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”I've watched Simply Music transform my friends' kids into great players, so I was excited to see an at home online version for my girls. They are 7 and 9 and both have already easily mastered the first tune! They are so excited. Thank you Simply Music!”
Debra McCarver, Co-op Member
”We have only done 3 lessons and so far my daughter has learned more and has had more fun than she did after completing 75% of a traditional piano book. She even practices sometimes without being asked. She is only 7 and has been able to follow along with the 3 videos fairly easily and independently.”
Michelle P., Co-op Member
”I started playing the piano so young myself, I don't remember how to teach beginning lessons. I've struggled with getting my children started, and thoroughly bored them in the process. They've been doing the Simply Music lessons, and even my 9 year old, who thought he no longer wanted to play the piano loves it. They can easily learn a new song every couple days, at least with the Level 1 lessons, which is paced quick enough to feel like you're accomplishing something and be excited about it, but you can also go slower if you need to.

I like that each song teaches a trick to learning how to play. I feel like I'm learning how to teach beginning lessons. At some point I'll use another method to teach them to read music, but I do feel like it's important to make the beginning lessons fun and get the child actually playing music before going through all the different parts of learning to read music.”
Becky D., Co-op Member
”After only a few hours of Simply Music lessons my kids are playing lovely pieces of music with both hands and without the stress of trying decode notation.”
Martha, Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my high-school aged daughter. She has had some basic piano lessons in past, and requested more. So, I thought we'd try this. She loves it! I would definitely recommend this to others. Self-paced and easy to follow.”
Leslie M P, Co-op Member
”My daughter, who insisted she did not want piano lessons, got hooked after watching only the promo videos, and now she has learned four songs in just a few lessons--using both hands. The other kids, including the ones who already play piano, are now anxious to try Simply Music, too!”
Jeri Daniel, Co-op Member
”My oldest granddaughter had already begun to learn to play piano. She has shown great promise with above average technical capability. This program has opened a completely new method of playing for her that she loves. My youngest granddaughter has struggled to learn how to play in the usual method, however, this method is close to the open style she prefers.

They have much more to learn, but they are always very excited about there sessions, being surprised at what can be learned without a teacher instructing them along the way.

Thanks so much.”
Stuart B., Co-op Member
”This program is absolutely the BEST way for anyone to learn to play the piano. It removes the frustration and tedium of a 'traditional' piano method and gives children an immediate sense of "Hey! I can do this!"

We began Simply Music piano lessons at a local studio, but we were having myriad issues with it. When I realized the first 2 levels were offered online, we dropped the live lessons and purchased our lifetime membership through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

For a cost comparison, the Level 1 and 2 lessons would cost about $1,350 PER CHILD at a live Simply Music studio. I have 5 children, AND my husband is learning. So over the next 7 years, I expect to save over $8,000 with this online program!

A motivated student ages 7 through adult can use this program alone. For children who might struggle, be aware that mom or dad, or an older sibling, may need to watch and participate in the lessons to be able to clarify any confusing points. The video lessons are short, however, and broken down into manageable steps, so it hasn't been a negative for us.

