Testimonials for Math-Whizz

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Math-Whizz to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Math-Whizz and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”My son loves this math website and so do I. He loves it because he is rewarded with points/coins to buy things to create a fun themed room and to play games. I greatly approve of Math-Whizz because of how it works, if my son is having trouble it continues to help him until he understands properly. If he has aced an area it will let him skip to the next topic when he's demonstrated his knowledge. This is the only math web based program I have found that he doesn't moan about doing. We will definitely continue to use it.”
Emily G., Co-op Member
”Awesome, just awesome. The children beg to be allowed to do math. Their math age has increased by half a year in just two months. It really feels like a personalised service with email alerts if your child is struggling and the math lessons your child needs to progress. I am extremely happy to have found this product.”
K Davies, Co-op Member
”It is very fun way to learn math. I started using Teaching Textbooks during school year and purchased Math-Whizz in May, 2016 for my son to use it as summer math. It was fun and a great way teaching, especially metric system. So, when school year started I kept it as part of my son's curriculum. He did 3 times a week Teaching Textbooks and 3 times a week Math-Whizz. In May of 2017 I renewed our subscription because my son loves to do his math with this program. My son was 7 years old before school year ended and he was doing Teaching Textbooks 3, which means 3rd grade math. Math-Whizz, in the other hand, doesn't do grades, it gives "math age" of a student. Interesting point was, some weeks my son was learning same math problems in 2 different math programs. When he finished TT-3, Math-Whizz gave his age as 9 years old.
We are definitely going to continue to use it for coming years. I highly recommend it. I have been telling about it to many homeschooling moms.”
Firuza Gilcher, Co-op Member
”My kids always ask to go on math-whizz. It is very well done and is amazing how it records what they understand and what they need work on. They enjoy the games and challenges set, and they even compete with each other to get the highest usage time for the week! It is one of the more expensive math online products out there but totally worth the money! They are learning so much and are excited to do it.”
Emily M., Co-op Member
”Take it from a retired public school teacher who has used computers to fill in the gaps for their whole teaching career. If your student has gaps in their math knowledge, Math Whizz can fill them in. A wonderful program and the kids have fun with it. Customer service-none better. This is my 7th year using Math Whizz (4 years in pubic schools and 3 at home). I tell anyone who will listen to get a subscription to Math Whizz and have a fun time teaching math, fun for the instructor and the student. I've seen teachers take a class into a computer lab, and then not monitor/help the students. NO computer program is designed to work that way. Some teachers think it is a time for them (the teacher) to do paperwork. Math Whizz will NOT work that way! Students sill need a teacher. Math Whizz is NOT designed to take the place of a teacher. Math Whizz DOES make it easy to teach math though!”
CW Treadway, Co-op Member
”My kids love Math-Whizz and are happy to do it even if they're tired, not feeling well, or even on vacation days. That says a lot. I have to tell them to set a time limit so they don't do too much at once. They have learned a lot in the last couple of months.”
G. K., Mrs.
”We love this program! My kids' school used to offer it and it was fantastic, but when we moved I thought it was important enough to purchase on my own for home use for two of my children. The is the third year I've purchased this for my children on the co-op, which offers the lowest prices available. My kids are already ahead but it's great to help support continued improvement in math.”
CelesteT, Co-op Member
”This is a great product. Both of my girls use it about 30 minutes per week, and their Math skills are sharp. They like math because the program makes learning math fun and interactive.”
Oscar C., Co-op Member
”My children love Math Whizz, we have renewed our subscription a few times and will continue to do so. They make learning math so much fun the kids don't realize how much they are learning.There is a lot of interaction so the kids can work at their own pace with very little assistance from anyone. They love to earn points to buy things and have pets and feed their pets etc. Thank you for such a great program.”
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”My son has been using Math Whizz for five years, since he was in second grade. I expect he will fully complete it this year. My Daughter had completed all the lessons when she was in 6th grade. It has been a terrific program for both of them. It adjusts to their level and is a fantastic supplement to their regular math curriculum. I have highly recommended this program for years and will continue to do so. If you want your kids to do well in math this is a great resource and motivator.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”I really like Math Whizz as a curriculum supplement. This is out second year using the software. The graphics are a good quality and the lessons are creatively presented. I believe Math Whizz helps sharpen and reinforce my childrens' math skills. I've tried many different online math-solutions, and I'll probably stick with this one, because so far it's working for us.”
Rachel B., Co-op Member
”We have been using Math Whizz for the last 3 years and highly recommend it! They keep track of every new concept and repeat areas of weakness. They send progress reports regularly which is very helpful and allows the parent to help if necessary. A truly excellent program.”
Emma Klischer, Co-op Member
”We love Math whizz. It is very engaging and adjusts to the child's level and brings them up”
Laila E, Co-op Member
”My kids(ages 10, 7, & 4) learn a lot, they have lots of fun and look forward to doing Math-Whizz! Math-Whizz is awesome!”
Laura K., Co-op Member
”The program has helped my son to increase his math age almost 2 full years in the 1 year we have used it. It is very engaging for a student with a short attention span and the holiday extras are quite fun. We experienced a few glitches, but not enough to be of concern and the program offers an immediate way to report any issues. As he advanced, I appreciate the "jump" feature that unlocks when an area is mastered. Our subscription is nearing an end, and I won't be renewing because he has aged out of the curriculum. I really wish they had a program for 9th grade and up.”
Tracy S., Co-op Member
”This program covers all math strands and mixes them to give the student variety. It repeats lessons and quizzes that proved troublesome for the student, to ensure mastery. I also like the reports, which show usage and student progression in each area.

