this has helped him a lot. Another is ADD and he is able to focus on spelling better on this because it's on the computer. And my others kids have learned to be better typists, so we recommend for everyone.”
Jenny S., Co-op Member
”Fast customer service. Easy for students to work alone. Students enjoy the program. Works well for typical students and those with special needs. Directions are straightforward. We just began our 3rd subscription!”
Julie M., Co-op Member
”I purchased the subscription for my 2 children ages 7 and 11. They love it. Both of them enjoy the time of day when they get to get on the computer and type. It is a very easy format. The older one logs in by herself and knows exactly where to go and gets started. The younger one I still log her in, but once there she takes off and I can let her work independently. I usually set a limit of 15 minutes for them to work on it but often they will type for 30 minutes. I also love the report I get at the end of the day to my email telling me how they did. I have tried other programs for typing on the older one and nothing has worked as well as Touch Type Read Spell. My oldest also has dyslexia and this has helped her with her spelling as well and I am forever grateful! I would highly recommend the program to anyone!”
C. Downing, Co-op Member
”While we have only had Touch Type Read Spell for a few weeks, I can tell you that it has already made a positive impact on my son's writing and confidence level. This program begins with proper keyboard placement of the fingers, then uses verbal directions for practice. Lessons are customized for my son's age/grade level, his being 6th grade. He did not like keyboarding before this course, but already, just after a few weeks, actually asks to do "TTRS". He is improving with speed and accuracy with keystrokes, but best of all, it is improving his confidence. I looked for a keyboarding program that would enable him to type rather than write with pencil and paper only, since that can be difficult after time for him. Very happy with this product, and will continue to use TTRS. I like the immediate feedback and attempts to try again, this program gives. Also the information I can access on grades and improvement, will be very helpful for my portfolio review and assessment. Thank you, TTRS, I finally found a keyboarding program that works and is requested by my son!”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”My daughter has dyslexia, and this program is helping with her words and spelling. I like the hands on and multisensory approach.”
Anna, Co-op Member
”My son types well,and the systems achieves the goal. What is falls short on is progress reports to parents via email. To me its like a black box. It would be nice to see graphs on spelling accuracy, words per minute, idle gaps ect. CTC Math sends me daily and task completion metrics emails daily/weekly.”
Don, Co-op Member
”Great program. My son actually enjoys typing now. love that it is a work at your own pace program.”
V. Robinson, Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Touch Type Read and Spell. My 10 year old has already become very proficient at typing. It has also helped out with his spelling skills. Another aspect I really enjoy about the program Is the fact that there is no prep work for me. I just log him on and he starts working. It has been very helpful for my family!”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”My 12yr old who has APD an Dysgraphia is doing well with Touch Type Read Spell, it is a program she can do independently and be successful at it . She is truly learning to type . As the parent/ teacher what I like about TTRS is the multisensory ( touch/see/hear) and the repetition of sounds an words is excellent reinforcement for Auditory Processing Disorders. You also have easy control over the lesson an passing score and at a quick glance see if a module needs to be repeated. We will continue using TTRS for our differential learner.”
D. Danchik, Co-op Member
”My daughter has always struggled with reading and spelling. I have her using TTRS three times a week. I've seen her spelling and reading skills improve drastically. An added bonus is that she loves it - so much so that she asks to use the program on days I don't schedule it!”
April H., Co-op Member
”We started homeschooling our 15yr old with Down syndrome this year. Since she was not taught keyboarding in school she is using TouchTypeReadSpell! She loves being independent! The program is multi-sensory, which is a plus! They are also engaging, quickly progress, to gain confidence in typing words, spelling, and reading. It also helps with listening skills and awareness of non verbal prompts. We are almost through session I. I recommend this program!”
D. Michels, Co-op Member
”I have two boys who are dyslexic and used this program for more than a year. We have tried other typing programs and they always complained that it was too boring. With TouchTypeReadSpell it is different. They each do the lesson with no complaining and on their own. Their spelling improved as well. I am very satisfied with the program and would recommend it highly.”
Ingeborg Hoya, Co-op Member
”This is our second year subscribing to TTRS. My boys range in age from 9-12, and two of them have dyslexia. We had tried another typing program before TTRS that had more games, etc, but the pace was too quick for my gang, causing frustration. TTRS goes slow enough and reinforces the Ortan Gillingham type spelling rules that my boys have been learning through their other dyslexic programs.”
M4Ever, Co-op Member
”This is the easiest way to teach typing and spelling at the same time. The computer does it for you. Being a homeschool mom of 2, it takes a load off. It works well for all children even though it was designed for dyslexia.”
Telesia, Co-op Member
”This is our 2nd year using this program. My son started last fall and now this year he is in 1st grade and I am very pleased with the progress of his typing skills. He is learning how to spell and learning to type at the same time. Each lesson takes him about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.”
