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”After using this program for about 4 months consistently, I think my child's language (reading comprehension and vocabulary) has improved. Also, this program provides various reports of my child's daily progress so it helps me to track where he is at.”
M Lee, Club Member
”We used this program to address weaknesses in my dyslexic teen and reinforce concepts he has been working on for five years. It helped with his fluency and comprehension. Definitely recommending it to other homeschoolers.”
Beckye, Club Member
”We used Mindplay two years ago when our then 12-year-old was barely reading anything beyond easy readers. He was struggling so much! After using it for several months, he made tremendous improvements and was almost caught up to grade level by the end of the school year. Now he's reading novels. I cannot recommend it enough! Our son didn't really find it "fun", but we made him stick with it, doing a lesson each school day, and it certainly made a difference in his reading ability. It also helped him with spelling, although not to the same degree.”
Nicole L, Club Member
”So far, my ADHD/ADD with reading disability son has accomplished one level up on his reading level. I like that he has to master the work before moving up. I can have him sitting next me with his headphones on while I work with his siblings on other schoolwork. After much time and research looking for something to actually help my son, I am very content with this program. I can see his struggle and the overcoming with phonics. The only drawback is the inability to have access to the teacher function.”
Stacy A, Club Member
”My son is a struggling reader who has Working Memory issues. Thus reading has become a classroom battle and we have struggled to find successful methods for helping him improve his reading. MindPlay has been a gift from God. He not only enjoys the program (yay! no more battles), but also has shown significant improvement in his reading skills after only a few weeks of using the program. I can't wait to see how he has improved at the end of a full year! As an added bonus, this program requires no input from me as the teacher. I just sign him in and he completes the work on his own, freeing me to work with his siblings. I am so glad we took the plunge and purchased this program!”
Kathleen D., Club Member
”My 3 English as a Second Language learner children, ranging from 4th grade to 10th grade, have had great success learning English with MindPlay. They have used it 4-5 days per week for 20-30 minutes per day (most of the time) for about 3 years. This is the only thing they've ever done (besides the alphabet and Looney Tunes Phonics) and they're all fairly fluent. Is anything more important than reading well?
The program is a little old-looking but it is very effective. Thank goodness it is available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. A superior value. Highly recommended.”
Educator, Club Member
”We had tried everything to help our struggling reader to make progress with reading. This is the first approach that has made a difference. It is done independently which allows someone else besides me to correct any mistakes. We just started our third year with MindPlay and I have seen great improvement in reading and spelling.”
Martha M., Club Member
”Oh my goodness! Just as good as Fast ForWord, which we have been doing for years, at a fraction of the cost!! In fact, I think it's better than Fast ForWord!!! Not as many fun graphics, but just as effective, and possibly even better! You can't beat the price for what it offers!”
Ann L, Club Member
”We tried mindplay for the first time this year and have renewed. This program fills in all the gaps in reading, phonics and fluency that we had. The kids like earning their rewards and the reports are easy to read. They don't love the phonics, but it is helping their reading and spelling. One of the voices on the program is hard for the girls to understand which has been a little frustrating, but overall great program!”
Kim P., Club Member
”We have used MindPlay for a year for my two daughters who are 16 but working at a 3rd and 5th grade level. MindPlay has been a blessing. Its ability to evaluate and start them at the level they are at is great and did not require anything from me. My girls can manage this program completely on their own. It is the one thing that they faithfully do every day and have continued to progress. I am vey thankful for this product.”
Debbee, Club Member
”My 13 year old son began using mind play at age 12 and in grade 7. His phonics level was at at or near grade 1. His reading was at or near grade 3. We were desperate! I pulled him out of school and we started Mindplay. It is less than 1 year and he is now at a phonics level of grade 6, reading comprehension 6, and fluency grade 6!!! I am shocked. My son has so much pride now... he looks at his progress with bright eyes each time he checks the charts to see if he has made improvements. We love how the program is fully online and fully adaptive. I don't have to do anything to help him - that is not say that I do not ever look at what he is doing, but I don't have to! He works for 30 minutes 5 days per week and never complains. He did complain when we started, but he hasn't complained in months. He knows where Mindplay is taking him and he says "straight to a 12th grade reading level." We will renew each year until he gets to where he needs to be.

I think it is important also to note that I have called the Mindplay contact number 3 times since we started to speak to a "teacher." I was concerned about the progress and not quite sure what I was reading so I wanted clarification. The teacher I spoke to was AMAZING! She gave us hints and tips and explained where he was struggling. Our last call was more of a "Mom, don't worry he's doing so great! Tell him how good he is doing." Sometimes I get so caught up in watching all this fast progress, I forget to tell him. :-)