A nice feature is that Math Whizz sends me an email to alert me when my student is struggling with a topic. I can look at the lesson myself to see what is expected.

My son loves the jump feature, which allows a student to move to the test after successfully completing 5 questions. I generally observe his lessons and only let him jump if I believe he really understands the material. He also likes having pets and being able to decorate his room. And he was thrilled that the bulletin board counted down to his birthday!

We have used this program for a while, and continue to re-enroll, because it is comprehensive and logically progressive. We have used a lot of programs. Math Seeds was a good starter program, and Math Whizz is a nice follow-on to that. We use this in conjuction with Reflex Math, which supports mastery of math facts.”
L. Row, Co-op Member
”My daughter (7) loves Math Whizz. She finds the lessons fun and I like the way the way the program is written to be intuitive to her strengths and weaknesses. It encourages learners to set a goal of working toward a certain # of minutes per week and she likes it so much she exceeds the goals by at least 2 hours. I love the visual data that I have as a parent. I can instantly see via graph what her progress is. She likes that she can e-mail me in program and also likes that she can customize her virtual study area. the voice of the woman giving the lessons is charming and she's nicknamed the program "Math with Merida" (from Disney's Brave)”
K. Black, Co-op Member
”My two daughters (9 and 5) love Math-Whizz. The older one has been in the program for over a year, and her current "Math age" is 11.5!

The discounted price through the Co-op is excellent and this is a product 100% worth the time and money invested”
Oscar, Co-op Member
”We have been using Math Whizz for three years and renewed again this year. My daughter completed the entire program so we didn't renew her this year but my 5th grade son still uses it and will for another couple of years. They earn points for doing their lessons and buy pets and have to buy food to feed them. They can also buy toys and plants for their virtual room. That is the fun part. The important part is it helps them with their math. Almost every time a new concept is presented in their math book (Singapore math) it has been covered in Math Whizz a week or two before. I get e-mail updates when they are struggling with a particular task or concept so I can go in and see where the problem is and explain it if necessary. I highly recommend it.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”Maths whizz is a great program for my 6 year old. He can work through at his own pace and by himself which he loves. The interactive lessons are fun and engaging and the immediate feedback can let your child know exactly how they are doing. DS loves earning points and spending them at the shop. He also loves receiving messages from me and sending messages back too-safely and securely!
Thanks Maths-Whizz!”
Jenny D, Co-op Member
”My son, 6 years old Japanese native, started last month and already improved more than 6 months value in just one month. Everything in the system are well organized to focus for kids. Works great for my son..”
Yoshio, Co-op Member
”This program has renewed my 9 year old daughter's confidence in math. She had become so miserable with math that I felt like we needed to take a break from our curriculum and also from "Mom being the teacher". I really liked the thorough assessment that this curriculum provided, and have watched her gain confidence and now even enjoy her math lessons!

I especially like that parents can follow their child's progress, and I can see where my child might be having issues. My daughter does one lesson and one test daily, and then we sit down together and go over it. I highly recommend this program”
Julie B, Co-op Member
”I was looking for a curriculum to actually teach my 10 year old her math lessons in order that I might be free to work with my younger students. The initial assessment was lengthy and we broke it down into several days so that she wasn't overwhelmed. Because it is British she has experienced some frustration over the differences in the way some problems are worked.