I. Adams, Co-op Member
”Touch Type has been extremely helpful to my son. He, only 10, with minimal computer experience, has been independent with the whole program since the first day and completing all assignments with high marks, boosting his confidence in the areas it teaches. I cannot compare it to other typing programs because we haven't used others, but I will highly recommend it to friends.”
Nicole C., Co-op Member
”7 & 11 year olds bear this program. I say bear as it is work, but it is quick and effective. Teaches spelling systematically. Great program!”
NJ mom, Co-op Member
”The kids like using this typing program. It seems to be very easy for them to use. They seem to be able to use what they are learning when using the computer at other times.”
R.Word, Co-op Member
”My son needed help being motivated to practice reading. My daughter needed help with spelling. They both were asking to learn to type so they can type their papers instead of write everything by hand. Touch Type Read Spell has been the perfect solution! I've seen marked improvement in my son's reading, my daughter's spelling, and they are learning to type! We are all big fans!”
Sara W, Co-op Member
”My daughter is in 4th grade and we just started using this program. I can already see the benefits. She is not going to have bad habits that she will have to undo. I love the visual instruction as well as the auditory. She was frustrated the first couple days because she wanted to "hand peck" but now she is seeing why it's so important to learn correct position from the start. We will continue to use this program. I would definitely recommend it!”
T. Carlson, Co-op Member
”TTRS is a solid, no-frills product. I like the fact that it uses real words, and it has been good for reinforcing spelling for my second-grader (who does not have dyslexia). I wish it would have an option to define some of the more difficult words for younger kids, for he's learning to spell real words, but he doesn't always know what they mean. My son was reluctant at first, but has warmed to the program, and his typing has improved drastically in about a month of use (averaging 10-15 minutes a day).”
Allison, Co-op Member
”TTRS is G R E A T my 14 yr old stays engaged and is learning to type correctly and quickly and I love the audio. I'v told so many people about it and how positive it is for my dyslexic daughter.”
LKTP, Co-op Member
”My kids ( 9-14) really like this program and so do I. I have seen a real improvement in spelling in my oldest ( diagnosed ADHD, ASD, APD) who has been doing TTRS for over a year now. He tells me that when he is writing he sometimes tries to 'imagine' where his fingers would go on the key board to work out tricky words. All my kids typing skills are really improving, I would even say my oldest is a better typist than me now. I will use this program until there are no more levels. I like that it doesn't have gimmicky characters, my kids all seem to find those distracting. So what seems maybe a dry lesson compared to other programs we've tried with games and rewards, is actually just what they need. That is to learn to type and by default, get help with their spelling.”
M Lawn, Co-op Member
”This program has been a great learning tool for my son who is 11, has ADD, dyslexia, and Asperger's. I introduced it to him as a tool to help him learn how to type. I said nothing about spelling. I simply set a timer for 20 minutes and tell him to see how much he can get done during that time. After 6 months, he is now flying through the lessons! His typing speed has increased, but more importantly his ability to spell has improved. He is working on spelling without realizing it, so he is relaxed instead of stressing out. I am very thankful to have discovered this program!”
L. Morris, Co-op Member
”So happy to have found this. I use it with my middle schooler who struggles with spelling. We were both getting so frustrated with spelling and it's disheartening to do spelling below your age level. So I told her we were stopping spelling and would be doing typing. Since her older sister did a typing program, this seemed fine and expected to her. I only refer to it as her typing program when we discuss assignments.

Her spelling is definitely improving! Will she be entering the spelling bee? No. But her writing assignments go much more smoothly and she's more confident about her spelling now. I'm about to renew for a third year. Here is my detailed review and experience: TTRS review
Amylee, Co-op Member
”TouchTypeReadSpell has been a blessing to my daughter who struggles with dyslexia. It's been simple and easy for her to grasp and she enjoys doing the lessons.”
Faith C., Co-op Member
”Ttrs is great! I like that there is no gimmicks, just typing & it's easy. There are lots of levels and it progresses at just the right pace. It also combines OG words to spell, if your children happen to be dyslexic like mine. Typing is one of the most important skills a child can have, and ttrs combines spelling and typing. The words/letters to type are read aloud by a jolly British chap,so if your child has difficulty reading or spelling, it doesn't factor into the program, and they have a great degree of success! My sons really use it with no fuss.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”A great resource for home educating! We love it because teaching at home comes with many challenges! You can combine different learning styles into one, and this program allows for more ways to connect your children with what they need to put into thier memory! Thanks TTRS!”
Becky S., Co-op Member
”My son was diagnosed with dyslexia this summer. This program is a great way to incorporate learning how to type, and repetition which is important for him to learn. Even better, he looks forward to doing his typing every day.”
KC, Co-op Member
”This innovative product combines the development of several skills at once: typing, reading, and spelling. So far, my dyslexic son, in 6th grade, is using it for augmentation, and a shoring up of the simple words, so he doesn't lapse back. As a home instructor, what I'd like to see is a better way to determine the range of words to be presented over the course of all lessons. You have to dig quite a bit to see what's coming up. I wish we had used this about 2 years ago, when he was in 4th grade, or even sooner.”
