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”Learning Ally is a complete game-changer for my son who has reading struggles very similar to one with severe dyslexia. He can now keep up with his reading assignments for his classes at his grade level through the use of the many books available in this program. It saves my voice and allows my son to be independent. This independence boosts his confidence level. Additionally, because he is "ear-reading" at or above his grade level, his verbal reasoning is noticeably improving. Learning Ally is worth. EVERY. PENNY!!!”
Monica M, Club Member
”Signing up with Learning Ally was very easy and their support staff was very helpful. My child has a very difficult time reading and has struggled for some time. She loves (and we do too) that she is able to have some of her texted books read to her as she follows along. Her test and quiz scores have increased due to how she is receiving and retaining the material. She is now curious about books that she may find interesting and is no longer discouraged during reading time.”
Jennifer F., Club Member
”My daughter LOVES this program. She is dyslexic and it allows her to read books that would otherwise be above her reading level. This Co-op discount made it much more affordable and it was very easy to use!”
Stephanie M., Club Member
”Love that it highlights as my son listens. He's able to enjoy many books that he otherwise would not have been able to.”
Amy S, Club Member
”My son has started to independently read using Learning Ally. He is 13 years old with a reading d/o. I used Kindle and Audible, but he likes Learning Ally the best.”
H. Gale, Club Member
”Learning Ally has allowed my dyslexic daughter to develop a love of reading. She is able to enjoy books written for children her own age instead of being bound to simple easy reader books. I love that she can easily follow along because each sentence is highlighted as it is read. In conjunction with an Orton Gillingham-based reading program, Learning Ally has improved my daughter's fluency in reading.”
Julia D, Club Member
”Learning Ally was a fantastic buy! My son has dyslexia and he now has access to what seems like an endless supply of reading and even his text books! It is helping him to grow in independent reading skills. I hope another offer comes up for next year! Imperative resource!”
H. Rivera, Club Member
”I love Learning Ally! My son with dyslexia was never really interested in me reading to him, and he would definitely get too frustrated to read and end up in tears. Now he enjoys reading along with Learning Ally and is able to retain the information about the book he's reading. It is so much easier to get in 20 minutes a day of reading.”
T. Scoggins, Club Member
”Learning Ally has been a game changer for us! My son has dyslexia and does not care for reading and he is quite picky about what he will read. I've spent a fortune on books that sit there on the shelf. Tried Learning Ally with a great discount from the Co-op and it has been awesome. I download several books and my son goes through them deciding if he will listen/read or not. He has found several that he will do. This is huge.

Now, not to say it is a complete miracle because reality is he is a 13 year old boy who has dyslexia, the wall to get over is pretty big, but we are making bigger strides with Learning Ally onboard. Most of my homeschool book selections are available. So great plus for that! He has completed 4 books he listened to and he couldn t get into the reader's voice so he asked me to read it and he followed along with Learning Ally on his iPad. So, I still had to read 2 of the books, but he never would follow along in a book, even when I did have copies. He will with Learning Ally because he can change the background and the font and the font color etc. His favorite is black background and dark blue words in dyslexia font. As I read he has it read, but with volume turned down, and then the words that I'm reading are highlighted in lime green. This has been awesome to have and we will most likely use this method on books that show the text. Then, he will just listen to the ones that have just the audio most readers do very well.