I would love to get weekly progress reports emailed to me like IXL, but have not figured out if that is available. Overall I am pleased. It has freed me up from teaching and checking her work, so I can focus on other things.”
Ashley, Co-op Member
”My math-hating daughter willingly does her lessons on Math-Whizz. The bedroom console is very motivating to her. She works hard through the math lessons so she can buy prizes for her "bedroom". I like the way that Math-Whizz tailors the lesson to the child. If the student is not understanding the concept, it will change the way it is teaching it. The software adapts to the student and has enough variety that the student isn't able to learn the "tricks" of the software without learning and progressing through the lesson and increasing math skills. It definitely improves her math skills and still is entertaining to the student to keep them interested and coming back.”
Tammy, Co-op Member
”We love the program! Unlike another online program we used, Math-Whizz teaches new concepts in a very visual way and reinforces them with just enough practice. My son likes to redecorate his "bedroom" and is looking forward to buying a pet. He isn't complaining about math anymore.”
L. Miller, Co-op Member
”Math Whizz has been a great blessing to our family. I have three sons using it. The 13 year old is quite behind in math, but Math Whizz is his favorite subject. He doesn't really care much for the points that you win for doing your work. That part is a bit too childish for him. He just enjoys the work and the fact that he can do it. And he loves seeing his math age increase. It is his desire to make his math age equal his real age - that motivates him. He has steadily been progressing in his math ability at the rate of 1.6-2.0 years per year. Math Whizz is thorough and requires mental math and rapid recall that I would not have thought of. But I know that it will make a big difference when he encounters algebra in a few years. I feel pretty confident that he should be able to step straight into Algebra once he finishes Math Whizz.

My 11 year old son is severely dyslexic and struggles greatly in math. The first year that he did Math Whizz, we saw little improvement. Most of the time, he just cycled through the same lessons, unable to master the material or pass. But towards the end of the year, I started to see him passing tests. With trepidation, I went ahead and bought the next year for him. I am so glad that I did. He is passing lessons now and his math age is steadily increasing. The rapid recall tests are his Achilles heel, so I have taken to drilling him on those facts separately. It takes a couple of weeks before he can pass the test and move on. I will be happy if he can make progress at the rate of 1 year per year. It isn't a catching up speed, but it is moving forward.

My six year old son is also using Math Whizz. He is quite advanced in math and is averaging about 2 years ahead of his age. This poses its own set of challenges, but Math Whizz is working well for him too. I do quite a bit more teaching with him using manipulatives and real life scenarios, especially with multiplication and division. And I do also drill him in his math facts separately.

I try not to let anyone in the family see his math age, since he is about to overtake his 11 year old brother. That could be an issue if for someone who had an advanced student and a remedial student using the same curriculum.

I heartily recommend Math Whizz. It is a thorough math curriculum that doesn't seem to leave any holes. It cycles through all of the topics and generally does a good job of putting something easy after something hard. For instance, long division might be followed by fractions or 3D shapes. It can be challenging for a student who doesn't read at the level of his math age. In that circumstance, the parent would have to read the questions aloud. For children with sequential memory issues, it can be difficult. It requires you to use knowledge like days of the week and months of the year to solve problems. And you can't skip a subject that you would rather not deal with. My 11 year old could not understand analog clock time. And I couldn't skip it. I do understand why, though. That knowledge is later used to solve complicated word problems with time. But I probably would have left that knowledge till much later if I could choose.

One feature that I really appreciate is "Replay". Each lesson that the child has passed is in replay. They have the choice to bring a Bronze medal lesson (scored 80%-99%) up to a Silver by getting a 100% on it. Or they can bring a Silver up to Gold by reaching the target time on the lesson with a 100%. This provides an effective review of past concepts, while working to increase accuracy and speed. I require my sons to do one replay before or after they do their lesson.

