Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
If my child has a documented learning disability, should I submit the paperwork to Learning Ally before I participate in the Co-op offer?

No. You should participate in our Learning Ally offer first. Your subscription begins with a 14-day money back guarantee, and you can submit your information during this time. If your student does not qualify, then the Co-op will issue you a refund. Simply send us a message via our Contact Us page.

If I'm already a Learning Ally member, can I renew my membership through the Co-op offer?

No. The Co-op offer is for new members only.

How many students can a membership have?

Learning Ally allows up to four qualifying children under one membership.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.