My oldest (age 11) with some previous piano, is flying through these lessons, so I will be transitioning him to a different program soon. My 2nd (age 8) is progressing through the lessons at about 1 per week. Whether a child continues with the Simply Music program, or continues with a traditional-style piano course after these 2 Levels of Simply Music, he or she will be well-equipped with technical skills, a sensitive ear, and good musicality.”
Maureen Armendariz, Co-op Member
”I love this program. 2 older kids have flourished with it musically and now we begin using it with 3 younger kids!”
Olivia, Co-op Member
”My 8yo daughter developed a great hunger to learn to play piano after taking the first few lessons and kept on asking me for more lessons. Nothing beats self-motivated learning! Special thanks to HS Buyer's Coop for making this special deal available for us!”
AdrianL, Co-op Member
”I love the Simply Music for its ease of use and results. My 10 year old enjoys being able to go at her own pace. I am a wannabe piano player and am using it, too. We will get much good use out of these lessons for our whole family. Thank you so much for the good value! I shared the link with my homeschool group.”
Linda, Co-op Member
”Simply Music has been the break through I needed for one of my mildly dyslexic students. Removing the printed page has now made piano lessons manageable for him.”
A Skog, Co-op Member
”What a blessing this purchase was! I home school three grandchildren, ages 6, 8 and 12. This program meets the needs of each, and has given each of them confidence in their ability to create music. With their varied needs, I was a bit worried about that. My 12-year old has aspergers and focus has always been a problem. But with the lessons set out like they are, he does not get frustrated. This is especially important to me because he loves music and is one of those aspies with perfect pitch. The 8-year old is an over-achieving, can do anything, and the faster the better type. She understands concepts as fast as she receives them, and wants to rush ahead. The lessons are presented in such logical, one step at a time way, with instant results, that she is progressing right along. Does she enjoy taking the time necessary to get each lesson perfect before progressing to the next one? Not necessarily, but she does take the time to thoroughly learn each one because she quickly understood that it was to her advantage to do so if she wanted her music to sound good. My six-year old is a dreamer, the type of kid that you would just love to take a vacation in his head. He loves music, and while he enjoys playing the songs in the program, he 'invents' his own songs with joy and enthusiasm. This tells me the program does not limit the kids creativity (a major complaint of mine with ballet schools--send a kid who loves to twirl and dance to ballet and after a couple of years they do not want to do anything that is not choreographed-sorry to go off-subject, but that is a particular gripe of mine). But best of all, with all three kids, this is one lesson that I can count on them looking forward to and going to with absolutely no complaints.”
Julia W., Co-op Member
”This program is great! My children already know how to play the piano but still have learned so much from this program. The songs are wonderful and my sons enjoy the new music. I have never played piano before and have learned to play several songs in just a few days. Truly amazing and simple approach to learning to play piano.”
A. Hillier, Co-op Member
”I purchased Simply Music for my daughter even though she takes traditional lessons in our home. I was considering signing her up for Simply Music with a local teacher. Instead I purchased this great deal. I am not musically inclined and am learning at a very slow pace along side my daughter. I only know how to read a few notes so far. Since purchasing Simply Music, I can play a song and it only took me a couple of days! I love it and look forward to learning many more songs! I recommend this program as long as you are willing to put in a small anything in life!”
Corbin, Co-op Member
”This is "Simply" the best beginning piano instruction out there. My kids lived being successful so quickly, playing real songs and I cannot speak highly enough of this program. 2of my children have reading difficulties and Simply Music has allowed them to benefit from piano training and the bilateral integration required by playing with two hands without the frustration of reading the notes.”
Carol S., Co-op Member
”My family and I have been using Simply Music for the past few months. I bought it after my homeschooling friend highly recommended it.

I have found that the entire family enjoys the teaching approach: jump right into playing music as opposed to learning to read music and then playing music.

My daughter has been very interested in the piano and can play by ear naturally. When we tried traditional piano lessons, she found them frustrating and boring because it was so time consuming to learn to read music first. She couldn't actually play the music she wanted to play due to the barrier the teaching approach created.

With Simply Music, she (and my husband and I) are able to dive right into playing music. It has increased all of our confidence in playing the piano and made it very enjoyable.

I highly recommend the purchase of Simply Music!”
P. Lee, Co-op Member
”My daughter has weak fingers and we have tried a number of sorting, grouping activities to help. She gets bored quickly, but with Simply Music she delights in working her fingers so as to produce a beautiful melody. Why hadn't I thought about Simply Music piano sooner! She doesn't realize she is strengthening her fingers, she is just delighting in filling the room with beautiful sounds.”
Veronica Wildanger, Co-op Member
”We love this program! Our daughter was having fun just playing around on the piano. We didn't want to start anything formal with her because we were afraid it would turn her away and become work. So, we purchased this program and she is playing real songs and having a blast! I do not regret purchasing this!”
A. Traynor, Co-op Member
”My daughter started piano lessons the conventional way and hated them. She wanted to play music right away. She has a "good ear" and would play simple songs by sounding them out. This program has allowed her to play 3 songs (with both hands) within a short period of time. She loves to play piano now and always begs to do another lesson!”
Beth P., Co-op Member
”This was the first product I bought through this website & it was a success! The company came through with the passcode quickly & my daughter (7 1/2) started taking the lessons immediately. It is rewarding to have her ask to practice her piano as a reward after getting her "schoolwork" (Math & Writing) done. She truly views it as fun & loves being able to play songs right from the start. She has been showing all her friends & family her new talent! I look forward to going through the two years worth of materials. Great Price & Great Experience. I show a group of moms your website & the lessons tomorrow night - Thanks for all you do!”
Alicia J., Co-op Member
”My family is really enjoying this program! The program is easy to follow and each lesson is broken down in short videos. Each child can build their lesson at their own pace. My children (ages 10 and 7) have found a real sense of accomplishment when a song comes together. Thank you!”
Samantha C, Co-op Member
”We have tried two other programs that did not work. This program however is the best so far. My daughter does not feel overwhelmed or frustrated. The lessons are short and easy to understand. You move at your own pace with no pressure. I like the fact that the whole family can use the product for the same low price and that there is not a time limit to use it.”
Kaylea Alward, Co-op Member
”I was a bit skeptical that this program would do what the initial video said it could. Yet, a short time after we started the program, my daughter (12) is able to play six songs from memory. She loves the program and I can see how it can easily transfer into a more traditional learning style.