Math Whizz is a great product and I am thankful for it. It work well for students who are behind or advanced. It is easy to assign and it is graded as it is done. The child gets immediate feedback on whether his answer is correct or not - even on tests. It can be useful with children who have LD's, but you must anticipate slower progress and more involvement from the parent.”
-B. Ross, Co-op Member
”I can't say enough positive things about this program. It is working well for all three of my children. The lesson portion is concise enough to keep the kids engaged, and there is plenty of practice before moving on to the next topic. My favorite part, though, is that it allows the kids to move at their own pace, regardless of where they are "supposed" to be in relation to their grade level. For my son, who struggles with dysgraphia, the online presentation for computing long multiplication and division problems is invaluable. This is a fabulous resource for homeschoolers, especially those with learning challenges.”
Janet C., Co-op Member
”My 1st grader son loves Math Whizz. We really like the way the problems get automatically tailored to match his current skill level. That way we can be sure that the student gains mastery of the concepts, and also gets appropriate revisions as and when he needs it.”
Shyla, Co-op Member
”My girls, ages 8 & 12 have loved Math Whizz. The 12 year old says she finally likes math at least a little bit! They both look forward to their scheduled time and ask to do it. The animations are well done and the games/bedroom/pets add a fun motivation. My older kids wish there was Math Whizz for their levels!”
Homeschool Mom of 4, Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy learning on Math-Whizz primarily because the lessons are short & the animation very entertaining. It is fun learning!! They love being able to earn credits which in turn, allow them to purchase items from the store. It was really nice to see them rushing to the computer to get on Math-Whizz so they can water their plant or feed their pets. I have reviewed many different programs before deciding on MathWhizz. It has been helpful for us as we embark on homeschooling. I have also been recommending this to friends.”
Michele T., Co-op Member
”My son has struggled with math topics. I have noticed that he has improved in many areas. The techniques and visuals help my son tremendously who has dyslexia.”
D. Wilks, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Math-Whizz!! We use as a supplement to our math program. I like how you can look up and it tells you where each child is at with their strengths and weaknesses.One of my daughters has jumped up a almost a whole age level in just two months. If talking about math to other home schoolers I always mention Math-Whizz and tell them about the best kept math secret that I have found!”
K. Monaco, Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz is a great tool for building basic math skills. My older two boys, 8 & 11 have improved measurably within the program as well as in their other studies.”
Pamela D, Co-op Member
”My children enjoy Math-Whizz. It is very thorough and brings in many important skills. Other sites we have used focus too much on just computation, but not enough on other skills. The is more well-rounded. I bought an additional subscription for my daughter.”
Teacher and Parent Tara, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed Math-Whizz. My son was at a point where he had melt downs daily with math. Since Math-Whizz he has really improved. He came to me the other day and said he was having fun with multiplication! I never thought I would hear that. Thank you for helping him enjoy math.”
Lydia F., Co-op Member
”My daughter age 10 loves Math-Whizz. This is the first time in a year that she has enjoyed working on Math. I am sure we will renew next year.”
L. Taylor, Co-op Member
”I LOVE Math Whizz! I have two boys ages 12 and14 both struggle with dyslexia at different degrees and this program has really helped them. I no longer have to beg them to do their math.”
Mom of Three, Co-op Member
”Our 8 year old son has moderate autism and so struggles to learn basic math. Math-Whizz turned out to be just what we were looking for. The animations make the lessons fun and our son is making solid progress. We had similar success with learning to read using a different product called Headsprout. I have recommended both programs to other parents with typical kids and those with special needs.”
Peter LT, Co-op Member
”I do like Math-Whiz. My son likes it as well. However, you do need to know that it is British and for example the way they teach multiplication is different. We will use it this year but I am not sure if I will use it again; my thoughts are probably not.”
R Dyck, Co-op Member
”My son LOVES this site. I have tried other math practice sites before but I've never seen anything as impressive as Math-Whizz. It doesn't just drill them in the concepts they already know - it's actually good enough to introduce new things before they see them in the class room. Interestingly, we use Math U See for our curriculum, and I often find that the curriculum and the website are introducing concepts at the same time.

My 5 year old son is happily and eagerly doing math at a high first grade level and shows no signs of slowing down! Math-Whizz is expensive, but I told myself if he would use it, it was well worth the expense (how much do people spend on toy video games?). He begs to play it, he really does. The activites are short, which is vital at this age. They are well animated, interesting, and if he doesn't get it, the program offers help on the exercise. If he still doesn't get it, it gently takes him back to the previous skill. The parent reporting is top notch, you can see exactly what he's doing and where he may need a little help. The bedroom games are fun too. I have a rule that he has to earn a certain number of points before going to the bedroom, and he loves it. I'd recommend Math-Whizz to any family looking to support either a struggling learner, or one who gobbles math up. Next year I'll probably bite the bullet and purchase a second subscription for my younger son.”
Terri, Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz is highly effective. It reinforces already known math concepts and teaches new concepts in a very user-friendly way. It's a great complement to any math curriculum and for me it has been a prayer answered. My daughter is always eager to use it. I have already recommended Math-Whizz and Homeschool Buyer's Co-op to other moms. Big thank you to you all at Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. Please keep up the good work!”
Irene A., Co-op Member
”This program is AMAZING. Can I say I LOVE IT??!!! I took advantage of the free trial before we purchased it and my kids took the assessment. From day one, they enjoyed doing Math-Whizz so getting them to work on it is no problem. They earn credits they can use to buy pets and toys and they have to play with their toys and take care of their pets, or they will be taken away, so they need to keep earning credits. That is an additional motivator. I get a weekly progress report mailed to me. The parent tools allow me to track their progress and are given in a narrative, a bar graph and charts. I show everybody the parent tools because I can't believe how well thought out and documented this program is. After seeing the parent tools most people are sold on the program.

