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”I enjoy how the classes are self-paced and we can move quickly on topics we know but can go slower on things we need more practice with. Lots of choices for every grade is a bonus to meet everyone's needs!”
Kristi R, Co-op Member
”Monarch has made our lives so much simpler. My son struggles with reading comprehension and prefers to be read to. He loves that he can choose a voice to read to him on this program. He isn't struggling this year. He stays on track better knowing what his assignments will be for the rest of the week. He is pretty much doing school this year with very little prodding from me. I still keep a close eye on the workload and grade the questions that the program doesn't grade. I love that it keeps track of all of his grades for the year. The only thing I don't like is their grading scale. Their grading scale is really tight. We always grade 90-100% is in the A range. Their scale the 90% would fall as a B. You can tell the program how you want your grades to be but it continually uses its own scale. I just ignore their letter grade and go by the percent. Overall I've got to say we love this program so far.”
Amy Sylling, Co-op Member
”I purchased Monarch because I wanted a fairly independent Christian learning program my 13 year old daughter could do. I have a chronic illness which is unpredictable. Sometimes I m available to teach, some days help, and some days I'm gone at appointments. With this program she can remain consistent with her education no matter how I feel. She is enjoying it. Overall, I'm glad we bought it.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”Monarch has been a life-saver for me (mom of 3, including a toddler, and small business owner)! Some of my favorite features:
- most of the grading is done for you (just stay on top of your part)
- easy to adjust schedule for days off or schedule changes
- teaches via print, illustrations, video, and has audio option
- choice of 2 Bible versions
- great customer service/tech support”
Elisabeth R., Co-op Member
”We switched to Monarch last school year in several core classes spanning 3 different grades. At a time when I have 2 in school, a toddler, and a home based business, Monarch offered a breath of fresh air. I love the traditional approach, yet the use of reading, videos, and a variety of question formats engage my sons in multiple ways. They love typing or clicking in their answers, instead of handwriting everything and the instant feedback telling them if their work is wrong or right. I love the ease of planning (almost lack of planning I now have to do) and the fact that the software does most of the grading for me. We will be adding more classes next year and I HIGHLY recommend it for students who have reached the level of working well independently. Definitely take their free online webinar though. It can be confusing without that training.”
Elisabeth in Atlanta, Co-op Member
”I am a mother of five, wife, graduate student, and counselor intern. I spent a considerable amount of time worrying about whether I would have the time to teach my children. Furthermore, the academic needs of my children vary greatly. Bliss (8) is academically advanced and easily loses interest if the material is not challenging. Evette (6) struggles academically because of her inability to focus or hold still. Bliss was frequently praised at school, and Evette spent most of her mornings in the principal's office. This created a sad dynamic between my daughters. Evette's poor behavior was further compounded by the restriction of her recess time. To further complicate our situation, the school administration refused to place Bliss in the grade she was testing at and instead wanted her to do second grade because of her birthday. Although Evette was doing well at her grade level the administration wanted her to stay in first grade to catch up socially. I was not willing to accept either of these options.

I am using Monarch with two of my five children. I spent months agonizing over what curriculum to use when I decided to switch from public school. We looked at many different options, and I spent hours on the phone speaking to representatives of different companies. I bought the Alpha Omega Lifepacs first and loved them. My girls loved the bright pictures, and the infusion of the word of God in the material. Bliss (8) told me that it felt like fun Sunday School. My active Evette (6) was able to wiggle as much as she wanted while working on the lifepac.

After completing third grade in a couple of months, I had Bliss tested again and she placed in 5th grade. At this time I payed for a subscription to Monarch. Both of the girls took off academically. The online version has the option of having the material read to them. This option has helped Evette learn to read as she follows the words. The flexibility of the program allows Evette to do 4th grade science and Bible, and 3rd grade in all of the other courses.

I believe that the flexibility of this program has allowed me to develop an educational plan that focuses on the strengths of my children as opposed to the weakness focused academia in the public school in our area. I have witnessed a drastic improvement in my children's self-esteem. I look forward to using this program with my younger two children, and I regret that I did not find it prior to the graduation of my oldest. If you are looking for a challenging, user friendly, Faith based program, then this is it.”
Ruth J., Co-op Member
”I have used the Alpha Omega products for years for some of my older children's classes and really liked them. This is the first time that I have used one of the Monarch products from Alpha Omega. In the past I would have my kids classes on one computer and would have to make out a schedule so that they could get their classes completed. It is nice that the Monarch classes can be accessed from any computer, so I no longer have that problem. Also, I don't have to worry about if I am having issues with a certain computer my child is able to access the class from any computer.”