As for renewing, yes, I will be renewing. We have had it for about 3 months and I ve gotten 4 books done, so how could I not? I'm working on using it to transition him to more independence, but he would be completely happy just to listen to me read everything, so a work in progress. As a side note, without the discount from Co-op & Learning Ally, I would not have tried it, so I'm very thankful for opportunity to try it at a discounted price. As a single income household, which many homeschool families are, money is always a factor in all that we do.”
Cdm2kk, Club Member
”My teenage son loves Learning Ally! Having human voice recordings is a huge plus. We've been able to get all of the titles we need for his literature class and there are also many great titles for pleasure reading. We'll definitely keep using Learning Ally!”
K. Mirphy, Club Member
”We couldn't get our son to get off the Learning Ally app! He was diagnosed with dyslexia this year and has never been able to read every word of a book on his own. He was so excited to be able to independently read a book, he's been partially reading on his own for so long. It's truly life changing.”
Janae K, Club Member
”My daughter was reading at fairly close to grade level, but her spelling was atrocious and she struggled at sounding out unfamiliar words. I started the Barton program, which recommends that those using the program cut out ALL language arts and reading. Enter Learning Ally. Learning Ally has helped us on so many fronts. Almost every book that she is required to read for school is on the app. I was shocked to even find Bob Jones Press Homeschool texts on Learning Ally. She takes her iPod and headphones to private school with her. If there is a reading assignment that she can't do, she will listen to a book instead. For example, the class was doing research papers on Lewis and Clark. So during the hour they were working on that, my daughter listened to books about Lewis and Clark that she had already downloaded (Learning Ally had sooo many!) and then we worked on her essay together at home. My favorite thing about Learning Ally is that it has reignited a love of reading. She listens to fiction books in bed and has almost made it through an entire series. She loves listening and I was surprised at how much she retains. Also I feel a little guilty for not recognizing sooner that she is an auditory learner. ”
Heather, Club Member
”This is our first year using Learning Ally. It has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool needs. So far all but one book has been available. I was really concerned about science next year, but with Learning Ally I am actually looking forward to it.”
K C, Club Member
”Learning Ally has greatly enriched my son's life! My 9 year old son has dyslexia and can't read age appropriate literature. The books at his reading level are just too simplistic and thus not interesting. Learning Ally bridges this gap for him and provides him with access to chapter books that he would otherwise not be able to enjoy. He can now enjoy the same books his twin sister and 10 year old brother are reading and have meaningful discussion with them about such books. What a confidence boost this has been for him!”
Michele G., Club Member
”We love Learning Ally! My daughter has dyslexia and Learning Ally enables her to read grade leve books and grow her vocabulary. The highlighted text - audio books are perfect. They allow her to see and hear the words at the same time and is helping improve her fluency too. I recommend Learning Ally to everyone! Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Without the discounts we would mot have been able to purchase a Learning Ally subscription for our daughter.”
Michelle Meader, Club Member
”We love Learning Ally. I was so pleased to get it at a discounted rate. My son and I are dyslexic and have bookshare but bookshare has computer type narration. Not very fun for a kiddo. Learning Ally has some wonderful narrators. I highly recommend Learning Ally. It's easy to use too. You will need a doctor or therapist note to subscribe.”
Robyn B., Club Member
”What a difference in my daughter's grades this year!! Thank you Learning Ally and Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making this resource available to us :)”
Melissa E, Club Member
”Learning Ally has been a tremendous help for my 15-year-old who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. The most appealing aspect of Learning Ally is the availability of audio books for textbooks. Because of this, my son not only has the audio components of his literature books, but also his science and history books.”
Jean M., Club Member
”I can't say enough about Learning Ally! After trying other programs , all proved difficult to navigate for my Dyslexic 9 year old. Learning Ally is a game changer for us! She is independent with it and adores the selection.”
Maryann Protasiewicz, Club Member
”My son has some eyes convergence issues that make reading for long periods difficult and frustrating. Learning Ally has given us the freedom to keep up with his workload without anger and frustration. I was nervous about this year (5th grade) with the amount of reading and it has been stress free because of Learning Ally. They have an enormous amount of books.”
Erin B, Club Member
”Great! My daughter is profoundly dyslexic and this software has allowed her to access so many audiobooks that interest her. She can independently navigate the software (9 yo) and loves to audio read. We found this program very helpful for us!”
Michelle, Club Member
”We love Learning Ally and the way it helps our son still hear high quality literature while I'm schooling other children.”
Meredith J., Club Member
”I have 3 kids with dyslexia. As a homeschool family, I can assign their literature books and they can easily listen to them when they desire. We love the feature of adjusting reading speed too. This has been a great choice for our family!”
M Reeg, Club Member
”I really appreciate Learning Ally. As a parent of kids with reading disabilities, I cannot possibly read to them enough. Seeing the words on the screen as they hear them is incredibly helpful. I am on a tight budget, but I will always make sure we have this membership.”
Shannon, Club Member
”I have two boys with very different learning differences that make reading a challenge for but in entirely different aspects. Audiobooks benefit both of them. Both of them have been choosing to ear read books using Learning Ally. The number and variety of books is great!”
Maureen S, Club Member
”I am so thankful for Learning-Ally. I just so regret not having this sooner. My son has a whole new world opened up to him and he loves to read books now. Our whole family has benefited from this program...thank you so much.”
Lisa I., Club Member
”Learning Ally for us is new so we haven't used it as much as I would have liked. The main reason, is my dyslexic daughter is 'scared' of words and reading. However, we are finding books that are below her reading level to get her started. We will begin to use it more and more as our commute to dyslexia intervention sessions start - as I want to make good use of the time in the car.”
Lisa D, Club Member
”This program has helped us tremendously this year. My child can now listen to the books we're reading which fosters a greater depth of understanding of the written material.”
J. Smith, Club Member
”My son loves Learning Ally. He was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia even though he is a high level reader and this gives him access to many audio books. It saves many trips to the library. We are also looking forward to using the many support systems they offer.”
Sherry, Club Member
”Learning Ally is a wonderful product for my daughter. It has allowed her to read books and comprehend the material. We love the feature of seeing the book in print while the material is being read.”
Erin B., Club Member
”I subscribed to Learning-Ally for my daughter who is 13 and has dyslexia. We had to get a referral from the doctor as proof that she has a disability, but once she was approved, she started reading right away. She loves this program because it gives her the opportunity to hear and read chapter books. She has only been using this program for two months and has read five books. It builds her self esteem, because she doesn't have to depend on me to read everything to her. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who struggles with reading. I also encourage you to check out the costs of buying an audiobook. This program paid for itself with just the first book series my daughter read.”
Sherry B., Club Member
”Learning Ally was life changing for my 9 yr old son. He is able to ear read books his peers are reading. He was so excited to share with his friends/family the stories from the books. Before Learning Ally it was a nightmare to get him to sit down and read or look at a book. Now he takes his device and listens to books in the car, while he gets ready in the morning and ear reads at least 2 hours at bedtime. As a homeschool family , I've been able to assign history books for my son and then we talk about it. This is a great learning style for my son and he is learning so much more information this way. We were spending a small fortune downloading books before we heard about learning ally. Learning ally's voices are understandable unlike some other services we used. We are telling others about Learning Ally in the homeschooling community, as well as the dyslexic community. We plan to keep using LA as our kids grow up.”