So here is the most amazing part of this program. My kids do Singapore math. Because the program adjusts to their level, it was able to determine about where they were in Singapore math and for the last month they have been learning new concepts right before they get them in Singapore math. They have been breezing through their math now and everyday one of them will say "I had this on Math Whizz." My 4th grader has gotten 100% on all of her worksheets in Singapore since starting this. That is a thrilling thing for a kid and gives her more confidence in math. Today she told me "we started negative numbers in Math Whizz and I see next week we will start negative numbers in my math book". I have a 2nd and 4th grader so I'm not sure how high it goes but I hope they can use this through high school. We will definitely renew this program. If you want your kids to love math and to find math "easy" and fun, this is the program.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”We purchased this for our 6th grade son who is dyslexic. First, we are so pleased he enjoys it. It is fun and colorful. We really searched for a program that didn't need a great deal of reading. For the early grades, the student has the option of having most of it read to him. Then later on it does require more reading, but as he has learned how to answer the questions he can do it more independently.

I frequently recommend this to friends and especially to those whose children are behind in reading. Our son tried ALEKS (which his brother uses) but could not do much of it independently. The only down side is it has not drilled him enough on his time tables, but that is so easy to address so is not a problem here.”
Julie R., Co-op Member
”My daughters have been using Math Whizz for several months now and the improvement is amazing. They enjoy using it (well most of the time!) and I like being able to see the areas we need to work on in a more practical way. My daughters know they have to do their 60 minutes a week and once that is done there is no more Math. We will definitely buy this again next year.”
S Gray, Co-op Member
”My son does very well with math concepts, but he has struggled for a long while with computation skills. I THOUGHT it was multiplication that was his problem. So I signed him up with Math Whizz to get on top of that. But then I found out through Math Whizz that it was his addition and subtraction skills that needed working on. I would still be working on his times table if it had not been for Math Whizz. I like that they not only assess but the student will keep repeating certain math areas with new games until he/she has mastery. We use this as a supplement to our regular math but I know families that use only this for their math curriculum.”
Ada, Co-op Member
”"Mom! I get it! I get division!" Music to my ears. Let me explain. My ten/almost 11 year old has often said he hates math. He struggles, barely got multiplication and division was a complete mystery. The clincher with Math Whizz was when after only 2 lessons in the free trial he said "Mom! I get it! I get division!" Math may still not be his favorite subject, but with Math Whizz it is not a chore for him to do it and he has actually admitted to liking it!”
Sherri, Co-op Member
”My son enjoys Math-Whizz so much that he chooses it for his free time activity. He especially loves the challenge games against other students. This product has made practicing what my child knows and even what he needs to learn fun. The best part is that there is no longer any whining over our math lessons. Thank you, Math-Whizz for this wonderful tool.”
Cindy F., Co-op Member
”We are loving Math-Whizz. I purchased it to help my struggling student in math improve and also for my child who does well in math do even better. My struggling math student is doing great and has improved in a very short period of time. My other student, who I would consider above average in math, has exceeded my expectations and has gone up a "math age" in only a couple of months. I couldn't be more pleased.”
Karen S, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter's use of Math Whizz has made math time more enjoyable for both of us. It has diminished our arguing over math. In my opinion that alone makes it worth the cost. Additionally I love the parent reports. They are very detailed so I can see the exact area that help is needed.”
Rachel W., Co-op Member
”Great product! My child enjoys it greatly. I enjoy that the parent account helps me track and understand how best to use the product. I recommend this to other families, homeschooling or summer schooling.”
SG, Co-op Member
”All 5 of my children, ages 5-11, use Math-Whizz and love it! They have made so much progress in their math this year. It has been especially wonderful for my two children who have trouble focusing their attention. Math workbooks weren't working, but with Math Whizz they have progressed steadily and quickly! I really love the program, and will continue to use it, especially for my 5, 7, and 8 year olds, who enjoy it so much.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”My son has ADHD and learning disabilities related to reading. Finding curriculum that will hold his attention and still be challenging is....a challenge! Thankfully, The animated games in Math-Whizz are colorful and engaging, while still being instructive and purposeful. He likes the built-in incentives of buying animals and plants to decorate his "room". I like the fact that the activities are individualized to his needs, and I can go in to the parent dashboard to check his progress and try out upcoming lessons. We will be using Math Whizz over the summer to fill in learning gaps and maintain skills. Thanks Math Whizz!”
Evelyn H., Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz has brought back the love of math into our home!!! It offers great content to engage my son. The addition of credits to use towards games or items to fill their room are fabulous motivators.

As a parent, I love the ability to track my son's development and to receive weekly updates on my son's progress. I also have the ability to see where he has problems and replay tests he has done with his responses included.