V. Kluth, Co-op Member
”TTRS has been an invaluable addition to our homeschooling! As well as teaching typing, which has helped my dysgraphia son enormously, his spelling is slowly improving through daily exposure to TTRS. This is a programme we intend to use for a good while to come.”
Emma, Co-op Member
”I am so thankful for TTRS! I purchased TTRS very tentatively for my 14 year-old. We wanted it for a typing program, but my main intent for purchasing the program was because even though we had tried all of the tried and true spelling programs (Spelling Power, Wordly Wise, Sequential Spelling, etc...)he was dreadfully behind in spelling. I had chatted with one of the representatives of TTRS and she spoke highly way that that the program taught the student how to spell without "teaching the student how to spell." Well, she was right! We are only a few months in and my son has gained more confidence than I have been able to teach him in YEARS with other curricula. AND he CAN TYPE! PLUS, he doesn't know that he's learning to spell. That's the big thing for him. Spelling has been such a blow to his confidence that he was striking out before he picked up the bat, so to speak. With this, he's LEARNING so fast and so well that he hasn't had the chance to second guess himself, so he's really, truly, finally LEARNING! I cannot recommend this product enough!”
Sue Taylor, Co-op Member
”We are loving TTRS! My son is dyslexic and dysgraphia and we know keyboarding is going to help him in all aspects of life! He has loved the lessons and looks forward to doing them daily.”
Molly F, Co-op Member
”My 6 year old 1st grader is doing very well and enjoying the Touch Type Read Spell program. It's very simple to use and she seems to zoom right through the lessons with ease.
As a parent it's very easy to get a specific report on what she has been learning and if print the work and progress if need be.
I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting their child to learn the basics of typing. It's especially great for beginner readers as they quickly move to short words and sentences.”
Danielle C., Co-op Member
”My daughter is much more willing to do this typing program than the other one we tried. We bought it based on recommendations for it being helpful for dyslexic children. We've just started using it, but based on her willingness to do it, I'd say we're happy with it!”
JoyB, Co-op Member
”My daughter has been using this program for a few weeks now. She is enjoying it, and finding that the program is helping her spelling and typing. When she first began the program, her typing skills were non-existent and she has always struggled with spelling. When she went back and did a review of the lessons she had already done, She was receiving 95%+ on the spelling assessments.”
B. Church, Co-op Member
”I decided to try ttrs for my girls ages 11 & 13. So far, I don't even have to remind them to get it done! They love this program. At first I was a little hesitant because of the cost, but now I think it was worth it.”
Shanon C, Co-op Member
”I've tried a couple other typing programs, but my daughter would always use the wrong fingers, just to win the 'games.' She has some spelling and reading issues so this program seemed a good fit. She likes it and is using the correct fingers. I'm very pleased. We will continue to use it.”
N. Miller,
”My daughter is dyslexic, so we must find multi-pronged approaches to learning. Touch-Type-Read-Spell engages visual, auditory and kinestetic learning. My daugher learns to type and spell at the same time, while reinforcing reading skills. It's all done independently by the student, so she has a sense of personal ownership and accomplishment. I can't recommend this curriculum enough for a dyslexic student.”
Michele Riffee, Co-op Member
”This year I added Touch Type Read Spell TTRS to my 3rd graders school load and he LOVES it so much. He has so much fun doing it everyday and I love it! Learning to type is a very important skill to pick up early because it can make all computer work quicker. Plus he's working on spelling and reading at the same time. One more bonus is he's also learning to play piano so I tell him when he's practicing piano that it's like TTRS you need both hands to press the keys and your eyes are up reading notes. We're definitely continuing to use TTRS and telling our friends about it and about the co-open. Thank you!!”
Christina Iokia, Co-op Member
”We just have a month at it. So far the children enjoy it.”
Ellie, Co-op Member
”I bought TTRS after reading the reviews. My son is dyslexic, reading was not his favorite thing, as it was extremely confusing and hard for him. After a year of TTRS his typing is 60wpm, 90% accuracy. His reading skills have improved as well.
The program is well organized, systematic and engaging.”
Sharon C, Co-op Member
”I have recently renewed my one year subscription for this program because it has definitely helped. My son is 10 and dyslexic, so he does at least one hour of typing every school day and it has definitely helped his reading ability and also relieved a lot of own stress trying to be his teacher. We tried some workbooks and such that said they were helpful for dyslexia, but the online typing seems to be more time and cost effective.”
Jenny S., Co-op Member
”My 12 year dyslexic son has been using TTRS program for several weeks now and he really enjoys seeing his score and progress in the dashboard after each lesson. Even though he is reading on level now, he still struggles with spelling. The TTRS program starts off with simple VCV words like hat, cap, sit to type. The words are also dictated to the student. I really like this feature because then my son isnt't just copy-typing random words or letters. He is learning to spell. The TTRS program difference from other programs in that is starts off on a basic spelling level and then works its way up through the common spelling rules and patterns. THIS IS A HUGE benefit to me because I feel like I am saving time by knocking out some spelling and typing together. THe program is not flashy. It is very straightforward where all the focus remains on the typing and spelling process. There are no games but my son doesn't seem to be bothered by that.