Stinawilder, Club Member
”My daughter loves the audiobooks on Learning Ally! We have even requested a few titles be added to their library, and they were approved! Without being reminded, she gets up in the morning and listens to Learning Ally while she eats her breakfast.”
Amy Traynor, Club Member
”Our 3rd grader was diagnosed with a very severe form of dyslexia early this school year. At that time, we started Learning Ally alongside his reading intervention therapies. Learning Ally was the first big boost to his self esteem. He read Harry Potter - following along with the text, and couldn't put it down. He was then able to discuss the book with friends in our homeschool class who were excited about it - he had a new way to fit in, and access to INDEPENDENT reading - this was huge for him. I remember that week when he started Learning Ally, he also rearranged and redecorated his room and desk like a "big boy" room, and started taking more initiative to help with things - it was like the independence helped him step into a new view of himself, a more mature version. He is now reading on a 2nd grade level, a huge improvement, but we will absolutely continue the program as this gives him access to books that truly interest him. We're so thankful that the co op made this available to us at an affordable price!”
Traci M, Club Member
”Excellent service. Definitely worth the money spent!”
Melanie McAfee, Club Member
”I have been so happy with Learning Ally. My daughters success in reading comprhension has gone up tremendously because of Learning Ally.”
S Bishop, Club Member
”I felt very fortunate to receive the discount that Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered on the Reading Ally subscription. Reading Ally had been recommended for my daughter by her Barton reading and spelling tutor. The quality of the recordings and availability of titles is fantastic! I recommended it to a college student that I tutor, when we found all of her textbooks were also on Learning Ally. This is a great resource that I feel blessed to have!!”
C. Donaghey, Club Member
”Due to my son's dyslexia he did not like to read aloud before because it was a struggle. It was a painful process for the both of us. He would always ask how much time was left. Now with Learning Ally he doesn't even ask and can go for 30-60 minutes with no questions asked. I love the text to speech and how it highlights the sentence for him to follow along. Now he can read the same books as his peers. We love it!”
Anna, Club Member
”My son started using Learning-Ally the first week of May. I have been very concerned about his learning style since first grade. After reading The Gift of Dyslexia and The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, I realised I wanted him to be able to "ear" read as much as possible while still offering him the tools to "eye" read when necessary. He is going into 5th grade this fall and in the past 4 months he has read the complete version of The Hobbit and 16 Redwall books!! His confidence is soaring, his vocabulary is increasing (2 score is 40 years..) and he walks around our house with his earbuds in ALL the time. We are so excited for all the exposure to great literature Learning-Ally will give him. I have been telling all my friends who have kids with reading difficulties about this website.”
Lesley Z., Club Member
”I can not tell you how much the subscription to Learning Ally changed our lives! Our children LOVE it and it is so user friendly. They listen to text books like they are chapter books & are learning so much! Thank you to the coop for providing a discount to something so amazing!”
Amy Seck, Club Member
”This product has had such a positive effect on my son with dyslexia. It has definitely helped to improve his reading skills. I reference this product to other families with dyslexia.”
Aline C., Club Member
”This is a great program for my learning-challenged son. He can listen to a book as the text is highlighted, so he's reading along with them.”
Kelly, Club Member
”We love Learning-Ally! It has been a "life-saver," for my daughter. We are able to find almost, if not all, of her school reading books on the site. What is even more rewarding is she is able to keep up with the reading assignments...and she wants to READ!!! There are other sites for audiobooks, but we have found that Learning Ally's database is very extensive and they continue to add. It's features are also user friendly and have an app for almost all mobile devices. We will definitely continue to use Learning Ally, as we have more than one child with dyslexia. We have let other acquaintances know about Learning Ally and they have found it very helpful for their particular situations. They also have a great Facebook page that keeps you up to date with laws, stories, books, curriculum, and technology.”
M. Gonzales, Club Member
”My dyslexic son loves books but the struggle was only getting harder as he got older. I have other children, work full time, go to school full time, and finding the time to help him keep his love of books was getting impossible. Learning Ally has been a lifesaver! He loves it. We can't keep up with him. For being dyslexic, he has unusually wonderful comprehension and vocabulary and since getting Learning Ally it has improved many times over. He is only seven and some may not have seen the sense in the investment but reading is truly his passion and I love that I could provide this tool for him.”
Tanya, Club Member
”Learning Ally is excellent! It has a great library for my 8 year old son with dyslexia. It is easy to use. I load it to an iPod and he takes it to school for silent reading time. The books are read by HUMANS. There is no monotone, computerized voices. Learning Ally has parent tools, hosts all kinds of webinars, and has tutor referral area. Would highly recommend!!!”
Jill Smith, Club Member
”My daughter has Auditory Processing disorder. We got this to help with reading for her. I do feel like it has a lot of books to choose from which is great. She even was able to use it for leisure. In general we are very happy with the program. It does seem that some of the recordings are simply from public domain and thus not done by people who specialize in reading.”
Spring d, Club Member
”Because my son is dyslexic, I have read his textbooks to him for the last several years. Learning-Ally has given me much relief this year as he can do his own "reading" for several subjects. Their staff have been very helpful and kind. It is a great resource and I have shared with my local homeschool group the benefits of Learning-Ally.”
Debi K., Club Member
”I have used this tool with many students and continue to be impressed by the ease of use, affordable nature and breath of topics available.
Thank you”
Jan, Club Member
”Reading has always been slow and tedious for my son, who is now 13. He has visual processing problems. He was falling more and more behind in subjects because he could not read the volumes of material required for various subjects like history and science. Now he can actually get through the books in a normal amount of time and he is understanding it much better too. Last year, it would take him several months to read one book, and now he has read "Johnny Tremain" in one month, which is incredible for him! So, it's been very helpful. The website has had every book I have needed so far, except some that are out of print. It's better than audibles on Amazon, because they have text books. I will say on some of the readings, the narrator is very slow and dry, but it doesn't seem to be a problem for most books.”
Jessica H, Club Member
”Learning Ally is fantastic and as HS parents we are so grateful for their wonderful product! Immediately upon installing we noticed that our daughter had more confidence and independence. Instead of dreading school she knows that many of her books needed for school are ready for her. We will continue to use their product and have been referring our friends who have children who struggle with reading or need that little extra help. As a homeschooler we are so grateful that Learning Ally has extended this much needed product for us!”
D. Barker, Club Member
”This is a great reading aid! My son is loving following along with the audio and he is reading so much. It is definitely well worth every cent!”
mandi.F, Club Member
”This is of INCALCUABLE help to my son who is a high school sophomore. Despite difficulty with reading speed and reading comprehension, he is doing well in 3 AP classes this year. It is also the number one resource I suggest to parents of students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and AD/HD.”
Heidi B., Club Member
”Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making Learning Ally affordable for us to try. My son has Dyslexia and qualifies for reading assistance. We were very impressed with Learning Ally's customer service.