Her enthusiasm is high and she is slowly learning the basics without even realizing she is learning music theory.

I just wish they had an advanced program to continue on with. I don't think it will take her very long to get through the provided lessons as she keeps asking to watch more so she can learn more songs.
deni hgw, Co-op Member
”I love this program! My kids love it! My husband has decided that he will start the lessons because of how well our kids are doing. We had actually had some of our kids take traditional private lessons for almost 2 years before starting Simply Music. There was a lot of frustration and it was like pulling teeth to get them to practice. With Simply Music, it is the exact opposite. The lessons are very easy to understand and follow; the teacher is great. He has made them all excited to again be taking piano lessons. They love his enthusiasm and encouragement he gives when learning a song, and can't wait to start playing it themselves. I actually have to make them stop practicing. Almost every time one of them walks by the piano, they will play something or work on another song they are learning. It is truly wonderful! We are definitely sticking with Simply Music. After we finish level 1 and 2 they will take lessons with a Simply Music instructor. We have watched videos on Youtube of other children's progress through several years of learning to play the piano with this method and it is pretty amazing. I am looking forward to my own children playing that well. I have told many people about how great this method is and the excellent results we have experienced.”
Rhonda England, Co-op Member
”I ordered Simply Music to use primarily for my girls ages 8 and 10. We want our children to have a good sense of music and thought this would be a good start.

It has worked very well for our family because the girls can learn at their own pace. I put the laptop by the piano and we watch it together. (I do one child at a time) We pause it when we need to and watch things over if they don't understand.

Now, four months later, they have learned several songs. My 8 year old absolutely loves it and plays the piano every chance she gets. I have a hard time getting her to stop.

My 10 year old still needs incentives for practicing but she enjoys being able to play songs for people.

This program has saved us a lot of money on music lessons. We were paying $60 a month for just one child. With Simply Music I only needed to pay once and for the price I was paying before for only one month of lessons I've received a whole year's worth for almost the same price and my whole family can use it!.

We are planning a recital once they finish level 1. We are very excited about that :) We will continue to use the program until they've completed both levels. After that time they will need to move on to an actual live Simply Music teacher in our city and pay for lessons monthly. The program only does 2 levels. It is a very good introduction to music and plants the joy of music in a child.

My 10 year old daughter has had a really tough time learning to read music and has been through 2 different teachers in the past 2 years. She has been embarrassed and frustrated when she has heard other children playing music knowing that she wasn't able to play anything without her book. Even with the book the music she could play was mostly one handed.

After her first lesson she looked at me with her face beaming and said, "Oh Mommy! This is like magic! I can play a song!" I'll never forget that. I highly recommend this method.”
Belinda C., Co-op Member
”As a classically trained pianist I was a little skeptical about this program but after using simply music method for myself and my 12 year old daughter, all I can say is wow!!! This program is unique and fun and both of us could not wait for the next lessons !!!”
K. Gamez, Co-op Member
”This program has been great for my 17 year old daughter! We have wanted to put her in music lessons but the cost and time was an issue. So when we came across the piano lessons from the convenience of our home and at an extremely reasonable rate we couldn't pass this up. But the best part is she is LEARNING and enjoying it! She feels a sense of pride and accomplishment in all she is learning. Thank you tremendously for these great offers, What a blessing!!”
Tricia clark, Co-op Member
”This is simply taught and my children love the fact that they can play a tune after only a few short lessons.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”We have only been doing simply music for a short time, but we may have to be out of town for some time, and I love that we can take our piano lessons with us. We don't have to reschedule, or get charged for missed lessons.”
Staci F., Co-op Member
”my 9yo DD loves this, we picked through the songs to the classical peices she really likes and I have to watch to make sure she finishes her school work before hopping on the piano. She Loves It!”
N. Jenani, Co-op Member
”My daughter is dyslexic. She loves music, but has a terrible time with sequencing so trying to drill for piano lessons or any other kind of music where you have to memorize notes first, then construct music from the notes is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and demoralizing.

