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”My children had been taking piano lessons for three months privately when quarantine started. Not wanting to lose momentum, I was excited to see the free access to HomeSchoolPiano and thought it would get them through for a bit until things settled down, but then they loved it! I saw huge improvements in their playing and much better understanding of music and sight reading. This program is strong in every area, but what makes it unique is the teaching how to improvise. It piqued my kids' interest and they really began to enjoy lessons as never before. They even play when it isn't their required practice time each day! We bought the classes before we knew that quarantine would continue for so long, and plan to continue HomeSchoolPiano and scrap the lessons they were taking before. It is an incredible deal--they still get weekly, or more, group lessons to ask questions or learn "in person," and they are loving their lessons!”
Wendy L., Co-op Member
”This program was very well organized and thought out. The kids liked they could see the teacher but also could see the keys like they were looking at them. It is organized into small 'chunks' to give a lot of flexibility for different kids' learning styles. This was my first look at an online class but didn't feel I needed to look at others.”
L.Goff, Co-op Member
”I love this product. As a homeschooling mom I find it challenging to have the time and energy to plan and teach every subject myself. I always had the intention of teaching my kids piano, but it always got pushed aside to get the other subjects done. Now with this product, I know my kids will get well organized, easy to follow lessons that they enjoy.”
Angela, Co-op Member
”We really like that this course works for multiple students. A big bonus is someone is available by email to answer questions.”
Missy P, Co-op Member
”We love Home School Piano! Everyone is able to work at their own pace. We will continue to use this to hone our skills.”
Christy W, Co-op Member
”We've just started to use HomeschoolPiano and my daughter is really enjoying it so far. She likes the flexibility of the online curriculum and the simple instructions. She feels empowered by her ability to complete each lesson on her own. I enjoy watching her learn and the fact that the program is incremental and easy to follow. I look forward to watching her piano skills grow as we continue to use it at home.”
Jennifer R, Co-op Member
”I have a High Schooler who is not very interested in piano. But this program has been very helpful. The videos are short, but informative and interesting, and extremely helpful. I love how the Instructor has both a virtual piano, and a real piano for my Teenager to see, as he watches the videos, and practices with the Instructor. I also like that we can control the pace of how much work he covers per day. Another thing I like is the owner sends out frequent emails to see what specific areas of music in which we would like to focus, and then follows-up with that specific information. Overall, I give this program a thumbs up. We are really enjoying it thus far. We will definitely continue to use it, through all the levels of lessons.”
Paula G., Co-op Member
”The piano lessons were great, my daughter really enjoyed learning more and she really enjoyed the instructor.”
Christina, Co-op Member
”We went through the first few units in level one and enjoyed them a lot. He has a great relaxed, clear and enthusiastic way of instructing. Appealing to all ages. The full program is also accessible for a lifetime,not just a year,which is great. We will keep going with it after the trial ends.”
Tamara W, Co-op Member
”This program is really a great program because of the versatility in the lesson,s and my kiddos loved using HSP for the summer months. They were able to grasp concepts quite easily, and it got their juices flowing to play the piano! Awesome, awesome program!”
Monica H., Co-op Member
”my daughter did the free for summer trial. She loved it. learnt a lot in such a short time. it really helped her confidence too.
I would recommend this for any student desiring to learn piano/keyboard.”
michelle, Co-op Member
”We have not used it too much yet, but so far our daughter LOVES IT!!! I love the ease of use and how it has been set up to teach. As a non piano player I enjoy that I can learn it along with our daughter and she is able to understand!! We will definitely be continuing with this program!!”
Shauna K., Co-op Member
”The kids and I are really enjoying our free piano lessens this summer. I took piano when I was young and felt like I was pretty good. However, this particular approach to teaching piano is completely new and different from any other instruction that I've seen. My children are learning concepts that I hadn't heard of, and as a result, we are all learning together and I love that. The instructor, Willie, makes each lesson so easy and simple, yet he gets into some very technical stuff that I know will make my students better than if I were trying to teach them the method that I was taught. There aren't any complaints from my kids when I say, "Let's have another piano lesson." They are always eager for more and they don't seem to be getting bored or frustrated with it. That's Great! Had it not been for the Co-op offering this course for free, I would have never heard of it or tried it. It's been a real eye opener for me, like I said, I thought that I was pretty good and knew a lot about playing the piano. We really love it and my children hope that we continue this even after the free trial it over.”
Tammy, Co-op Member
”My daughter is a beginner at piano and this program has been great in teaching her the basics.”
T. Ryan, Co-op Member
”We all love this program! In the short time we have been using it, my girls have gone from pecking at keys, to playing with both hands. They are learning to "hear" the notes, read music and more. I would gladly pay for this again and again. I have shared this with several friends, homeschoolers and those who send their kids to public school.”
Stephanie B., Co-op Member