S. Woods, Co-op Member
”Alpha-Omega is more than a supplier of wonderful curriculum and other products; they are simply a great company. Through the years, I continue to return to AOP.”
KH, Co-op Member
”My daughter, 9 years old, chose Monarch after a few weeks of testing other curriculum. She loves the tiny tutors, games and other multimedia options. She also loves that she can work independently. I love the fact that she can highlight a word and hear it being pronounced. I also am impressed with Monarch being a religion-based curriculum, but not over-religious.
My daughter has stated that she loves Monarch so much that she will continue to use it through to high school.”
Tanya V, Co-op Member
”I love the availability of Monarch and not having to worry about my computer crashing and losing schoolwork.”
Tracy A., GA
”We have recommended Monarch for value and ease of use and love that it helps us in our time commitment.”
Eryn O., NY
”Monarch is a wonderful alternative to other programs. With teenagers that have jobs and volunteer, we're fully reliant on laptops for schoolwork. Being able to just hop on the Wi-Fi at the library, McDonald's, Starbucks, and other locations definitely eliminates the need for hard drive space to install grades and electives, or having to reinstall when laptops crash or get corrupted.”
Schrenia B., TX
”Monarch allows children to work at a higher standard and still get the Godly influences. It is great because I have a special needs son, and if we are having a bad day, we just make it up another day. It has truly been a lifesaver.”
Joy B., LA,
”Monarch is going so well that my third child asked for summer school classes and my 4th at outside school has asked to return back to home school because she is so impressed with the program and the opportunities it presents for her. She is actually doing one of the Monarch classes for fun while she completes this year at outside school. That speaks volumes to me!”
Jennifer H.,
”Monarch is easy to set up and able to use anywhere there is Internet connection.”
Erin B., TX,
”With a son going into middle school and a daughter with medical issues, being able to learn on-the-go is a Godsend. Between doctors and sports, we are always able to connect.”
Taya C., FL,
”With Monarch, I like the fact that there are no bulky books adding to our collection of over-populated textbooks.”
Rhonda F., IL,
”We are missionaries in Japan and are often pulled in different directions, balancing ministry and schooling with our son, who has a learning disability. We feel Monarch is a good fit for him, and we are thankful to having something that is structured and convenient.”
Linda H., NC,
”I would recommend Monarch because it offers so much flexibility. All you need is a computer with Internet access and you are "at school." Best of all, there are no books to purchase or carry around, but if you want "hard copies," all you need to do is click the print button.”
Maureen T., FL,
”Monarch is user friendly for both student and teacher.”
Ingrid B., NC,
”Monarch is a wonderful change for our family of six homeschooled children. We have used LIFEPACs since 1998, but the load of paperwork gets overwhelming at times. Doing less paper correcting and storing of teacher books changes my life!”
John V., TN,
”I love that the Monarch curriculum is constantly being updated and that users can ask questions or offer feedback on specific problems in the lessons. I also really like the customer service. I can get feedback on questions and technical support very easily.”
Dawn F., FL,
”I am homeschooling my youngest middle school boys. One is taking four Monarch courses and really enjoying them. Another is taking two, and he two enjoys the variety and interaction that Monarch offers. I enjoy my own teacher's site, where I can really keep tabs on what the boys are learning and make adjustments or add my own ideas as I want. Love the freedom yet structure that Monarch has for me.”
Teri A., GU,
”My son wants to get all of his work done on Monarch first because he loves it.”
Vanessa E., TN,
”We are just getting started, but I really like the Monarch curriculum so far. I think it is a very positive way of learning for both me and my son.”
Karen B., IL,
”Monarch is a wonderful way to allow my children to get some of the extra help they need through an online curriculum. I can't always give them extra one-on-one time because of their age differences. With Monarch, they are all getting individualized instruction, and I have more time to work with each of them in areas in which they struggle.”
Meleasa B., TN,
”Monarch gives me the flexibilty I need and assurance that, despite my busyness, my children are receiving an excellent education.”
Linda P., MD,
”Monarch works very well for my children and my family. It is very helpful that no matter where my husband and I are, we are both able to know grades, progress, and areas that the children may be struggling.”
Holly W., TX,
”I like how Monarch allows me to build confidence as a teacher and helps my daughter learn how to manage her time better.”
Kelly F., TX,
”We are constantly reverting to back-ups of our PC and losing completed lessons along the way. Monarch is great, because no matter what happens to our computer, my daughter is still able to do school anywhere.”
