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”This aligns very well with a tutor-led Classical program my son has been a part of since middle school. We're taking a break from that program to focus on student-led interest in modern world history (specifically the World Wars). I chose this program for my 10th grade son's history class in the fall specifically because it is not a textbook-only history course. Rather, it is research driven in a classical model with Socratic discussions and writing. The focus on research skills and developing discernment as he uses primary sources as well as other sources hooked me on the program. Additionally, I wanted something that would help both of us make measured progress in the skills of rhetoric (specifically writing). Although we won't start using the program until the fall, the program seems to meet all my needs. The writer and owner of Classical Historian, John De Gree, has been very helpful to answer my questions.

The package I purchased, Modern World History. The only drawback to this package was that it did not include the week-by-week schedule, but I was able to purchase it directly from the Classical Historian website.

I'm a history lover myself and can't wait to begin using this program with my son in a small co-operative program next year.”
Alane Abbett, Co-op Member
”We received our package late yesterday. Please forward that the materials are fabulous. My 9 year old dove into the Middle Ages memory game before the evening was through. Thank you again.”
S. Liner, Co-op Member
”We did the co-op buy and then purchased the weekly webinars. My daughter looks forward to each lesson. The materials and lectures at her level, interesting and engaging.”
MaryLu Cianciolo, Co-op Member