LOVE it!”
Dina R., Club Member
”I've been pleased with MindPlay. I ordered subscriptions for my three (12, 10, 10). It's not a fun program, but all three say and demonstrate that they are learning grammatical, phonic and spelling concepts. I know they were taught some of these at school, were not really absorbed there. They have mainly used Safari/iPads to work in MindPlay and that has been a little glitchy. Our experience has been that it works better for us when we use a computer. I ask them to work in it 15 minutes a day which is less than recommended by MindPlay, but I am happy with the progress they are making. It's not an edutainment program and since mine are on grade level and this is an enrichment program, I am good with that engagement level. It irked me that I had to identify my kids as ELL or learning disabled to be able to sign up when they are neither. I've noticed an uptick in correct grammar usage when they write for things like notes to friends or text messages to me. It's been positive. We have struggled with writing assignments and I am hoping that greater proficiency with reading instruction will impact their writing as they get more comfortable with grammer, vocabulary, comprehension. It's all connected.”
Lori K., Club Member
”MindPlay is nothing short of a miracle in our home. My daughter has Dyslexia and we were really having a tough time. I did not understand the issue until she finally was diagnosed and they recommended MindPlay. Before she was two grades behind (that the software told us when she did the initial assessment) and I could tell that it was mostly a phonics issue but did not know how to solve it. 32 hours of MindPlay later she had jumped up one full grade, but the biggest payoff is that she now loves to read! It was challenging to her because the program will not let you progress past a subject without mastering it and it frustrated her, but she could see the payoff so it motivated her to keep plugging away. She is still a slow reader for her age, but where before she would not know what to do when seeing a new word, she now knows how to sound it out to figure it out instead of freezing. The confidence that she now has is astonishing, and all I wish is that I had known about this program back in kindergarten or first grade instead of waiting until 5th grade. But she'll get there, that I know now. If your child has issues with phonics, comprehension or grammar this program will work.”
Sharon, Club Member
”My child struggles with reading alot. Mostly with decoding and phonics. He doesn't seem to think the program works because he says "why do I have to do this?" But I can assure you that he has made great progress since starting using Mindplay. We have tried many things in the past and not had great results. I highly recommend Mindplay for your struggling reader.”
Elizabeth, Co-op participant
”MindPlay has been such a blessing for my special needs girls. We have been trying to learn to read for so many years that I am burnt out. So MindPlay is taking over! It is so very easy to use. The beginning test right away targeted their ability and began to give them both teaching and practice in the areas they need. My kids enjoy doing it. It feels very personal with the recorded teacher telling you what to do at each new section. At the end of a section there is a fun matching game, that uses what they have learned. Very well done and easy to use!”
Debbee C, Club Member
”So far this product has been beneficial for my daughter. She enjoys using the program more than other products we have tried. I am curious to see how much she can improve in 6 months.”
Brenda B., Club Member
”My son is 12 with developmental disabilities. He started the program at the Kindergarten independent reading level and has progressed to the second grade independent reading level in just 6 months. He is so proud of himself and is excited to be able to read chapter books. I will continue to use Mindplay with him and plan on purchasing another license for my first grader (since he seems to be having reading difficulties too!) I can't say how happy I am to have found this wonderful program!”
N. Carlson, Club Member
”This is a fantastic supplemental program. I've been using for two months with my seven year old dyslexic daughter. We use All About Reading and All About Spelling so she knows all of the rules and it progresses in a similar manner. I like the extra practice it provides so much I'm actually ordering it for my older daughter just so she can get some more spelling practice in even though she doesn't have any reading issues!”
Katie F., Club Member
”I love this program. I had used it before with my daughter who is now graduating from college. She has had academic scholarships all the way and I attribute a lot of it to MindPlay. At age 12, she was still a struggling reader. We used mind play and it really helped her reading.”
DEBBIE J, Club Member
”This is my second subscription for MindPlay. In our first one it helped my daughter jump 3 grades in her reading and also helped her with spelling too. I now have my son using the program and have seen improvement in his reading and spelling too. I recommend this program for any kids who need a little help with reading and spelling!”
Lisa, Club Member
”Mindplay is a thorough, patient, and effective mastery-based online system for learning to read that forms one pillar of my children's English (as a second) language program. It works. I am now in the middle of it with my third child.”
K. Williams, Club Member
”I use this for both my kids. One is profoundly dyslexic and the other has some phonics issues. They don't LOVE it, but it is helpful. They are willing to do it. We do it every day and will continue to use it. It is thorough and I can see improvement with them using it. I think they could make a few changes in the color of the font but overall; I would buy this again.”
Christy C, Club Member
”When I ordered MindPlay I was desperately looking for that missing link in the reading process for my daughter. I have had no issues with reading with my 5 other children that I have homeschooled, but our two girls, who we adopted from Ethiopia, have special challenges along with one with autism and one with ADHD. This program has been awesome and they have made amazing progress.”
K. Smith, Club Member
”My daughter is a struggling reader. It affects her across all subjects. She has been using Mindplay steadily now for several months. Her comprehension and fluency is steadily increasing and for the first time she is reading books for enjoyment on her own. She loves the lessons and feels that she is getting one to one instruction. Her reading confidence has soared.
As a parent, I love the progress reports and the details it provides. I recommend this program without any reservation.”
Linda T., Club Member
”I have a son with a global developmental delay. So, it is hard to find learning tools to keep him engaged. So, far, I have been able to leave him and he uses Mindplay on his own which is very helpful to me. It will take a long time to see the progress we would like (he has only been using for a couple of months), but I am hopeful. I wish they had a math software like this to keep him engaged.”
Joanne, Club Member
”My daughter has been using MindPlay for just over a month now. She has struggled with reading her whole life. She is a 9th grader with diagnosed dyslexia. The program is engaging and encouraging and she doesn't mind doing it on top of all of her homework. Her reading speed has increased. We've tried 4 other programs and this one is by far the best on several levels. I've recommended MindPlay to several friends and my sister for her daughter. We are hoping that she's reading above grade level within 6 months.”
Janet B., Club Member
”An amazing program! My 10 year old is dyslexic and of course has always struggled with reading. We began using the MindPlay program 2 months ago and her reading skills have grown by leaps and bounds. This program is definitely better than any others we have worked with. It offers a full reading program including phonics, spelling. comprehension and more!”
Crystal L, Club Member
”I would recommend it for children under 5. It's really not worth the money especially when apps that do more are now available for less than$5 a piece. my 10 year-old thought that the program made her feel stupid-please add a recommended age so parents don't waste their money and loose faith in making purchases from you!,,,”
P, Club Member
”My 11 year old son struggled with reading fluency and comprehension. We noticed a difference within 2 weeks with his reading fluency and comprehension. He is steadily increasing his WPM. My son enjoys the program very much, and has stated, "I could do this all day."”
Carla B., Club Member
”I purchased the MindPlay reading for my 10 year old who has had lots of trouble with reading. Never diagnosed dyslectic yet. We homeschool so we have used different programs to help her with reading. She loves to use the MindPlay program. She has moved up three grade levels since she started the program. We are very excited by her progress using the MindPlay system. I would defiantly recommend this for others with struggling readers.”
Lisa, Club Member
”We have found this program to be helpful so far. The recommended time is 30 min/4 days per week, but my 5 year old fades after 20 min. To help him through the exercises we use additional techniques that assist him to understand. Phonemic awareness is harder for him, so we use sound hand signals that we've learned, and Melissa and Doug magnetic shaped letters. The system sometimes asks him to count sounds he hears in their phonemic awareness activities. To help him, I have all the letters on a magnetic board for him to choose, and for sounds he doesn't know at all we use either a pattern block / tic tac/ bead to act as a place holder for the sound, or I'll write the new sound on a small flash card to introduce it. I am pleased to say that by doing all these things together he is picking up sounds he hears in conversation and points them out to me. These are happy moments for him. I also like how the virtual coach shows the proper way to say the sound, and that you can replay that demonstration as many times as you want. The system does not time you out of an activity if it's taking a while for the student to complete. If you need to exit an activity because of fatigue, it picks up where you left off next time. The virtual coach is encouraging.