Math-Whizz says their software is to be used to compliment a regular curriculum but I use it as the core and then use supplementary resources to help my son in his problem areas. This has worked well for us and he continues to ask to work on Math-Whizz whenever he gets a chance. He is consistently progressing each week.
I have recommended it to many families and they have the same response - my kids LOVE it!”
Mellany F., Co-op Member
”Our son is in second grade and doing good in math. We were looking for a math program that will allow him to work independently and also to give us some control over his progress. I loved that it starts with an assessment test. After my son completed the initial assessment, the tutoring is customized for his level. Beside the educational part, the program has a game/ kids friendly presentation that it makes it even more appealing for him. Another advantage of it is the interaction with the parents. The program sends email to the parent about the child progress and also suggestions to make the learning more effective. Definitely a good tool!”
C. Ardelean, Co-op Member
”We have been using math whizz for 4 months now. My son (8) loves it and I love it becasue it challenges him and pushes him. He loves saying he is averaging math as a 10 year old, because the progression chart shows where his skills are currently. He loves making the bar graph go up in age. Also, since he used his credits to purchase a turle for his "room", he wants to go on everyday to get credits for food to feed him. We will continue using it and were very happy for the cost to benefit ratio thanks to Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Aimee S., Co-op Member
”Our children - Kindergarten, Grade 2 and Grade 4, have responded really well to the Math Whizz program. They love competeing for points with their friends who are also on the program and are highly motivated to keep feeding their hamsters that they have earned with all their hard work. I would highly recommend this product.”
T.B., Co-op Member
”My son loves using Math Whizz. We use it as a supplement to his regular math program. He prefers using it over his usal math workbook. The reporting program is wonderful. It easily allows me to see my son's progress as well as provides me with printable reports for his portfolio. It's wonderful and fun tool for helping my son to improve his math skills.I love how it offers multiple ways for my son to see how a math problem can be completed. My son's mental math skills have improved tremendously since using this program.”
Christy S., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son LOVES math-whizz and so do I. He stays motivated because he earns "money" that he uses to "buy" animals and food for his virtual bedroom. The lessons are interesting and interactive. I rarely need to step in and help. The one thing we weren't prepared for is the metric system. That took some getting use to; however, the math concepts are the same regardless of the unit of measure. We will continue to use this in our home school!”
Sharon Page, Co-op Member
”My kids love Math-Whizz. They'll play on the weekend too! Math-Whizz is giving my struggling 7th grader confidence and it's the only online program that he really likes.

I have three children currently using Math-Whizz and they enjoy challenging each other.”
Homeschooling6, Co-op Member
”We have tried a number of different math programs including book-based, CD and online programs. Math Whizz is my daughter's favorite and the one has improved her math understanding the most. The program teaches her a concept, allows her to practice as many times as needed, then tests her understanding of the concept. She is further motivated by the opportunities to challenge other students worldwide, earn points to spend in the "pet store" and the engaging animations. She no longer hates math and looks forward to using the program.”
Kimberly M., Co-op Member
”Fabulous product!

My daughter and I were having some difficulty getting through math lessons. I decided it might be a good idea to find a program for her to use on-line, so that she could argue with the imaginary character teaching the lessons, instead of arguing with me. Ha ha ha!

Math Whizz has been wonderful. She used the program as her primary source of lessons for a week, or so. She enjoyed it very much and improved her math skills greatly (1st grade addition and subtraction). After that week, we were able to get back to working together, since the tension with math had subsided.

We continued to use the program as a supplement to our regular math curriculum. She still loves it, and it provides me with a solid learning experience for her, when I am otherwise occupied or needing some assistance.”
Taryn H., Co-op Member
”Math Whizz has been fabulous for my 5 year old son! He is a very visual learner, so Math Whizz fits perfectly to his learning style! I love that the program tailors to his exact needs and level and progresses from there. The handy reports that they give me allow me to see how much he has progressed, what he's learning and how far he's come! I can't say enough great things about Math Whizz!!”
Gabby (Work of Childhood), Co-op Member
”We are so happy to have purchased Math-Whizz and so grateful that Homeschool Buyers Co-op introduced it to us. My daughter with special needs struggles with math and dreads having to do math. Now that we have Math-Whizz, she really enjoys doing math. We purchased it in late October and she tested in at 8 years old and by Christmas she has already moved ahead to 8.5 years old. That is amazing progress! The animations are cute and create high-interest. The lessons are nice and short. There is no punishment for getting an answer wrong, the program just offers an additional help and a second try. If she doesn't pass a lesson, the program brings it back to her at a later date. She also gets to earn credits to "purchase" things at the store for her online bedroom. She has a pet fish right now that she loves and has to feed every day. Cannot say enough good about Math-Whizz, has been a great addition to our homeschool program.”
Kay D., Co-op Member
”Math has been somewhat of a nemesis in our household. While both my boys are good at math, they really balk during our traditional math lessons. So much so they both have said they "hate math", and they "aren't good at math."
What a heartbreaking thing to hear! I've spent hundreds of dollars trying multiple math programs with hopes of improving my kids opinions of math.
I finally stumbled upon Math Whizz last month. What a fantastic program! My boys now jump at the opportunity to work on math. They are now confident in math thanks to this program. My boys have said they always want to use this program!
Now as a bonus this math program implements a lot of Singapore type math instruction! I'm just thrilled with our experience.
I also find this format to be especially beneficial for my son with Aspergers Syndrome. He loves the visual aspect of this.. and the fact it plays more like a game than a math lesson.
I will continue to use Math Whizz for as long as I can! I only wish they made a version for older students.”
Jackie P, Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz is WONDERFUL! My daughter looks forward to doing it every day. The entertaining animation not only does an incredible job of teaching the concept but, keeps my daughter engaged and causes her to want to keep going so she can see some more. It is, by far, the best math program we've tried and we've tried them all!”
Gladys Stefany, Co-op Member
”Our 6 year old son has very poor focus typically in math and was diagnosed with autism. Through diet and supplementation he is very high functioning and his focus has noticeably improved but is still poor in math. When teaching him one on one through conventional methods, it is hard to hold a deep enough focus for him to retain math facts/concepts. He is quite resistant to flash card drills, etc.