He looks forward for his lessons and logs into the program by himself. The wording about how much the program costs was confusing. The cost is for one student and then you must pay for each additional student. Once you have more than 5 students on your account you are now considered a school size and must pay a difference license fee. Other than that small confusion, we have been very satisfied with our purchase and I plan on using this program with my other children. If you have a struggling reader or dyslexic, this is a must have resource! It would also be great for younger students that early readers.”
Sarah A., Co-op Member
”My son was entering 5th grade last fall and was diagnosed as dyslexic shortly before I stumbled upon this "typing" program. His handwriting is not good, and his spelling was/is poor..... typical dyslexic. Because of this, I was attempting to locate a keyboarding program to simply teach him how to type when the Homeschool Buyers Co-op sent out their list of discounted programs, and I checked it out. TTRS is a typing program, yes, but it is so much more! We just renewed our subscription for a second year because I used it as an elective, and my son has 2 more levels to complete..... that in itself is a testimonial to the value I see in this program.

I heavily researched this product (customer reviews, company website, and youtube videos) - the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The program was developed in Europe and has seen significant results with not only teaching illiterate adults and delayed reading children how to type, but also teaching them how to spell words and phrases correctly as they type. The program is very simple to use and has hands typing at the bottom so that students are constantly reminded of accurate hand placement. There is a voice (you can pick the accent:) that guides and encourages the child along the way; then, there are the graphs to show instant results which is all very helpful to my dyslexic son who wants to see how he is doing the second he finishes a task. NOTE: Once familiar with the program, it is an excellent course for allowing a learning abled student to work on his or her own which I rarely can do; however, be sure to observe secretly to help avert the "hunt and peck" method when lazy moments sneak into the student's mind - ha!

The true test of his abilities came at the end of this year when he wanted to type his research report for school. He is proud of his new skills, and I am proud of him! This program is the best one I've seen and although my son does get tired of it sometimes, he has definitely seen the benefits, and the repetition within the program is enough to get the lessons to stick. The skills he is learning will help him for the rest of his life - what more can be said about a product than that? Well worth the price through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!”
Tracie, Co-op Member
”So glad I was told about this program. My 9 year old son loves it. It's fun and challenging. He has only been doing the program for a few weeks and we can see such an improvement typing. Highly recommend getting the subscription.”
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Co-op Member
”This has worked well for my boys. They both struggle with dsylexia. It is teaching them to type and spell at the same time!”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”TTRS is an integral part of our learning experience. My children use this daily to improve their typing and spelling skills. The program has greatly assisted my children's confidence in typing and has improved their spelling ability. I have recommended this program to many of my friends who have gone on to purchase it and incorporate it into their children's educational experience.”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”This program is wonderful. It is helping my dyslexic son in so many ways that "he" does not realize. Not just learning to type but cementing his spelling and grammar skills as well. I highly recommend this product and appreciate such a wonderful price on it through the co-op!!! You won't be sorry!”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”Since beginning TTRS a year ago, I have seen a major improvement in my 12 year old daughter's dyslexic tendencies, as well as in her spelling, retention and confidence, and she's learning to type! I can't say enough praise for this program! It is well worth the investment, especially if your child struggles with dyslexia!”
Laura G., Co-op Member
”Very pleased with TTRS as it's called in our home school. Our severely dysgraphic, dyslexic son became independent immediately. Love how the skills build and the lessons are short.”
Harrison Liberty Home school, Clay Twp MI, Co-op Member
”I am a home school mom of 9 years and also an academic language therapist because my daughter is dyslexic. This is one of the best programs for typing I have seen and used. It has helped my daughter type using a very systematic approach that is necessary for a child who is dyslexic. It reinforces repetition for the brain to take in all the information and create the correct motor memory. My daughter is also dysgraphic, so typing can be difficult for her because of her fine motor challenges. However, she has been able to succeed with TouchTypeReadSpell. This is the only program I will ever use.”
D. Brooks, Co-op Member
”We have tried Mavis Beacon and several open source typing programs to help our daughter learn typing. All of them were a chore, but she enjoys using TTRS, and it has helped with her spelling (which has been a huge challenge for her)”
Nathan S, Co-op Member
”This program is great! My son is an auditory learner and this program not only shows him what to type but tells him and that is exactly what he needed! He is doing great with this program. It is not fun and flashy but it is effective and he doesn't mind doing it. I did their 14 day free trial before buying.”
Julie G., Co-op Member
”This is a great program! In a few minutes each day a combined lesson of touch-typing, reading, and spelling in a well-made program that works! My son is 7 but I could see it working for many ages. Good sense of accomplishment in a doable micro chunk of the day. Highly recommend!”
