Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
What is the difference between SOS and Monarch?

The curriculum is the same; however they both operate on different platforms. Monarch is an on-line curriculum that can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7 through the Internet. Monarch is PC and Mac® compatible. SOS is CD-Rom based program that needs to be installed on your home PC or laptop computer and is not Mac® compatible. SOS updates are released annually, on April 1. Monarch releases updates on a regular schedule throughout the year.

What are other benefits of Monarch?

  • As the student submits his/her answers they are saved and stored on our server. If your computer crashes, your child will log into his/her account, and resume where he/she was when the computer crashed.
  • Anytime access. Log-in from anywhere in the world, on any computer with a high speed Internet connection to do your schoolwork.
  • There is no daily back-up required or curriculum to install. Secure Data Storage.
  • A great solution for families that are Mac based as SOS works only on a Windows Operating System.
  • New features and updates to the program are always immediately available to existing users, eliminating the need for future upgrades.
  • Learn at your own pace Ė if there is a scheduling conflict, simply reset the calendar.
  • Parents can monitor child's work from any computer whether it is on the same network as the child's computer or not. For example, the child can be visiting grandma and grandpa and do his/her schoolwork, and the parent can log into Monarch at home, and review the child's schoolwork. You can even log in from the office or a business trip to review and grade student work. Great solution for military families too! If dad is stationed overseas but has access to a computer, he can log in and help with his daughters math problems! You cant do this with SOS.
  • Monarch provides instant feedback features so students can reflect on their mistakes as they happen to help with learning. Plus interactive multimedia helps reinforce what is being learned.
  • More states are requiring that students take at least one on-line class before high school graduation to help prepare them for on-line courses in college.
  • A great solution for families living overseas, missionary families and others who want to avoid the shipping costs of traditional textbooks.
  • The new essay feature allows students to format text, plus spell and grammar check their work before submitting it to the teacher. Students can hit the "save" button and leave their essay to return to it later.
  • Monarch provides families with flexibility, 24/7 accessibility, quality curriculum and a compelling education.

Will my student's progress during a free trial be saved when I order a paid subscription?

Yes, when a subscription is purchased, your student's progress during Monarch's free trial is saved and can be continued without interruption.

Iíve purchased Monarch in the past from AOP, and now I purchased from you. Do I have to set up a new account to try the subscription program and free trial offer?

No, you can use your current Monarch account.

How long is the subscription?

Individual Monarch courses by grade level is an 18 month subscription. The Monarch Family and Monarch Individual Plan is a 1 year subscription with unlimited access.

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

You will need a reliable high-speed Internet connection and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player. For a complete list of the system requirements, click here for more information and scroll to the bottom of the webpage.

Is Monarch accredited?

No, curriculum by itself cannot be accredited; it can only be accredited as part of an institutionís program. You are able to print transcripts and records for your portfolio though.

Can I use Monarch on an iPad or other tablet?

At this time use on an iPad or other tablet/mobile device is not supported.

What grade levels are available? Are there electives?

Monarch is available for grades 3-12. We offer 5 core subjects for each grade level: Bible, Math, Science, Language Arts and History & Geography. There are five course subject sets available or individual courses may be purchased. Currently Monarch has 84 electives to select from (50 are state history). These are the same as the SOS electives.

How does it work with spelling?

Monarch curriculum tries to reinforce Language Arts skills throughout all of our subjects. We want children to learn to spell correctly and since a student is working from a computer - the computer only knows correct spelling! If the computer marks something incorrect if it is misspelled or not plural if it is supposed to be you can leave it or simply adjust the grade. Also, have students practice their misspelled words before a test.

Are there reports that I can print to show my child's progress and proof of completion for courses taken?

Yes, you can print a Report Card, Grade Report, or Daily Work Report.

How long can I access the records?

We keep the records on our server for a minimum of 7 years. You will log in with your Parent/Teacher username and password to print the reports and transcripts that you need.

Can I customize the calendar to account for co-op days or family vacations?

Yes, on a day by day basis you may remove days to adjust the calendar, allowing for field trips, co-op days and sick days.

Can I print from Monarch?

Yes, you can always print a lesson or any part of that lesson to have the student read it, practice spelling and vocabulary words. The student can then enter the answers to the problems into Monarch to have the grading done and the records maintained.

Are the games timed or required?

No, these activities are included for your childís benefit but are neither timed nor required. Also, you have the ability to turn the games off for the student, if you wish.

Can you assign alternative tests like you can in SOS?

You can easily assign skipped or alternate assignments or test to your students. If a student doesnít score well on the first unit test, parents can have the student review the material again and have them retake the test or assign the alternate test. The alternate test covers the same material, but asks different questions.

Can you create custom subjects in Monarch like you can in SOS?

Not at this time.

Does Monarch do automatic grading and lesson planning?

Yes! Monarch will grade 85-90% of students work and creates your lesson plans with the click of a button.

Does Monarch have text-to-speech?

Yes! With this user friendly feature, you can highlight an entire lesson or certain passages. You can also select from multiple voices and speeds while having the text read aloud. Itís perfect for students who have difficulty with reading comprehension or pronunciation.

Can you clear an assignment and have a student re-work it?

Having a student redo a lesson is as easy as clicking a button. This clears the current student work and reassigns the lesson, quiz or test to him/her.

Are there any books for my student to use with Monarch?

All text is contained within the lessons presented online with the exception of a few upper level reading assignments in Language Arts where certain books are required. For example, in 11th grade the books "Our Town" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" are needed to complete assignments.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.