Simply Music changed all that. We have been using the program for a week and she already knows one song and knows which keys are for which notes. If you follow exactly what the instructor tells you, then the lesson takes about 10 minutes and you practice another 10-20 minutes and you are done for the day. 5 days later, you are playing a song, using both hands, and know the notes on the keys.

I am also doing Simply Music. I took three years of piano lessons as a child. I do not remember much of what I learned and have a hard time reading music. With Simply Music, I feel so much more confident and it is FUN! My daughter and I played a duet this weekend after only using the system for the one week. Truly incredible. My daughter now hops on the keyboard just for fun to experiment with the notes and rhythms, and voluntarily practices on her own. I never need to remind her.

I love this program so much I talked two other families into starting it. I recommend it to anyone whose child has an interest in music, not just dyslexic children. This system is so much more intuitive about how the brain works and how we organically learn.”
JC, Co-op Member
”We just started Simply Music and we are so happy we purchased it. My daughter in just 2 twenty minute lessons can play almost a whole song without having to know how to read music. She is so proud of herself. She even asked her dad to come listen to her play. We are exicted to have this added to our curriculum this year. My daughter will be learning music theory from another computer program. I have told several of my friends about this program. The most exciting part is I plan to learn as well with it!”
Patricia Nelson, Co-op Member
”i recently purchased Simply music through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and everything was received promptly the program is great. It is a different concept and is a good tool to engage even young children to play confidently. I am still in the beginning lessons with the children ages 5-10 and they all look forward to their next lesson. It is not a read by note concept although they do learn the names for the keys. I do believe after this program it will be a very easy transition to reading music as well as being able to play several songs easily without the sheet music. I would recommend this product.”
Cheryl MTD, Co-op Member
”I bought the Simply-Music at home program for my 9 yo daughter and she loves it! In fact she already played her first song "Dreams Come True" in front of her homeschool friends during graduation ceremony while she sang the song... She is very shy and would have never though of performing by herself in front of other people, but Sinply-Music program made her feel so comfortable and confident playing her keybord that she actually enjoyed it... And we are loving it too... Thank you!”
Cathy Landivar, Co-op Member
”I am very happy with the Simply-Music program. We had tried other programs and my daughters were quickly bored and not learning much, but now they are excited to learn new songs. I don't even have to tell them to practice everyday, they go on their own. Thank you so much, we will definitely continue to use it. I have told others about this program.”
Edith L., Co-op Member
”Simply Music has made it VERY easy for my children 6 & 7 years to play the piano, enjoy it and sound good very quickly. I was even surprised to have my 4 year old watch over our shoulders and ask to do it too. He was also then able to learn to play the same songs. I'd not intended to use it with him yet.

I have not compared it with other programs, but appreciate how easy it is to get directly to the song we're working on.

I am looking forward to the children soon being able to play simple duets.”
Diane L, Co-op Member
”we have only just started the simply music program. But my son, who does not like to take instruction, he likes to "freestyle" as he puts it, is enjoying the lessons. mainly because they are at your own pace. If it takes you 2 weeks or 3 weeks to feel comfortable that's fine, because you set the pace and you determine when to go on to the next lesson. Having taken piano lessons myself (as an adult), I think these are great as a jumping off point, to see if there is an aptitude or interest and not forcing daily practice so "he" can be at the next level for his next class. because you/they set the pace. wonderful concept wish I would have found it when I wanted to take lessons :)”
L.A. Waelti, Co-op Member
”I have two boys, 8 and just turned 5, and they LOVE this program! They asked for a keyboard for Christmas so after reading through the information and watching the video intro, I thought we'd try it out and see how it went.