My son began reading/listening to his first book with reluctance. He didn't think he would like it, but once he started the book, I had a hard time getting him to stop.

One of the positives for me was that they not only show the text and pictures in the book, but the text is highlighted as it is being read.”
N. Collier, Club Member
”My 10 year old son has 3 vision disabilities which make reading a very frustrating and long process. We purchased the program and started using it this summer after school got out. He reads 20 minutes a day Monday thru Friday and is finishing a book every 3-4days! He is so proud of himself and can't wait to show his reading specialist his reading log. He has difficulty tracking and the highlighted sentences are not only helping with fluency, and tracking, but it is also working on some vision therapy at the same time. We will use the program for many years! I'm very thankful I saw reading ally advertised by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Otherwise I would have never found it.”
Stephanie Clay, Club Member
”Learning-Ally has been better than expected. My daughter was recently diagnosed with dyslexia . She was able to get her history and science textbooks through Learning Ally so she could listen to the assigned chapters. It is very easy to use and my 13 year old daughter is able to download the books herself.”
Carrie K., Club Member
”We LOVE Learning Ally! So far every book that we've looked for we have been able to find, which is great! I (the mom) also like how the words appear on the screen as she listens. I think it helps her with her disability to read along as she can. I think this is a HUGE advantage over other audio-type books! Also, there is an app for the ipad and my iphone, so she can listen while we are out and about! I can't tell you how awesome that is .... have school, will travel! The only negative I've found is that the stories and books are not read by professionals, and unfortunately it does show sometimes. My daughter said "it went from a really soothing woman's voice, to a man's voice, to a not-so-soothing woman's voice all in the same book!" Then once we all listened to a story that I wanted my mother-in-law to hear. The person reading it had a really nasal-y tone that would have been unbearable if we didn't love the story! HOWEVER, that is a SMALL price to pay for the benefits and conveniences of the product!