Occasionally the virtual coach does not say the pure sound as well as I would like, but I sit with my child during the program and model sounds for him as he practices. Mindplay has been a good decision for us so far. I took the 30 day trial seriously - I was totally ready to cancel if my child didn't respond because of the expense, but I wouldn't dream of cancelling at this point.

Students are regularly assessed and the artificially intelligent program keeps them working on certain activities until they are mastered. Reports showing student progress are also sent out. I have called customer service once, and the rep was very helpful and could look into my child's progress and make useful comments.

One other thing. When your child begins the program they are assessed. The assessment took us a long time. We kept thinking it was almost over and kept urging him to finish. We wound up stopping before completion because he was fading. I recommend if your child is small, break the assessment up into manageable chunks.

Overall, we like this and it works for our family - with the implementation of manipulatives because of our child's learning style/needs.

Hope this helps”
Valerie B., Club Member
”My son is 11 yrs old. He always has had trouble with some letter sounds. We have been using Mindplay since January. He still has trouble with some letter sounds but it is improving. The program is recognizing this so it is repeating them at various times. I also like the fact that he can do this independently. I am pleased with the program and have no regrets spending the money on it. So far we will continue to use Mindplay.”
Carole H., Club Member
”I am using MindPlay with our 9 year old identical twins. Let's just say they have their share of phonetic issues. MindPlay is incredible. It works on speech issues, reminding them where and how sounds are made. It is helping them to hear and spell blends. It works on fluency,grammar and punctuation. The child starts with a diagnostic test for placement, and the program works them based on their on going results. It really feels like they each have their own personal, encouraging tutor.”
Michelle Cooper, Club Member
”My son has been using the Mind Play reading program for a few months, and we are really happy with it. The customer support and customization are terrific. I anticipate that my son will make tangible gains because of Mind Play. I recommend it without reservation.”
J. Manullang, Club Member
”My daughter and I are both very pleased with the Mind-Play Reading Coach. It is helpful for all aspects of reading and allows my daughter to learn independently. We will continue to use it in the future.”
J.Stallkamp, Club Member
”I love the program. My son has auditory processing and is also language delayed. I love the fact that the lessons are being taught by live people and not robots. The facial expressions (smiles, or worried looks) are also helpful for visual learners. My son get's so excited when he reaches the next level. He says, " Mommy, I have the man now!!" Mommy, I have a new lady now, I made it to the next level!" In addition to the program, the price is also reasonable. I paid for my son to use another online program that cost us almost $1,000 every few months. Totally satisfied;-)”
Mrs. T., Club Member