I can't say enough good things.

Even the beginning, learning to correctly do the "5 steps of sound", was fun enough for them to work at until mastered. I even tried to discourage my little fella b/c I thought his hands too small to correctly reach each key - he wanted to do it so badly that he worked at until he proved me wrong....I was thrilled!

The program allows for immediate success with learning to play first, and read music later and this naturally has instilled an internal desire for my kids along to want to play more and more.

Love this program! And through the Co-op - what a bargain!”
Maria M., Co-op Member
”My kids did all the practice lessons and loved it so we ordered. They haven't been as into it since they got guitars and drums for Christmas, but I plan to start it up again soon. It's a genius idea, though, and I found it easy yet comprehensive. Love the accent, too!”
Emily, Co-op Member
”We are very pleased with this program. My 10-year-old daughter is so excited at her quick progress. The instruction introduces kids right way to songs, rather than scales, which is really inspiring. A great approach!”
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
”I am 12 years old, and we got simplymusic about three weeks ago, I don't know how to read notes and I didn't play hardly any piano. But now I know 10 songs on the piano, and they sound good, and are easy to play!”
Nicole Erickson, Co-op Member
”We purchased Simply Music because I thought it might be a good fit for my ten-year old daughter who is a right brain learner (visual spatial learner). It has turned out to be a wonderful fit for her. She can pretty much do it all by herself, which is great for her self-esteem. She doesn't have to try to read the notes and play the piano at the same time. She watches the dvd which gives a complete visual of actual hands playing each notes combination or as they refer to it sentences. She wowed her piano teacher with what she is playing, who had already realized she was not reading the notes but playing by copying her and by ear. So I know this program is absolutely wonderful for right brain learners and most likely everyone else.”
Desiree Smith, Co-op Member
”This has been a great little program for two of my kids - my 8 yo son and my 11 yo daughter w/fine motor issues have both been working through the lessons. Both of them can now play several songs with both hands and they sound great! They both beg me to let them go through the lessons.”
Mary K, Co-op Member
”I came accross Simply Music by chance on an internet search and am so glad I did. It is a completely different approach to music than what I learned as a child, but it makes so much sense.

I am teaching my 7 year old boy and he loves it. It has enhanced his creativity at the piano and has been a great channel for him to express himself musically.

I taught music for about 10 years in the traditional classical style. I saw children and adults stuggle with the challenge of note reading while longing to express themselves musically and enjoy it. This seems like a great philosophy and a winning approach.