Beth Swan, Co-op Member
”We've been using TTRS for a month and so far it's going great. My son with dyslexia likes it and never complains about using it and it helps him to feel good about himself. We have done many different programs over the years and this is rare. Short lessons are awesome!”
N. Crook, Co-op Member
”I ordered this for my dyslexic/ dysgraphic son to replace the use of a widely used, free, online typing program. It has been exactly what he needed. The multi sensory approach which includes auditory feedback was something we had never experienced before and it has changed my son's typing experience. He is much more engaged and will complete more than one lesson at a time. I also love that within a few lessons, the program uses words to reinforce reading. I am very pleased with this product. Thank you for offering it through the Co-op.”
S. Black, Co-op Member
”So far this has been a great program for my 10 year old son. He is very competitive and tries to beat his scores as he moves forward. We will continue to use the program.”
Wendy S. Marsh, Co-op Member
”TTRS has allowed my kids to be successful at keyboarding and improve their spelling at the same time. The kids compete to see who has more levels completed. The amazing discount offered by the co-op has allowed my family to have access to this quality program. I always tell my friends how much I love the deals I find on your website.”
C. O'Brien, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old was a little hesitant at first, and I did have to sit with her for a few week, but now that she has the hang of it she really likes it and it is teaching her so much.”
Lori K., Co-op Member
”I have only been using this curriculum for 1 month, but I am already seeing a difference in my reluctant, late. reader (boy, 9 years old). His confidence has really blossomed and he seems a lot more excited about reading and is even tempting to spell more often. He really loves seeing his score immediately, and brags to his sister (who is also using ttrs) when his grade is higher!”
Kelly P., Co-op Member
”This program is fantastic. My 10 yo son loves it. He often asks if he can just "do his typing" all day. It is easy to use, the lessons are level appropriate, and it has a great teacher interface. My family is glad we bought this program.”
Nicole Huffman Hollins, Co-op Member
”This is a very straightforward program. No bells and whistles. For that reason, I think, my daughter is quite dedicated to it. She says, "Mom, it's not a game. I'm really learning here!" We are in early days, but she does seem to be benefiting from the practice with spelling. Also, she loves the British accent! We would recommend this to other families, especially those who are dealing with dyslexia, as my daughter is.”
Maggie Mansueto, Co-op Member
”My daughter is mildly dyslexic, but also has a visual processing disorder, and this program has been WONDERFUL for her! The short modules leave her feeling victorious and the colored fingers, indicating which finger to use for which letter, have been extremely helpful. I can't recommend this program enough!”
Kimberly E, Co-op Member
”My son truly enjoys typing with TTRS! He just started the program about a month ago. He works on it everyday for about 10 minutes-although some days he does it longer. His comfort level with typing on the computer is definitely increasing. My son's comment-It is fun!”
Sharon, Co-op Member
”The program is great!”
Becky, Co-op Member
”My sons, who struggle greatly with writing and spelling, are actually doing this program without resistance. They are gaining greater and greater confidence in their abilities to write and spell. It has been such a blessing to our family to have a program that meets their needs with multi sensory learning in building their confidence to spell and their willingness to do the work. Thank you for providing this program. It has been such a great blessing to our family and especially our sons.”
Grateful Mom, Co-op Member
”My daughter is 12. We are new to homeschool. Touch Type Read Spell has been a nice addition to her other work. It starts out very basic & then progresses as she does. It has built her confidence. I'm happy with our choice.”
Kristy Miller, Co-op Member
”Love it! My dyslexic son doesn't mind doing it at all and is already becoming a decent typist. We've tried all kinds of things to improve his spelling and they have all helped a little. I'm sure this will as well. Thanks!!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”This is a good typing program and worth the cost. Correct hand position is emphasized. Sufficient repetition is given to learn the keys. My student has dyslexia and uses an Orton-Gillingham approach for Language Arts. I was happy to see that the spelling in this typing program follows the Orton-Gillingham sequence as well, so his is working with the most simple words (CVC) as he is learning the basics of typing, and the words will increase with complexity as he gains typing skill. It makes sense. We've tried Typing Without Tears, which is much less expensive, but were very disappointed with the program. It seemed that the typing exercises were redundant and didn't actually apply to learning touch typing! TTRS, however, is a good use of our time. Highly recommended.”
Melanie McAfee, Parent, Teacher, The Language Arts Tutorial
”This program is quick and effective! My kids are learning spelling without even realizing it, and are so excited when they type sentences! We have tried other game-style programs, and they were just "eh". This isn't a fancy video game, it's an effective and FUN learning tool! As a previous classroom educator and now homeschool mom, I am very impressed. Would certainly recommend.”
BGail, Co-op Member
”My daughter has trouble with reading and transposing letters. She gets overwhelmed and has little confidence. I bought the TTRS system in hopes that it would help her. She loves it! She is learning to type and her spelling is improving as well as her reading. She enjoys doing the "class" and loves the applause that she receives when she has accomplished something. This was a great find and purchase!”