Jennifer U., OH,
”My children really learn when using Monarch. It helps with a multi-child homeschool and propels school forward in the midst of big family life occurring all around us! ”
Vance R., KY,
”Monarch is superior to public education and affordable.”
Matt W., MI,
”I love that Monarch can be taken with us anywhere we go without having to haul a bunch of books with us.”
Manette S., CA,
”After much research, I believe Monarch is top-of-the-line. It definitely excels above all other options and meets all of our needs and expectations!”
Alan M., KS,
”There are times in a homeschool mom's life when we need the ease of "sliced bread". I feel like Monarch gives me that right now, as I don't have a lot of time to do in-depth, one-on-one science lessons with my daughter.”
Hope Anne D., OH,
”Thank you for always giving 110% in your programs so that our children get a top notch education.”
Michelle B., LA,
”Monarch is simple - no grading, no curriculum planning, and easy to change to fit your needs. It is a must for anyone who tries to work nights and homeschool days!”
Lori R., NY,
”I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU! I am praising the Lord daily for how things are going for us with Alpha Omega! Monarch [is] working wonderfully for us. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role as helper and encourager instead of mistake-finder. The immediate feedback is something I've always thought should be inherent in homeschooling, but I was never able to make it work. Now, my kids are getting that! The flexibility of the scheduling is incredible. And although I never really tested my children before, I can see that the quizzes and tests are motivating them to take their education more seriously. Thanks for your part--sharing, encouraging, explaining, reassuring. God is at work in our family. You watered and tended a seed someone else planted. God has grown it to a seedling, and I'm looking forward to watching it grow and produce fruit in our family!”
Kim H.,
”I chose to homeschool my daughter so she would have a rich and varied educational experience. AOP products have been a part of our homeschool curriculum from the beginning and have always delivered. Monarch fits all my criteria, plus, in the eyes of a 10-year-old, looks like fun instead of school. Thanks for offering something like this for children who are hands-on visual learners. Keep it up, AOP!”
H. E., MN,
”I love how easy Monarch is to use, and the kids have fun while they are learning.”
Jackie M., MI,
”Monarch takes the work out of homeschooling for the parent, and it provides excellent content for the student. My son looks forward to Monarch every day. He has ADD, and it keeps him focused.”
Lulu V.Z., TX,
”There is nothing as good online that we've found, and Monarch offers a level of flexibility you just don't get with other delivery mechanisms.”
Sam W., ON CA,
”Monarch is a great marriage of Christian curriculum and self-paced online learning!”
Jessica C., GA,
”My mother used AOP when I was homeschooled, and now I use it as well. Being a single mom, it is difficult to sort out my time between four kids. I love AOP and plan to use it until my 5-year-old graduates high school. Thanks, AOP!”
Elizabeth C., SC,
”For kids who like computers more than books, Monarch is a great option!”
Kirsten J., NM,
”My son really likes using a computer-based curriculum. It helps him stay organized, since his schedule is laid out for each day.”
Terri C., GA,
”Monarch is very easy to use, and I love the ability to tailor the curriculum.”
Christine R., NC,
”My son loves to play video games and being on the computer and Internet. If he goes online to do his schoolwork, he won't think of it so much as work, but as fun to get online and do some school. Monarch makes a huge difference in the way he thinks about school.”
Stephanie L., IL,
”Monarch is a great alternative for a parent with little time.”
Amanda T., IL,
”Monarch is very user friendly with exceptional convenience for those who want to travel without bringing along books.”
Patty G., TX,
”Monarch is a great tool for parents who need to move around with their schooling. My daughter does most of her school at the church where I work. It would be hard to do that with a pile of books to carry in each day. The automatic grading is also very helpful.”
Michelle P., TX,
”Monarch is wonderful, easy to administer, biblically sound, and engaging for any student at whatever level of learning they may be.”
Robin C., SC,
”Having the ability to homeschool when and where we want is vital for our busy family. We are constantly on the go, and with Monarch, we don't have to drag a load of books with us. AOP has some of the best curriculum available, and Monarch's benefits and features are really a blessing to our family.”
Amanda C., GA,
”Monarch is very thorough and easy to use. We have had a great experience.”
Becky J., AL,
”Monarch is more interactive, has more ways to learn, covers all subjects and high school electives, eliminates lost schoolwork, encourages tech-savvy kids, is reasonably priced, and eliminates the problem of scratched CD's. With three homeschooled kids two with special needs we are one very grateful family.”
Brian P., IN,
”Monarch is user friendly and easily accessible. We love it!”