We are on lesson #9 and definitely plan to complete the course. We are spreading the good news to many friends.”
Lucy H., Co-op Member
”We have used Simply Music for the past two years. I have learned a lot myself and my kids have enjoyed learning how to play as well. My now 10 year old is in love with Fur Elise. My 8 year old likes to take the songs he's learned and mix it up into newer versions. Even my 4 and 6 year-old have done little bits. We can all go at our own pace. It is one of my favorite homeschool resources to incorporate piano into school. I tell everyone. It's a perfect intro to piano and starts a love of music.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”I'm using this with my 5 year old son and we love it! He is about to finish learning his first song and we just started about a week and a half ago! Exciting results!”
Alisha, Co-op Member
”I have a 6yo boy who loves to dance and loves rhythm. I am a piano teacher but my son hasn't really shown much interest in learning the piano especially since I started him off with the traditional method. After I tried out Simply Music (esp since it's discounted), my son got so interested and excited that he finished the first song right away after one viewing session - of course it helps that I am a piano teacher because he wanted to learn faster - so he showed a lot of determination to finish the first few lessons (in one sitting) and ended up mastering both hands TOGETHER!!! The best and most surprising thing was, he wanted to practice ON HIS OWN lots of times after the first session because he really wanted to polish the song. To me, that was amazing. I think we are going on our third week and he is done with the second song already and is on his way to mastering it - BOTH HANDS again. Simply Music is a very wonderful method but i am wondering how they will introduce note reading later. I can't wait to get to the next levels. I wonder if the lessons after books 1 and 2 would be available too? (and discounted?) Thank you so much for including Simply Music in our Homeschool Co-op. Wonderful product! Very appealing especially to those who want to just play piano first and not be bogged down by note reading.”
Mrs. Z, Co-op Member
”Simply Music is amazing!!! It is true that he teaches in ways you won't find anywhere else, and you learn quickly!! It is easy too. I went through the entire program in less than a month, playing songs that seemed quite hard, but now they are easy and I'm ready to move forward. I would highly recommend this to anybody. I've even started my disabled son on the songs and it is making him feel so good about himself that he is actually able to play a song.I will be purchasing the next level soon and I'm even considering becoming a teacher of the method as I like it so much.”
Cynthia V., Co-op Member
”Simply Music is an amazing program. I have taken many years of piano lesson and came with basically no songs to play on my own as an adult. Simply Music has brought the love of music into our family. I bought the program originally for my 9yrs old daughter and she has learned to play 7 songs within 12 days plus she has taught her twin sister two songs and her father has even picked up a song as well. She has been also working on teaching her 8yrs old sister to play as well. The teaching of names of notes, chords and music theory is introduced very slowly after a student has learned to play a wonderful piece of music. What a great and fun way to teach piano! I am thinking of even becoming an instructor to save our family more money once we surpass level 2. I tell everyone I know what a great product this.”
CL, Co-op Member
”Since purchasing Simply Music, my son doesn't want to do anything else ... he gobbled up the first few lessons, and was playing 3 songs within the first few days! This system makes it so easy to learn the necessary piano basics by learning actual songs (which makes it fun and rewarding) and lays a great foundation for learning more complicated pieces in the future. And because it doesn't push "reading" sheet music, there is only the enjoyment of the music, without the pressure of also trying to "learn a foreign language". Thanks HSBC and Simply Music for making this program available!”
Windy M., Co-op Member
”We bought this for my 4 year old son who loves music but is a little young for lessons. He enjoys the DVDs and is learning a lot and can already play several songs.
Positives: Very easy to understand, quick results.
Negatives: Not really a negative, but be aware that you will not learn to read music with this. That was fine for us and I knew it when I bought it.

We play the DVD several times a week and plan on continuing to use it regularly.”
J. Codevilla, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Simply Music! I purchased it hoping for an easy way to help my children and I learn to play the piano. We could not afford private lessons and I had no idea how to teach someone to play an instrument I didn't play. We've seen other 'teach yourself at home' music programs but they were confusing and we felt lost quickly and the children lost interest. NOT true with simply music. It is easy to understand, clear and simple to follow but more importantly FUN!! We were playing the beginning of an actual song by the end of the second lesson. The lessons are short and precise. I would recommend this to people of ALL ages young and old. We now look forward to 'music' class! Thank you Simply Music.”
R.May, Co-op Member
”My son is thrilled with this program! Three lessons in and he's already playing with two hands and using chords! This program gives students positive feedback and results immediately encouraging them to keep at it.