Julie W, Co-op Member
”I purchased Touch Type Read Spell for teenage son with dyslexia and dysgraphia. It is now a part of his daily homework routine. My son has asked for an adult typing course (not an animated "baby" one). It really helps with not looking at the keys and you can see immediately how well you are doing. It is an essential component for high school and we will continue to use it. I would and do recommend it to friends, family and those who ask how to support students with dyslexia.”
Rhonda Vernay, Co-op Member
”Love TTRS. My son is 8 and he is doing great. The program really has made learning to type properly easy. He is getting a great boost with his spelling and reading. We want to continue with it for some time to come. Thanks.”
Melanie D., Co-op Member
”I wanted a typing program that was easy to use, engaging, and something my 3 middle school age children would like. TTRS is all of those things and more! The kids enjoy the program and are learning typing skills at their own pace. I can track their progress easily, and love that there is no fluff. Finding a typing program that was not more for early elementary kids, with goofy characters or games was difficult, but this program keeps the kids asking to do another lesson without all that. I love that their spelling skills are kept sharp and reinforced, too.”
Jen L., Co-op Member
”I stumbled upon TTRS while I was looking for a typing program for my 9 year old son. I was intrigued by the idea that this program does more than just teach typing, but also helps with reading and spelling. I wanted my son to learn to type because the physical part of writing is hard for him, but he also has some issues that make reading and spelling difficult for him so I was further intrigued by the acclaims this program has received from those with learning difficulties. I was impressed by the program, but somewhat hesitant out of concern that the program would be boring for him since it is not animated as most programs are. Regardless, I ended up buying TTRS after reading numerous excellent reviews and testimonials and have been very pleased. He enjoys the lessons and the methodical repetition is great. It has without a doubt improved his reading and spelling. I actually appreciate the simplistic nature of the program and am glad to see that he doesn't need all sort of bells and whistles to stay engaged. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for typing instruction, especially if they could use a boost in reading & spelling.”
Joyce P., Co-op Member
”I am a special education teacher by training and a 21 yr home educating veteran. 2 of my children have dyslexia so I have been in almost constant search of curriculum to assist with this learning style. This program meets several needs for my students. It gives them some independence where in many subjects they struggle with this. It reaches several sensory modalities whereas other programs I have tried do not. My son doing it right now loves it and if given the choice, it is one of the first things he will do each morning. I could not have afforded the regular price for this product and am thankful Homeschool Buyers offered it!”
Suzanne B., Co-op Member
”My kids love this program and usually choose this as the first thing they do for the school day! In a couple of weeks, they are already typing pretty well. I am very happy with this program!”
Suzanne P., Co-op Member
”The TouchTypeReadSpell is awesome because the hand placement is right on the screen and it shows the child (or anyone using) exactly how and where to place their fingers to type. LOVE IT! Made learning to type for my kids a whole lot easier and less frustrating with a "fun to type" program. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”
Julie A., Co-op Member
”TTRS has been so beneficial for my children! Not only are they learning to type properly, they are also learning spelling and dictation skills. We have tried many typing programs and this is by far the best! My children love challenging themselves to do better and improve their speed and accuracy. I like that I can check their progress and I see the results of better spelling and better typing! Definitely a 5-Star product!”
Jolene S, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old son loves this program!!!! It not only helps teach proper keyboard/typing skills but also helps the struggling reader with the skills needed to become better readers.”
Becky Jones, Co-op Member
”My son is only four and a half and was able to sit down and immediately catch on to this program. He thinks of it like a game. I feel that in today's world, typing is an invaluable skill. Why not start early? I didn't learn to type until I was in highschool. But in my opinion, the younger you are when you begin, the more easily it becomes second nature.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”We have tried several other typing programs...all with great disappointments. My 13, 11, and 8 year old all love TouchTypeReadSpell! They will even ask to work on their modules!”
Leslie H., Co-op Member
”TouchTypeReadSpell has been a wonderful tool to help my son with typing and spelling. If you have a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, you know how important typing skills are, and every bit of practice helps! He has gained so much confidence with his writing!”
C Bartel, Co-op Member
”My son is a reluctant keyboarder. I've tried other typing instructor programs and it's always fizzled out due to lack of interest. This had such great reviews I had to give it a try. My son now voluntarily gets online to do his lessons. Major breakthrough! He's loving it which makes me very happy. He said it's easy and he enjoys doing the lessons. I'm seeing his typing speed go up and his confidence rising. I'm so glad I took the plunge and ordered it. I would never have even tried it at full price. Thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op special pricing deals it was obtainable.”
Rosemary S., Co-op Member
”Really like the program. Both my boys enjoy it and can complete it without any help. Great investment!”
Beth Ferguson, Co-op Member
”My child really likes this program! She is thrilled to see her speed improve and I have noticed a difference in her spelling!”