I have really put this program through its paces because it WORKS with him. He LOVES Math Whizz and will replay his favorite lessons voluntarily. He also willingly replays lessons that I think he needs extra practice with before testing. I can see which concepts he grasps and which he does not. I do a little 10-15 minute lesson [with Math-U-See manipulatives] that is specific to whatever concepts he needs extra help with [according to how he does on Math Whizz lessons]. Because of his learning challenges, I often have him use manipulatives in conjunction with his Math Whizz lessons and oversee his lessons to make sure he is grasping the content. He completes his tests independently without my input and they are SHORT enough to allow for this. He is becoming more focused and independent with the lessons as well.

The bottom line is that it isn't a struggle to get him to do it and he is progressing at an impressive pace in his math age/skills. We have used it for TWO MONTHS and he has progressed HALF A YEAR in his OVERALL 'math age'. The progress reports are WONDERFUL and very encouraging. He has used the program an average of 130 mins per week. I would be hard pressed to get him to do this much math while teaching him ONLY conventionally one on one and neither of us would be enjoying it.

I am a seasoned home school mother, having schooled three girls through high school. All three of them have graduated from prestigious colleges with honors. We have a fourth daughter who is now a senior in high school. I remember second guessing myself when our older children were young, wondering if I was hitting all the bases with math, giving them the foundation that they needed. As an inexperienced home school mom of normal, focused children, a program like this would really have set my mind at ease. However, with our son I have come to consider Math Whizz as an ESSENTIAL to our success. Right now his is sitting beside me, asking for a second session on Math Whizz for the day. I highly recommend this program.”
Rebecca M., Co-op Member
”My son has thoroughly enjoyed using Math-Whizz. It has added a whole new dimension to the learning process of math. He no longer sees math as a dreaded necessity. We are very glad we tried it.”
Kelly Hawley, Co-op Member
”Math whizz is awesome. My 7 year old son actually ask to "play it" . This program allows him to work at his own pace and explains things in such a simplictic way that he rarely has to ask me for help. I wish there was a language arts program like this.”
Wanda Harris, Co-op Member
”We've been very happy with Math Whizz. I have a 6 and 10 year old who are ahead in math. The youngest likes the graphics and is willing to work on things that we'd argue about - like units of measurement - on Math Whizz because of the cute graphics and because she can earn points for the Whizz shop. The oldest child likes it because it reinforces concepts, like basic multiplication and division, in a fun way. She likes "being a kid" with it and earning her prizes, too. We only use it as a supplemental program for both. It gives me a break each day because it engages them and I don't need to help while they are working on the program. I will continue to use it.”
LMom, Co-op Member
”My son loves to do his Math-Whizz. He gives me no problems when he has to go do his Whizz.”
R Hardt, Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz has made my math-reluctant daughter excited about math again! It is not a struggle to get her to do it, because she enjoys it so much! The "rewards" keep her motivated. I like the way I can track her progress as well!”
Tricia M., Co-op Member
”Have had the program for just a month and my son loves it. He has already improved and is nearly to his grade level. Great supplement to any math program.”
V. Kinderknecht, Co-op Member
”My children are loving math-whizz! My 10 year old has great fun challenging other kids, seeing if he can get gold medals in all of his lessons and earning points for the fun "prizes" he can earn. He loves spending time on Math-Whizz, and I couldn't be happier that he is learning and having fun at the same time! My 8 year old, who has struggled in math, has already gained confidence in her simple addition. She has made a lot of progress in utilizing some different strategies in her addition and I see it in her math work outside of math-whizz. YEA!! Thanks for a terrific product!”
Susan D., Co-op Member
”Wow! I started out buying two subscriptions and now I have five! My kids LOVE Math Whizz! Never has math been so much fun! They are spending so much time on math that their skills are improving quickly. Two of my children have serious attention/distraction issues. But since we started Math Whizz we have no more wasted time due to doodling, daydreaming, distraction, procrastination... Every minute of their math time is productive. My kids and I all love watching their progress in the detailed charts created by the program and seeing their math age rise steadily. It is so worth every penny!”
Karen Scimeca, Co-op Member
”Math Whizz has been so fun for my kids. We all love how they take an assessment test and then work from there. They get soo excited about seeing their age level move up. I have already told many others about it.”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My son has always thought he is bad at math. It turns out, he just learns math a different way than is usually taught. We love that this program is adaptable. After teaching a topic, it tests. If he doesn't answer correctly, it will teach the material again IN A Different Way, and it does this multiple times until the child understands. My years of searching for new ways to teach him math are over thanks to Math Whizz.”
Jennifer H, Co-op Member
”I bought Math-Whizz because it had something for both of us. My son likes to play computer games with points and prizes. I like being able to check his progress.

