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”Thank you for your great website! My kids happily use MusicLearningCommunity over theory books any day. I'm sure there is a place for written work too, but I really love that there is this option which presents music theory in a very fun format.”
Sharla M., Co-op Member
”Music Learning Community has been a great, fun way for my (now 9 year old) son to learn to read music! When our membership was up after the first year, I didn't hesitate to renew. It's been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. He loves the games that are used to teach music, and it is so easy to use. Highly recommended!”
Greta B, Co-op Member
”My daughter asks to get on everyday and it's hard to pull her off. She has fun and her piano teacher attests to her great improvement in understanding music theory.”
K. Fox, Co-op Member
”This is definitely a great program for homeschoolers, but also for those in public education programs that lack comprehensive music programs. Our son is homeschooled at the 1st/2nd grade level and is learning to read music and understand music theory by playing games with He learns in a fun but comprehensive way.
Our daughter is at a public school in a gifted learning environment that lacks much in the way of music education. This is a great supplemental program that she enjoys and doesn't feel like "homework" to her.”
LisaM, Co-op Member
”This is a great program and easy for all to use. The kids enjoy the lessons and I like the ease of having music covered so nicely.”
Laura, Co-op Member
”Our two girls enjoy and look forward to music thanks to this program. They have improved on many of their skills and want to spend more time working on their levels. It is nice that both of them can work at their own pace and at the same time. Which equally gives me time to prepare other lessons. I Would highly recommend.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent program. It is very thorough and builds skills methodically. The kids like the cute animations as well as the ability to have visual acknowledgement of their accomplishments. The fact that it is online keeps things easily organized, without having to keep track of or install CDs. Highly recommended!”
M.E., Co-op Member
”My 6-year-old daughter loves using this program independently to learn about the fundamentals of music. What I like most about this program is that it isn't intended to teach your child to play the piano; rather, it's intended to help them learn about pitch, tone, and rhythm. The interface is very easy to use, and the games are engaging and fun. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for an introduction to music or a supplement to piano (or other instrument) lessons.”
Julie B. Mallinger, Co-op Member
”I have been using this program with my kids, and I am extremely impressed with the program. There are a lot of other free games and such out there on the internet, but this program is incredible, and has lots of games even at high levels of proficiency. I have seen nothing else like this!

I feel like this program is saving me money by getting some of this theory work out of the way on our own time instead of during our (expensive!) private piano lessons.”
Corri B., Co-op Member