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”We love the Sara Jordan Billingual songs, so when I saw the workbooks on the Co-op, jumped on it. The songs are great for in the car and the workbooks are perfect follow up. Definitely has taken our French immersion lessons up a level.”
D Allen, Co-op Member
”My children (7 and 10) and I all love the songs so far! some of them are quite catchy and the kids have requested to listen to them quite often. I love that you can print out the lyrics to clarify what is being said in french. The worksheets that come with it are pretty useful as well. Overall I am really happy I bought them!”
L. Colunga, Co-op Member
”My children and I love the songs and look forward to foreign language homeschool. Both my 3 year old and 6 year old have learned so much French that they're even correcting me sometimes. I have told many friends about the Sara Jordan products, even those who are not home educating. We also purchased the Spanish and Mandarin sets.”
R. Langdon, Co-op Member
”We bought the Sara Jordan music downloads and they are great. We got the Spanish English songs for preschool/kindergarten, and they are nice catchy tunes. We just play them while we are doing dishes or the kids are coloring, and it is amazing what kids (and even parents !) can pick up through repetition :)”
Leah k, Co-op Member