Oh, also, I have dealt with their customer service department on two different occasions. Once about billing and once about getting my daughter "approved". The customer service has been OUTSTANDING! Super sweet, efficient people!

I have recommended this to lots of friends (along with Homeschool Buyers Co-op :) We will stick with Learning Ally until she doesn't need it anymore!

Thanks for this awesome deal!”
Angela W, Club Member
”My son is still getting used to listening to books on audio. We are listening to Hatchet as suggested by one of the Learning Ally parent advisors. It was neat to speed up the voice to see how fast we could listen and still understand. I am hoping this will be a tool he enjoys and uses all his life.”
Lee, Club Member
”Learning Ally has helped make my dyslexic son more independent. However, he gets frustrated with them describing pictures so we don't use it as much as I expected.”
Christy C., Club Member
”Learning Ally has been fantastic for our son. It makes AP European History and Biology so much easier. The audio is perfect and it is extremely easy to use. Our son uses the Learning Ally APP on his phone so he can plug in and listen to his reading assignments at any time. We highly recommend it!!”
Laura H., Club Member
”I have been using Learning Ally for two years with my daughter, who is dyslexic. I have been able to get a needed book for every assignment in her literature class for the year. This is allowing her to work independently and stay in a regular class with accomidations. She also is asking to read her books. The read along feature with highlighting is fantastic, and the account transfers right to her iPad app. Highly recommend.”
K. Delaney, Club Member
”My son and I both have reading disabilities and Learning Ally has been essential to our educations. They have all state school text books and a large selection of college texts. But the also offer many other publications for those who are blind or have learning issues. We have been members for over 5 years and plan on continuing more many more.”
Lauren C, Club Member
”Learning Ally is an amazing resource for students with reading challenges. It contributes to improved vocabulary, cultural literacy, and reading fluency. After many years of being behind in reading, my son increased two grade levels last year. I believe much credit has to be given to audio books through Learning Ally. Audio books gave my son a love for literature even when he did not love to read. Now, his reading skills are improving, and he has a vast knowledge base and an internal word bank to connect to what he reads. Thanks, Learning Ally!”
Karen, Club Member
”Learning-Ally is fantastic. We have only been using it a month and my 10 year old dyslexic son loves it. He told me that it is so much easier for him to read the books while listening and he is flying through material. He is now able to independently access books that meet his superior intellectual capacity whereas in the past he relied on family to read everything to him. I only wish we had tried it sooner. I am sure that we will be using Learning-Ally for years to come.”
Siana T., Club Member
”This has been a wonderful asset to our homeschool for my 10 year old daughter. I was delighted to purchase it throught the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We have used Learning Ally for the past two years and plan to continue doing so. I try to let everyone know what an asset this program is to anyone with a reading disability.”
Meleasa B., Club Member
”We absolutely love Learning-Ally. My daughter has significant vision problems and I had no idea that there were programs out there like this until I saw it at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My daughter loves it. She has already listened to several books over the summer and is even excited about book reports for the upcoming year.”
T. Stephen, Club Member
”Our family purchased this program a couple of months ago. My youngest is reading delayed (just finished 2nd but reads at Kindergarten level) with diagnosed LD and we thought he would benefit from audio books. So far we have read 4 books using the program - novels during our summer car trips.