Learning piano while motivated is a lot easier than the boring druggery of traditional lessons I had to endure. I highly recommend this program! You won't be disappointed!”
Valerie M, Co-op Member
”We recently purchased Simply-Music to use in our homeschool. I have to say that as a parent, I am very pleased with the program. It is wonderfully laid out in a step by step format so that even the earliest beginner will find success. You, the parent do not need to have any prior musical knowledge or ability to use this program with your children in your home. It is self-paced, so that each student can go as fast or as slow as necessary to grasp each skill. I was happy to receive the Co-op discount but would have to say it is worth paying the full price. I would definately recommend this program to others who want to introduce music into their homes.”
Cheri Bofill, Co-op Member
”We have only done a few lessons, but both of my boys can play Amazing Grace with their right hand. We are excited to get more time to work on more lessons. My 7-year-old drew a picture the other day that says he loves playing the piano. We will definately continue to do more lessons as we have time.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”I have to admit I was skeptical about Simply Music...I was wrong! I bought this for my 11yo daughter basically because we have a piano in the house, live too far away from a teacher and she needed something to do. BEST.CHOICE.EVER. And I am not exaggerating. This girl had zero interest in music, does not like taking direction so I knew for a life choice, it would have to be hers. I literally gave her the DVD, said here, just do as it suggests. She has come to me three times this week alone and asked me if she had to stick to the 'schedule' or could she do music "every day?" I tried to hide the big cheshire grin on my face as I told her of course she could do music every day. She has since been at the piano two or three times a day. I am over the moon happy and she is only on the second lesson:) Thanks SO much for offering this product and making it available to all! We love Simply Music.”
Heidi S., Co-op Member
”We have recently started the Simply Music program, and I have to say that I love it. I am learning the piano right alongside my 6 and 8 year old children - and we are all 3 enjoying it. We are actually making MUSIC! The learning videos are great, and the practice book makes each lesson very simple - even for my 6 year old. We have only been using this for going on 4 weeks (we are taking things very slowly), and we can play one piece very well and half of another piece - both lovely to listen to. I recently heard my child playing the piano at a friend's house and chuckled to myself that we had only been playing for 3 weeks!! This program highlights the joy of learning the piano - instead of the tedium. A number of times I have tried to teach myself to play traditionally as an adult, and have always become very quickly discouraged. I was honestly having a hard time making the decision to put my children into piano lessons, knowing that they would probably like it as little as I had. Then we found this program, and none of us has even thought of quitting. My son has even been equipped enough in this short amount of time to make up his own little tunes that sound like "real music." Thank you, Simply Music. Its the way we all want to learn! The fun stuff first!!”
S. Gill, Co-op Member
”Simply Music is fantastic. I finally took my children out of piano because they were never practicing! My kids, of all ages, love this! My 14 year old son, who complained a lot before sits down and plays forever with this new method!! They all do, actually!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”I've enjoyed Simply Music! I actually bought it for myself wanting to learn more songs to play and enjoy. I like that I can go at my own pace and schedule. The benefit has been seeing my kids wanting to learn the songs as well!”
Michelle C., Co-op Member
”My children and I are learning the piano together. Within the first couple of weeks, we were playing music with both hands, and moving up and down the keys. Everyone is having fun with this program!”
Leslie from Salem, Co-op Member
”My boys had gotten a taste of Simply Music during one of our homeschool co-ops. Unfortunately, I cannot afford piano lessons for them. By buying this DVD set, we can all learn as a family at our own pace, and at a very affordable price! My boys are happy to practice because each lesson is in a small chunk that is not overwhelming. I love it! I only hope Simply Music offers more levels at a discount. :-)”
Wendi T., Co-op Member
”Simply Music is a very innovative approach to teaching piano. It is easy to use and fun. My son has been very eager to start each new lesson and really enjoys the practice lessons. We live north of Denver, CO., and we were able to find a number of Simply Music instructors in our area, so we can continue instruction after the course.”
Mike Eckhardt, Co-op Member
”I am so happy with this program! In just 3 weeks my family is having mini-jam sessions, something I've wanted to do for the 13 years I've been married. Jackson Blues is just a simple beginning but it is the first time I've been able to enjoy playing along with my trumpet-playing husband. The kids haul out their guitars & strum along. I took 4 years of piano as a child; never memorized a song, never accompanied anybody. Now, in the third song, I've got an accompaniment we can have fun with.

Thanks for offering Simply Music,
Amy Yore, Co-op Member
”My family simply loves Simply Music. Honestly, we had just about given up on learning piano. We have had private lessons, self teaching manuals and also purchased other DVD series. Within 3 weeks my 7 and 9 year old and myself have all learned 2 new songs. My children are enthusiastic about piano now and I am thrilled. We are looking forward to our next song. Thank you so much for introducing our family to Simply Music! The Rossano Family”
Monique Rossano, Co-op Member
”I was trying to teach my 6 year old daughter the way I had learned, the old-fashioned memorizing the notes, learning to read way. And it was frustrating for us both. We quit for several months after little progress until I found Simply Music. Now, I have someone to lead us through the process in a way that got her playing right away. We've only been doing the lessons for 3 weeks and she's playing 4 different pieces of increasing difficultly. I have also revived my playing and have been learning and practicing along with my daughter.”
Mike, Co-op Member
”I was really excited and nervous about getting this, as I have never bought anything like it in the past. My boys love music and tap on their piano all the time. I must admit I was a bit of a skeptic. So glad I was wrong. My 8 year old immediately took to it and was very proud that within only 3 or lesson, he was able to play a song with 2 hands! Not only that, the way they are taught, makes sense. I believe the fact that they start out playing whole song really makes a difference. My 7 year old was hard to get started, but even he feels a sense of accomplishment when he finishes a lesson. I am looking forward to seeing what the next songs will be. My older sons are getting a bit jealous of their little brothers. I would definitely recommend it!”
Jocelyn Dorsey, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son and I have just completed the first 8 lessons together and we have already learned 3 songs. The latest song is a blues tune and it is fun to play! Playing music is easy, fun, and fast with Simply Music. We were playing with both hands from the very first song!”
Sharon I., Co-op Member
”In three lessons my child (9 yo) was playing a short song using both hands! In two weeks time she was playing 4 songs! She loves the teacher and loves to practice. She already plays as well as her friends who have been taking piano for two years. Even they are amazed!”
C Bourgeois, Co-op Member
”We loaded the dvd's onto the Apple iPad for our 8 tear old son, and he loves it! He can sit right at the piano and watch the instruction then practice the lesson. He enjoys being able to put songs together so quickly. We feel this will nurture his interest and love for music while helping him develop his ear and his finger dexterity.”
A. Butcher, Co-op Member
”What an amazing program- there is just no comparison! We have tried expensive music classes before but the driving to lessons, formality and theory classes killed the love for music in my boys. They are 13,11 and 9 years old and love to play 'my own music' as they call it. It bring such joy to watch them. When friends come to play they make 'a beautiful noise' and teach their friends the Simply Music way. Simply Music brings out the music that is in each of us.

