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”Plato Comprehensive 5-8 is good buy. My child being elementary kid I won't comment how much good for actual study purpose as single source. Still I'll recommend as very good product. We are definitely going to keep it.”
Shailesh J., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves the PLATO-comprehensive, which provides all the major curriculum from 8-12th grades. It is especially helpful when she have some subjects very advanced but some are not. The comprehensive package allows her to choose difference grade level in different subjects. Each subject has pre-test and post-test which are very helpful.”
Ellen Y., Co-op Member
”PLATO has saved my daughter's homeschool experience! This is the best program I've ever come across and the price is wonderful! My daughter, who has faced many challenges due to her Autism, can work at her own pace and finds the teaching and the videos in this curriculum to be very understandable. I pray that PLATO packages continue to be offered by the Co-op because they have turned my daughter's education around and helped to build her confidence. As her mother, and her teacher, I have learned a great deal too (even Algebra, which I never could master before this)!”
Kendra M., Co-op Member