- Lots of Titles. I have searched for textbooks, picture books and novels and all of the titles have been available.
- portable. using an fm transmitter adapter we can listen to the books in the car using my iPhone.
- features. Some of the book have voice text where one can see the highlighted paragraphs as they are read. Bookmarks and navigation by chapter and/or page number are great to find your place when using with a print book.
- Good voices. When you realize this is done by volunteers, you know not to expect professional recordings, voice acting or even sound quality. But for the most part the books are well read with appropriate phrasing and fluency. Expect page numbers to be read aloud.

Cons (Not necessarily "bad" things, but should be noted.)
- various readers in one work. The readers switch often, even within a paragraph, but not so much as to be distracting after you expect it like the kids were at first.
- exhaustive descriptions of pictures in science book. I listened to recording of a 2nd grade science textbook and the actor described using technical terms beyond a 2nd grader to describe quite thoroughly the illustrations on the page. While high school and college textbooks might welcome this level of detail, it was overkill at the 2nd grade level and I plan on skipping these sections as we read it.

Overall, I am very pleased with the program and can see how it will benefit our family greatly by saving my voice during read-alouds and allowing my son to read and reread textbooks as needed by himself. Look forward to many years of great reading.”
N. Zey, Club Member
”We have just started using Learning Ally and really love it. The selection of books is great and it is very versatile as far as what platform it can play on. My son likes following along with the reader and has seen how this helps him go much faster and improves comprehension as well as he is able to take in and understand the story rather than so much effort just going in to reading the words. I am looking forward to seeing how it will aid our school year!”
Joy S., Club Member
”We love this program. My son is a twice exceptional child (gifted and dyslexic) and Learning Ally reads to him at the level at which he can learn, rather than the level at which he can read. I would recommend this product to anyone with a struggling reader. It's a great enhancement to our homeschool!”
Katherine B., Club Member
”Learning Ally has helped my daughter fall more in love with books, and I've noticed her attention span lengthening as well. So happy we discovered this resource!”
Jamie Martin, editor of
”Learning-Ally is a MUST have in our house. My children are dyslexic and needed to have their textbooks read to them. Learning Ally gave them independence and me time. As they have improved their reading, they can follow along with the human read (not computer text-to-speech) audio. They can get through the material more quickly and with better comprehension. One son loves to "read" with Learning Ally, but won't pick up a traditional book to read. He can get books that the library doesn't have on audio. Having the kid's textbooks on audio makes a HUGE difference! How can you measure the worth of gained independence and a literature rich experience?

Learning Ally has TONS of books from many textbook publishers. I've seen Saxon math, K12 Classics for young Readers, A History of US series, Living History Books by Bethlehem Books, novels for school and fun. You can search the catalog before becoming a member. Plan ahead and request the textbook you will be needing.

The software is easy to use and tech support is great.

I will make sure my sons have access to Learning Ally until they are through college. I'm sure they will want to continue the membership. I tell everyone I know that has a difficulty with text about Learning Ally. I believe in them enough that I have contributed to this charity. I also wish to contribute my time to record text for them in the future. Way to go Homeschool Buyers Co-op for this buy!”
Heather D., Club Member