Km, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old is using the program now and making great progress. His 7 year old sister will start soon because she has seen his efforts. I especially like how soon the program moves from key strokes to words and sentences.”
Jan C, Co-op Member
”My daughter is going to be 10 in a few days. She started the Touch Type Read and Spell a little over a month ago and she loves it. I saw the Homeschool buyers Co-ops facebook share the link a few times and was apprehensive at first but a few months went buy and I took the plunge and we couldn't have been happier with our purchase. She practices every day and it is always her idea. Its easy to use and interactive, great buy!”
Nicole R., Co-op Member
”I am so pleased with TTRS. My son actually likes it and feels empowered by his accomplishments. He can work independently and at his own pace. I look forward to this program helping him make strides with independence despite his dyslexia.”
Mrs. C3, Co-op Member
”We have been using this since Nov 2014. We LOVE this programs. It goes slowly and allows my son to have a multi sensory experience. Auditory and visual and kinestetic. I appreciate that it works on auditory as well as following a dyslexic type program He no longer complains about learning to type”
Christy C, Co-op Member
”I ordered this program immediately after seeing it. I had been thinking about how to teach keyboarding to my ten year old son who has dyspraxia. Printing and cursive are hard and tedious for him. He enjoys the program and is so proud when he sees his scores. He needs the repetition of spelling the words also. I'm so happy that my friend sent me a link to this program.”
Mary O, Co-op Member
”This program is working great. We are using it for our 6 year old and he is enjoying it. He wants to "do my typing" each day. Our 4 year old daughter watches with keen interest. The way it is designed really does include reading and spelling and not just typing. Buying it through the Co-op was a great deal and we definitely recommend it.”
Deb L., Co-op Member
”After doing some research on other typing games. We decided to give Touch Type Read and Spell a chance. It has been a great addition to my sons(7)schooling. He has an astigmatism and dyslexia, so getting him interested in anything about reading is usually a chore.So far he has really enjoyed the lessons. He likes trying to beat his last score. I like that each lesson builds off the last. And each lesson can be redone. It's teaching him capitalization, punctuation, sentences etc. Unlike other typing games that just teach how to push the keys, this program does what it says: "touch,type,read and spell." Glad I found Homeschoolbuyersco-op deal for the discounted price !”
Sarah B, Co-op Member
”I love this product. My daughter is dyslexic and I can see an improvement in her work since starting the program.”
Kay, Co-op Member
”My son has been using this program for about 3 weeks. What makes this unique is it starts with vowels instead of the home row. It isn't long before he is typing words ans now sentences. The hands on the screen have reduced his need to look at the keyboard. The letters are large and presented one line at a time combined with audio "r-u-n" etc. It also offers a review of words learned that is dictated thereby encouraging learning of correct spelling. Although it is lacking games the frustration level is low so that my son is happy to do it.”
P Davis, Co-op Member
”My child loves it. What I love more his practicing spelling and reading all at once.”
F. Osman, Co-op Member
”This program has gotten my child off to the best start with typing, better than several other products we have tried. He was quickly typing full words and making fewer mistakes because the program reinforces the home position very well.”
J.A., Co-op Member
”We love this program! No games, no gimmicks but rather straight forward instructional program yet my girls still enjoy it. We chose this program since it is designed to help dyslexics learn to type as well as assists in reading and spelling. I am using this program with both my dyslexic and non-dyslexic children, ages 10 and 11. Both find the program very useful and enjoy learning keyboarding.”
clovato, Co-op Member
”We've tried several computer typing programs and one paper based one. TouchTypeReadSpell is the only program that has motivated my student. With this program, he's practicing what he learns instead of falling back into old habits when typing outside of the program.”
Barb W., Co-op Member
”My family absolutely loves Touch Type Read and Spell! It is exactly what we needed and more! I highly recommend this program to any one wanting to learn to type and have extra spelling practice.”
Shannon G., Co-op Member
”The Touch-Type Read & Spell (TTRS) program is absolutely tremendous. My 13-year old right-brain learner is enjoying it and having success. We have tried and done many different typing programs over the years without a great deal of success. These lessons are super short. It seems she's done before she even begins. That is super good, short and sweet. It doesn't make it a drag to do. She has now completed 13 lessons and only clocked a total logged in time of 71 minutes. She started typing actual words in her second lesson and was thrilled. A voice is saying everything she is supposed to type. So she gets the visual, the audio and the tactile all together. It is a winning combination. She is excited about doing the lessons and is having success. We couldn t be more pleased with this program. I have and will continue to recommend it to as many people as possible.”
Desiree Smith, Co-op Member
”I have been using the†Touch-type, Read and Spell†programme with my students both at home and in the school setting for over 2 years. I have found it extremely easy to use and the clear, structured approach to learning the keyboard have enabled all my students to achieve success in mastering the correct finger position. Alongside this, the programme uses real words right from the very first module and through repetition and use of all the senses it supports the acquisition of spelling through the finger pattern memory as well as visual and auditory paths. My students have found the immediate feedback through the accuracy percentage graph very motivating and surprisingly enjoyable as they can see their progress and work to their own targets. I can highly recommend this programme for all ages and abilities.”