Tess L., AR,
”Our family has always enjoyed AOP materials. We are also a family who loves to utilize technology. Having Monarch is a wonderful way to integrate our homeschooling with our lifestyle. The children are more engaged with a multi-dimensional learning experience, and anything that makes education more fun for them is a winner in my book!”
Heather B., TX,
”I am so excited about the new Monarch curriculum! I have been homeschooling my oldest son for the first time this year and am amazed at all the curriculum choices. I was so excited about Monarch's multimedia options. Thank you for providing an awesome curriculum! ”
Amy S., MI,
”Even if we are in separate cities, I can still grade and see all the work my child has done in Monarch. Very convenient!”
Chrissy H., CA,
”I believe Monarch is the best curriculum available. I have already recommended it to a friend, and she is currently using it. I believe that the Monarch curriculum is easy to understand and follow, while providing challenging courses to help students advance and grow in learning.”
Trish W., AL,
”Monarch keeps my son on track. He likes knowing what lessons he has to do to stay on schedule for the week.”
Earl R., VA,
”Monarch is changing my daughter's attitude toward school. The first thing in the day she wants to do is Monarch, she loves it!”
Mirjam A., AU,
”We are blessed to be able to homeschool our daughter, include the Bible in her curriculum, and teach computer at the same time. However, we don't have a laptop, live in a very rural area, and sometimes find it hard to go anywhere because SOS must be installed on our computer. It is an even bigger blessing to have a program like Monarch, which allows us to visit any place with Internet and still get school work done.”
Ronda W., AR,
”My son looks forward to Monarch everyday. He has ADD and Monarch keeps him focused.”
Lulu V., TX,
”Monarch is exciting because it's Christian-based, Mac compatible, portable, and offers the extra accountability my daughter needs. No more excuses like 'I forgot,' or 'I didn't know.”
Kristin J., NC,
”I like Monarch because I can access it from any computer, and I don't have to worry about loosing our work due to a computer black out.”
Elaine H., GA,
”My high-tech kids enjoy high-tech solutions. And it's Mac compatible! What could be better? Thanks!”
Cheryl M., CT,
”I would recommend Monarch to anyone because I feel that the program is well organize and it is easy to understand.”
Joy W., TN,
”Watching videos, clips, and playing application games just brings home what they have been studying. I love that all of this is in one curriculum.”
Tina L., AR,
”Our daughter was doing Sonlight and Saxon, but we just moved her over to Monarch. It's just easier, and we like the different media being used. We recommend Monarch to everyone we talk to that homeschools.”
Brian K., TX,
”We are excited that Monarch is compatible with any web browser. It is exciting to know that wherever we are at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world we can homeschool by simply logging in online. Our son loves the cutting-edge, media-rich lessons that are infused with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links.”
Tom P., IL,
”This is our first year homeschooling, and I have parents coming out of the woodwork asking me how to get started. I always point them to your website and curriculum first. The Godly thread throughout your programs has truly made a difference in my son and the rest of our family. Easier is always nice, but God has called us to do this, and we do it with joy!”
Lisa S., TX,
”Monarch is such an easy program to use, and it covers all of the required items your child needs to learn. I also like the extra items, such as games, experiments, and videos to expand on their learning experience. The program saved me weeks of planning assignments during the summer, since it is already set up and ready to use. It is also great to have less paperwork to grade, giving me more hands on time with my son.”
Wendy T., FL,
”My daughter loves Monarch, and with two small boys at home, it's hard to give her my undivided attention. She is able to sit at the computer, and I can come in and out as I need to. She is actually excited to do school now!”
Bonnie T., IL,
”I homeschool my son because he has Tourette's syndrome. Having everything on the computer is such a blessing! Plus, the ability to take the laptop to various doctors' offices is a great benefit and keep him from missing so much school time.”
Debbie R., TX,
”I have been homeschooling for 15 years and have never used an online course. I love Monarch and wish I had been using it all along. We have also used the tutoring feature and have had great success. My 8th grade daughter has had many tearful days learning math. We scheduled an appointment, and my daughter hung up the phone a happy child. She understood math! We called again about 5 weeks later for a quick lesson, and my daughter said, 'It feels so good to understand math.' Thank you to everyone involved :) We are so happy with Monarch!”
Lori W., FL,
”Monarch is less work for the teacher. You can be in different places as needed; whether it is with another student or with a toddler.”
Paige A., AL,
”I love the availability of Monarch and not having to worry about my computer crashing and losing schoolwork.”
Tracy A., GA,
”We have recommended Monarch for value and ease of use and love that it helps us in our time commitment.”
Eryn O., NY,