My husband tought himself to play beautiful compositions on the keyboard after watching 'Simply Music' only once. Simply Music is priceless...our family of 5 all learn to play from one purchase! I recommend it everywhere I go.”
Carina Gous, Co-op Member
”My children really enjoy using Simply-Music. They have completed the first DVD and just about to move on to the 2nd. They love the fact that they learn songs immediately. We will continue using Simply-Music until we've completed all the discs. It's been great for our family!”
Jodi W., Co-op Member
”We have been using the Simply Music DVDs for about a year now, and have found them to be a phenomenal way to begin piano instruction. Both my 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter are thriving on the program. The DVD format is very convenient, since you can easily stop and start as needed to go at the pace of the learner. It also allows you to have "face-to-face" lessons with Neil Moore, the program founder, who is not only passionate about the method, but also a very engaging teacher.

The method is based on teaching playing first (while holding off on reading music until later), and focuses on presenting songs as patterns. This has been an incredibly effective way for my children to learn. My son, who started the program first, is now comfortably playing almost 20 great-sounding songs from memory. The breadth of genres taught is impressive--from classical pieces like "Fur Elise" to ballad accompaniments to blues pieces and more--which keeps us excited about what's coming up next.

The one downside of this is that only two levels are available on DVD--after that, you will need to transition to a Simply Music teacher. Unfortunately, none are currently available in our area. However, I have decided to become trained as an SM instructor myself so that my children can continue to benefit from this fabulous program!”
T. Buck, Co-op Member
”Piano lessons didn't work for us. It felt too slow for them. With Simply Music, they beg me to play.”
Dee Dee B., Co-op Member
”The instruction is easy to follow. Broken down into bite sized sequences. I purchased this product for my 7 year old since she had a desire to learn piano but we didn't have the resources/means to get her to independent lessons. It was easy for her to watch and complete the first few lessons. It encouraged her to continue. Because of its ease she was playing her first complete song within a couple of weeks. She continues to go through the program independently. I am excited to use it for my younger children too. I hope to find the time to use the program personally.”
Julie, Co-op Member
”We purchased Simply Music about 6 months ago. My child enjoys learning the different types of music. She feels challenged, but driven to go back & try again. She is now going back on her own practicing so that she can skip ahead to the next lesson. She is not bored with the old method of teaching piano. I am very pleased w/ her progress & am sure that others will enjoy this program also. My daughter can't wait until she is able to play the full songs. She also experiments different ways to fulfill her dream of playing. This program has really made her more confident & not afraid of this instrument. My 6-year old even wants to learn with this program. We have recently started letting her learn some of the basics as well. I will recommend this program as the only way to learn to play piano.”
Traci Bragg, Co-op Member
”I am 53 years old and for the first time in my life I have played a whole song on my piano!!! Simply Music has made me simply...happy! So thank you for helping me to realize a dream I have kept for years...and for helping me save money while doing it.”
Linda Moore, Co-op Member