I couldn't get him off the website last night! If you have a child like mine, you won't be sorry you bought it.”
Doris Walent, Co-op Member
”I give this one a GOLD MEDAL! Finally, my DD8 loves math as much as her other subjects! After disappointing results with multiple other math programs, we have met with success this time. The Math-Whizz program is so much fun, my girl keeps calling me back to the computer to look at (and listen to) the animated characters--Haha--You gotta love the aliens' PA system! As DD sees herself progress, she calls out that her quiz results are, "AWESOME!" and her virtual bedroom is filling up with pets and other reminders of her achievement. A big plus is that the program allows her to repeat exercises until she can earn gold medals on each of them. The only problem I'm having is that I have to stop her from using it so much so she doesn't get burned out; I never thought that would happen! I had to call customer service once and they were responsive and polite, not to mention helpful. The parent information pages are excellent, as I can track her "maths age" easily and watch it shoot up! WE LOVE MATH WHIZZ! 8-)”
Academama, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter has often said that math is hard and that she hates it. She has been using Math-Whizz for about a month now and although she does not love math, she is enjoying using Math-Whizz. I have told her that she needs to log on for just 10 minutes a day. There have been days when I haven't seen her for over an hour and when I go in to check on her, the reason for her absence is that she is engrossed in playing the math games.

I have noticed that when she does her regular pencil and paper math lessons, she seems to be having an easier time and doesn't seem so lost and frustrated.

For these reasons, I think Math-Whizz is a great progam.”
Marla L., Co-op Member
”My kids now look forward to their math lessons. Math-Whizz makes it fun for them, and they are learning so much. I have a feeling we will be doing this every year.”
Mrs. C Parker, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old is enjoying Math Whizz. I like that it keeps track of the amount of time works on it each day. The program keeps him interested.”
S. Prince, Co-op Member
”My children and I love this program! Math-Whizz does a marvelous job of improving their math skills while making it fun at the same time. I have never seen any program like it. My three youngest sons, who normally hate math, will spend over an hour a day doing it so that they can earn points to buy items in the Math-Whizz store. Many times, I have to insist they exit the program so that we can complete our other subjects. Thank you for this ingenious program!!!!”
Lee F., Co-op Member
”I am currently using Math Whizz with my second grade child. In short, he LOVES it and actually ASKS to have time on Math Whizz.

In the 6 weeks he has been using the program he is making nice gains and is still motivated to use it. With other programs he would only enjoy using them for a short period of time before he no longer had an interest.

Math Whizz, does a wonderful job of motivating the kids to keep working even when they are learning new, harder concepts. MONEY WELL SPENT!”
angela T., Co-op Member
”I would like to say that I am posting this testimonial on my own. This program has been a dream come true! I am a die hard skeptic by nature, so I had my son try the free trial. He loved it! He has had issues with math for so long and to actually see him get excited about learning is great. If you child is having issues with math, try the free trial. It doesn't cost a penny and it could make the difference!”
Kris D., Co-op Member
”Math-Whizz reminds me of www.aleks.com, but is a lot more fun. My son loves it, which is a first for math. We plan to use it to supplement a traditional pre-algebra course with textbook (K12 using Dolciani Mathematics Structure and Method Course 1).

The plan is to use Math-Whizz as enrichment and review in order to find and fill any holes in my son's math background, as we've used a number of resources and nothing seems to line up (EPGY, Aleks, Destination Math (through CTY), traditional textbooks, and Life of Fred).”
PRL, Co-op Member