R. Jones, TTRS Tutor Richmond
”†The results they get after a few sessions using the typing programme helps them to lose their Ďcanít doí attitude. †”
M. McTaggart, Times Education Supplement
”We have one student with a visual impairment, hearing loss and fine motor skill difficulties. She also had very low self-esteem, little self-confidence and difficulties at school.† She was poorly motivated.† This course has changed her life.† It has facilitated her being able to succeed.† It has improved her literacy skills and enabled her to become an effective typist; her confidence and self-esteem have shot through the ceiling.† Thanks to the Touch-type, Read and Spell Computer Course she has a more positive future ahead of her.”
J. Cavanagh, Greenwich Visual Impairment Service
”I have tried other programmes, without success as my student with dyslexia rebuffed every attempt at help.† The Touch-type Read and Spell course has had dramatic results.† The stress just seems to have been lifted from my student.† His progress has been amazing.† This is the first time ever that he has been able to remember spellings and I have had to force him to take breaks”
J. Whitehead, Grimsby University
”Jeremy is a 15 year-old student from Amsterdam with Autism Spectrum Syndrome (ASS) who really enjoyed working with the programme. He has faithfully worked on the modules one after the other and completed all 24 levels in 3 months. His spelling and pronunciation of English words have improved tremendously. His comment was, "Now I can pronounce many English words properly.”
N. Jackman, Tutor, Netherlands
”TTRS proves a hit with Dyslexic Kids.”
Education Weekly, New Zealand
”We have had extremely good results with all the pupils who have remained on the course and reached Level 8 and beyond. This covers the majority and a complete age range from Year 4 (8 years to adult). Exam results following the course have been far higher than originally forecast for the individuals.”
F. Mercer, NELDA (North East Lancashire District Association), UK
”Many Dyslexia Associations and schools use†Touch-type Read and Spell†- an online, multisensory course for children and adults. It has no games or gimmicks, but follows the structure of Alpha to Omega with human voice recordings of the words for copy-typing and unseen for dictation”
British Dyslexia Association,
”The scheme uses a variety of strategies to break the cycle of failure. By the end of the course, students have improved their spelling, reading, short-term Memory, co-ordination and concentration....They see that they are mastering the computer but what really encourages them is the improvement in their spelling.”
S. Mckeown, Times Education Supplement
”The TTRS course really helped me. Itís been a lot easier in class, and it makes me a lot more confident in terms of spelling. I donít have to ask people how to do things any more.”
Kahlia, Home User
”My daughter has made progress on typing as she finds it very difficult to write. Now she is on level 5 Module 21, her accuracy has reached an average of 93%. I recommend TTRS for every mum who really cares for her son or daughter who have difficulties with literacy. TTRS has helped my daughter to learn new vocabulary and also pronounce them correctly while writing. She loved writing through typing and achieving high scores. Thank you very much for this brilliant software that will help anyone who hates to use a pencil. Thanks to TTRS.”
Hewaida, Parent
”I would like to go ahead with the purchasing of the TTRS course. Iím very impressed with it and my son is getting on well, thanks.”
Michelle, Parent
”Really happy with the TTRS Program. Our daughter is enjoying the challenge of learning to touch type with the added but painless bonus of relearning how to spell.. We look forward to celebrating her continued success as she successfully works through the entire program. Thank you.”
Maria, Parent
”Our kids use it 5 times a week for 10 minutes and are going very well. Their reading levels have jumped and they can type faster and more accurately. They are actually better than me. This program should be in every school and is appropriate for all ages 8 to 98.”
Liz, Parent
”Jeremy is a 15 year-old student from Amsterdam with Autism Spectrum Syndrome (ASS) who really enjoyed working with the programme. He has faithfully worked on the modules one after the other and completed all 24 levels in 3 months. His spelling and pronunciation of English words have improved tremendously. His comment was, "Now I can pronounce many English words properly."”
Natachia, Parent
”I cannot believe the difference this program has made to my sonís life. He was scoring an average of between 95% and 99% at each module...his self-esteem is greater than it has been for the last two years and his happiness is portrayed by a smile at his own achievement.”
Catherine, Parent
”I have definitively seen an improvement in (my daughers) spelling ability since using TTRS. Before using this program I would say that spelling was a significant weak area for her but now she is spelling better and has increased in confidence with her written work.”
Julia , Parent
”My children have been using for Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) for the past couple of years. I have been really impressed with the straightforward, no nonsense way it works and have been very pleased with the progress my children (age 15, 13 & 10) have made. Learning to type and spell well has had a huge impact in my own life so I felt it was a skill worth helping my children to attain.

One last thing I'll mention is that Phil Alexandre, a senior man at TTRS is a Christian. This programme has had huge benefits in prisons working with people with dyslexia.”
Julie, Co-op Member